February 2015 - Christ Church Lutheran

February 2015
Volume 58, No. 2
Welcome to the Light
Mardi Gras
in Longfellow
A Longfellow Mardi Gras Celebration
Sunday 15 February • 3:00pm
Christ Church Lutheran Sanctuary
Mardi Gras reception to follow. All are welcome.
Experience the Longfellow Jazz Sextet and help
homeless youth in our community at the same time.
An extraordinary group of jazz musicians—over half
of whom are residents of our Longfellow neighborhood—will present music with a Mardi Gras spirit. This
pre-Lenten celebration will feature music from the roots
of American jazz and new pieces that reflect the spirit of
today. The celebration will continue with a post-concert
reception for everyone.
Admission to this concert is free—but there will be a
freewill offering. We hope everyone will give generously so that we can raise lots of money for our partner,
Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota, and their wonderful ministry with homeless youth.
There are an estimated 4,000 homeless youth in Minnesota each night—half of whom live in the seven-county
Twin Cities Metropolitan area. Lutheran Social Service’s
Metro Homeless Youth Program connects homeless
youth to healthy stable relationships and provides a safe
place for young people to get back on their feet and plan
for a good future. Their continuum of care—including
emergency shelter, transitional housing, life skills training and connection with caring adults—provides a path
to stability for homeless youth and young adults.
Our congregation is involved already in preparing and
delivering delicious meals for Safe House, a Lutheran
Social Services homeless shelter just across the river
from us in St. Paul. Let’s open our hearts and wallets
and make an even bigger difference in the lives of these
young neighbors—our children all.
Members of the Longfellow Jazz Sextet are: Laura
Caviani, piano; Bill Simenson, trumpet; Pete Whitman,
sax; Pete Enblom, trombone; Bruce Heine, bass; Dave
Schmalenberger, drums; with Judi Donaghy Vinar, guest
soloist. Bring your friends and come to a great event
where you can have a good time and make a difference
in our community and in vulnerable young lives.
Lent at Christ Church
Ash Wednesday Eucharist Worship
February 18, 11:30am and 7:00pm
Receive the mark of the cross in ashes on your forehead,
Christ’s body and blood given for you.
Midweek Lenten Worship
Show me your ways, O Lord
Wednesdays, February 25, March 4, 11, 18, and 25
11:30am Morning Prayer in the Chapel followed
by lunch at noon
7:00pm, Evening Vespers in the Chapel preceded
by supper at 6:00pm
Lenten Vespers
Sunday 8 March | 4:30pm
The Elm Ensemble & Christ Church Choir
On the third Sunday in Lent, we gather in a
service of evening prayer to sing a timeless liturgy and hear a performance of Bach’s Cantata 12, Weinen, Klagen, Sorgen, Zagen. More
information on page 7.
Christ Church Lutheran
3244 34th Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55406
No regular meeting this month.
Come to Lenten midweek service
at 11:30am Wednesday 25 February followed by soup lunch.
[email protected]
A Congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
A Reconciling in Christ Congregation | A National Historic Landmark
Office Hours
Monday–Friday 9:00 am–2:00pm
Sunday 9:30 am, followed by fellowship
Educational forum 11:15am–12:15pm
September through June
Luna Liv Kjome, daughter of Linda
Virtanen and Samuel Kjome, was
baptized on Sunday 4 January at
Christ Church Lutheran.
Omer Gordon Kapernick, son of
Dan and Jenny Kapernick, was
baptized on Sunday 18 January at
Christ Church Lutheran.
Helping Hands
Pastor Kristine Carlson
Pastor Erik Haaland
Pastor Robert Farlee
Pastor Martin Seltz
Ted Buegel and Amanda
Stephanie Okoneski
Bob Farlee
Chuck Merrell
Courier Editor
Josh Messner
Council Officers
Bob Victorin-Vangerud
Vice President
Hilary Gebauer
Pat Baehler
Colin Watkins
Council Members
Marcus Nooney
Kevin Reuther
Luann Skrivseth
Will Stark
John and Virginia Buegel
Donna and Pete Gawreluk
Roger and Liz Gomoll
Paul Hanson
Robyn and Marcus Nooney
Rita and Ken Schoenike
Cathy Sieving
If you are named in the above helping
hands chart, please help with Sunday
morning coffee fellowship in the form
of set up, clean up, or treats. Contact
Mary Bode or Joanne Seltz for details.
[email protected] | [email protected]
Finances Update
The finance committee wants to provide you with the most current information about our congregation’s
finances. In addition to other communications, we will provide a quick report on the state of our operating
budget in each issue of The Courier.
