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Technology Management Polytechnic
23 rd & 24 th Feb., 2015
Nurturing Human Capital and Culture to realize “Make in India” Vision
Organised by:
Indian Society for Technical Education Students' Chapter
Sou. Sushila Danchand Ghodawat Charitable Trust's
Sanjay Ghodawat Group of Institutions, Atigre, Kolhapur
Sanjay Ghodawat Group of Institutions
Sanjay Ghodawat Group of Institutions (SGI), Atigre (Kolhapur);
is a recent noteworthy phenomenon in the world of education and
knowledge. Spread across a lush green and clean campus of 150
acres, the institute bears the name of its Founder Chairman,
Mr. Sanjay D. Ghodawat a remarkable entrepreneur, visionary,
successful businessman and recipient of many national awards
whose business spans across different sectors like Chemical
industry, FMCGs, Flexi packaging, Floriculture, Real Estate and
many more. SGI was established in the year 2009 in Maharashtra.
SGI today successfully hosts Engineering, Polytechnic, MBA,
International School, IIT & Medical Academy & Junior College. It
presently runs 5 Undergraduate programs, 2 Post-graduate
programs. SGI is affiliated to Shivaji University, Kolhapur.
The Institute is located centrally 20 kms away from Kolhapur
District and 30 kms from Sangli District. Thus the location
facilitates students from the cities as well as villages around these
districts to have an access to world class education facilities. The
Engineering College at SGI is proper mix of highly qualified
faculty and students. Students at SGI find themselves in an
academic environment where the right blend of knowledge, values
and social responsibilities is incorporated. SGI aims to be the most
preferred knowledge city that would impart value based education
to students who will be future architects of our nation. In the age of
information and knowledge, SGI stands as an immovable
lighthouse that aims to direct the vast stream of knowledge and
learning in the right path of being a benefactor to the nation and
humanity at large.
About Vibrant 2015
Vibrant 2015 has a contemporary theme i.e. Nurturing
Human Capital and Culture to realize ‘Make in India’ vision.
The vision passed on to us by the Prime Minister, calls for able
technocrats and managers who can maneuver and master
emerging technology and streamline the same to the maximum
effects for the good of humankind. The techno-management fest
aims to provide a platform to budding technocrats and managers
who will be fueled by passion to influence others and thus contribute
towards the realizing of the vision. The techno management fest will
comprise of events that will test students’ technical, managerial and
extra curricular activities skills. The policy is to nurture and develop
the whole persona of students through the provision of proper
platform to display their skills.
Vibrant 2015 is your platform to experiment, innovate, challenge
yourself to the next level of leadership, a leadership that will enrich
your life and in the process influence your society, people and the
nation at large.
Technical Events
Last date of Registration
Technical Events:
• Eklavya - Aim to achieve
• Contraption
• Robo - Race
Designing contest:
• Web Designing
• Circuit Designing
• Auto CAD Designing
• Circuit Making
20th February, 2015
For Details about Rules & Regulation Please Visit
Cultural Events
• Group Dance
• Fashion Show
Programming Contest:
• C-Programming
• µ SIM 51
Instructions for
Fashion Show and Group Dance
Theme / music must be submitted at the time of Registration.
All in One:
• Poster Presentation
• Circuit Debugging
• LAN Gaming
(CS 1.6, NFS)
Time limit for Group Dance & Fashion Show is 8 Minutes.
Maximum 12 members allowed for Fashion Show & Group Dance.
Fashion show will be judge on the basis of clothing, representation
of the theme and originality.
Fashion statements can be made with clothes, accessories, hair and
Management Events
• Business Plan
• Business Quiz
• Best Manager
Registration fees:
ISTE/IETE/IEEE/IIPE/SAE/CSI Members Rs: 300/Others
Rs: 400/-
Traditional, Indian cultural based, folk dance will be given
preference for Group Dance.
• Solo Song
• Solo Dance
Instructions for
Solo Song and Solo Dance
Maximum time allotted for singing/ Solo dance is 5 minute
Demand Draft Should be drawn in favor of “Sou.S.D.G.C.T.GOIFaculty of Engineering” Payable at Sangli
Participants must bring musical instrument or instrumental music
(Karaoke track) with themselves for singing.
Registration fees include Student registration, Event kit, hostel
accommodation and boarding for 2 days
Traditional, Indian cultural based, folk dance will be given
preference for Solo Dance.
General Instructions for
National Level Cultural Event
Eligibility: Diploma, Engineering & MBA students only.
Participants must carry their college identity cards and College
authority letter compulsorily.
Decisions of the judges, with respect to all events shall be final and
binding on all participants. No disputes regarding the results shall
be entertained.
In order to be eligible for participation, the students have to send
their final video of the performance on the prescribed website
The scrutiny committee will decide the final eligible teams for
Vulgarity in outfit, music and gestures will call for disqualification
on the spot.
Use of fire, water and any kind of fire-works on stage will result in
Participants are required to be at back stage at least 1 hour before
their performance is due.
Participants requiring free accommodation should contact prior.
