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News Spot
Name: Joseph Mathews
Age: 17
Grade: 12
News: On August 2730, Mathews attended
the 2004 Arsaly National Conference in
Washington, D.C. The
purpose of the conference was to get more
people between the ages
of 18-24 to vote and become involved in the
political process.
The theme of the conference was "Pathways to
Participating in Voting
and Volunteering." During the time spent at the
conference, everyone listened to speakers, participated in forum discussions and played legislative simulation games.
Devil Dates
to vote for
choice for
on Nov. 2!
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2004 presidental election
Andrea Thomas '05
Copy Editor
For those of you who are
already 18 years old and in the
senior class, an important decision will need to be made in
November. This decision will
affect the country, how it is
led and most importantly, you.
There are so many campaign
advertisements that it's enough
to make your head spin. To
some it will be a turning point
in history, since we just recently
started the reconstruction process in Iraq after a war. To others, it will not matter for whatever personal reasons.
If you do decide to vote make
sure that you have done your
research. There are plenty of
internet websites that will give
you the information you need.
If you have decided that you
will not vote, just make sure
that you have made the right
choice. This will truly be a
presidential election that will
not be forgotten.
Listed below are just a few
facts about each of the candidates from the major political
parties. For more information
on these presidential candidates, you can go to
www.politics1.com or the candidates' websites.
Republican Nominee
Name: President George W. Bush
Birth Date: July 06, 1946
Birth Place: New Haven, Connecticut
Home City: Crawford, TX
Wife: Laura Welch Bush
Children: Jenna and Barbara Bush
Religion: Methodist
Political Experience:
*President of the United States
*Governor of Texas
*Candidate for the House of Representatives1978
Contributed Photo
Kerry has high hopes for presidency.
Contributed Photo
Bush runs to return to office.
Democratic Nominee
Name: Senator John Kerry
Birth Date: December 11, 1943
Birth Place: Denver, CO
Wife: Teresa Heinz Kerry
Children: Alexzandra and Vanessa Kerry, John
Heinz IV, Andre' Heinz and Chris
topher Heinz.
Religion: Catholic
Political Experience:
*MA Lt. Governor
*U.S. Senator (Massachusetts)
Other candidates up for the presidential ballot include: Ralph Nadar (Independent Party),
Michael Badnarik (Libertarian Party) and
Michael Peroutka (Constitution Party).
Opposing Viewpoints
Vote Kerry Vote Bush
Jasmine Lawrence '05
Asst. Editor-In-Chief
Four years is a presidential
term and ample enough time
to make something happen.
George W. Bush has had four
years; during which he has
done nothing, so why should
we give him four more?
George W. Bush is a man
who can’t make up his mind.
Bush can’t even say whether
or not the lives that were
and are being lost in Iraq
were really for the cost of
What else is there to expect from a man who can’t
make up his mind whether
or not he was in Alabama
during his service in the mili-
tary. If he can’t make up his
mind whether or not to tell the
truth about something as simple
as that, is he fit to be our president?
Bush has started a war that
was mostly based on lies. There
were no weapons of mass destruction found in Iraq. That
was his reason to justify the
war, and it was a lie. Bush was
using his office as a means of
On September 11, 2001 there
were many lives lost. Bush uses
it to try to justify everything
he does. September 11 isn’t
something you can just use for
your justification. Bush uses
this as a reason for everything
that takes place.
Scott Rodriguez '05
Copy Editor
Republican or Democrat?
Until this year I always said I
was a Republican just because
I liked the name. Now I
proudly say that I am Republican.
I think that Republican
George Bush has done something good for us and our freedom, which so many of us hold
so dear. That is to eliminate
a terrorist threat to the
United States. To Democrats,
like John Kerry, this threat
was not real because we didn’t
really have any proof. Even
if Sadaam Hussein didn’t have
the weapons when we invaded, he would have eventually and would have
inevitably used them.
10/1/04, 3:41 PM
I agree with Bush because he is a man of action. All Kerry wants to
do is remove our troops
from Iraq so the terrorists
strengthen their forces so
they can try to hit us again
like on September 11,
2001. Bush wants to completely eliminate the
threat before pulling our
troops out.
There are many reasons
to choose Bush over
Kerry, all you have to do
is pick one. So far, Bush
has done a good job, and I
believe with another four
years he could do some
great things for our country.