The 12.31.14 financial reports are not yet finalized but will be available with the annual report. Some very good
news: It looks like we will end 2014 with a small surplus, even though our budget plans were very ambitious. And
there was a nice surge in member (“envelope”) giving at the very end of December, so that we should come within
about $1,200 of what we had so hopefully budgeted for that source of income for the year. Good job, all you donors!
as of November 30, 2014
Member Giving/ Envelopes
Other Income
Total Income
Total Expenses
Total Surplus (or Deficit)
BUDGET (11 mos.)
Our dear Kay Madson died on Wednesday 21 January at
Methodist Hospital in Rochester, Minnesota. Our hearts go
out to her husband, Greg, and to their children and grandchildren at this great loss. We hold them and all who loved Kay
in our prayers now.
We gathered to give thanks for Kay’s life and to commend her
into the arms of her merciful Savior at a Eucharist worship
service on Saturday 31 January at Christ Church. A luncheon
reception and program of remembrance followed in the
gymnasium, giving us the opportunity to visit with Kay’s
family and friends and to share memories of her life with us.
Kay had gone to Rochester to begin a clinical trial treatment for her leukemia, diagnosed two and a half years ago.
In a conversation with Pastor Carlson just before she died,
Kay expressed heartfelt gratitude for the love and prayers of
Christ Church that she felt carrying her.
Now in our sorrow, we are thankful for the body of Christ
here in this place to comfort and carry us; for the assurance
that because Christ lives, we too shall live; for the wide
embrace of the great cloud of witnesses who surround us;
and most of all for the everlasting arms of God on which we
will lean mightily in the coming days.
From the January
Congregation Meeting
is inscribed on the altar at the Church of Saint Gregory
of Nyssa in San Francisco: This man welcomes sinners
and eats with them.
Second Century Campaign Approved
On January 11 of this year we met as a congregation
to consider whether to undertake the Second Century
Campaign to raise funds for a new organ, some significant building projects, and outreach-focused mission.
At that meeting the congregation unanimously agreed to
move ahead with the campaign. Council and the capital
campaign task force are deeply grateful that the congregation shares this vision for Christ Church Lutheran.
A big thank you also goes to the capital campaign task
force, who worked diligently and conscientiously to plan
this proposal. The resolution that was approved at the
meeting stated that:
Next we discussed plans for a council retreat on 14
February to help orient new members and to think again
about all that is happening in the life of Christ Church
Lutheran. Then we discussed how many members to
have on the council. We agreed to a council of ten this
year rather than twelve, with a plan to reassess this situation in the fall.
We decided on liaison responsibilities for the coming
year. Council members don’t represent specific groups
in the congregation, but instead are liaisons to areas
of activity. This involves facilitating communication
between the council and groups working in that area.
1. The congregation of Christ Church Lutheran fully and
joyfully supports the launch of the Second Century
Campaign with a goal to raise $1,550,000 over a three
to five year period;
2.The council form a capital campaign committee to
direct the campaign within the congregation;
3.The council invite the Friends of Christ Church
Lutheran to raise funds toward building preservation
projects through general fundraising and grants from
sources outside of the congregation.
• Worship – Pat Baehler
• Congregational Community: Social – Luann Skrivseth
• Congregational Community: Education–Marcus Nooney
• Outreach: Invitation – Luann Skrivseth
• Outreach: Service – Kevin Reuther
• Support: Administrative – Hilary Gebauer
• Support: Building – Will Stark
• Support: Stewardship – Kevin Reuther
• Support: Finances – Colin Watkins
Next we talked about the remaining money, about
$14,000, from the gift Christ Church Lutheran received
from Betty J. Anderson. After discussing various options,
we decided to take up the question again after the council
retreat, where we will spend time discussing priorities and
goals. During this discussion we talked about expanding
the ministry for children to include a children’s music
program. There was universal enthusiasm for this idea
and we will hear a specific plan at our February meeting.
We hope to raise $500,000 of the $1.55 million total
from the congregation and have already received pledges
of $300,000 from the leaders of the congregation. That
leaves $200,000 to raise. An additional $700,000 is available to the campaign through bequests. The plan is for
the remainder to be raised through the Friends of Christ
Church Lutheran and grants. Mark Sunday 1 March on
your calendar for the official kickoff of the campaign.
From the 20 January
Council Meeting
We heard reports from Pastor Carlson and Pastor
Haaland and from various committees and task forces.
