RAMBLING RECTOR By the time you read this I will be back from

By the time you read this I will be back from what I am sure will have been a
wonderful family holiday in Italy. The Young are going to ski and Joop and I are going
to look after the Very Young. We rediscovered Christmas seeing it through Callum’s
eyes. So much to absorb and learn and enjoy. It was the simple things that he noticed: a
twinkling light, the crunchiness of wrapping paper, the sound of laughter. Watching a
baby’s first smiles is good for the soul.
Skiing is something I have always felt it is better to watch than to do. Even when I
could see, I never had any desire to career down mountains whether green, blue, red or
black. The sight of the absolute terror on my daughters’ faces when they found they
were moving and had no idea how to stop was very entertaining (it was the beginners’
slope on an incline of about an inch.) Hearing them talk about it afterwards it sounded
like the best experience of their lives. They thrive on adrenalin.
It would be helpful if the slopes of life were colour coded. Then we could decide
whether we are truly ready for what lies ahead and take steps to avoid the challenge.
Get there by a less dangerous route. But that’s not how it is in real life. Things happen
without warning, whether we are ready or not. God in his infinite wisdom chooses not
to let us know what is about to happen. We would then stop enjoying life and
constantly worry about tomorrow. That’s one reason the Bible disapproves so strongly
of anything that smacks of fortune telling or spiritualism. We need to be fully present in
the moment. We only get one opportunity after all.
Lent begins on the 18th February which is Ash Wednesday. Anglicans traditionally
gather in penitence to confess their sins and are marked in ashes with the sign of the
cross on the forehead, a symbol of our failings, mortality and faith in God’s love and
forgiveness. I plan to lead a Lent course from the Faith in Suffolk series called Living
Lent in Mark. Readings during services this year are mostly from the (short) Gospel of
Mark filled out with large chunks of John. It will be possible to make up a missed
session by attending the other venue. The 5 session course will run in two time slots as
set out below:
24 February
25 February
3 March
4 March
10 March
11 March
17 March
18 March
24 March
25 March
Please sign up on the forms at the back at the church.
Rev Steph
West End
If anyone would like to submit a photo for the cover, please submit the photo in jpg
format to Rev Steph for consideration. Only the December cover is in colour.
Sundays at 9am, Holy Days Anticipatory 7.30pm, Tuesdays 10 am
Father Christopher Smith,
180 Hawthorn Drive, Ipswich IP2 0QQ
Telephone 01473 684963
[email protected]
Pastor – Mrs Maralyn Bambridge
Address: 35 Birch Drive, Brantham, Manningtree, Telephone: 01206 393022
Email – [email protected]
Organist – J. Stuart Rees G.R.S.M. L.R.A.M. A.R.C.O.
Telephone: 01255 508222
Services - Each Sunday morning at 10.30
Led by our Pastor unless otherwise stated
Coffee Mornings – Each Thursday Morning 9.30 to 11.30.
Speakers/ Events
Communion service
Midweek communion service – 2.30
Meet our Pastor Maralyn – 2.30
The Congregational Fellowship is a group of likeminded people who meet together,
usually on a Sunday morning, but also on other occasions to both worship God and to
seek His guidance in our everyday lives. We have varying degrees of faith ranging
from absolute certainty to still seeking. However, our aim is to follow the teaching of
the bible, God’s Word, and one of those is to serve others. The Church is not the
building but the people who belong there.
This month I would ask you the following: what would you like to see the Church do
for you?
I shall be in the Church on Saturday February 28 th (with the kettle on) to talk with
anyone who would like to drop in.
Minister: Rev. Andrew Sankey
8 Roundridge Road
Capel St Mary
Tel: 01473 311178
Email: [email protected]
The services of Marriage, Baptism and Funerals can be arranged by contacting Rev.
Andrew Sankey.
There is a possibility that we may have a Curate in the benefice from July 2015. He
will not be living locally so we are looking for a room to hire with a separate entrance
that could be set up as an office with a desk, telephone and computer, some chairs and
a sofa for daytime use. Please contact Rev Steph if you can help.
