WHO DO YOU SAY I AM? Ash Wednesday

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with Jesus
I will be asking the congregation to make three specific commitments during this
1. Choose one discipline of moderation. This could be to stop drinking sweet tea
or cutting down how much you spend on Starbucks or fasting one day a week. The
commitment of moderation allows us to clear away some of the stuff that hides us
from God.
3. Make a list of the titles and names used for and by Jesus in these Gospels. Which of these
names speak directly to your needs?
On Wednesday nights during this Lenten experience, I will lead guided biblical meditations
from the stories of Jesus. These classes will invite us to use our imaginations to see Jesus
more clearly and to invite Jesus to speak to us more directly. These experiences will be more
experiential than teaching so I hope it might create some special moments for us.
We will conclude our Lenten experience with a Maundy Thursday worship service and a Good
Friday lunch time prayer service.
Finally, we will celebrate Easter Sunday with a special Easter baptism service. We want
anyone who is ready to be baptized to consider this special worship event as their moment of
I look forward to a great Lenten experience. Remember: Who do you say I am?
Pastor Eric
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Loving the world as God loves us.
Newsletter Volume 34, #3 February 1, 2015
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2. Read the Gospels of Matthew and John. There are just enough days to read a
chapter a day from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday. We get to know Jesus by reading The
Good News about Jesus. After we clear our lives, let us invest your time in Jesus.
Good Tidings
Ministry Staff
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Walking with Jesus
“Who do you say I am?”
Jesus asked this profound and radical
question to his disciples as he stood in the
ancient city of Caesarea Philippi. Location
To get to the ancient city off Caesarea
Philippi Jesus and his disciples left the fertile
shore line of the Sea of Galilee and traveled
northeast – to the junction of present day
Israel, Lebanon and Syria. Caesarea Philippi
sits at the base of Mt. Hermon, the largest
mountain in the area rising over 9,000 feet
with snow year round.
Jesus brought his disciples to Caesarea
Philippi to be alone. He had a very important
question he had to ask. The 25 mile walk
lasted a little over day – but might as well
been a trip to the moon for differences they
experienced. The trip took them out of the
region of Herod Antipas and into the district
of Phillip the Tetrarch, another son of Herod
the Great. The trip took them away from the
swirl of Jewish culture and religious purity
into an ancient multi-cultural Gentile city.
No crowds pressing into Jesus here. No one
calling for him to heal.
Jesus stands in the Gentile city of pagan
temples as a simple carpenter and teacher,
a peasant with no money or social standing.
Jesus deliberately places himself among the
world’s greatest religious figures and asks his
disciples, “Who do you say that I am?”
Over the 40 Days of Lent, we will offer
a Spiritual Renewal Experience called “Who
do you say I am?” Over these Sundays, I
will preach on different titles used in the
Gospel for Jesus and ask “Who do you say I
am?” During these weeks I want to invite the
whole church to reflect upon, listen to, and
recommit themselves to Jesus.
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Lenten Spiritual Renewal
Ash Wednesday to Good Friday 2015
For 2000 years individuals have been
confronted by the radical question
Jesus presents to the disciples at
Caesarea Philippi in Matthew 14:
Who do you say I am?
Walking with Jesus requires each of us
to answer this question.
Who do I say Jesus is?
During our Lenten Season First Baptist
Cornelia will be invited to investigate
and commit to Jesus once again.
Ash Wednesday
A Service of Confession and Clearing
February 18, 2015
6:30 PM
A GAPE M i s s i o n s :
Advancing God's Kindgom
FBC Focuses Mission Effort in Santa Emilia
Through many years of
working in Matagalpa, Nicaragua involving 10 different
mission teams sent from our
church since 2006, we have developed very deep and meaningful relationships with our
brothers and sisters in Christ
there. In the past couple of
years the Holy Spirit has begun prompting us to consider
some shifts in our engagement
in Nicaragua.
In 2014 we commissioned a part of our June team as a “Vision team” to earnestly seek God’s will for
us and our work there. Since then we’ve met with the leadership at FBC Matagalpa
as well as our friends at Missionary Ventures to discuss the findings and impressions of the vision team. We have begun holding monthly joint “Skype” prayer
services with FBC Matagalpa. As a result of this prayerful seeking of God’s will, this
year's trip will be a little different. We will still be working with Brenda Rose and
MVI, and we'll continue to work closely with our friends at FBC Matagalpa. We will
continue to do VBS and provide much needed medical care.
