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Active in Faith
February 2015
Monthly publication for members and friends of
Faith Lutheran Church
4005 Palm Drive, Punta Gorda, FL 33950
941-639-6309 [email protected]
Pastor: Rev. Dana Alan Narring, MDiv
Mission and Vision Statement:
Empowering All People to Know Jesus Christ!
And there appeared to them Elijah
with Moses…and a voice came
out of the cloud, “This is my
beloved Son; listen to him.” (Mark
9:4,7 ESV)
February 14
for you are dust, and to dust you
shall return.” (Genesis 3:19 ESV)
February 18
February 16
6:00 services will follow Lenten
5:00 suppers.
Feb. 25, March 4, March 11,
March 18 and March 25.
Worship Services
5:30 Praise and Worship Service
9:30 Worship Service
Weekly Bible Studies
Monday 10:30 AM: Women’s Bible study, “Encouraged in Heart” by Dr. Mary Hilgendorf.
Wednesday 6:30 PM: World Religion Class starts on February 4 through March 18.
(Class will not meet on Ash Wednesday.) To be led by Pastor Narring and Dick Ollek.
See page 3 for more information about the study.
Thursday – 10:30 to 11:30 AM – Pastor Clyde’s Thursday Bible class
Pastor’s message
Greetings in Christ!
“Be merciful as your Father in heaven is merciful” (Luke 6:36).
The word for mercy that Jesus uses here has a more concrete meaning than what we typically associate with mercy. It means more than just being kind. It means to be concerned about your neighbor’s state and well-being. Thus, Jesus taught that we are to care, to be concerned about our neighbor’s state and well-being even as our Father in heaven cares for and is concerned about our state
and well-being.
How has our Father in heaven cared for our state and well-being?
How has He shown His concern for our well-being?
How has He showered this mercy upon us?
He gave of Himself. He sent His only-begotten Son in human flesh, to become one of us—a man—
and to suffer all that we suffer and to endure what we endure—a fallen world full of sinful people,
temptation, the attacks of the devil, and death. He took upon Himself what rightfully belongs to us—
sin and death—in order that He could give to us what rightfully belongs to Him—righteousness, purity, eternal life, and victory over the temptation of Satan and this fallen world. That is how He cared
for our state. That is how He was concerned for our well-being. He entered into our state for the
sake of our well-being, died in our place, rose for our justification, and redeemed us to make all
things new. He entered our state so that by water and His Word we would be granted entrance into
His state as children of our Father in heaven. In other words, He had empathy toward us, which resulted in true sympathy.
Jesus, therefore, calls the church to empathy and sympathy for her neighbors. When He says, “Be
merciful even as your Father in heaven is merciful,” He asks the church to give of herself, to enter into her neighbors’ state for their well-being. And the church gives of herself the only thing in her
that is worth giving. As the Body of Christ, she gives Christ to her neighbors. She gives out the
same mercy that she has received. She gives the mercy that the heavenly Father poured out upon
her through the sending of His Son. And, she does it through the preaching of the forgiveness of
sins in Word and Deed, in Word and Sacrament. For this is how the church lives—in the forgiveness
of sins received in the means of grace—and, therefore, this is what the church does. What else can
she do?
Well, since this is how the church lives and what the church does, this is likewise how Christians live
and what Christians do. That is why giving to the church is so important. It ensures that the proclamation of the forgiveness of sins in Word and Deed continues. It ensures that our neighbors’ state
and well-being is cared for and attended to. It ensures that our neighbors have access to our heavenly Father’s mercy just as we have received it here in time for all eternity.
“Therefore, I say, let us be merciful even as our Father in heaven is merciful.”
God bless you,
Wandering Editors’ Note
Get your calendar out and write down some important and fun events that
are coming up. Also don’t forget your health, so sign up for Life Line screening. Most important are days that will lift you up spiritually, like Bible studies,
small groups, and Ash Wednesday which begins the Lenten season. We will
see you often in February!
Terry and Naomi Weslock
World Religions from a Christian perspective
This course will consist of six sessions: 1. Islam, 2. Mormonism, 3. Jehovah's Witnesses, 4. Hinduism, 5. Buddhism, and 6. Popular Spirituality. Each session discusses the history of the cult, the
basic beliefs, how they differ from Christianity, as well as some of the deceptive ways they are able
to twist the Christian religion.
In this format, there will be time each week to interact with our presenters, Pastor Narring and Dick
Ollek. Handouts and other informative literature will be provided for each session. You'll also be
encouraged to share any questions you have pertaining to that week's topic.
We will meet in the church sanctuary each Wednesday from 6:30 – 7:45 p.m., beginning February
4th (this class will not meet on Ash Wednesday). A sign-up sheet will be available in the narthex.
We look forward to providing this great program for you and your friends!
