2014 District of Columbia Summer Activities Guide

District of Columbia Summer Activities Guide
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The information in this guide is supplied by the providers. COPE does not
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that you research your choice carefully prior to making a binding decision.
2014 Summer Activities Guide – District of Columbia
Name of Camp, Location and Contact Info
American University - Discover the World of
9 -12 grades
Dates & Hours
6/16/14 – 6/27/14
6/30/14 - 7/11/14
Program - $700-$1,300
Live on campus option
(includes housing, dining and
after hours):
Contact – Sarah Menke-Fish, Assistant Professor
American University
School of Communication
4400 Massachusetts Ave. NW
202-885-2098; fax - 202-885-2019
Website: www.american.edu/soc/discover
Two weeks - $1,600
Three weeks - $2,400
Four weeks - $3,200
Email: [email protected]
Beauvoir Summer Program
Camp Director – James Gilroy
The National Cathedral Elementary School
3500 Woodley Road, NW
202-537-2313; fax - 202-537-6512
Website: www.beauvoirschool.org
Email: [email protected]
Weekly from
6/23/14 – 8/8/14
Blue Jays &
st nd
1 -2 grade
8:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Box Turtles &
Outward Bound
3 & 4 grade
Extended care (excluding
7:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Half Day - $285-$560
Full Day - $445-$875
Math Camp (1/2 day) - $650
Swim Program - $150-$300
Half day option for Fireflies:
8:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Extended Care:
AM: $90-$180
PM: $220-$440
Limited financial aid
Brown Bears &
rd th
3 -5 grade
Bricks 4 Kidz® Summer Camp
Creativity Center
1130 6 St. NW
202-609-7326; no fax number
Website: www.bricks4kidz.com/washingtondc
4-12 years
Not available at publication
Not available at publication
9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Discounts available
Half day options:
9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
1:00 – 5:00 p.m.
Email: [email protected]
Early drop-off available
Welcome to Discover the World of Communication
where you learn to build a digital portfolio, script, shoot
and edit a film, write a news story like a pro, speak with
confidence, persuade, inform, educate and entertain.
Our professional, hands-on workshops are taught by
American University School of Communication faculty
and communication professionals. During class and
after hours, explore the city from a variety of angles.
View live television and radio broadcasts at local
studios such as NBC 4, WTTG Fox 5, NPR and ESPN
Radio, cover a Nationals baseball game or WNBA
game from a press seat, and tour local attractions
including the National Zoo, Newseum, National
Cathedral, Georgetown and the Smithsonian
Outdoor play and exploration (Beauvoir Campus for
Outdoor Learning), both structured and unstructured,
are important developmental steps for children, and
can inspire life skills that will go on to serve them well
as they mature. Confidence, decision-making ability, a
sense of self-worth and a bond with nature are just
some of the benefits.’
Children learn through play and at Beauvoir, the two go
hand-in-hand. Morning and afternoon blocks allow the
camper to craft his or her own day. Beauvoir has
partnerships with quality local programs such as
Outdoor Adventures, Mad Science, Tiny Chefs,
Gourmet Chefs, Excite Soccer, Movie Magic, 21st
Century Music Solutions, Beauvoir Summer
Newsletter (new in 2014), Robotics, Wood Creations,
Sport Sampler, and Dynamite Gymnastics.
Camps are divided into two age groups: 4-6 year olds
and 7-12 year olds. The children generally will work in
pairs and build projects through Brick 4 Kids® lesson
plans and make creations of their own during free play
Staff plays various games with the children using
LEGO® bricks and spends some time with LEGO®
video games. The children will work and play with
programmable bricks along with electric motors,
sensors, system bricks, and LEGO® technical pieces
(such as gears, axles and beams).
