Planning Matters 495

495 | 5 FEBRUARY 2015
 VCAT Red Dot Decisions
Stanley Pastoral Pty Ltd v Indigo SC (Includes Summary) (Red Dot) [2015] VCAT 36 (27 January 2015):
Whether CHMP required; consequences for s.79 failure application where the prescribed time has not
run; relevance and admissibility of ‘groundwater’ issues where water authority has already issued a
licence to take and use water.
Waterfront Place Pty Ltd v Port Phillip CC [ 2014] VCAT 1558 (16 December 2014): Removal or variation
of restrictive covenants.
 PLANET 2015 Training
The first course for 2015 is the New Planners Program - a two-day course on 24-25 February. Register
for any PLANET events online. Inquiries to [email protected] or call (03) 9654 3777.
Amendments Online
Hume C184
Changes the Schedule to Clause 61.01 to remove the Minister for Planning as
the responsible authority for administering and enforcing Schedule 6 to Clause
37.01 Special Use Zone – Former Greenvale Hospital.
Boroondara C208
Proposes to apply heritage overlays to: 203 Doncaster Road, North Balwyn; 29
and 31 Parkhill Road Kew; 7 Leura Grove, Hawthorn East; 16 Victoria Avenue
Caterbury; 15 Deepdene Road, Deepdeene, 23-25 and part of 27 Canterbury
Road, Camberwell; and 46 Rowland Street, Kew.
Boroondara C214
Proposes to amend various provisions to correct a number of anomalies.
Casey C205
Proposes to rezone the current Amstel Golf Course to facilitate residential
development on the site.
Greater Bendigo C215
Proposes to implement the findings of the Greater Bendigo Residential Strategy
(2014) into the Local Planning Policy Framework and make a number of zoning
and overlay changes resulting from the Strategy.
Greater Shepparton
Proposes to rezone 111-125 Numurkah Road, Shepparton to the Commercial 2
Moonee Valley C150
Proposes to amend Section 1 of the Schedule to Clause 52.02 to insert 1-5
Term Street, Strathmore in order to vary a restrictive covenant on the land.
Whitehorse C167
Proposes to introduce Schedule 6 to the General Residential Zone and rezone
35 Hay Street, Box Hill South to the General Residential Zone (Schedule 6).
The following planning schemes have had datasets realigned to match current cadastral boundaries:
 Strathbogie Planning Scheme
 Towong Planning Scheme
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