Board of Fellowship
Board of Fellowship
Apr. 5 Easter
events:by Fellowship
Lenten Suppers
: Wednesday
Feb. 25:
Host: Fellowship
Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese
Feb. 4:
Mar. 11
Mar. 4:
Mar. 18
Host: Fellowship
Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese
Host: Evangelism and Education
Host: LWML
SoupsStewardship and Missions
Mar. 25
Evangelism and Education
Mar. 18
Host: Stewardship and Missions
Jan. 26: The Blackwood Legacy Gloria Koehler in charge
Feb. 14 at 4:30 Spaghetti dinner by
Feb. 14 at 4:30
Spaghetti and
by Tish PanTish Pannozzo
nozzo and Fellowship
Feb. 22: Cultural Center Theater to
Feb. 22: Cultural
Center Theater
to see
see “Church
Basement Ladies”
Betty Pio for tickets.
Apr. 5: Easter Breakfast by
Other25events:Host: Elders
President’s Message
Members and associate members of Faith, as of this writing it appears we made our budget in
2014. We are still waiting for the final numbers from the Reuter Accounting Firm. In 2014 we needed an income from Offerings and Tithes of $6,394 per week, based on a budget of $337,512. This
year , 2015, our budget has a slight increase of 1.5% over 2014 totaling $342,577. This year we
will need $6588 per week or an increase of $194 per week. These numbers are reported weekly in
your service bulletin. We pray God and all our members, will bless us again this year, as He has in
the past to make budget. We want to bless all of you for your generous giving. The monthly financial report from Reuter Accounting will be posted on the bulletin board in the narthex. We usually
receive this in the fourth week of the following month.
I want to announce also that George Buono and his committee will be performing a
financial review of the year 2014. He plans to have the review ready for the Spring Voters Meeting.
The Board of Elders now have a new Chairman for this year, Ralph Winkler. We have
a full slate for the Board of Directors for 2015.
Bob Page
Board of Elders
We wish to thank those who those who purchased Poinsettias for the Christmas decor. We also
appreciate the 18 or so members who came to the church on Saturday to help take down the
Christmas trees, other decorations and did a spectacular job cleaning the whole chancel area.
We welcome back to the sunshine all of our snowbird members and guests. We're glad to have
you add your praises to our Lord and Savior each Sunday, and please join us during the Lenten
and Easter season as we remember our Savior's death on the cross to save us all from our sins.
Ralph Winkler
Head Elder
Complete list of your officers.
Board of Directors
Board of Elders
President – Robert Page
Vice-President - Robert Hall
Head Elder – Ralph Winkler
Education – Terry Weslock
Evangelism – Rev. Fred and Gloria Koehler
Fellowship – Betty Pio and Carolie Brockmiller
Missions – Margaret Andrews
Stewardship – Carol Meyer
Trustees – Steve Meyer
Treasurer – Sam Jackson
Recording Secretary – Jane Stenberg
Head Elder – Ralph Winkler
Harvey Sterriker
Roger Thalacker
Frank Livingston
Peter Daut
Dick Lehman
David Cope
Richard Fasnacht
Ken Johnson
Mike Turkal
Victor Gonzalez
Gerry Misener
Larry Berkel
Board of Stewardship
We are in the early process of forming a committee to look into reducing or
eliminating the mortgage on Zalman Hall. If you are interested in serving on
this committee, please contact Carol Meyer 941 916-0050.
Please be sure to pick up your 2015 envelopes and also your 2014 year end statements. There is
an explanation of why there are two sheets to the year end statements which is next to the box
that has those statements in the narthex.
As all of you know by now, the Board of Directors voted to start direct
deposit for our members and associate members. This keeps you from
having to write checks each week/month and when you are gone your
offering continues. It also helps cut down on the hours that our
counters have to spend counting the money on Monday morning so is a win-win situation
for all.
It is very easy to sign up on the Faith website and is free to each of us. Many of you have
not taken advantage of this and I keep hearing “I just haven’t taken the time to do it”. I
would like to encourage each of you to consider doing this sooner rather than later and if
you need help, please call me at 941 916-0050 and I will be happy to walk you through the
process. Thanks!
Carol Meyer
HELP is needed to work on the flea market. We will be setting up February 2nd at 9am. A few men
would be a great help. The rest of the week we will be pricing your donated treasures from 9 AM to
This is a church project with monies being used to help needed
projects at Faith and other missions. Bake sale items and lunch
will be available for purchase.
Venders are needed! Last year we made over two thousand
dollars. Can we do it again?
Clean out your closets and bake your goodies, then come with
your friends and shop. Consider working on the sale. It is a good
way to meet people,
Call Beverlee at 941-637-7680 or the church at 941-639-6309 if
you have questions.
Lutheran Women’s Missionary League
Serve the Lord with gladness. Psalm 100:2
In January the LCMS (Lutheran Church Missouri Synod)
highlighted LWML’s role in the international mission field.
More than $100 million has been given to missions in its 73
years of existence. They have been serving with joy to the
glory of God.
On January 21 Tina Figliuolo, Director of Charolette County
Homeless Coalition, shared the program of helping homeless people. Following the informative talk, Marilyn Bredvick
presented her with a check of $750.00…$500.00 of which
was raised at the Cookie Walk and $250.00 from Thrivent.
Coming Soon!
The annual Flea Market will be Saturday, February 7. Start cleaning out closets, kitchen
cupboards and garages. Many items are needed. Volunteers will also be needed to set up on
February 2-6 and on the Saturday.
Ready, Set. Recycle!
The 2019 LWML Convention will be in Birmingham, Alabama. To help off-set expenses LWML
is promoting a Fundraiser Promotional Program. The LWML is collecting printer cartridges
for recycling. Please save your used cartridges and bring them to Faith. There is a bag on the
LWML table in the narthex for collecting the printer cartridges.
Dates to remember:
Feb. 7:
Feb. 11:
March 14
Mar. 18:
Flea Market
Meeting (in narthex)
Spring Zone Rally at Lakeside
Lutheran Church, Venice
April 15: Meeting
Sept. 25-27, 2015: District Retreat
Fall 2016 Zone Rally: Faith Punta Gorda
Please keep Sam Sessa, our adopted seminarian, in your prayers
as he studies for the ministry at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis.
Naomi Weslock
Board of Education
Tim Mangan
Set aside Thursday, February 19
for a special event.
Come and hear professional story teller Tim Mangan regale
you with tales from our country’s past. He will also entertain
you with his harmonica playing and even get you to sing along.
We will begin with a pizza lunch followed by Tim’s story telling.
Come an hear story telling from the heart.
The Purveyor of
Questionable Wisdom
SENIOR VBS is back for a second year. Mark your
calendar for Saturday, March 7. We will again have coffee and
refreshments, Bible time, crafts, games, singing and, of course,
lunch. Watch for more information in the Sunday bulletin and in
the Narthex.
Terry Weslock
Rev. Dr. James Cotter (winter Pastor at Lutheran Church of the Cross)
and his wife Donna are taking a group on tour of the Holy Land in April
2015. It is a unique opportunity for a Lutheran pastor to lead a tour. Pastor Cotter has arranged specific stops that will enrich the journey. He has
also planned the locations to be “accessible.” There will not be too much
walking. Please see the flyer on the Narthex bulletin board or call: 260615-4394.
Thank you for all the recycled materials that were collected and donated
to East Elementary kindergarten reading night. It was a huge success
with many families coming out to learn how to make reading games from
recycled materials.
Please discontinue bringing in the recycled containers. Thank you so
much for your support.
Thank you
Shelly Cope
Muffins for Missions to support Thrive Community Church, a campus
ministry at FGCU, raised $328.00 to send to Rev. John Roth.
Thank you for all the delicious donated muffins and your generous donations.
Richard Jones
Floyd Matzke
Suzanna Thompson 2/23
Bruce Frilstad
Betty Pio
Kyle Narring
Darleyne Holt
Cody Cope
Bob Trapp
Diane Zanoni
Dee Buono
Mandy Lyn Lewis
Peggy Kelner
Marc Banyocu
Ruth Lee
Rev. Gene and Joyce Krentz
2/1 (57 yrs.)
Merle and Barbara Wilts
2/23 (52 yrs.)
Ken and Janet Smallen
2/8 (51 yrs.)
Bill and Sandy Holbrook
2/27 (50 yrs.)
Rev. Clyde and Virderie Kaminska 2/12 (32 yrs.)
A most enjoyable evening of
music was presented at Faith
on January 26. Gospel music
sung by Blackwood Legacy
filled our hearts with joy and
Our thanks to Leonora Suglio
who made the arrangements to
have Blackwood Legacy here.
Also, thanks to Gloria and her
crew for providing coffee and
desserts after the concert.
Life Line Screening
Early detection is key to prevention of strokes, diabetes and heart disease. Health screenings can
detect your risk for serious disease. On Wednesday, February 11, 2015 Life Line Screening will
be here at Faith. Pre-registration is required. To sign up call 1-800-234-9458. Information forms is
available in the narthex.
January Ushers and Readers Schedule
February 1
Pete and Linda Daut
Bill and Beverlee Winslow
Beverlee Winslow
February 8
February 15
February 18 6PM
Ash Wednesday
February 22
February 25 6PM
Dick and Lou Young
Ron & Flo Norsell
John and Lois Arens
Terry & Naomi Weslock
Kay Oetting
Jackie Saeger
Joyce and Hal Jandola
Cheryl Kampa and Sam Jackson
Bob and Sharon Hall
Stan Smith and Carolee Brockmiller
Stan Smith
Gladys Manley and Margaret Andrews
Unless indicated the Saturday ushers are Dick and Sandy Lehman and the reader is Dick Lehman.
View weekly announcements and calendar at:
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Church office hours are 9am-2pm Monday-Friday
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