Many people are doing good work among us. Finally,
we voted to replenish the $10,000 visioning fund seed
money account for 2015. Members of the congregation
with an idea for new initiatives can apply for money
from this account. As usual, we adjourned with the
Lord’s Prayer.
Pastor Carlson and Pastor Haaland opened the meeting
with devotions. They invited us to think about communion and the phrase, “All are welcome.” We discussed
what this welcome means to us and recalled experiences related to the communion table and welcome. We
contemplated the phrase from the Gospel of Luke that
Christ Church Council 2015
Hilary Gebauer, vice president
Pat Baehler, secretary
Colin Watkins, treasurer
Marcus Nooney
Around the Congregation
New member Betsy Byers welcomes Christ Church friends to her art gallery opening,
“Indeterminate Present” in the Kohlman & Pryor Gallery at the Northrup King Building
on Saturday 17 January. The exhibit is open through 21 February. Congratulations, Betsy.
Cliff drops off and picks up Gladys at the handicap entrance in the alley on Sunday mornings. Improved accessibility is being studied as part of the Second Century Campaign.
Lutheran Summer Music
Scholarship Fund
Founded in 1981, the Lutheran Summer Music
Academy and Festival (LSM) is a four-week
residential training and performance program
for gifted high school students. Each summer,
LSM brings together over 150 band, orchestra,
choir, and keyboard students from the US and
abroad in a supportive, intentional community. Students in grades 8–12 live together on
a college campus and focus on musical excellence, faith formation, and personal growth.
Financing a young musician’s journey to LSM
is no small endeavor—tuition for LSM 2014
was $3,195. Last summer, LSM awarded more
than $145,000 in need-based assistance and
merit-based scholarships to more than 80% of
its students. Learn more about this important
ministry at www.lutheransummermusic.org.
Living in Community
Mission Series, Part 2
Last October, the mission committee led a forum that sought to
identify some of the important issues and needs in our community.
As a way of continuing the conversation about these issues—
and hoping to discover ways we can reach out and become more
involved—the mission committee is providing this series of reflections. One of the most pressing topics that came up at the forum
was grief over racial inequality and the effects of racism in our
society. Especially in these past months, grief and anger over
the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner are bringing new
urgency to these conversations.
At the forum a number of people expressed sadness that our
lives are still so segregated. Christ Church Lutheran is located
in a diverse neighborhood and city, yet we are a mostly white
congregation. And how well do we know our African American neighbors, our Hispanic neighbors, our Native American
neighbors? There is grief over this separateness, and there’s
even greater grief over the fact that this separateness is often
accompanied by inequality. According to one recent study, more
than half of US-born African American children in Minneapolis live in poverty. Minneapolis is often cited for its high levels
of racial disparities in its public schools. Lately there has been
continued on page 7
much conversation about the criminal justice
system and the racial inequalities embedded in
it. The ELCA’s most recent social statement,
“The Church and Criminal Justice: Hearing the
Cries,” speaks to this directly. (Search online
for “ELCA Criminal Justice;” copies are also
available at the church.)
In the midst of these difficult realities, what is the
role of the church? Surely these are issues that
our faith calls us to address—yet, how?
One organization that we support as a congregation
is Seward Longfellow Restorative Justice Partnership. This unique organization seeks to keep
young people out of the criminal justice system
by offering them ways to “make things right”
when they commit a crime, rather than sentencing them to prison. This organization makes a real
difference in our community, helping to influence
young people who could easily find themselves
caught up in cycles of poverty and crime.
Another organization that we have supported for
many years is Plymouth Christian Youth Center.
We often think of them at Christmastime, when
we support their children’s gift sale. However,
they do remarkable work all year long. Located
in North Minneapolis (a part of our city that
knows first-hand the effects of racial injustice and
inequality), they proclaim this vision: “PCYC is a
place of strength, safety and beauty where every
young person is looked out for, nurtured and challenged. Youth, adults, families and communities
come together to turn back the tides of poverty
and violence, embracing hope, compassion and
the reality of a better world.” What a beautiful
vision! Are there ways we might more fully join
them, sharing in this work and vision?
And then, what about right here in our own neighborhood and congregation? Are there ways we’re
being called to break down the barriers that keep
us from knowing and loving our neighbors? Let’s
keep talking, and praying. And, as we’re called to
do so, let’s also be bold and courageous.
Lenten Vespers
Sunday 8 March | 4:30pm
The Elm Ensemble & Christ Church Choir
Paul Westermeyer, guest conductor
On the third Sunday in Lent, we gather in a service of evening
prayer to sing a timeless liturgy and hear a performance of
Bach’s Cantata 12, Weinen, Klagen, Sorgen, Zagen.
