March 2013 Newsletter Bonus Ball

March 2013 Newsletter
Bonus Ball
Pick your box number and pay £1.00 to be in with a chance of winning. Please support this event as it helps
to offset the extras we provide for your child/children. Winners win £35.00. Winners will be announced on a
Monday following Saturday draw.
Hello Kitty Hamper was very kindly donated by Amy Sturrock (OSC) this will be raffled £1.00a ticket and
money will go to fundraising account.
We are looking for donations to put in our Mothers Day box so this can be raffled on Friday 8th March you
can collect your free ticket from office
Fees Increase
Fees increase is being implemented April 2013. If you have nt had notification letter please see Mary / Julie
in office
Smartie Tubes
All children have been given a tube of smarties when child has eaten the smarties could you please fill with
loose change and return to us for our fundraising event this month
Children’s snack
We ask every child to make £2.50 payment towards the cost of a healthy snack, can we ask that you make
payment weekly to maintain the quality menu we offer at present. Menus are displayed outside playrooms.
Any suggestions of items we can add to the menu are welcome. Snack money also pays for baking activities,
seasonal snacks and topic snacks that the children are given throughout the year.
Children’s Photographer
Art and Vision will be taking photographs on Monday 7th March and Tuesday 8th March in nursery. Open to
all family and friends
Dinner Money
A school dinner or packed lunch costs £2.00 please note that all dinners must be paid when ordering
Could all parent/carers ensure that entry door closes securely behind them when leaving and entering the
building, please also ensure that there are no extra children behind you? If someone else is picking up your
child please supply them with your password as this will be asked for before child is handed over, also
inform office of this
Outdoor Play
Children will access the outdoor play area daily regardless of weather conditions, as this is part of the
curriculum for Excellence, please ensure your child has an outdoor coat, shoes or wellies and please
remember to label all clothing with child’s name. All children should change into indoor shoes before they
enter playrooms.
Eco news Free cycle
Starts this month and will be the last Friday of every month. Free cycle is a new ECO project of recycling
unwanted items such as house goods, Toiletries, and unwanted gifts.
Free cycle items will be displayed in parent room, please come in and help yourself.
In Kind
we offer all kinds of products at greatly reduced prices, see table outside office.
Clothes Rail
we sell donated clothing at £1.00 per item. Rail is situated in entrance foyer
Book recycling table
books are available for you to read and bring back to swap for another book at no cost.
If you would like to receive your newsletter by e-mail please let office know so we can arrange this.
Committee meeting
Have you a spare one hour per month? We need your input. We are a parent run organization, Our next
meeting will be Thursday 21st March 6.00pm - 7.00pm in nursery area
Parent’s Room
This room is for your use; please make use of this facility. Please ask office if you would like
Forth coming events
 1 March Pre - schoolers visiting Woodlands am and pm
 5 March Margaret Wilson selling her jewelry etc just in time mother’s day.
 7 March photographer in nursery
 8 March photographer in nursery
 13 March pre-schoolers visit woodlands am. And pm
 15th March pre-schoolers visit woodlands am and pm
 15th March red nose day
 21st March committee meeting
 22nd March pre-schoolers visit woodlands primary pm
 29th March no sessional children (Good Friday)
 1st April closed to all children (Easter Monday)
 Nursery closed to sessional children from Friday 29th April re-opening Tuesday 16th April
There is a selection of polo shirts (Red or Royal) £6.00 and Sweat shirts (Navy) £6.50 available at office.
Ages are from 6-12months to age 5-6 years.
Change of circumstances
Would all parent/carer who have moved house changed phone numbers or changed doctors please let office
know so we can update your files.
Medical consent
Due to changes in legislation please note we will only administer prescribed medication and need a consent
form signed by parent/carer. You must have administered the first dose already and we also need a copy of
the information booklet which comes inside the box of medication.
Baby room(Jelly Babies)
Children like to explore the outdoors and can learn lots of experience during play outdoors, Can we please
have appropriate clothing for outdoors, shoes, jackets and hats etc.
We are having parent/carer days for children who we missed in November; we will let you know when that
will be.
We are planning to develop a baby garden outdoors, we will be looking for parental input to help us develop
this project, if you have any ideas or suggestions it would be a great help.
Red nose day is on the 15th March we are asking the children to wear something red and pay £1.00 for comic
All children have a tray situated outside the play room; please check for artwork etc.
This month’s topic
 Mothers day
 Nursery Rhymes
Please note the Nursery will be closed on Easter Monday 1 st April
2-3 room (JellyTots)
Well March is here already the months are flying by.
Our topics this month are
 Mothers day
 Holi
 St Patrick’s day
Can we remind parent/carer to label children’s clothing as clothing is mixed up on pegs and staff needs to identify
which jacket belongs to which child?
Friday 15th March: Comic relief day, to support this charity can children come to nursery wearing red and bring a
donation of £1.00
Please could all parents/carers ensure children have suitable outdoor clothing and footwear as we like to explore the
Art vision will be visiting nursery on the 7th and 8th March if you are interested can you book a time with staff in play
Nursery is closed to all children on Easter Monday 1 st April re-open Tuesday 2nd April
3-5 room(Jelly Beans)
March is here winter is nearly over. We would like to welcome Rachael and her family to the room
This month’s topic is
 Spring
 Mothers day
 Easter
We have a busy month ahead with ECO schools, litter picking and cleaning up our garden. We will be planting new
seeds and flowers.
Comic relief: we will all be silly and wear odd shoes and something red and accept £1.00 to support this charity, parents
feel free to do the same.
Pre-schoolers(Woodlands) will be visiting classrooms for active play. Dates for other schools to be arranged
Could I please remind parent/carers times of session 9.00am - 11.30am and 1.00pm - 3.30pm Thank You?
Closed to all sessional children 29th March – 16th March
OSC room
Our Easter program is being put together by the children and staff if you have any ideas about days out the children can
go on during Easter please inform staff in OSC room. If you are looking for childcare over the Easter holidays please
fill in booking form as soon as possible, we are closed to ALL OSC children on Easter Monday (1 st April). Children
can bring in a change of clothes if they prefer to change out of their school uniforms as we access outdoors every day.
 5th March Margaret Wilson selling her jewelry etc just in time mother’s day.
 15th March red nose day we are face painting please support this charity and donate £1.00
 21st March committee meeting
 Easter Monday 1st April closed