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Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Birmingham
Registered Charity No 234216
Latest on Church Repairs
Work on the Repository ceiling and broken slates to begin soon.
ACTA Gavin Da Costa is speaking at the University chaplaincy on
Sunday 22nd at 3.00 speaking on the Family in preparation for the
Synod later this year in Rome.
John the Evangelist & St Martin de Porres
31 George Street, Balsall Heath, Birmingham B12 9RG
0121 440 3025
Parish Priest:
Fr Dominic Innamorati SCJ
Mass Time
Feb 2015
Michael McKearney
Readings Cycle
Sun B. Weekdays 2.
Fifth Sunday of the Year
10.00 Feria
10.00 Fifth Sunday of the Year
Eileen Drugan
Rita and Brian Taylor
Tue 10
St Scholastica at St Martins
Mandy Whitaker
Wed 11
Dennis Duell
Thu 12
Feria at Ss John & Monica
Mrs Qhereshi
Fri 13
Margaret Bodkin
Sat 14
Sun 15
10.00 Ss Cyril and Methodius
10.00 Sixth Sunday of the Year
Mary McNiece
Pray always
[email protected]
Saturday 10.15-10.30 & by request
Please pray for those who are sick:, Majella McAtavey, Harry Walkley, Pat
Flaherty, Paul Keene, Sr Stella, Lynn Callaghan, Brian Reaney. Bridget Graham. David
Mishra. Blasia de Souza.
Forthcoming Parish events
Ash Wednesday
7.00-9.00 Eucharistic Ministers Evening
Passover Meal
7.00pm Service of Reconciliation
8.00pm Solemn Liturgy of the Last Supper
11.00 Churches together Procession of the Cross from
Weslyan Holiness Church
3.00 Solemn liturgy of the Passion
8.00pm Easter Vigil
Easter Family Sunday
Please take this newsletter home to read
Please pray for those whose anniversaries occur at this time: ......
Ted Simon. Seaumus McSorley. Clare Palfreyman. Delia Gallagher. Gerrard Griffin. Sean
Griffin. Julia Smith. Sarah Cafferkey. Elizabeth Robinson. John Walsh. Wilfred Waterson.
Helen Conlon. Thomas Campbell. Matthew Glynn.
Recently died. Please remember in your prayers Dennis Duell, Father of Anne.
May he rest in peace.
You are invited to refreshments in the Hall after the Sunday Mass
Journey in Faith on 7.00pm Wed. in the
Subject; The Family
Our Lady's Society: will be cooking
another brunch on Sunday 15th Feb. after
Mass to send two sick parishioners to
Lourdes on the Diocesan Pilgrimage.
Diocesan Pilgrimage to Walsingham (Saturday 9th May 2015).
Led by Bishop Kenney C.P. Coach - £30.00 per person (includes a
Pilgrimage Booklet, a cooked evening meal and the Diocesan Levy).
The coach will leave: The Oratory, Plough and Harrow Road at 7.15
am; St Catherine’s, Great Colmore Street at 7.30 am and St Chad’s
Cathedral at 7.45 am. Please contact Mrs Anne Roebuck to book a
seat on the coach. Her contact details are: Tel: 0121 454 0130.
Email: [email protected] Please book early to avoid
A Sense of Mission
One can see that Pope Francis in his
reforms and visits around the world
has a sense of Mission; the sense one
can find in today’s Gospel. Jesus with
his newly gathered Apostles had gone
to Peter’s village and cured his motherin-law of a fever. That evening crowds
brought their sick with the whole town
crowding around the door. It sounds
that Jesus and the Apostles preached, prayed and helped the people late into the
night. When the Apostles awoke the following morning they could not find Jesus.
Only by searching did they find him in prayer in a lonely place. When they asked
what they was going to do, to their surprise he told them to come away and go
elsewhere to other villages and preach in the neighbouring towns. The disciples
must have asked for his reason for leaving Caphernaum so soon. His reply sums
up the reason for his life; ‘because this is what I came for’.
Some people have a sense of destiny they feel they can be a great pianist, a
scientist, a priest, an athlete and they pursue it to perfection. At the present time
there is a call with the present Pope for mission to make known that Jesus brings
hope and inspiration. In these times when leaders are trying to find a way to peace
in the Middle East and in Ukraine, and to avert further financial hardship in
Europe. To many to succeed might seem impossible. There is a temptation to lose
hope. As Christians we know that Jesus offers hope and light in times of darkness
and we the Church need to let it shine.
A very necessary part of achieving this is found in today’s Gospel which teaches
the need for prayer, so easily ignored or forgotten. Jesus shows the way. Do our
homes have prayer? Pray always says St Paul. One may ask do we ever pray during
the day? Do we teach our children to pray. Do we believe in prayer? To reflect on
this Gospel can teach us the reason why Jesus prayed and why we ourselves
should pray and teach others to pray.
Please take this newsletter home to read
You are invited to refreshments in the Hall after the Sunday Mass