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11 February 2015
Volume 1 0.3.4
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Message from Director
CCS Swimming Carnivals 2015
Last week, the annual CCS swimming carnivals took place for all
year groups. It was a fantastic weeks’ worth of swimming with
all students performing
admirably. Competition
fierce between fellow peers and the house spirit shown by
all our students was fabulous.
Congratulations must go to Gadang house who dominated
the week in the pool and won 2 out of the 3 days events.
A huge thank you must go to all the support from the parents at
the events. They were, as usual, out in full force. Special thanks
must also go to all the students who took part in the galas.
Well done.
Friday 13th February
 Primary assembly, Year 4M, MFH,
Bake sale; Year 2.
Tim Fordered; Inspirational
speaker, 1.15 - 2.15pm, Year 11 &
Monday 16th Februar y - Friday 6th
 Art Exhibition, Library.
Friday 20th February
 Chinese New Year assembly, Chinese Lion dance, Basketball
Court. Wear Chinese or Red
clothes, 1.45pm.
 Bake sale; Year 3.
Birthdays This Week
Canggu Communit y School telephone number
12 Feb
13 Feb
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16 Feb
14 Feb
Phone: 0361 - 8446391
For emergencies:
0812 3917 6778
and 0361 - 5523639
"FOCCS" has a new email
address. Please feel free to
contact us at:
[email protected]
Primary Student Led
Friday 27th February 2015
Canggu Community School, Bali, Indonesia
Counsellor Corner
Communicating With Your Child
There is no question: being a good parent is the greatest and most difficult job on the planet. There are so
many things we must know, so much wisdom to be imparted. A skill which comes quite easily for some, and
much more difficult for others, is communication. My own dad came from a family who never ever talked
about feelings, and they still don’t to this day. Fortunately for me, my mother’s side was quite the opposite.
I don’t think it can be emphasised enough how important it is to establish solid communication with your
child, which includes talking about the “f” word…FEELINGS!!!
Tip number one: Never make a child feel shame or bad for their feelings even if they seem irrational. This is
so very important. We are after all human, and are given to an irrational feeling or two from time to time.
We always want our children to know we are a safe person to share with. As a counsellor I can’t tell you how
many times I have had children in my office so heavily burdened with situations and
no one safe to whom they “felt” they could share their feelings. Sometimes, just talk ing about the Boogy
Man can make him go away! Make certain your child knows his/her feelings are important and, in thus
doing, you validate this little person’s sense of self and security in the world.
Two: Just because things may appear “staus quo” with your child- don’t assume everything is ok. They
could be experiencing all kinds of tumult. Think about it, how often have you had things going on and you
act like all is well? Try to establish regular one on one time with your child in order to connect with them
and share feelings. A child could be silently erecting a fortress of fear, doubt, insecurity
- and one great conversation with mum or dad can bring that whole thing crashing down. It is important to
remember that our kids are in fact “kids.” Their brains won’t stop growing until they around 25 years old;
therefore, we can’t expect them to inherently rationalise things as we do, they simply don’t have the cognitive development or tools to do so.
Three: Make certain you and your child are making eye contact with one another when communicating.
Additionally, it is even better to actually be eye to eye; if you are six feet tall and they are three feet what is
the implication? Of course, at times, towering over them may be absolutely appropriate – but not while
having a heart to heart.
Four: At times, children may find it difficult to articulate their feelings. Give them time and your patience,
two of the most priceless things we can offer our children! Don’t settle for an “I don’t know” answer.
Provide them with a safe place to be able to learn to be communicative with their words and express thems
elves, even if it includes being angry.
Five: Lastly, share your own feelings in an appropriate manner with your child; after all, they learn everything from your modelling.
Just like most things in life-communicating comes very easily for some and is difficult at best for others.
It may feel a bit awkward in the beginning, but the more you practise the more comfortable it will become.
Beginning a pattern of communication as early as possible will benefit everyone in the family and be especially constructive during those tricky teenage years!
Canggu Community School, Bali, Indonesia
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From the Primary school desk
Inquiry Learning
Through the Units of Inquiry, the learning experiences assist students to make links between their understandings and their experiences in the real world. Often there is action that takes place at home, and in the
wider community, that is an extension of the classroom. Olivia made her own inquiry into explorers, taking
advantage of an opportunity for ongoing learning about the topic, after a discussion with her mum.