Clara Osowski alto | Roy Heilman tenor | Aaron Larson bass
The Elm Ensemble performs the music of early Lutheranism
in liturgical contexts. Paul Westermeyer is Professor of Church
Music Emeritus at Luther Seminary in Saint Paul, where he
directed the Master of Sacred Music degree program. He was
Visiting Professor of Church Music at Yale University’s Institute
of Sacred Music and Editor of The Hymn.
A freewill offering for the Lutheran Summer Music Scholarship Fund (more on this charity on page 6) will be received
during the service. Molly Boes, who worships at Christ
Church, works with this wonderful program—a way for us to
help make a difference in the lives of talented young people.
Paul Westermeyer
Clara Osowski
Roy Heilman
Aaron Larson
—Pastor Haaland
address deteriorating pavement, utility and drainage
concerns, non-motorized accommodations, and storm
water quality conditions. The county is designing Minnehaha Avenue to be safer, more livable, and welcoming to
all users, while balancing potential impacts to residents
and businesses along the corridor. Sections of Minnehaha Avenue will be closed as follows:
Longfellow Energy Fair
On Saturday 7 February, the environment and transportation committee of the Longfellow Community Council will
host a day-long energy fair at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church
(behind the Lake Street library) featuring more than a dozen
speakers—many of whom live or work in the Longfellow/
Seward community—in workshops for homeowners, business owners, and congregations. Topics include:
2015: April–July between 42nd and 46th Streets; July–
November between 38th–42nd Streets.
• Solar energy options for homes, businesses and
• How churches can save on their monthly energy bills
2016: April–July between 34th and 38th Streets; July–
November between Lake Street and 34th Street
• How business can increase profits with energy efficiency
Naming and Claiming Your Strengths
• How homeowners can make their home both energy
efficient and healthy
A Morning Retreat at Christ Church
Saturday 21 February 9:00am–12:30pm
• Wise energy investments for homeowners and how to
avoid falling for energy saving myths
Is there anything more satisfying than doing something
that you’re proud of, you’re good at, and you enjoy?
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could live that way all
the time? While that’s not possible all the time, if you
haven’t taken time to explore these questions, you may
be less likely to know your strengths and be deliberate
about using them.
• Improving the efficiency of the traditional South
Minneapolis fireplace
• Natural home cooling techniques
• Rethinking transit options to save money and carbon
• Weatherization work groups, insulation bulk buying,
and other actions communities can take together to
reduce heating bills, and more . . .
Christ Church is delighted to again sponsor this experience of Dependable Strengths, led by Dick Bruesehoff.
Together we’ll explore the gifts and strengths we each
have demonstrated in our day-to-day lives. All ages—
younger and older—are welcome. All you need to bring
is yourself and your own life story.
City council members Cam Gordon and Andrew Johnson
will talk about the city’s energy future to wrap up the event.
The fair begins at 8:30am with bagels and coffee. Keynote
at 9am. Lunch is served from 12:30 to 1:30pm with food
from the Fireroast Cafe and Gandhi Mahal. Wrap-up
session begins at 2:30pm. Program ends at 3:00pm.
Breakfast will be provided. For more information,
please contact Pastor Haaland. Look for a sign up sheet
in the Atrium of the Education Building.
The Christ Church sustainability task force recently
commissioned an energy audit of our building, and the
property committee and project management task force
are considering ways to implement its findings and save
on energy use.
“I participated in the Naming and Claiming our
Strengths workshop in May 2014, after I had left a job
that had not been going well. Dick created a safe space
to remember and tell stories about times when things
did go well. Most helpful was the way the reflections
and feedback from other participants affirmed qualities
I had not previously considered particularly special.
And it was really fun to do the same for them.”
How do you get to church?
A bit of neighborhood news may be helpful to you in the
coming months. Reconstruction of Minnehaha Avenue
soon will create detours, and we want you to be prepared.
Improvements to Minnehaha Avenue are needed to
—Rachel Mann
Epiphany at Christ Church
Clockwise from top right: Pastor Carlson is writing an inscription above the door in chalk, following an old Epiphany
tradition and blessing the church in the New Year; parents, pastors, and friends lead a blessing of various parts of the
sanctuary with our children; Pastor Haaland and Michael Jefferis leading the liturgy of blessing, thuribles in hand;
shining and showing forth Epiphany stars from the pulpit.