Starting in 2015 we will follow the Holy Spirit's leading to focus our work more
specifically in one community: the mountain village of Santa Emilia. This focus
will broaden our scope of ministry and deepen our relationships! We choose this
community for several reasons: First, FBC Matagalpa has a vibrant and growing
mission congregation in this community. Second, we know this village, we’ve held
medical clinics there every year. Third, we feel that this change in focus will facilitate and encourage even broader FBC Cornelia involvement in the work there as
we get to know better the people and the needs and strengths in that community.
We hope that this deeper relationship will create new and different opportunities for our members to “Love the world as God loves us” in Nicaragua! As
with any new thing, this transition will bring some uncertainty, even anxiety, but
an even bigger opportunity to "walk by faith, not by sight" (2Cor5:7). Please be in
prayer for our work there, and listen carefully to see how God might be calling you
to get involved this year!
Girls in Action – Teen Girls
Focus on WMU
Experience Camp Pinnacle
in the Winter
Sunday, February 15, 2015
February 7, 2015
from 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
– includes Pizza!
Clarkesville Baptist Church
Special Guest:
Camp Pinnacle Counselors
All for You: Engaging the church in
Mission Discipleship
Special Guest: Beth Ann Williams,
Executive Director Georgia WMU
Santa Emilia Mission Trip
May 30-June 6, 2015
Housing: Hotel Matagalpa Inn
Food: Provided by Matagalpa
Inn, and at safe restaurants
Approximate costs: $1356
Primary Ministries:
Daily Vacation Bible School for
school and community medical
Volunteers of all skill levels and
experience are encouraged to join
us as we Love the World as God
Loves Us.
Monday, February 23, 2015
Fellowship Hall
Gathering for Fellowship
& Card Signing
E C o mm u n i t y :
Presented by:
Carol H. McCarty,
Master of Child Care Administration
Carol McCarty was privileged
to go to Russia seven times as
a consultant and leader with
families to adopt children.
She has also worked with
Wellspring and the Victory
Program to help rescue women
and children from prostitution on
the streets of Atlanta, GA.
She has some very interesting and
heart warming stories to tell that
will inspire you to learn more, and
perhaps become involved.
This is under the Georgia Baptist
Children’s Homes and Family
We are collecting items for the next Nicaragua yard sale that will be in April.
You may leave your items under the stairs next to the banquet room. No clothes please!
E x t e n d i n g G o d ' s G r ace
Seeking Hosts for our
South Korean Global Student Intern
This summer, First Baptist Cornelia has an exciting opportunity to engage
the Global church. Starting the third week of June, we will host Minji Park,
a South Korean college student as our first Global Student Intern. Minji
Park is a Junior International Trade major at Myungji University in Seoul
Korea. She speaks excellent English. She is also a strong Christian and an
active member of her Baptist Student Union.
Minji will work with all of our summer ministries – children, youth, MOSAIC,
Agape, mountain top worship and VBS. While she will be working with
ministries, we also want her to have fun, get to know American families
and learn about American culture. And, we want to learn all about South
Korea, it’s people and its churches.
Minji comes to us through a partnership with Myungsu No, a Korean
Baptist Collegiate Minister. When asked why he wanted to send students to the US, Myungsu replied, “We have strong
churches in South Korea, but we are not creating global Christian leaders. I believe the next generation of South Korean
Christian leaders need to engage the American church to reach God’s potential.”
What we need: We need someone to coordinate Minji’s stay this summer – coordinator her housing, transportation, and
fun schedule. We need families to volunteer to host Minji for a week a time – providing a place to stay and food during
the week. We need individuals to invest time in her this summer – take her out on your boats, take her hiking, invite her
to your bbq’s. If you are willing to help – please contact John Swindler.
11:00 a.m.
“Sharing God’s Grace with
Children and Families”
February 1
SS Greeters: Ben Books,
Mozelle Carlan, Phil McClain,
Charlotte Meister
Child Care
Nursery: Robin Landress
2s & 3s:
Grant & Alice Gunter
Jay & Kim Reed
Ushers: Phil McClain, Rick
Barron, Wade Hasty, Nolan
Nix, Dalton Sirmans, Bill
Tanneberger, Dennis Tedder,
Robert Tyler, Ed Vaughn
Church Greeters:
Rhett & Tammy Weaver
Patrol: Chester Skelton
Wednesday Night Lockup/
February: Caleb Souther
February 8
SS Greeters: Mozelle Carlan,
Charlotte Meister,Effie
Child Care
Nursery: Charlotte Meister
2s & 3s:
Patsy Vaughn
Jack & Sabrina McMullan
Ushers: Chester Skelton, Grant
Bentley, Bill Chandler, Steve
Doran, Greg Jenkins, Brian
Peek, Richard Whatley, Larry
Church Greeters:
Gerald & Jane Dunham
Patrol: Jack McMullan
Wednesday Night Lockup/
February: Caleb Souther
February 15
SS Greeters: Mozelle Carlan,
Charlotte Meister
Child Care
Nursery: Susan McMullan
2s & 3s:
Drew & Andrea Irvin
Jennie Swindler
Ushers: Jarvis McFarlin,
Herman Benfield, Donald
Crowe, Wes Dodd, Murphy
Doran, Terry Doran, David
Elder, Jack Irvin, Jared
Church Greeters:
Greg & Margaret Jenkins
Patrol: Grant Bentley
Wednesday Night Lockup/
February: Caleb Souther
February 22
SS Greeters: Mozelle Carlan,
Charlotte Meister
Child Care
Nursery: Macey Doran
2s & 3s:
Robin Landress & Alice
Dalton & Margie Sirmans
Ushers: David Foster, Jason
Hughes, Jack McMullan,
Richard McMullan, Mark Reed,
Caleb Souther, James A.
Stapleton III, Larry Warren
Church Greeters:
Brad & Carrie Trotter
Patrol: Donald Crowe
Wednesday Night Lockup/
February: Caleb Souther
February 1
Jay Reed
February 8
Caleb Souther
February 15
Jimbo Stapleton
If there is a ministry need, please call the Deacon or the church office.
February 22
Bill Tanneberger
P E Fellowship:
Sunday, February 1
8:00am Mens Ministry
9:45am Sunday School
Tuesday, February 3
7:00am Men’s Prayer Breakfast/Stew & Que
Wednesday, February 4
5:15pm Fellowship Meal
Reservations Required
6:00pm •Preschool/Children’s Ministries
•Adult Prayer Time/FH
•Youth Praise, Worship & Bible Study
6:15pm Adult Classes
7:30pm Adult Choir Practice
Saturday, February 7
Sunday, February 15
9:45am Sunday School
10:55am Worship with WMU focus and guest
Beth Ann Williams
Good Tidings Content Due for March issue.
Monday, February 16
2:00pm Benfield Grp/Rm212
Tuesday, February 17
7:00am Men’s Prayer Breakfast/Stew & Que
Wednesday, February 18
Lenten Luncheon Series Begins
5:15pm Fellowship Meal
Reservations Required
6:00pm •Preschool/Children’s Ministries
• Youth Praise, Worship & Bible Study
6:30pm Ash Wednesday Service
7:30pm Adult Choir Practice
Thursday, February 19
9:00am WEM Bible Study/BR
Saturday, February 21
6am-7pm Family Ski Trip
P r ay i n g S p i r i t l e d Fa m i ly o f F o l lo we r s
Sunday, February 8
9:45am Sunday School
Tuesday, February 10
7:00am Men’s Prayer Breakfast/Stew & Que
Wednesday, February 11
5:15pm Fellowship Meal
Reservations Required
6:00pm •Preschool/Children’s Ministries
•Adult Prayer Time/FH
•Youth Praise, Worship & Bible Study
6:15pm Adult Classes
7:30pm Adult Choir Practice
Thursday, February 14
V alentine's Day
Sunday, February 22
8:30am Deacon Meeting/BR
9:45am Sunday School
5:30pm WEM Bible Study/BR
Monday, February 23
11:00am Round Table/FH
Tuesday, February 24
7:00am Men’s Prayer Breakfast/Stew & Que
Wednesday, February 25
12:00pm Lenten Luncheon
5:15pm Fellowship Meal
Reservations Required
6:00pm •Preschool/Children’s Ministries
•Adult Prayer Time/FH
• Youth Praise, Worship & Bible Study
6:15pm Adult Classes
7:30pm Adult Choir Practice
Thursday, February 26
9:00am WEM Bible Study/BR
G A P E Discipleship:
G r o w i n g D i sc i p l es
Children and YOUTH
Vegetable Beef Soup
Toss Salad
Desert & Tea
February 11th
Chicken Pot Pie
Toss Salad
Desert & Tea
February 18th
Creamed Potatoes
Toss Salad
Desert & Tea
February 25th
Poppyseed Chicken
Steamed Rice
Toss Salad
Desert & Tea
More Information
Sunday School
Feb. 1 – Jesus
Heals a Man’s
Matt. 12:9-14
Feb. 8 – Sermon on the Mount
Matt. 5-7
Feb. 15 – Parable of the Sower
Matthew 13:1-23
Feb. 22 – Three Parables – Luke 15
our Children
are working on
the the musical
Land of the Lost
& Found to be
presented May 3!
During MISSIONS our children are
Feb. 4 – Parable of the Lost Sheep
Join us for Bible Study every Sunday morning at 9:45 am in THE
WELL, led by Mary Turner and Jennie Swindler, with occasional special guest
Wednesday nights in THE WELL – 6:00 pm – This month we will conclude our UNSTUCK study and are so thankful for the many adults who have
been sitting in with us this month! (See more about this study elsewhere in
FEBRUARY 18 – We will
participate in our church
will start something new!
Ski Trip
March 7, 2015
Day of Service is coming on
Leave FBC:6:00 am / Return: 7:00 pm
Transportation: FBC van & private cars
Cost: (per person): $70
+ $10 First Timers Lesson
Deadline for Registration & Payment
is February 15th. For reservations
contact Shelia Thomason ([email protected]
fbccornelia.org or 706.778.4412)
Feb. 11 – Parable of the Vineyard
Feb.25- Parable of the Mustard Seed
Looking for a great
website with
parenting tips?
Go to
DISCIPLENOW Weekend March 13-15!
Mark your calendars NOW and begin
praying about who you can invite to attend
with us! More details on cost and location
coming soon.
PARENTS AND YOUTH – Here is a website to look at to-
gether to help your relationship with one another…. Go to
www.5lovelanguages.com and find out what your love language is!
G APE D i s c i p l e s h i p :
G r o w i n g D i sc i p l es
A word from Pastor John:
Because of Valentine’s Day this
month, many of us think about love.
I have often heard it said (and I agree
with this wholeheartedly) that “Love
is spelled T-I-M-E.” We have some
great opportunities for you to show
your love for God by studying his
love letter to us! Won’t you join us
in some of these opportunities below
and invite a friend to come with you?
Remember, disciples make disciples!
A special word about our UNSTUCK
class on Wednesday nights....if you
are feeling “stuck” in a spiritual rut
and want to come examine some
ways to get out of that rut, come join
us for the last 2 sessions of this study
on Feb. 4 and 11. We meet at 6:00
pm in THE WELL, our youth area, and
all ages are welcomed to join us on
these 2 weeks (grade 7 – any aged
adult). On Feb. 4 we will look at UNWANTED, focusing on the story of Joseph in the Bible and how it applies to
our lives today. Rich Stearns will be
on the video this week. On Feb. 11,
we will look at UNSTUCK as we conclude the study, with Mark Batterson
teaching on the video. Here’s quote
from Mark Batterson: Christianity
was never meant to be a noun. When
we turn it into a noun, it becomes a
turnoff. Christianity was always intended to be a verb. We’ve got to act
on God ideas. We’ve got to obey the
promptings of the Holy Spirit. We’ve
got to seize opportunities to serve.
Talk is cheap, and we have cheapened the gospel long enough. COME
Spring 2015
Bible Study
"The Shunammite Study: Sometimes
our obedience creates bigger dilemmas
that God intends to solve for His glory."
The FBC Women's Enrichment Ministry will host a unique Bible study
opportunity for Spring 2015. Becky Hughes, an FBC member, will lead
"The Shunammite Study," a six-week study based on 2 Kings 4.