Sir Ranulph Fiennes
In Year 3, 2013, I studied explorers. I wanted to find out about who went to the ends of the earth first because I thought it would be interesting. I found out that Sir Ranulph Fiennes was the first man to go to the
North and South Poles. At home, I talked about what I had inquired into with my mum. She said that she
used to live next door to him in the UK when she was a little g irl. I decided to write him a letter to find out
more about his life. In late 2014, I got a letter in the mail at my house in England. It was from Sir Ranulph
Fiennes. He had replied to me, answering my questions. I was so surprised and excited. He wrote that his
scariest expedition had a polar bear attack. His most favourite expedition was to the lost city of Ubar. He
sent me a letter and a signed photograph of himself. My mum has had this framed. It felt good that my
action from the work in the classroom was responded to by this great explorer.
Olivia Kerr-Muir 4V
Canggu Community School, Bali, Indonesia
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CCS Swimming Carnival
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Canggu Community School, Bali, Indonesia
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Canggu Community School, Bali, Indonesia
I chose to join this conference because over the three past
Model UN conferences I’ve attended, I’ve developed a strong interest
in relations between countries and
parliamentary procedures. I also
recognise what an amazing opportunity it is to explore role-play,
problem solvin g and to meet people from all around South-East Asia.
Having read the list of
people in my assembly beforehand,
my main concern about this conference was that it would be extremely
hard to speak up, seeing as there
are around 100 students in every
room. But I soon discovered that it
was not nearly as scary as I expected it to be.
The amount of people present ended up contributing to the
experience and making it more sim ilar to the legitimate United Nations
conferences. There was a delegate
representin g every member of the
United Nations, which definitely
made it the most realistic MUN
conference I’ve ever been to.
In my committee, I learned
the rules of procedure of the Harvard system, which was very different to what I was accustomed to.
The conferences I have been to in
the past have adopted the THIMUN
format and it was a bit of a challenge to adapt to the new process
at first. For example, instead of having the entire fir st day reserved for
lobbyin g and writing resolutions,
we would have to ask the chair for
an “unmoderated caucus” in order
to discuss opinions and ideas with
the other delegates.
I didn’t particularly enjoy
this system because I felt like it didn’t allow you enough time to meet
with the people in your committee
and collaborate on resolutions collaboratively. I didn’t feel as con-
I look forward to following the format that is used in THIMUN conferences in the BALIMUN4 and hope
that we have enough participants
to represent as much of the UN
member states as possible, as it
truly adds to the quality and diversity of debate. Other than that, I’ve
really enjoyed the past Bali conferences and feel as though they don’t
lack much.
MUN has had such a positive effect on my academic and
social life; it has helped me with my
public speaking skills, increased my
knowledge of extremely promin ent
issues in the modern world and
significantly improved my vocabulary, etc. Joinin g Model UN is something I could not recommend
enough because, not only is it educational, but a great chance to meet
new in teresting people from
nected to the issues or the delearound the world and will brin g you
gates as much as I have in the past, one step closer to becoming a
but it was very educational to learn leader of the future.
a different approach to the structural aspect of conference.
Canggu Community School, Bali, Indonesia
zero knowledge of), only to get
there with everyone actually bein g
pretty cool and the conference
entirely generally fun and enter-
Joinin g MUN was a daunting
prospect yet I am really glad I
did. It was an amazin g experience and I can’t wait to do it
again. I join ed because I heard
how fun BALIMUN was and I
was a bit disappointed not to
have participated therefore,
BALIMUN such as Moderated and
Unmoderated Caucuses.