Upcoming Educational Forums
Sundays 11:15am
Lectionary Readings
February 2015
Sunday 1 February
Fourth Sunday after Epiphany
Deuteronomy 18:15-20
Psalm 111
1 Corinthians 8:1-13
Mark 1:21-28
Sunday 8 February
Fifth Sunday after Epiphany
Isaiah 40:21-31
Psalm 147:1-11, 20c
1 Corinthians 9:16-23
Mark 1:29-39
Sunday 15 February
Transfiguration of Our Lord
2 Kings 2:1-12
Psalm 50:1-6
2 Corinthians 4:3-6
Mark 9:2-9
Wednesday 18 February
Ash Wednesday
Joel 2:1-2, 12-17 or Isaiah 58:1-12
Psalm 51:1-17
2 Corinthians 5:20b—6:10
Matthew 6:1-6, 16-21
Sunday 22 February
First Sunday in Lent
Genesis 9:8-17
Psalm 25:1-10
1 Peter 3:18-22
Mark 1:9-15
1 February
“Je Suis Michael Brown:” Thinking about Paris and Ferguson
Marty Stortz
The events in Paris echo incidents in
this country highlighting issues of
segregation, poverty, and discrimination. Political pundits on the right
and left have weighed in, but what
does a distinctively Christian, even
Lutheran, lens reveal? We will try
to sort through some of these recent
events in light of church teachings
and gospel insights. Marty Stortz is
Bernhard M. Christensen Professor
of Religion at Augsburg College,
a position she has held since 2010.
Prior to that she was in theological
education at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley.
8 February
Overview of the Gospel of John
Pastor Carlson
This year our Sunday morning readings primarily follow the Gospel of
Mark. However, in this “Lectionary Year B” we also hear quite a
bit from the Gospel of John. We
began this year with an overview of
Mark’s Gospel. Now we continue
Editor Wanted
February Birthdays
The communication committee is
seeking an editor for The Courier,
a monthly communication of our
rich life together at Christ Church
Lutheran. Familiarity with InDesign
is helpful. If you are considering this
volunteer position, contact Pastor
Alan Ebel
Saige Wyatt
Amy Sampson
Cathy Polsfuss
Simeon Messner
Noah Niermann
Lee Schuett
Sharon Mueller
Alexander Jenkins-Buegel
with an introduction to the Gospel
of John. Pastor Carlson leads this
overview, which will help us to hear
these many readings from John.
15 February
The Discipline of Lent
Pastor Haaland
On Ash Wednesday, 18 February,
the season of Lent begins. This is
a forty-day period of preparation
for the church’s yearly celebration
of Holy Week and Easter. Historically, this has been a period of
engaging in what our Ash Wednesday liturgy calls the “Discipline
of Lent—self-examination and
repentance, prayer and fasting,
sacrificial giving and works of
love.” Together we explore these
practices and seek ways of living
them out in our time.
22 February
Annual Meeting
After coffee and fellowship, join
us in the sanctuary for the annual
meeting. We will receive official
2014 reports, welcome new council members, and conduct any new
congregational business.
David Kutzbach
Gary Gustafson
Leonard Rabe
Jane Buckley-Farlee
Henry Painter
Robert Buckley Farlee
Bob Victorin-Vangerud
  
 
Sarah Brunsvold
Lucille Buelow
March 1
February 22
Phyllis Mattill
Donna Gawreluk
Jan Radloff
Jan Radloff
Sarah Brunsvold
Simo Sarkanen
Phyllis Mattill
Jan Radloff
Donna Gawreluk
Lucille Buelow
Jason Bergquist
Jason Bergquist
7:00 pm Pat Baehler
Chuck Merrell
11:30 am Mary Bode
Phyllis Mattill
Phyllis Mattill
Simo Sarkanen
Donna Gawreluk
Jason Bergquist
ASH WEDNESDAY - February 18
February 15
Phyllis Mattill
Pat Baehler
Donna Gawreluk
Lucille Buelow
February 8
Phyllis Mattill
Jason Bergquist
February 1
Assisting Ministers
Volunteer Schedule
Clayton Smith
Max Herzberg
Lynn Larson
Phyllis Mattill
Daniel Holmgren
DeAne Lagerquist
Sarah Brunsvold
Gary Wahlstrom
Dan Mueller
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Bob Davis
Bob Davis
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Dick Thompson
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Dick Thompson
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Head Ushers
Dick Bruesehoff
Naomi Bruesehoff
Kevin Olsen
Will Stark
Samantha, Chloe Rice
Bob & Ute Swenson
Mary Bode
Luann Skrivseth
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Sunday Worship Services - 9:30 a.m.
Melody Pauling
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Pr. Carlson
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