2014 Summer Activities Guide – District of Columbia
Name of Camp, Location and Contact Info
Budding Yogis Summer Camps for Kids
5615 39 Street NW
202-686-1104; fax number–202-686-9293
Website: www.buddingyogis.com
Email: [email protected]
Camp Arena Stage
Dates & Hours
Half Day
Half Day Hours:
9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
2 sessions from 7/7-7/18
Full Day Hours:
9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
7 sessions from 6/23-8/22
8-15 years
Four-Week Intensive:
6/23/14 – 7/14/14
Four-Week Intensive
Two-Week Session:
7/21/14 – 8/1/14
Two-Week Session
8:45 a.m. - 4:10 p.m.
All six weeks
Camp Director – Anita Maynard Losh
Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School
1524 35 St. NW
202-600-4064, no fax number
Website: www.arenastage.org/education/camp-arenastage
Extended care:
8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Email: [email protected]
Camp Moss Hollow
7-14 years
Family Matters of Greater Washington
1509 16 St. NW, Washington, DC
202-289-1510; no fax number
Website: www.familymattersdc.org
Weekly sessions from
June - August (Mon-Sat)
Maximum of two
non-consecutive sessions
8:30 a.m. (Mon.) - 9:30 a.m. (Sat)
Half Day: $250 a week
Full Day: $365 a week
(3-day July 4 =$219)
Sign-up by March 14 to get
10% off (more than 1
week) or with siblings.
1. STC Rehearsal Studios
516 & 507 8th Street SE
(Eastern Market Metro)
2. Lansburgh Theatre
450 7th Street NW
(Gallery Pl/Chinatown Metro)
This camp is about creating a mind-body connection
with at least 2 hours of yoga/day. Also includes games,
creative movement, sharing of ideas, drawing,
journaling, relaxing, creating, singing songs, outdoor
activities and more. Also included are yoga asanas
(poses), yoga games, mindfulness and self-calming
techniques and breathing exercises.
This camp empowers young people to express
themselves more fully through art that speaks with their
own voices.
Campers create their own schedules, choosing from
over 75 activities which include glee choir, filmmaking,
poetry, abstract art, costume design, sci-fi writing, hiphop dance, beginning guitar, pick-up sport, musical
theater, rock band, drawing, painting and choreography.
Extended care:
AM - $70-$140 ($10/day)
PM - $140-$280 ($20/day)
Tuition is based on a
sliding scale according to
Bus service is offered from
the immediate Washington,
DC area.
Email: [email protected]
Camp Shakespeare
This rustic 367 acre camp in the Shenandoah Mountains
(near Markam, VA), offers children from diverse
backgrounds a fun-filled, structured, quality camping
experience. For some campers, it is their first time away
from home and away from the tensions, noise and the
chaos of the inner city.
Features arts & crafts, creative expression through
drama and dance, multicultural/multigenerational music,
plant and animal life studies, computers basics, team
sports, reading program, ropes course, fishing, nature &
environmental studies, hiking, basic swimming and
water safety and canoeing.
7-18 years
Poppets (STC Rehearsal Studios):
Session I – 7/7/14 – 7/11/14
Session II – 8/4/14 – 8/8/14
Performance Intensives
(sessions and locations vary )
Session I:
6/16/14 – 6/28/14
Session II:
6/30/14 - 7/12/14
Session I – IV:
$350/week (Poppets)
(Performance Intensive)
Each two week session invites young people to
investigate the artistry and process of classic theatre in
performance. Students will explore an array of
characters from a Shakespeare play, culminating in a
performance for friends and family.
Advanced Camp: $1,100
Discounts for registered
siblings or multiple
sessions. Limited
scholarships are available.
upon request.
Poppets (7-8 years): New in 2014! Poppets will be
introduced to Shakespeare’s stories through imagination
and play, including theatre games, art projects,
creative play, and short performances.
2014 Summer Activities Guide – District of Columbia
Name of Camp, Location and Contact Info
Dates & Hours
Cont’d - Camp Shakespeare
Session III:
7/14/14 - 7/25/14
3. Sidney Harman Hall
610 F Street NW
(Gallery Pl/Chinatown Metro)
202-547-5688; fax – 202-547-0226
Website: www.shakespearetheatre.org
Session IV:
7/28/14 - 8/8/14
Email: [email protected]
10:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
Groundings (9-11 years) - participants will spend two weeks investigating a
major theme that runs through Shakespeare’s canon, while exploring the
plots and characters of several plays. This summer, Groundlings will grapple
with what it means to be a hero and a villain, the dramatic consequences of
family feuds, and how Shakespeare’s mischievous characters use tricks and
traps to achieve their goals. Themes for 2014: Shakespeare’s Magic;
Shakespeare’s Disguises; Shakespeare’s Villains; and Shakespeare’s
Three week Advanced
Camp at Harmon Hall:
6/30/14 - 7/19/14
Young Performers (12-14 years) - classical acting through a deeper
investigation of Shakespeare’s language and more intensive acting classes.
Participants will discover how Shakespeare directs actors through the
structure and rhythm of his text. Campers will also explore the art of
unarmed stage combat, discovering how choreographed violence contributes
to the story. Young Performers performances in 2014 are “Two Gentleman
of Verona,” “As You Like It,” “Richard III,” and “Comedy of Errors.”
King’s Company (15-18 years): The King’s Company will work as an
ensemble to perform a staged version of a Shakespeare play. They will be
challenged with in-depth text analysis, advanced voice and movement work
and armed stage combat. The performances for 2014 are “Hamlet,”
“Measure for Measure,” “Titus Andronicus,” and “Twelfth Night.”
Advanced Camp (14–18 years) - this three-week performance intensive will
challenge even the most experienced camper with advanced movement and
acting techniques from the Academy for Classical Acting. This camp
culminates with three public performances. Acceptance into Advanced
Camp is by audition only (auditions are 2/22/14 or 3/1/14 from 1:00-4:00
p.m.). 2014 performance is “MacBeth.”
Capitol Hill Day School Summer Camp
4-14 years
Camp Director – Njonjo Smith
210 South Carolina Ave. SE
202-386-9928; fax – 202-543-4597
Website: www.chds.org
9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.
Email: [email protected]
CASA (Creative Arts and Summer Adventure @
Sheridan School)
Sheridan School
Nathalie Sviedrys, Auxiliary Program Director
7 One Week Sessions.
Begins 6/23/14
Ends 8/8/14
Little Kids:
Ages 3-5
Creative Jrs:
Grades 1-4
Early Childhood: $300$375
Elementary: $300 $490
Extended care:
8:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m.
Upper: $300-$485
6/61/14 – 7/30/14
Mini-Camp - $445
Session I – IV
Session I – IV
Early Childhood: PreK-1 Grade; Elementary: 2 -4 Grade; Upper: 5 -8
Grades. Campers are grouped by age and they have a variety of options to
choose from. Some of the options are: Creative Play; Food from Around the
World; Soccer Camp; Going Green; Folk Art Exploration; Cat-Tastic;
Washington, DC from A to Z; Bookmaking; Hiking and Biking; Basketball
Camp; Basic Sailing; Ice Sensations; Yoga Inside and Out; Construction
Camp; Mystery Solvers; Adventures in Never Land; Fashion Fun, and more!
Established in 1995. Located between 2 Metro stations – Van Ness/UDC
and Tenley/AU. The air-conditioned indoor facility includes: photography
labs, video studio, music studio, art studios, dance studio, computer lab, little
kids studio, classroom clubhouses, multi-use room, kitchen, library and
2014 Summer Activities Guide – District of Columbia
Name of Camp, Location and Contact Info
Cont’d - CASA (Creative Arts and Summer
Adventure @ Sheridan School)
Creative Srs:
Grades 5-7
4400 36th St, NW
202-507-7723; fax - 202-244-9696
Website: www.casaatsheridan.org
Grades 8-9
Dates & Hours
6/23/14 – 8/15/14
Bring a Friend
One week per session
9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.
Email: [email protected]
Bring a Friend
Extended Day
AM - $60/week or $13/day
PM –
$150/week or $33/day
Creative Little Kids - an engaging full-day program encourages the
exploration and celebration of the arts. Each day, your child will delve into
modes of expression with stimulating activities in the visual and performing
arts, by playing with light and color, building with blocks, and stretching
his/her imagination with creative theater. Nature studies, water play,
kiddies’ pool time, and other outdoor activities emphasize socialization and
collaboration with friends.
Juniors and Seniors - campers choose from a glorious selection of more
than 70 classes in visual, culinary, imaginative, and dramatic arts, as well
as in dance and movement, sports and music. Campers have the freedom
to drop or add a class after the second day of camp. Juniors and Seniors
attend four classes a day.
Extended Day
7:30 a.m.- 6:30 p.m.
Bring a Friend - hosting out-of-town guests? Have a buddy who’s
interested in CASA? Do you need CASA just for one week? CASA guests
will choose the classes from a list available for this program and will join
their friends or meet new ones.
Creative Apprentice Program (CAPs) is specifically geared to engage
kids in grades 8 and 9 with activities designed to foster independence and
nurture leadership skills. CAPs take charge of their summer experience,
structure their own schedules based on their interests and talents.
Catholic University Pre-College Programs
The Catholic University of America
Office of Summer Sessions
331 Pangborn Hall
620 Michigan Ave., NE
Washington, DC
202-319–5160 ; no fax number
Websites: http://summer.cua.edu/precollege
Email: [email protected]
Rising high
Juniors and
Summer Workshops
Experiences in
Experiences in
Not available at publication
Not available at
Summer College
and Engineering
New Frontiers:
Not available at
Summer College and
Engineering New
Not available at publication
Students discover the social and academic excitement of college life and
get a head start on college career before finishing high school (Summer
College students earn credit). Small classes mean individual attention.
Students take freshman-level courses alongside college students,
participating in hands-on workshops in architecture and engineering. Living
on campus, students also get a “taste” of college and exposure to the best
of Washington D.C., including special museum tours, sporting events and
various other safe recreational activities.
Summer 2014: Plans are already underway for the 2014 Summer Institute
(Architecture) with two incredible studio opportunities. They will offer:
MORPHOSIS Design Studio
Enrique Norten/TEN Arquitectos Design Studio
2014 Summer Activities Guide – District of Columbia
Name of Camp, Location and Contact Info
CCBC Children’s Corner
2-5 years
5671 Western Ave. NW
202-966-3299; fax – 202-966-1717
Website: www.ccbccc.org
Dates & Hours
6/9/14 – 8/8/14
Full week (3.5-5 years only)
9:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.
(choice of 3, 4 or 5
3 days - $515/week
4 days - $688/week
5 days - $860/week
Not available at
Not available at publication
Summer fun with nature, arts and crafts, water play, games, music, and
barnyard fun.
Email: [email protected]
DAR Museum Summer Camps
1776 D Street NW
202-879-3240; no fax number
Website: www.dar.org/museum
(educational programs)
Email: [email protected]
DC Department Parks and Recreation – “Camp
Various locations throughout the city
Tel: 202-671-0372; fax - 202-673-2590
Website: http://dpr.dc.gov/service/2014-summercamps
Junior Historian 2013: $150
9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.
Colonial Camp 2013: $425
Junior Historian - become a part of an elite team of historians, exploring
objects at the DAR Museum and in the Presidents Park/White House area
as they learn about history, the importance of preservation and the jobs
and tools needed. There will be hands-on activities, tours and projects.
Junior Historians will receive a Junior Ranger hat and camp gear and be
presented with a DAR Museum patch and Junior Ranger badge at a
certificate ceremony at the completion of camp.
Colonial Camp – the Colonial Camp will explore our fight for freedom
during the War of 1812 and the impact of the war on colonial life. Campers
wear historically accurate 1812 costumes while learning about social and
political life in the early 1800s and visit a historic battlefield.
Session I:
6/23/14 - 7/3/14
Session Il:
7/7/14 - 7/18/14
Session I:
7/21/14 – 8/1/14
Registration Fee: $40
(Rolling registration begins Feb.
10 at noon. DC residents only
during this time. Non-residents
can register beginning Monday,
March 10 at 12 noon. See
website for registration locations
and schedule.)
Day and residential camps (residential for 7-18 year old campers). Many
Camps have multiple locations. This includes:
Little Explorers Camp (3-5 years),
Discovery Camp (6-10 years),
Aqua Day Camp (6-13 years),
Sports Camps (6-13 years)
Outdoor Adventure Camp (8-13 years)
Southeast Tennis and Learning Center Tennis Camp (8-18
years) and many more.
Per Session Fee: $100
Field Trip Fee: $10
Before/After Care Fee: $20
Specialty Camps: Spanish Camp; REC Camp (available to DC residents
only), ACHIEVE Kids Triathlon Camp and Outdoor Adventure Camp. See
website for details.
Email: [email protected] or [email protected]
Session IV:
8/4/14 - 8/15/14
Most Camp Hours:
9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
Extended care:
8:00 a.m.-9:00 a.m.
5:00 p.m.- 6:00 p.m.
Per Session Fee: $225
Field Trip Fee: $22.50
Before/After Care Fee: $45
Reduced rates available for DC
NOTE: Registration will begin Monday, Feb. 10 for select site locations.
Each day a different group of locations will open for registration, ending on
Thursday, Feb. 20. Registration begins daily at 12 noon.
Before and After Care: If you are able to register for a space in a DPR
summer camp, you are guaranteed a space in before and after care.
Otherwise, before and after care registration will begin on Monday, March
10 . Once registered, DPR will contact you via email with information and
2014 Summer Activities Guide – District of Columbia
Name of Camp, Location and Contact Info
Energizers Summer Camp at Dance Place
Dates & Hours
Not available at
Not available at publication
Dance Place
3225 8 St, NE
202-269-1403; no fax number
Website: www.danceplace.org
Email: [email protected]
Dance Place’s seven-week intensive summer camp offers exciting and
challenging classes in life skills, African dance and drumming, modern
dance, hip-hop, step, creative movement, tumbling, jazz, chorus, arts &
crafts, swimming, journal writing and more. This program sets the stage for
creative expression, healthy bodies, mentoring, self-empowerment,
academic achievement, teamwork, lasting friendships, responsibility and
lots of fun! The camp culminates in a public performance for family
members and the general public in the Dance Place theater.
NOTE: first spots go to those already involved in NEXTgeneration
programs, such as their Energizers Boys & Girls Club or Kids on the Move
Youth Dance Classes.
The Enrichment Centers, Inc. - Summer
2 Locations:
Two Rivers Public Charter School
1227 Fourth Street NE
420 12th Street SE
301-229-8000; no fax number
Website: www.enrichmentcenters.com
Not available at
publication –
usually mid-June to
late August
Not available at publication
9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.
Morning Session:
9:00 a.m.-noon
Afternoon Session:
12:00 - 3:00 p.m.
Based on weekly themes, this program encourages cooperative, groupbased learning. Students discover the importance of team building while
individually developing their own gifts. By taking on exciting and
challenging projects, they learn to apply academic learning to the real
world. Participants are grouped by age and level into classes averaging 58 students per instructor.
Incorporating a unique balance of academics and extracurricular activities,
our programs include: Math, Science, Reading, Writing, History,
Languages, Art, Creative Thinking, Social Skills and more!
Email: [email protected]
Extended care:
8:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m.
FONZ Summer Safari Day Camp AND
FONZ Nature Camp
National Zoo
202-633-4800; no fax number
Website: www.nationalzoo.si.edu
(look under Education then camps)
No email address
5 –10
Safari Camp:
6/23/14 – 8/15/14
Safari Camp
5 day - $380$475 per week
4 day - $305/$382 per week
9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.
Extended care
3:00 - 6:00 p.m.
Nature Camp:
Grades 5-6
7/6/14 – 7/12/14
Grades 7-8
7/13/14 – 7/19/14
7/20/14 – 7/26/14
Grades 9-10
7/27/14 – 8/9/14
Extended care:
AM (5 days) - $100
AM (4 days) - $80
Nature Camp*
One Week: $895/$995
Two Weeks: $1,795/$1,995
*Includes housing & meals
Safari Camp - Summer campers at the National Zoo explore the lives,
habitats, and conservation of animals around the world. Week-long
sessions include exciting hands-on activities, craft projects, science
experiments, and walks through the Zoo (there is never direct contact with
the animals).
Nature Camp (overnight) -The Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute
(SCBI) in Front Royal, Virginia spans 3,200 acres and is closed to the
public. It is a preserve for native wildlife, an international conservation
training center, and a breeding facility for endangered species. Outfitted
with backpacks, journals, and water bottles, campers delve into SCBI’s
forests, fields, and streams. Handheld GPS units, camera traps, field
guides, compasses, and binoculars are some of the equipment campers
use to explore the great outdoors and conduct their own research. They
offer a two-week session for 9 -10 graders which provides a unique
opportunity to work with renowned Smithsonian staff to learn real-world
research techniques. Campers develop critical thinking skills and
brainstorm solutions to conservation problems facing the Shenandoah
Valley and endangered species around the world. Parents are responsible
for transportation to and from camp.
2014 Summer Activities Guide – District of Columbia
Name of Camp, Location and Contact
Gallaudet University Summer Youth Programs
Simon Guteng, Director
Gallaudet University
800 Florida Ave, NE
VP-202-250-2130; voice – 202-448-7272
Fax: 202-651-5987
Website: www.gallaudet.edu/summer_programs
Dates & Hours
into ASL,
Your Future,
and YSP
(Explore the
10 -12
Discover Your
7/15/14 – 7/23/14
All courses are
Email: thru Outlook on site
9 -12 grade
Immerse into
Session 1:
7/15/14 – 7/23/14
Session 2:
7/26/14 – 8/3/14
YSP (Exploring
the Sciences):
7/26/14 – 8/3/14
Immerse into ASL:
Discover Your
Future and both
YSP Programs:
*Fees include tuition,
meals, and housing
YSP (BizGenius):
7/26/14 - 8/3/14
Immerse into ASL: ASL I - this course introduces the basics of American Sign
Language (ASL) and is designed for students who have little or no previous
knowledge of ASL. Readiness for learning will be approached via visual-gestural
communication techniques, visual discrimination, and visual memory exercises.
Students will learn simple sentence structures to develop rudimentary conversational
skills in ASL. Information about the Deaf Community and Deaf Culture will be
introduced. ASL II - this course is designed to continue development of ASL skills
with primary focus on refining the use of basic ASL sentence types. Students will
learn routine communicative functions of the language. ASL III - this course builds
on skills learned in ASL II, adding more complex ASL grammatical features and
vocabulary, short stories, narratives, and dialogues.
Discover Your Future: Do you want the opportunity to discover your future
possibilities while grabbing the opportunity to see Gallaudet and vibrant Washington,
D.C.? Come to this exciting new summer program for deaf and hard of hearing
students. This program includes self-discovery activities designed to help you learn
more about yourself; outdoor activities including ropes course planned to help you
develop leadership, teamwork, and self-confidence; take assessments to learn more
about your strengths, areas of improvement, values, interests, and potential careers;
several field trips to explore Washington, DC; swimming and shopping until you drop
at Rehoboth Beach.
Young Scholars Program (YSP) - Explore the Sciences: Come to this exciting
new summer program for deaf and hard of hearing students. Program includes:
performing hands-on chemistry experiments and investigate how chemicals contribute
to unexpected results; exploring the Anacostia Rive ("The Forgotten River") and
determine the health of its ecosystem; building an underwater remotely operated
vehicle and score points for your team in a pool competition; performing experiments
on the food you eat every day; and explore the world-famous museums and
monuments in Washington D.C., swim and shop 'til you drop at Rehoboth Beach and
more. Limited to 10 participants.
Young Scholars Program (YSP) - BizGenius: Interested in owning your own
business someday? Want some hands on experience in a business-like environment?