"The Shunammite" is a fascinating biblical woman who draws God's
favor and protection into her life through a simple act of hospitality. We
have so much to learn from her story, which feels oddly contemporary,"
says Hughes.
Becky Hughes is a former newspaper reporter and freelance writer for
Home & Garden Television. She has taught children in Sunday School for
10 years. While she has written materials for use in the church setting
before, this is her first Bible study for adults. Becky is married to Jason
Hughes; the couple have two children, Lucy, 14 and Henry, 10.
The WEM Spring Bible Study morning group will begin at 9 a.m. on
Thursday, February 19 and continue on Thursday mornings through
March 26. The evening Bible study group will begin at 5:30 p.m. Sunday,
February 22 and continue each Sunday evening through March 29. The
cost is $12 per person. Please call the church office to register.
Developing the Spiritual Life
of Children
A Parenting Course offered by the
Berea Sunday School Class:
A Small Group for 20/30 Somethings (and friends)
A PE W o r s h i p :
A l l I n c l us i n v e , I n t e n t i o n a l w o r sh i p
The Vision for Worship
First Baptist Cornelia
Sermon Series:
Maturing as Disciples
February 1
Title: Jesus says, “Walk”
Scripture: John 5:1-9
Special Music: to Mary Turner
February 8
Title: Jesus Commissions us to Walk
Scripture: Luke 10:1-12
Special Music: Quartet
February 15
WMU Focus Sunday
Guest Preacher:
Beth Ann Williams, GA WMU/
Women’s Ministry Executive Director
Special Music:
MOSAIC Pre School Choir
February 22 – Lent 1
Title: Who Do You Say I am? Rabbi
Scripture: John 1:43-51
Special Music: Youth Praise Team
February 18
Ash Wednesday Service
This special service marks the beginning of
our season of Lent as we observe 40 days of
spiritual discipline leading to Easter. Don’t
miss this meaningful worship experience!
Our Worship Initiative Team worked diligently last year to identify
worship at FBC Cornelia. As we worship together in 2015, I want to
share with you our vision of worship and challenge each of us to prepare our hearts for worship every time we meet. Come with excited
anticipation to experience God as we focus our praise and worship on
Him. To God be the glory for great things He has done! Bobby
Worship Initiative Team Vision:
From the moment people drive into the parking lot of First
Baptist Church of Cornelia until the time they leave, our focus and
prayer is that they will meet God in a life-changing way. Believers
at FBC Cornelia seek God through meaningful and creative worship that meets people where they are and draws them to Him.
God’s Word is proclaimed and emphasized through all preaching and worship. We respond with prayer, thanksgiving and
praise, as we are commissioned to serve and worship God in our
daily lives.
Our worship services are not categorized as traditional, contemporary, or blended. Our worship style is intended to engage
people of all ages to worship our Almighty God in a sincere and
humble way. This is accomplished by praising God in our beautiful
sanctuary with variety in music through vocal and instrumental
offerings, dramas, interpretive movement and artistic visual displays. Believers share words of encouragement and faith stories
to testify how God is working in their lives through ministry opportunities and daily living.
While we enter to worship, we depart to serve. Our worship
honors God and calls us to “love the world as God loves us.”
Downstairs in room ??? across from the elevator!
Sunday Mornings @ 9:50
Breakfast included
Starting Sunday, February 1st!
Teachers: Rhett Weaver and Marcia Spivey
Care Leaders: Tammy Weaver and Eric Spivey
Passing our faith onto our children is vital. How can we help them want
to know Christ? This study will discuss how to make God real to our children by teaching them how to pray, making church a positive experience,
helping children make their faith their own, and using stories to make the
Bible come alive. Join us each week or come when you can! Hope to see
you there!
Member Letters
Dear First Baptist Church Family,
Jack and I feel so fortunate and blessed to be a part of such a caring
and loving congregation. We have cherished and appreciated your calls,
letters and cards of support and encouragement during the loss of Jack's
mother, my foot surgery in May and now, once again, during Jacks's back
surgery and recuperation. We thank you for your loving prayers and please
know that we hold those prayers very dear to us.
May God Bless
Dessie Irvin