Thank you to everyone who supported Bergholt to Bethlehem and the Big Christmas
Card. As a result, £398 has been donated to the Ipswich Night Shelter and £200 to the
Colchester Night Shelter. A great effort!
Rev Steph will be in Fountain House tearooms between 9.30
and 10.30 on the 6th of February. A great opportunity to
discuss a wedding, plan a baptism or just have a chat.
We offer our deepest sympathy to the relatives, friends and neighbours of:June Pilippa Alder Milsom, who died on the 11 th of December 2014 aged 83. Her
funeral was held at St Mary's on the 2nd of January followed by a cremation at Seven
Hills Crematorium.
We are here to remember and celebrate the life of a
remarkable woman; my mother June Milsom. It was a
life full of love and support for her family, but with its
share of tragedy and disappointment, which might have
overwhelmed a less resilient character. She made her
way through life with calm good humour, determination
and a great sense of kindness. She was rarely, if ever
angry, and her inclination was to mediate pouring oil on
troubled water. It was a life in which she consistently put
the needs of others, particularly her family ahead of her
Unsurprisingly June was born in June (her parents apparently were unable to agree on a
name) 1931 in Nyasaland, now Malawi in Africa, the eldest of three girls. Her father
was the District Commissioner for the Colonial Office. It must have been a slightly
disjointed childhood; the sights and smells of Africa, avocados growing in the garden which were a lifelong love - and her pet monkey Impy. This must have been in stark
contrast to the long sea voyages home for leave in a chilly England.
In 1936 her father was invalided out of the service and the family returned to England
settling just outside Plymouth. For her secondary school mum went to Badminton
boarding school. By modern standards it was a tough regime with early morning runs
followed by a cold bath. However she clearly worked hard as she succeeded in gaining
a place to train as a physiotherapist at Mary’s in London.
She was a glamorous and fun loving young woman enjoying life in the city, but also
with a sense of adventure and love of outdoors. However in 1952, aged 21, she was
right in the midst of two appalling tragedies, which she was very fortunate to survive.
In September mum and a group of friends went to the Farnborough air show and on
arrival, there was some debate as to where they would stand. Mum was insistent that
they would remain where they were and not climb the hill for a better view. Shortly
afterwards, a De Havilland 110 crashed into the hill, where they could have been
standing - killing 30 spectators.
In December of the same year Mum organised a Christmas skiing party to Austria with
friends. Halfway through the journey mum changed seats with her cousin and
sometime later an avalanche swept their bus off a bridge into a stream. Mum was one
of only three to walk away from the disaster. In all 23 died, including her cousin who
was sitting where she should have been.
Mum never really talked about either incident, she demonstrated considerable mental
toughness and resilience and on the surface there appeared to be little impact. However
it did shape her view on life I think in two important ways, she was unusually accepting
of life’s up and downs, which she articulated with one of her favourite phrases
‘sufficient unto the day’ from the Sermon on the Mount (Mathew’s Gospel) or for the
less biblically minded she frequently advised ‘Go with the flow’. At another spiritual
level she did believe that there had been more than random chance at work she felt that
god had guided her and particularly in her later years this was an important part of her
increasing religious faith.
In 1956 a long standing family friendship with Gerald Milsom turned into something
more and they were married the following year. The Talbooth was very different in
those days and her job description included cake making, waitressing and dishwashing
in the restaurant together with gardening and painting and very soon childcare. I was
born in 1958, Nicola in 1960 and Paul in ’64. Mum was a real grafter and as we know
all the hard work paid off and the business prospered.
However sadly the marriage did not last and we moved to Rogues’ Roost in East
Bergholt in 1970. Mum was under 40 at the time and the photos show a beautiful
woman. She remained single for the rest of her life, perhaps because she never met the
right person, but more likely this was a conscious decision as she felt a new partner
would be difficult for her three children. Again putting family before self. She managed
to rebuild an excellent relationship with Dad and her main focus was ensuring that her
three children had a great childhood and she was both a mum and a dad.
With the three of us at boarding school mum decided to go back to work, part time
initially as a phsyio working with the mentally handicapped at Turner Village and later
full time with the Ipswich health authority.
She was a grandmother at 57, which she loved and she worked until she was 65 and
then looked after her own by now widowed mother before she moved into a nursing
home. She hardly had time for her two major interests her garden and bird watching.