What i didn’t like about the conference was the scheduling, sin ce we
arrive at 8:30 am and leave at
What I liked about the
10:30 pm, and it was just too
conference is the fact that everymuch, over 30 hours in 3 days.
one essentially had a “uniform” of what also frustrated me in my ascomplete formal attire, and the
sembly was the lack of use of third
fact that we were actually havin g
person, back in BALIMUN, they
the conference, taking place inside were a lot more strict on this and
a university as well as havin g the
in Singapore they were very lenient
rest of the last day bein g really laid on it, and it just didn’t seem as
-back. Visiting the aquariu m was
also a lot of fun, as it’s supposedly One thin g I would change to this
the largest in Asia, with tons of fish towards BALIMUN4, is that the
around huge tanks and walkways scheduling was very poorly han(though it was lackin g in doldled, and that it could’ve been a
What inspired me to go to
MUN this time was to actually step
out of my comfort zone, and try
something new. Leaving the country on a school trip was a first for
me, and I actually ended up really
enjoyin g it. I’ve heard good things
from these conferences overseas,
and I feel like I just had to try it out
for myself to see what a room with
over 100 delegates was like. it was
With so many people in
very professional as there were
each assembly it wasn’t possible
people from around the world
for everyone to have a chance to
joined together to participate in
talk, so if you wanted to talk you
one sin gle weekend-long event.
had to ask first. At first when I
Prior to the conference i
talked I was actually pretty nervwas expectin g it to be extremely
ous, but it didn’t hit me until I was
strict, with very, very unfamiliar
actually was on stage. Eventually it
faces. it was frightening, with the
faded and i felt a sigh of relief as
thought of being put in a room
soon as i got to my seat. I learnt
with people you’ve never met be- more about how these conferfore, having to speak out loud
ences are structured since there
about a country that we had to
were more things explained in derepresent (which I had close to
tail this time round, opposed to
Page 7
when Madame Tremblay offered, I jumped on the opportunity. It sounded like a lot of
fun and every good CAS.
What I did not fully comprehend when I chose to join was
how big the conference was. I was
shocked and scared when I was
told that over a thousand delegates would attend.
I did not expect MUN to
be the way it was, it was not half as
scary as I thought and it was a lot
more fun. I was relieved to hear
that the 1000 delegates were split
into smaller committees. One of
my biggest fears was that people
lot better, which is one thin g we
should take into consideration.
Another thing is management,
since many times the sessions have
gone over the schedule and some
things did not go according to it
either. Also, more frequent breaks
should be given, since we’ve had
breaks only every 3 hours or so,
which is too little and not often
enough, as in 3 hours we tend to
lose focus and a break is good
every now and then.
would realise I had no idea what I
was doing, because I really didn't.
So I bought fancy clothing and
played dress up for 3 days and it
was honestly really, really fun.
The conference was great;
not only did I get to meet people
from overseas that had a lot of
MUN experience but I also bonded
with newbies like me who did not
know what to do. I actually also
really enjoyed getting closer to the
other delegates of the CCS delegation; we went through those 3 grueling days together which obviously brought us closer.
Canggu Community School, Bali, Indonesia
I have wanted to join MUN
for a long time now, but due to the
GIN conference colliding with
BALIMUN could not. This was my
first-ever MUN conference, so it
was quite dauntin g to know that I
was going into a conference with
over 1000 people with no experience. I was fortunate enough to
have a friend from CCS, Nadia, in
my group, so I knew I wasn’t entirely alone. I was entirely taken aback
at the opening ceremony- the
amount of people there was more
than I had ever seen before. I felt
very out of place at the conference
with all of the older and experienced students, but was made to
feel very much at home by all the
lovely and welcomin g people in my
The conference itself was
very fancy- we were given proper
university lecture rooms to base
ourselves in during the committee
sessions. I learnt so much on the
spot, from either other delegates in
my committee or my very patient
Chair, Ryan. As someone who has
grown up in Bali, I wasn’t used to
meeting and seein g so many unfamiliar faces, but everyone in my
group were so sweet! I went up to
the front to speak for the first time
with a speech on increased border
control, and was shocked to fin d
that other delegates I had never
met sent me notes of congratulation- sim ple things like that can
mean so much! Adapting to the
rules of procedure of my committee sessions was a challenge, but I
was lucky to have an experienced
and yet frightened for what I
would have to do and if I was unprepared compared to everyone
Although, I really enjoyed watching and learning throughout the
conference, I didn’t speak much
due to nerves but communic ating
with other fellow delegates and
learnin g about their countries
stances and opinions was a really
I decided to join this conference to be part of something big- big eye opener to me and I appreciated the opportunity I was given
ger and learn more about the
world after I experienced my first to the fullest. Throughout the conference, I main ly asked questions
conference in BaliMUN. I really
enjoyed debating and I wanted to and note passed while Ily, my double delegate did most of the upcontinue it on a bigger scale. As
well as the social aspects of meet- front speaking, I hope to talk more
in my next conference and be
ing new people from around the
world, and we all come together
more of a competitive debater.
