February Prayer Diary - Joymount Presbyterian Church

Sunday 1st
As we “care and share” remember all who
have been harmed by the down-turn in the
economy and pray for a better distribution of
God’s gifts.
Monday 2
Pray that those who are thinking of attending
the classes for new communicants will take
the opportunity to find a deeper faith.
Tuesday 3rd
Pray for presbyteries as they vote for the next
moderator of the PCI. Remember too all who
have been appointed to the new Council and
Committee structure of our church.
Wednesday 4th
Give thanks for your family circle and pray
for each of its members, including any you
don’t much like.
Saturday 7th
Thank God for the “family life” of Joymount and
pray that tonight’s quiz will be fun for all who
Sunday 8th
Pray for the J2U team as they plan for a visit to
Uganda this summer.
Monday 9th
Pray for the Committee meeting and for the
treasurer as he finalises the accounts for 2014.
Tuesday 10th
Thank God that the Ebola virus seems to be being
contained and pray for all who are still sick or
who have lost their loved ones or their livelihood.
Pray for the older members who come to our
Friendship club and remember too those no
longer able to get out.
Thursday 5th
Thank God for all the work of PW at home
and abroad and pray for the Joymount
meeting this evening.
Thursday 12
Pray for the work of our schools in preparing
young people for life. Pray for Christian teachers
and for the work of Scripture Union in reaching
children who never come to church.
Friday 6th
Pray for the voices of moderation among
Moslems and pray that God will make himself
known to those of every faith and none who
are looking for meaning in their lives.
Friday 13th
Pray for sick people – those you know and those
who don’t have anyone around who cares for
them. Thank God for all that can be done and is
done to cure so many illnesses.
Saturday 14th
It’s all right to pray for what you really
want. God can sort us out if we’re honest
with Him and with ourselves. Be bold in
Pray for Youth Cafe Church, Sunday
Schools and Youth Fellowship and for all
the young people growing up in our church.
Pray that God will guide in all that is
discussed and decided in tonight’s Session
Tuesday 17th
Pray for those suffering from dementia, for
those who look after them and for all who
are trying to find the causes and cures for
this illness.
Wednesday 18th
Ask God’s blessing on the work of our BB
and pray that He will bless these boys and
young men as they grow up in our
Thursday 19th
Remember leaders and guests at our
Joymount Prospects meeting this evening.
Friday 20th
Give God thanks for the relative peace we
now have and pray that our government in
Stormont will act wisely on behalf of all the
people of Northern Ireland.
Thursday 26th
Remember the Car Boot sale and all the helpers.
Pray for all who find a welcome on Thursdays
whether in hall, church or car park.
Saturday 21st
Pray for safety on the roads and especially for
young people who are tempted to
overestimate their driving skills.
Friday 27th
Remember before God all who are lonely or feel
cut off from others, not just the elderly but also
the younger people who don’t know how to make
Sunday 22rd
Pray for Richard and the ministry team in all
their duties and responsibilities and for the
preaching of God’s word today and every
Saturday 28th
Pray that tomorrow some will come back to
church who have not attended recently. Pray that
those whose faith is fading will recognise and
welcome God’s “still small voice”.
Monday 23rd
Pray that Joymount may be open to God and
open to the needs of the community we live in
so that we may fulfil Christ’s teaching to be
salt and light in Carrickfergus.
Tuesday 24th
Remember the girls and officers of GB at this
busy time of preparation for competitions
then display. Pray they will have fun together
and learn much.
Wednesday 25th
Pray for all who are suffering in the conflicts
of Syria, Iraq and across the Middle East and
pray that God in His mercy will bring peace.
Prayer Diary
February 2015