In later years her religious faith increased and she was closely involved with work of
this lovely Church. She was a regular at Sunday worship, was on the flower rota and
produced her famous scones each Thursday for time and talents and hosted the Alpha
course at her home.
As her memory faded and the Alzheimer’s took a firmer grip she was remarkably
accepting, never exhibiting any sign of distress, anger or frustration. She retained her
sense of kindness and humour. She was enormously grateful and appreciative of the
increasing support that she required.
David Milsom
(Supporting Christian marriage and family life.)
February is the month for “Marriage Week” and your prayers are needed - thank you.
So we come to our branch meeting, which is in the West End on the 12th of February at
2.30p.m. All are welcome. We are looking forward to meeting Rev Aileen, and hearing
about her pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. Refreshments will be served by Kate
and Ann.
Chris Jacob 01206 298552
Any spare wool? Any spare time? Then come and join the knitters on a Wednesday
10am – 12 noon in the West End and help knit 600+ sparkly stars for Christmas 2015.
Enjoy a cup of coffee and homemade refreshments while you knit.
Pattern for Sparkly Stars
1 Ball of SPARKLY DK. wool
Pair No 8 Needles
Cast on 9 sts
Row 1,3,5,7,9,11,(WS) Knit
Row 2,4,6,8,10 K1 inc in next st Knit to last 3 sts K2tog K1
Cast off 8 st leaving last st. on the needle and pick up 8 sts down the left hand edge
Work rows 1 – 11 and repeat this sequence making 6 points altogether.
Sew seam to complete a 6 sided star.
Caryl Smith
Having knitted sheep and angels
we are now on to the star. Nothing
like forward planning! I was also
delighted to receive a photo from
a church in Ontario with the
congregation holding their sheep
they had knitted after a
parishioner had seen the sheep on display in St Mary's two years ago. St Mary's setting
worldwide trends! Above, the Knitting Team at St George’s, Ontario.
Rev Steph
Experience the prayer labyrinth, have a guided tour of the building, lunch in the
refectory and Holy Communion. Contact me if you would like to come. I have booked
a coach.
Rev Steph
15 February 10.00 at St Mary's
Short Fun service with pancakes!
Theme: Transfiguration
We had a fantastic end of term at the primary school! Christmas is always a magical
time for young children and we made the most of the season by involving all our
children in the festivities. Our youngest children in Early Years and Key Stage 1 took
part in the annual nativity play and this year performed to the Elders of our village as
well as parents. The older children sung carols at Budgens, another tradition for the
school and as always we thank Alec from Budgens for his support and for the welcome
hot chocolate for children and mulled wine for the adults. We finished the term with a
Carol Service at the church led by Rev Steph and attended by a record number of
parents and relations, a lovely end to a busy term. Next we look forward to lighter
evenings and a host of new activities and learning for our children. We are taking our
choir to the O2 in January to sing with thousands of other children as part of 'Young
Voices' something we are really looking forward to. I can't believe it will be Easter
Gill Mitchell - Headteacher
Our next meeting is on the 19th of February, when Mr. Gant will give an illustrated talk
on The River Stour. We meet in the Lambe School for 2 o’ clock. New members
always welcome – you will be assured of a warm welcome. We have a variety of
speakers during the year, and also a couple of trips, so why not come along and meet us
while we enjoy a cup of tea together. For further contact Yvonne on 01026 298428 or
Maureen on 01206 298520
Maureen Simmons
This year’s Garage Sale will be on Saturday June 20 th
Spring is just around the corner, and it’s time to start spring cleaning and tidying up
after Christmas and think about all those items that are looking for a new home. Maybe
you've got some unwanted Christmas presents - they make great Tombola prizes, as do
any good condition spare items. Last year’s grand final total was £5500, half going to
St Elizabeth Hospice (Carla Dawson's Tribute Fund) and the other half split between
Suffolk Family Carers and the George Woodward Fund.
For more information or to book your garage or a table at the Village Hall call:
Yvonne 01206 392296 or Ronnie 01206 395557.