Participants should perform only those event which have been
selected in audition rounds.
Registration fees:
Accolades and Awards
Chapter Award
for Maharashtra
and Goa Section
2012 conferred
on SGI by ISTE,
New Delhi.
WEC confers
50 Outstanding
Entrepreneurs of
India Award on
Hon’ble Sanjayji
Chairman SGI.
Receiving the
award for
‘100 Best Private
Institutions of
Asia’ through
WCRC (Process
Validated by
Solo Dance
Rs: 500/Solo Singing
Rs: 500/Group Dance
Rs: 2,000/Rs: 2,000/Fashion Show
Demand Draft Should be drawn in favor of “Sou.S.D.G.C.T.GOIFaculty of Engineering” Payable at Sangli
Important Dates:
Uploading final video of the
performance on the prescribed website
Display of final eligible teams/student
for participation. (on website)
Last Date of registration
On or before
30 th January, 2015
5 th February, 2015
10 th February, 2015
HR Club Confers
the award for
3 rd Best
Institution in
Maharashtra for
“25 Most
Institutes from
UK & India
through WCRC
at London, UK,
Mr. Sanjay Ghodawat
Chairman, SGI & Sanjay Ghodawat Group
Faculty Co-ordinators (Cultural Events)
Co - Patrons
Mr. Vinayak Bhosale
Dr. V.A. Raikar
Mr. S.M. Ingale
Mr. V.V. Giri
Mr. N.R. Chougule
Mr. S.B. Kore
Mr. S.P. Burud
Mrs. P.R. Patil
Mrs. Pallavi Kulkarni
Mrs. Mugdha Joshi
Ms. U.P. Nalawade
Mr. S.R. Patil
Mr. S.M. Jadhav
Trustee, SGI
Academic Advisor, SGI
Director, SGI
Principal, SG Polytechnic
Mr. V.S. Patil
Associate Prof., Civil Engineering
Mr. A.P. Dhavan
Mr. P.M. Patil
Asst. Prof., Basic Sciences & Humanities
Asst. Prof., Electrical Engineering
Organizing Members
Dr. V.V. Kulkarni
Dr. Mrs. A.G. Jayakumari
Dr. S.M. Shiyekar
Dr. A.Y. Salati
Mrs. S.K. Apte
Dr. A.D. Sawant
Mrs. S.S. Kumbar
Mr. A.S. Kamble
Asst. Prof., E&TC Engineering
Asst. Prof., Civil Engineering
Asst. Prof., Electrical Engineering
Asst. Prof., Mechanical Engineering
Asst. Prof., Computer Science & Engineering
Asst. Prof., Faculty of Management
Asst. Prof., Computer Science & Engineering
Lecturer, Electrical Engineering
Lecturer, General Science
Students' Co-ordinator
Asst. Prof., Mechanical Engineering
Lecturer, Mechanical Engineering
Chief Co-ordinators
Mr. S.S. Salgare
Mr. Anand Kumbhar
Asst. Prof., Faculty of Management
Asst. Prof., Faculty of Management
Mr. P.A. Petare
Ms. Nikita Nille
Dean, Academic
Dean, MBA
HOD, Civil Engineering
HOD, Faculty of Management
HOD, E&TC Engineering
HOD, Basic Sciences & Humanities
HOD, Electrical Engineering
HOD, Computer Science & Engineering
Tushar Desai
Ruturaj Nikam
Ashitosh Magdum
Jalindar Patil
Milind Suryawanshi
Manasi Patil
Nikhil Basantani
Mob.: +91 7709595007
Mob.: +91 8421211777
Mob.: +91 9860545260
Mob.: +91 8975817184
Mob.: +91 8855922057
Mob.: +91 9158079006
Mob.: +91 9960993800
E&TC Engineering
Mech. Engineering
Civil Engineering
Electrical Engineering
E&TC Engineering
How to Reach Us
Nearest Airport:
Pune / Belgaum
Nearest Railway Station: Kolhapur / Hatkangale
By Road:
20 Kms from Kolhapur, 30 Kms from Sangli,
250 Kms from Pune
Location Map
Faculty Co-ordinators (Technical Events)
Dr. D.P. Nade
Mr. L.B. Mulla
Mr. D.A. Patil
Mr. H.M. Mallad
Mr. A.S. Patil
Ms. S.D. Patravali
Mrs. V.P. Patil
Asst. Prof., Basic Sciences & Humanities
Asst. Prof., Mechanical Engineering
Asst. Prof., Computer Science & Engineering
Asst. Prof., Electrical Engineering
Asst. Prof., Civil Engineering
Asst. Prof., E&TC Engineering
Asst. Prof., Civil Engineering
Contact Details:
The Organizing Secretary
Vibrant 2015: A National Level Techno-Management Fest
Website:, e-mail: [email protected]
Section No. : 583 to 585, Kolhapur - Sangli Highway (NH-204), Atigre - 416 118, Dist. : Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India.
Phone: (0230) 2463700; e-mail: [email protected]; Website: