Mc GREGOR STALLIONS Counselor’s Corner From the Principal…

Mr. Steve Perry, Principal
From the Principal…
Welcome back to school! I
know it’s hard to believe the summer is
already over, but I hope everyone had a
great summer break.
This is my first year as McGregor’s
principal and I’m very excited. I hope to
learn everyone’s name as quickly as I can.
Be sure to say hi and introduce yourself as
you pass me in the hallway and I will
definitely do the same.
Our school again earned an “excellent”
rating from the Ohio Department of
Education. This shows all of the hard
work and dedication of our students and
staff here at McGregor. You should be
proud of yourselves.
We have a lot of exciting things planned
this year for our students. My goal is to
make sure that this is the best year ever.
If there is anything we can do to make
sure this happens, please contact me at
Mr. Perry
August/September 2012
Counselor’s Corner
A new initiative we have here at
McGregor is a higher focus on the
Washington Local School District’s 12
Core Values. Each month, students will
learn more about a specific core value
through the announcements, interactive
activities in the cafeteria, points
incorporated into the classroom
curriculum, and classroom counseling
Two students who best demonstrated that
month’s core value will then have the
opportunity to be recognized on the
announcements AND will be able to eat
lunch with Mr. Perry.
Plans are also in preparation for the
creation of a Core Value Committee,
which will include 5th and 6th graders as
student leaders. We will offer more
information to the students soon.
As always, do not hesitate to contact me
regarding your child. I am always willing
to help in any way possible. Have a great
beginning to the school year!
Take care,
Mrs. Stack
Mr. Steve Perry, Principal
Note from the Nurses
August/September 2012
a “summer” schedule. An early bedtime helps
children remain alert and focused all day long.
If you have any concerns about your child you
can contact the nurses through the school office
at any time. We look forward to a healthy year!
Mrs. Graver RN, Mrs. Win-Szafarawicz
We have a new nurse joining our team this year.
Mrs. Win-Szafarowicz is an experienced school
nurse starting with WLS this year. Please give
her a warm McGregor welcome! She will be at
McGregor on Fridays. Mrs. Graver will continue
to be at McGregor on Wednesdays. We hope
everyone had a safe and enjoyable summer. It is
so nice seeing the eagerness of the students as
they return to school. We are off to an awesome
start this year.
Here are a few reminders to help this year
continue to be a great experience for your
children. Hopefully everyone has reviewed the
Emergency Medical Form and returned it to your
child’s teacher. The information can be updated
at any time throughout the year whenever phone
numbers change, employment changes, or a new
medical concern is discovered. It is imperative
that the school be able to contact you during
school hours. A note sent in to school with the
new information on it works well.
Also, remind your child of the importance of
eating a healthy breakfast before school.
Children who eat breakfast have an easier time
concentrating and are prepared to learn. Eating
breakfast can help prevent late morning
headaches and stomach aches as well.
Lastly, stress to your child the benefits of getting
a good night’s rest. This time of year is difficult
for children as their bodies sometimes remain on
We Need Volunteers!
We love our volunteers! If you are interested in
chaperoning a fieldtrip this year, you are required
to complete the WLS Volunteer Form located in
the Open House folder. Please turn in the bottom
portion to the classroom teacher by Friday,
September 9th.
If you are interested in
volunteering on the playground and/or in the
lunchroom, please call the office at 419-4738279. Thank you!
All doors to the building are locked every
morning at 9:00 a.m. This helps to ensure that
our school is safe and secure throughout the day.
If you visit the building during the school day,
you must use the front entrance. Please park
in front of the school and check in at the main
office for a visitor’s badge.
If you need to speak with your child’s teacher,
please call the office at (419)-473-8279 to
schedule an appointment.
Mr. Steve Perry, Principal
August/September 2012
A student who is 10 minutes late to school each
day will miss a total of 30 hours of classroom
instruction throughout the school year. If a child
is late or has an appointment a written excuse
must accompany the child upon his/her arrival.
School pictures are scheduled for Wednesday,
October 25, 2012 for grades K-6. Please mark
this date on your calendar. Pictures are sold on a
prepaid basis. Envelopes will be sent home for
these pictures and checks must be made payable
to Interstate.
Breakfast students are expected to be in class by
the 9:00 bell. These students should plan to
arrive at school between 8:30-8:40, which will
allow them enough time to eat their breakfast.
Students who do not eat breakfast may enter the
school at 8:45. Please remember that there will
be no adult supervision on the playground or
school grounds before 8:45 a.m.
Security guidelines have been established for all
Washington Local buildings to help ensure the
safety of our students. Because of these
guidelines, parents are asked to refrain from
escorting their children down the hallways to
their classrooms. For parents of kindergarteners,
we are flexible during the first week of school.