for the same reason, MUN. What I
My only problem with the
expected from the conference was conference was the space and timto be in a very serious and slightly ing and schedule for the entire 3
scary envir onment. I was excited
days. It really tested our resting
Year 11
delegate next to me who would
answer all my questions. Goin g up
and speakin g for the first time was
nerve-wracking after seein g that
my group was of about 100 people,
but once I went up once, I couldn’t
get enough!
One thin g I did not enjoy
about the conference so much
were the hours. We started the fir st
committee session at 8:45 in the
morning, and fin ished at 10pm at
night. This made it difficult to stay
focused and active for lack of sleep.
At BALIMUN4 later, I hope we can
ensure plenty of time for rest so we
will have refreshed and active delegates!
YALEMUN has had an incredible im pact on my public
speaking and vocabulary, and I
have also made some incredible
friends from all around the world. I
would like to encourage other students to join MUN for a unique and
exciting experience!
hours and we had to keep up with
late nights and early mornings and
changin g venues or tim es. They
were flexible but sudden and it
threw a lot of us off every now and
then. I’ll take this into consideration when plannin g Balimun4 due
to schedules and making sure we
are on time and we are where we
have to be on time.
I encourage everyone and anyone
to join MUN because it is not only
a very ric h learning experience but
you do have loads of fun! The last
day of the conference is when everyone winds down and has a little
fun because it isn’t the end of the
world when you mess up. You get
to meet new people, experience
new places and learn new thin gs, I
don’t see a better win win situation.
Canggu Community School, Bali, Indonesia
I chose to join Yale MUN
with 112 delegates all competing for
because of the great experience I
the attention of the chair. I think
had at BALIMUN last year. I knew
what I didn’t like about the confer-
how BALIMUN was a very relaxed
ence was the new system we had to
version of the conference so I was
adapt to, as I don’t feel it flows as
worried about whether or not I could well, honestly.
meet YNCAPMUN’s expectations.
I think that the best part of
I think, for the BALIMUN
conference we are holding this year,
the conference was really just the
we should continue to follow the
experience, as the structure of the
THIMUN format and attempt to in-
debates were very different to what
corporate some of the seriously in-
we had done previously, so learning
teresting committees we saw in YN-
a new structure and adapting to it
was interesting. As well, meeting
people from around the world was
MUN is so fun and interesting, and I recommend that if you are
great. I made more friends than I had in the least bit interested - then you
I didn’t participate as actively in the debate as I had wanted
should have a go! Try it out and see
if you like it, I can almost guarantee
that you’ll enjoy it.
to, but it was harder than you’d think
ery and guts to actively participate in into consideration. In addition, I dis-
What inspired myself to join committee discussions, where I did
this conference was how highly MUN manage to find the guts to speak in
front of my assembly. As I spoke in
was recommended by my friends
liked the committee outing, as there
from CCS, and other schools, and also front of the whole committee, I realthe fact that the conference would be ized, no wonder why people seemed
an inconvenience for tourists and
were too many delegates in one attraction, causing crowded areas and
regular visitors. Also the length of
out of Bali, meaning attending a con- so anxious and edgy, it was terrifying! committee sessions were often a little
struggling, where not many breaks
ference larger and out of my comfort
were included, making it seem as if
Prior to the conference, I was expect-
they were trying to cram a week’s
ing a lot of new unfamiliar faces, the
worth of committee sessions into just
worry of not being able to use as
2 and a half days.
high advanced vocabulary in compar-
To improve this, and to
ison to the university students/ fellow
apply to BALIMUN4, in my opinion,
delegates and also just the fact that
the start to finish hours should be
you are the only one responsible for
shortened and allow breaks every
representing your country and its
I was thoroughly relieved as I sat
hour/hour and a half as people get
views in your committee.
back into my seat.
very sleepy (speaking from experi-
What I enjoyed about the conference
What I didn’t specifically
ence). To encourage others to join
was getting to socialise with people
enjoy about the conference was the
MUN, I would say that if you are up
out of the “Bali people” circle and to
scheduling of times, inefficient for
for getting out of your comfort zone
interact with delegates from several
international travelling delegates and and listening to fellow people’s opin-
parts of the world, ranging from ages all participating members in general.
of 14 to 17+. I also enjoyed observing Starting at 9am and finishing at
heated back and forth debates be-
10:30pm means delegates would be
ions and points about global issues,
MUN is for you. On a plus note, you
can work on your public speaking
tween other delegates in my commit- participating for around 13 hours,
which is not ideal for an adult let
tee, intimidating yet amusing.
skills and practise being in an envi-
From the conference, I learnt alone students, but now for the next
that it takes a large amount of brav- Yale-NUS MUN, this could be taken
definitely benefit you in future pur-
ronment that is more mature and can
Canggu Community School, Bali, Indonesia
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The thing I liked most about The thing I didn't like about the conthe conference was that we had to
ference was the hours of the confer-
dress so professionally and it was fun ence; I think it went on for too long
dressing up a little. I also liked the
(9:00AM-10:00PM). Also I didn't like
venue for our committee sessions. It
the fact that there were no chances
was a HUGE auditorium with a prop-
for lobbyin g which made making
er podium and stage with loads of
new friends harder and writing reso-
seats, each with an individual pull out lution difficult as well.
table. The first two days of the conWhat inspired me to join
ference I didn't speak at all but I was
If I could improve the YALE/
NUSMUN conference, I would make
the conference was because I really
sending notes to other delegates and the days shorter and give delegates
enjoyed BALIMUN3 and I wanted to
contributing in unmoderated caucus- time for lobbying and resolution
meet new people who were also in-
es. On the last day, I spoke during a
writing. To anyone thinking of joining
terested in MUN. When I saw the list
moderated caucus on the topic of
the next MUN, you should definitely
of people in my committee (Social
same sex marriage. When I got up to join it because you get to meet
Cultural Humanitarian Committee), I
the podium I was very nervous but as amazing people and experience what
was a little bit nervous and worried
soon as I started speaking, I felt more it would be like to be in a UN confer-
about speaking in front of 119 ran-
confident, until I slightly messed up
ence. It really is fun and it will im-
dom people but then I looked at the
my speech but when I got back to
prove your confidence and public
list again and saw that 3 other peo-
my chair, I felt proud. I also liked the
speaking skills.
ple from CCS were in the same com-
way the people in my committee
mittee as myself so I felt slightly bet-
were so enthusiastic about the topics
being debated on.
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Saturday 21st February is Mother Tongue Day 2015 and we are celebrating it the previous week on Wednesday 18th February. These are the special events we have planned:
 A
mother-tongue assembly explaining the importance of maintaining your mother tongue
Primary school mother tongue book swap. Please bring your books to 2C during any snack time
before Wednesday to get your voucher. On Wednesday, you can come and choose a new book.
 You can dress in national dress (see school dress code)
 A shared snack time with snacks brought in from home.
 Story time in different mother tongue languages read by parents and Secondary parents.
 A
Mother Tongue Committee
Canggu Community School, Bali, Indonesia
Page 11
learning and socially. I was quite
how many different opinions there
intimidated before the YNCAPMUN
are on a subject or issue that may
conference because I knew there
have seemed so black and white to
were going to be over 1000 partici-
you - you learn to remember every-
pants with over 100 delegates in
one has a different opinion on what
most committees.
they believe is right or wrong. I think
What I liked most about the I’d love to see BALIMUN with a
conference was that there were stu-
structure a lot more similar to the
dents from all over the world - Sin-
THIMUN structure, which I personal-
gapore, Indonesia, Australia, China
ly believe, is a lot more productive
and Germany to name a few!
and easier to understand, especially
It was also quite a chal-
I decided to join this MUN
because I’d been to two MUN’s before and they were awesome experiences, which I got a lot out of, both
for anyone who has never done
lenge because it was a MUN confer-
MUN before. I think MUN is such an
ence set in a completely different
awesome experience to be part of
structure to what I’d experienced
and you honestly get so much out of
and become comfortable with.
