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A harvest of souls…..a precious time.
The old Copley Theater, the first home of the
Akron Pastorship
Calvary Temple
The dream of evangelizing
through television become
a reality in 1953!
From the Humbard Family Gospel Big Top... the Cathedral of Tomorrow
The Cathedral of Tomorrow: from a vision to a reality
Services in the beautiful Cathedral of Tomorrow
Easter service in the Cathedral of Tomorrow, 1958
Televised services from the Cathedral of Tomorrow
Thousands came to Cathedral of Tomorrow to hear
Rex Humbard preach.
Rex Humbard prays as people answer the alter call.
Rex Humbard and Benny
Hinn—two champions
of the faith—share a
heartfelt connection on a
miracle crusade stage.
Oral Roberts confers an honorary
Doctor of Humane Letters degree
on Rex Humbard at Oral Roberts
University in May 1973.
The Humbard family: (l. to r.)
Don and Rex Jr., Maude Aimee
and Rex, Charley and Liz
Rex Humbard
and Billy Graham
Rex and Maude Aimee
Humbard, Evelyn and Oral
Roberts, and Benny Hinn
The Rex Humbard Family
Singers at Calloway Gardens
Partners and friends of the Rex Humbard TV
ministry launch the Prayer Key Family in 1974.
The Humbard family: (l. to r.) Charley, Rex Jr., Maude Aimee, Rex,
Elizabeth, and Don
Rev. Alpha E. Humbard
Martha Humbard
Rex and Maude Aimee Humbard
Rex Humbard Jr. Family
Lillyann Rosacker, granddaughter of Rex Jr.
Rex Jr. and Suzy Humbard with
their grandson Shane
Michael Humbard
Suzanna and Patrick Rosacker
Michelle and Rex III with
children, Jeremy, Olivia
Rose, and Shane
Don Humbard Family
Missy and Jeff Peterson with
children, Jessie and Jake
Don and Sue Humbard
Joe and Donna Korb with
children, Joey, Samantha,
and Charley
Susan and Brett Moorhouse
with daughter, Willow
Elizabeth and Dan Darling with children, Danielle
and Dallas
Charley and Jennifer Humbard with
children, Dillan and Harrison