All families should make arrangements to meet
your child(ren) at the designated entrances or at
your vehicle after school. Thank you for your
cooperation in these matters.
Elementary student lunch prices will
remain at $2.50 for the 2012-13 school year.
Reduced lunch prices are still 40 cents each.
Student breakfasts are $1.50 and reduced price
breakfasts are 30 cents. Students who are
approved for the free and reduced program
are eligible for both breakfast and lunch. Milk
is also available for 50 cents for a ½ pint. New
free and reduced lunch forms for 20122013 should be turned in by Friday,
September 21st . One free and reduced lunch
form may be completed per family.
Students who were eligible last year are still
eligible until September 21st, 2012. Effective
September 24th, students must have a new
approved form or will be charged full price for
lunch. If needed, you may apply for free or
reduced-price meals at any time during the
school year. If you have any questions, please
contact Mrs. Riebe at 419-473-7257.
Mr. Steve Perry, Principal
August/September 2012
The Board of Education has established districtwide instructional fees to help offset the cost of
materials for children in grade kindergarten
through six. The fees will be used to pay for the
cost of workbooks, art materials and extra
resources used for instructional purposes.
♦ A family will be assessed no more than $30.00
regardless of the number of children that
they may have in the elementary grades.
♦ Kindergarten through grade 2 fee: $20.00
♦ Grade 3 through Grade 6 fee: $10.00
General Mills
Box Tops for Education
We are once again collecting General Mills
Box tops. We receive 10 cents per box
top from General Mills. Please cut them
out and place them in the container in the
main hallway. A big thank you to Mrs.
Sutherland for her time and energy in
handling our Box Tops at McGregor!
Directory Information
Ohio Law provides for the release of “directory
information” without the written consent of the
parent. “Directory information” may include the
following: a student’s name, address, telephone
number, date and place of birth, photograph,
major field of study, participation in officially
recognized activities and sports, height and
weight, dates of attendance, date of graduation,
awards received, honor rolls, and/or scholarships.
The district will make this directory information
available upon a legitimate request unless a
parent, guardian, or adult student notifies the
school in writing. Within five days from the date
of this notification any or all such information
will be removed from the directory. Contact the
school office for this request.
Students in Grades 3 – 6 will receive assignment
books. Parents are asked to check these books
on a daily basis to make sure students are
keeping track of their homework and long range
There is also space in the
assignment book for communication between
parents and teachers. If your child loses an
assignment book, a replacement book will cost
Mr. Steve Perry, Principal
Playground and P.E.
Just a reminder that students have P.E.
on specific days. Please make sure that
your child(ren) are wearing proper
footwear to participate. Students should
not be wearing flip flops or crocs on P.E.
days. Your child’s safety is our first
concern. Kids also play outside on recess
and we would also like students to be safe
and injury-free.
August/September 2012
Please be conscious of the upcoming
weather. As it gets colder, we would like
to make sure our students are warm or
dressed properly for school and recess.
Mr. Steve Perry, Principal
Lindsay Kinsey
Proficiency tutor
Laura Ersepke
Bethany Petras
2nd grade teacher
5th grade teacher
Amy Win-Szafarowicz
Laura Dudney
Sept. 4-14
Sept. 7
Sept. 14
Sept. 17
Sept. 25
Oct. 15
Oct. 22
Oct. 25
Oct. 26
Oct. 31
Parent Club Officers
Vice President:
Julie Kujawa
Gary Kujawa
Stacey Bigelow
Beth McCartney
Parent Club Meeting Dates
6:30 p.m. in Rm.19 (Art Rm.)
Fall “Save Around” Fundraiser
Market Day orders due
Market Day Pick Up
Parent Club Meeting 6:30 in Art Room
Family Breakfast
Oct. 1-5
Oct. 1
Oct. 2
Oct. 4
Oct. 5
Oct. 8
Oct. 9
Oct. 10
Oct. 10
Oct. 12
August/September 2012
6th grade camp
Skating Party (6-8)
1st Quarter Interims
Snake Dance
Market Day Orders Due
Smart Snacks For Stallions
Delayed Start
Parent Club Meeting
Marco’s Pizza Night
Wellness Walk, K-3 Fall Festival,
Market Day Pick-Up
Candlelight Walk
Parent Club Meeting 6:30 in Art Room
Picture Day
1st Quarter Ends
Teacher Work Day
Pumpkin Run and Halloween Parties
September 17, 2012
October 22, 2012
November 12, 2012
December: No PTA Meeting
January 28, 2013
February 25, 2013
March 18, 2013
April 15, 2013
May 6, 2013