it without even realising! I’m sure
I learnt a lot at the conference, alt-
anyone who decides to join MUN
hough I didn’t talk or participate
will have a fun time and I’m sure
much because there were so many
they’ll enjoy it.
people. It was amazing to see just
der if that is like the real UN, dele-
ties and I would love to continue do-
gates of many organisations and
ing MUN’s to further develop my
countries all in 1 area, trying to make
skills of public speaking and problem
ends meet about some of the most
controversial topics.
I liked the people I met at the con-
I would personally improve
Bali MUN4 by just making sure that it
ference and some of the rules, they
is not too disorganised; no significant
made sense to me pretty quickly, I
last minute changes. Mix some of the
found it very simplistic and not overly rules of BALIMUN and YALE/
What inspired me to join the
conference was just to try new
experiences, at it was my first
international MUN, I was excited
to see what other people do. In
comparison to my first MUN;
BALIMUN3 there were different
rules, such as moderated and
unmoderated caucuses, things
that people found different to
I was expecting a massive conference, which it turned out to be true,
the sheer amount of people was staggering, yet I found many people,
whom I have befriended, a thing that
will always happen in MUN.
I found it interesting when I found
that certain delegates were not countries, but organisations like the UNDP
or the World Bank. It led me to won-
confusing. However I did find the
NUSMUN because many people over-
somewhat lack of disorganisation
seas found this the normal rules to
quite bothersome, it was very easy to
them. It would be smart to show that
find people scrambling to get the last we are knowledgeable on different
minute touches done.
aspects of MUN’s. We have only
I learnt that people take MUN uber
learnt a bit of the many different ways
seriously, people are guaranteed to
of MUN in general.
make something ex-ante to show
I would say to people who
what they are capable of. I found that want to join MUN, go ahead and
in my committee, many speakers were chase your ideals. It can be a crazy
confident in what they were saying,
experience and the people you meet,
and passionate of MUN, their ideals
while it would be a short time, are
and truths and that was truly inspir-
very nice and friendly. We are the new
leaders of the world, it is time to take
I wasn’t nervous until I found our spot and show people what we
how big it really was, speaking in
are made of. It’s not all about the
front of people, with a speech some-
debates and discussions; it is about
times hastily made, and even impro-
what you think and what your country
vising was a very daunting thing to
thinks. There is always more to do! I
overcome. Now that the conference is find that many people I made friends
over, I feel more confident in my abili- with were from MUN.
Canggu Community School, Bali, Indonesia
Ily TAN - YEAR 12
The reason that drove me to participate in the YNC-AP MUN would
definitely be the fact that I know
MUN to be a very enlightening
experience which helps develop
many different skills. Only having
partaken in one MUN conference,
which took place in Bali in the
month of November 2014, I felt
very compelled to join this particular conference, knowin g that it
would further prepare me for future MUN conferences. This particular MUN conference involved
over 1000 delegates from all over
the world with over 100 delegates
in most committees. For many of
the students comin g from Bali, the
different events that ensued with
walking in to our respective committees came as a huge shock.