Established in 1895
The Last Month
The First Team have maintained their position in the leading pack in the Senior
Division and enter 2015 in third place. The A team also start the New Year in third
place. Looking back, the club made good progress through 2014. The First Team are
challenging at the right end of the table whilst the Reserves and A Teams continue to
promote young players who we hope will be the mainstay in seasons to come.
1st TEAM
Sat 07 Feb
Sat 14 Feb
Sat 21 Feb
Sat 28 Feb
Harpers Utd
Ipswich Valley
Rangers Res
Club Colours
Cup QF
Achilles res
Wenhaston Utd
Stonham Aspal
Fixtures subject to change. Please refer to the SIL website,
http://touchlinesil.co.uk/fixtures-results/ to confirm.
1. Quiz Night 31st January 2015 at the Constable Hall. Please contact the Secretary to
enter a team.
2. Golf Day, Easter Sunday, 5th April 2015.
Steve Butcher - Secretary ([email protected])
The horse racing club had a memorable finish to 2014 with a WINNING DOUBLE for
our two racehorses on the same evening at Kempton Park on 18 th December, and then a
perfect start to 2015 as one of those horses – TSARGLAS – followed up with
ANOTHER WIN at Wolverhampton in a seven furlong handicap at Wolverhampton on
2nd January! What an exciting time for our members, who are entitled to a share of the
prize money won.
The club, which is part of the ESSEX RACING CLUB, will also be hoping to race its’
horses at the new racecourse CHELMSFORD CITY – a mile outside Braintree – now
that racing has commenced there. A total of 58 racing fixtures are due to be held at the
new racecourse in 2015 and the Club will be organising coach trips to either evening or
weekend racing for anyone interested.
For this and also details of membership of the racing club please contact Barry Root on
01206 298539.
Barry Root
The Friends are a group of local people who raise funds to help maintain this lovely
16th century building and its annex. Last year we handed over more than a £1,000. to
the trustees for this purpose.
Membership is free and we really do welcome new members to work with us. Most of
us are retired but we would really welcome younger people to join us. Most of you will
know that the Lambe School is available for hire, at very reasonable cost. It is a great
venue with ample parking. Emma Chinnery is the booking secretary, her number is
Two fund raising events are held annually. The May Day Sale which this year is on
Monday 4th May, and the Sunday lunch, scheduled for 15th November. Both these
events are at the Lambe School.
Our Annual General Meeting will be on Monday 23 rd. February at 2.00p.m. at the
Lambe School.
I hope that you will join us at all these events.
More details will be available at the A.G.M.
Pauline Young - Chairman.
Hopefully by now the snowdrops will be out and daffs well on their way to welcome
A committee member will be calling during February and March for your subscription
and dropping off the Annual Show schedule so you can start planning your entries.
Again membership remains at £2 per person.
The Store will open its doors again to members on Sunday 15th February 9.30 till
10.30 through until the end of September for all your gardening basics.
A date for your diary in March is our first Speaker Evening on Friday 13 th. A talk by
Matt TaUnton-Brown on vegetable growing. He will look at where to site a vegetable
garden, general practices i.e. rotations, weeding, watering etc. Plus companion planting
and harvesting.
And so another gardening year is underway!
Louise Kemp
email: [email protected]
Sometimes February can be a colder month than January, but it often gives us a few
glimpses of weak sunshine reminding us that Spring is not too far away. There’s
usually a few tidying up jobs to be done, especially if it’s been windy. Check Dahlia
tubers. Give ornamental grasses a “haircut” making way for new growth. Later in the
month, if the weather is favourable, Rose pruning can begin. Prune Winter Jasmine
after flowering. Last chance to plant bare-root Roses and other shrubs. Dead head
Winter flowering Pansies regularly and feed and water if necessary.
Continue “chitting” potatoes – egg boxes make good containers. Accent, Arran Pilot
and Lady Christi are good, tasty choices. Vegetable beds can be “cloched” or covered
in polythene to help them warm up prior to planting/sowing. It’s a good time to prune
back to ground level all canes of Autumn fruiting Raspberries - encouraging a good
crop later in the year.
IF it snows, shake heavy falls off shrubs to prevent damage. And, of course, feed the
birds and provide water. Good idea to get the lawnmower serviced!
Weather permitting, we can “gently” start gardening again – and the days are getting
Janet Alcoe
Predators & volunteers wanted at Flatford Wildlife Garden….
Sometimes it’s nice to be a victim of one’s own success…. Sometimes less so! Having
just planted out our spring bulbs at the wildlife garden, imagine our chagrin at finding
many of our crocuses and tulips gobbled up by naughty little voles… Well, I hear you
say, it IS a wildlife garden… Touché!
The ecologist in me says (once the impotent rage has subsided) that nature will soon
redress the balance, and predators such as weasels and owls will soon capitalize on the
abundant food source. (Believe me, it really is abundant, especially after last year’s
mild winter, and this one looks no better.) To this end, last week the volunteers and I
put up owl boxes out the back of the garden at the edge of the water meadow locally
known as Skaters’ Meadow, and we also built several ‘weasel lodges’ – substantial log
piles designed with a central cosy space, hopefully a des res for local weasels. Fingers
Speaking of volunteers, we are hoping to add to our team of ‘Welcome Volunteers’ at
the garden. The Welcome Team provide a cheerful welcome for visitors to the garden,
helping to staff it, and also getting involved in children’s activities during the school
holidays. If you can see yourself in this role, you’d be made very welcome by staff and
volunteers alike – we have a lovely team here at the garden. Please contact the warden,
Shirley, at [email protected] or 01206 391153 if you’d like to know more
about helping at the garden. If there is no answer, please leave a message as we are
often out on the reserves.
Keep an eye out for upcoming events at the
garden, we have the Big Garden Birdwatch on
24-25 January, and Snowdrop Weekends on
14/15th and 21/22nd February. As usual, we’ll
have family-friendly activities on the go, as well
as plants for sale and advice on gardening for
wildlife in winter & spring. Hope to see you
Above: White Admiral butterfly seen at Flatford Wildlife Garden, July ‘14. This is a
woodland butterfly which is successfully recolonising from the south east of the
Shirley Sampson
Robinson Crusoe the Pantomime will be here for February 2015 Half-Term!
We have just begun rehearsing for our next production – Robinson Crusoe, a traditional
‘Fun Family Pantomime’ by Bob Heather and Roger Lamb. This is a new title for us
and we are looking forward to the fun of new routines, scenery and costumes.
Robinson has a brother, mother and a girlfriend and lives in Harwich, at an inn. He
wants to go to sea and visit ‘faraway places with strange-sounding names’, but he gets
more than he bargained for! There are lots of opportunities for singing and dancing,
with popular music and catchy songs. Not to speak of plenty of jokes and the freedom
to boo and hiss the Baddies, Captain Hand and his nefarious crew. A special date to
put on the calendar – 18th – 21st February 2015 at 7:30 pm, with a matinee at 2:30 on
Saturday 21st.
New! Booking now online, search: batspanto.ticketsource.co.uk Tickets priced £8 for
adults and £6 for children. Limited tickets available now from Bakes and Blossoms
Café, Acacia Court, Brantham. Any enquiries about tickets phone Angie Heath 01206
396674. Discount available where 10 or more tickets are booked for the same category
(Child or Adult). A special treat for the half-term school holiday, don’t miss it.
Like to help with our friendly company? Sewing, painting scenery, carpentry? Ring
Angie on 01206 396674. We’d love to have you join us.
Angie Heath
EAST BERGHOLT CINEMA projector logo please not lottery funding
East Bergholt Cinema at Constable Hall presents Gallipoli (PG) on Friday 6
March 2015.
Gallipoli follows two idealistic young friends, Frank (Mel Gibson) and Archy (Mark
Lee), who join the Australian army during World War I and fight the doomed Battle of
Gallipoli in Turkey. The film documents the lives of the young men in Australia,
detailing their personalities and beliefs, and chronicles the ill-fated and ill-planned
battle, where the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps is hopelessly outmatched by
the enemy forces. A classic film Gallipoli won eight prizes at the 1981 Australian Film
Institute Awards.
Doors open 7.30pm with the film starting at 8pm. Bar and refreshments available.
Ticket prices are adults £4.00 adults and under 18s £2.00. Tickets can be purchased on
the door on the night or in advance from the Fountain House Tea Room in East
Bergholt. Please visit www.eastbergholtcinema.com for further information.
And don't forget We Did on Our Holiday (12A) on Friday 6 February 2015!
James Davies
Recent Meetings An interesting range of subjects have been have been covered at
recent meetings including Mistley’s Mycologist Ian Rose speaking on “Myths and
Folklore of Mushrooms and Pat Smith recounting “The East Coast Floods in 1953”.
Our New Year Dinner for members and their guests took place at the Venture Centre,
Lawford on Sunday 25 January with entertainment by Comic Poet Roz Hall. All events
have been much enjoyed by Members.
February Meetings At our meeting on 4 February Pip Wright will speak on “Old
Essex Newspaper Stories” and on Wednesday 18 February Dr Jane Pearson will
recount “The rise and fall of Colchester’s Good Time Girls”.
New Venue – St John Ambulance HQ Manningtree Please note we now meet at the
St John Ambulance HQ, Manningtree.
New members Our Club endeavours to be simple in structure, be free of the
constraints and obligations of service clubs, and involve members to a minimal cost.
The club is directed primarily to providing fellowship between members who are
compatible with each other, and provide the opportunity for development of
acquaintances. New members are welcomed by Stour Valley Men’s Probus Club, we
meet on the first and third Wednesday of each month in Manningtree at 10.30am.
Please contact Secretary Brian Rolfe on 01206 393665 for further details.
Graeme Forsyth
We have a vacant allotment plot of 5 rods in good condition ready for someone to take
over. It has been dug and prepared through the Summer and needs someone to take
over, before it becomes overgrown.
Please contact Julie Nash Tel:298602
The Christmas Pensioner's Lunch was very well received by all. Thanks go to the
wonderful cooks and helpers that make it all possible. Also to Gerry Lease and
Timothy for entertaining us. At the time of writing the Burns Night Supper, on
Saturday 17th January has yet to take place; hopefully it will be its usual evening of
food, dancing, a few speeches and of course, a little tipple of whiskey.
Sandra Toyne
Lots to report this month so here goes. All the questionnaire returns have been
processed and the results are available to see on the village website
www.eastbergholt.org. First observations revealed that the returns show a good
demographic coverage with the age range of returnees close to that seen in the 2011
election. The winners of the Prize Draw option in the questionnaire are Roger and Sue
Baldwin who now hold a £50 Budgen’s voucher to spend as they wish.
Now the process begins to turn the data into a Plan. The first stage is the production of
a set of Design Guidelines and Policy Framework based upon the overall message
received from the data, bearing in mind the legal constraints under which we operate.
The Plan Production Group will then translate these into a Draft Plan for distribution to
the village for the purpose of inviting written comments. A six-week period of
consultation will take place during which a public meeting will be called for people to
express their observations verbally.
The penultimate part of the process is the production of a Final Plan upon which the
village will be invited to respond via the Referendum. Assuming the Plan receives
acceptance from both the village and the independent Inspector, the document will then
be offered to Babergh District Council for consideration in their plans for housing
development in the village and surrounding area. After that we wait to see the outcome!
John Gamlin (on behalf of the Neighbourhood Plan Committee Communications
The December Parish Council Statutory meeting considered 5 planning applications.
Representations from neighbours were listened to during the open session. Other
matters included:
Appointment of Will Watts as Councillor and to the Roads, Footpaths &
Flatford Committee.
Cllr Abbs and Cllr Eley, with volunteers, to undertake planting of young trees
in village.
Approval given to plans and inclusion of bid for money in 2015/16 budget to
progress new play equipment at East End and try to obtain funding/grants for
Gandish Road
Overflowing litter bin at East End – problem to be addressed.
A letter to be sent to Bidwells re B1070 Moores Lane development proposal
in reply to theirs of 28 November 2014.
Approval given to Neighbourhood Plan Committee proposal to publish
questionnaire tick box summary on-line following January 2015 meeting.
Cllr Paul Hart and Cllr Diane Knights both resigned – thanks have been sent
to them for their hard work.
Valerie Ayton, Parish Clerk