Learning on the job was a very
demandin g challenge, as the procedures of this conference were
under the Harvard format. Howev-
er, it taught many of us that putting yourself under daunting cir cumstances, though stressful, can
be a wonderful learning experience. Many of us were put out of
our comfort zone and learnin g to
familiarise yourself with a completely different format and adapt
to your surroundin gs while put on
the spot can come very naturally
with the right attitude. I had the
opportunity to meet wonderful
new people at the conference,
many of whom were very adept at
the art of public speakin g and persuasion. They will tell you that their
talents came from sheer practic e
and effort which took years to perfect through joining their schools’
respective debate clubs, as well as
participating as a delegate or chair
in many MUN conferences. Comparin g myself to these other delegates, I was shocked to find how
much a simple lack of experience
can drastically affect one’s performance. It is not an exaggeration
when I say every single delegate
was diligent in their partaking of
YNC-APMUN. Delegates worked
extremely long hours, spoke in
front of more than a 100, and
sometim es all 1000+ delegates,
organised their thoughts on the
spot in a very collected matter
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whilst debating amongst many
other testing tasks. It was very
humblin g and it was amazin g to
see how different people undertook these challenges. The conference itself was very physic ally as
well as mentally taxing. However,
the conference catered more to an
older audience of different cultural
background from ours. The experience that I took from this conference will guide me in trying to further aid CCS as they prepare to
hold BALIMUN4 next year. I very
much enjoy listening to other people’s life experiences and have
learnt that everyone has different
golden rules. One of my personal
golden rules is that I have a go at
every opportunity that I am presented with. Fellow students! Heed
the words of your elders! Remember that opportunities are given to
you while you are young, but as
you get older, these doors shut
and you’ll be the one searching for
those opportunities! One of the
best things about MUN is that it
prepares you for the adult world in
many different aspects, from accustomin g yourself to busin ess
language and formalities to social
skills. I assure that anyone with the
right attitude who decides to join
MUN will not be disappoin ted!
Canggu Community School, Bali, Indonesia
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bit less nervous since there were less good experience however, as now
than I expected.
we will be more prepared if any of us
I enjoyed meeting new peo- go to a MUN where the Harvard Rule
ple as well as not always being
of Procedure are used. The days
around the usual people I hang out
were late as well which I don’t think
with as well as not being surrounded was ideal for students at a young
by the students from CCS. I liked
age as everyone was very tired and
how I made friends from all over
didn’t really participate as often as
Asia, as well as all over the world,
they would if they got enough sleep.
who I will be able to keep in contact
There should have also been more
with and, sometime in the future, see breaks for delegates as long committhem again.
I think what inspired me to
join MUN in the first place would
have been all the stories from the
people who went to MUN’s before
me and they told me how great it
tee sessions weren’t ideal.
I managed to get up a few
times and ask questions, as well as
I think that in BALIMUN4
the THIMUN rule of procedure
present a speech, which I felt was an would be better as it allows deleaccomplishment as there were over
gates to get to know each other as
100 delegates in my committee. I
well as write resolutions for everyone
was and what an amazing experience was nervous as I wasn’t used to talk- to debate. The sessions shouldn’t be
as long as YNCAP and there should
it was so I wanted to try it first hand. ing in front of such a large crowd
That was when I joined Bali MUN3 at but, once I got on stage, I felt more
confident. Once I was back at my
Green School.
This is my second MUN
after my first one in Bali so I was
pretty nervous beforehand because
there was going to be more than
1000 people there as well as observ-
seat I felt proud as I managed to
be breaks between committee sessions in order for delegates to get
out of the room.
speak without messing up, which I
usually do.
I think that MUN is an incredible experience, which allows
I think most of us weren’t
delegate to come out of their com-
used to the rules of procedure so we fort zones, especially those who are
ers and teachers. I’m not that great
were a bit confused and worried but
mess up like I did in Bali MUN3.
because there wasn’t any lobbying as with the same people, which allows
not confident with speaking in large
crowds. It allows students to meet
at speaking in front of large audienc- after the first day I think everyone
sort of got used to it. I was confused new people rather than always being
es so I was hoping that I wouldn’t
When we sat in the auditorium
where everyone was, I was scared
because I thought we had to talk in
front of all those people, but once I
got into my committee room I was a
well as some of the rules were differ- them to be more confident and learn
ent so we didn’t have the day to
to make new friends. I think every-
meet all the other delegates as well
one should think about joining MUN
as write out our resolutions, which
because it is a great thing to be a
none of us were used to. It was a
part of.
If you are interested to know a little bit more about
MUN, you can browse the links below:
Our next MUN Conference is for the delegate in Year 7, 8 and 9. It will take place in Kuala
Lumpur, Malaysia on April 17, 18 and 19th 2015. You
can learn more about this conference at this link:
Canggu Community School will be hosting
the next BALIMUN4 conference in November 2015.
Details coming soon.
Tamar Bottema & Claire Tremblay
Celebrate Chinese New Year at CCS
with the Chinese Lion Dancers!
Friday 20th February Basketball Court 1.45
Wear Chinese or red clothes for the day