Here's what you will be doing: get real world experience in product development,
marketing, planning, and financial management; participate in a fun apprentice-like
competition with your peers; learn practical knowledge and skills you will need to
eventually establish your own business; and explore the world-famous museums and
monuments in Washington, D.C., swim and shop ‘til you drop at Rehoboth Beach.
Limited to 15 participants.
Georgetown University Summer Programs for
High School Students
Georgetown University
Washington, DC
202-687-8700; no fax number
High School
6/8/14 – 8/3/14
Institutes - $2,595
(includes mandatory
room & board)
Summer College
$3,525 per 3 credits
The eight-day non-credit Institutes allow students to explore a single subject.
Subjects include American Politics, Broadcast Journalism, Entrepreneurship, Forensic
Science, Medical, Sports Industry Management, Creative Writing, International
Relations, Law, Leadership, or National Security & Counterintelligence. Earn
college credits while exploring a specific subject area in the Fundamentals courses.
These courses include American Government, Anatomy, Business (Leadership in a
2014 Summer Activities Guide – District of Columbia
Name of Camp, Location and Contact Info
Dates & Hours
Cont’d - Georgetown University Summer
Programs for High School Students
Summer Honors
Website: http://summer.georgetown.edu
Session I
6/1/14 – 7/4/14
Session II
7/6/14 – 8/9/14
Email: [email protected]
College Prep:
6/22/14 – 7/12/14
$598 (pre-college fee)
$1,190 (opt room
$275/week (opt meal
Global Economy), English (Expository Writing), Economics, Foreign Policy, Law (The
American Legal System), Medicine, and Neuroscience.
College Prep:
$4,400 - tuition
$660 (opt room)
$598 (pre-college fee)
$1,190 (opt room)
$275/week (opt meal
The College Prep curriculum includes SAT Prep, English and Math, Study Skills, and
LaFarge Lecture Series (undergraduate seminars conduct by the faculty of
Georgetown University. Past lectures have focused on topics such as Shakespeare,
international relations and popular culture.
Summer College/Summer Honors Intensive provides opportunity to earn college
credits alongside GU undergraduates. Courses can be chosen among 75 courses
which can include: Accounting, Art, Forensic Chemistry, Public Speaking, Statistics,
Theater, Theology, French, German, and International Relations.
Application package must include 300 word essay, official high school transcript, and
recommendation from high school teacher, school administrator or guidance
Georgetown University Yates Field House
Summer Camp
3700 O Street, NW
202-687-2400; no fax number
Website: http://yates.georgetown.edu/summer
(child and family programs)
St. Albans School
Massachusetts and Wisconsin Aves
Website: www.headfirstcamps.com
Email: [email protected]
Not available at
6/9/14 – 8/18/14
(varies w/camp)
9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.
7:30 a.m.-6:00 p.m.
A comprehensive day-long activity camp centered at the Yates Field House, Kehoe
Field, and McCarthy Pool. Morning activities typically include team-based games
(outdoors and indoors) and creative projects.
Children go swimming for 30-45 minutes before lunch-time at the Georgetown Dining
9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.
Little Hoyas’
9:00 a.m-12:30 pm.
Extended to
4:30 p.m.
Email: [email protected] or
[email protected]
Headfirst Summer Camps
Not available at
publication –
usually mid-June to
late July
After lunch, there is usually an indoor free-time period, during which children choose
from the inventory of board games, toys, arts & crafts and sport equipment.
Afternoons also include activities like Bingo (with prizes!), chalk drawings, and talent
Day Camps:
Multi-Sport Camp
Specialty Camps:
AM - $75/week
PM - $125/week
Day Camp – a mix of activities plus swimming or water play.
Multi-Sport Camp – for the camper who loves athletics and friendly competition, but
doesn’t want to focus on one particular sport. This camp is fun and action-packed,
combining a mix of team sports with swimming, our rock climbing wall, the Multi-Sport
Olympics, and a special event each week. A highly organized program that promotes
the development of athletics, leadership, teamwork, sportsmanship, hustle, selfconfidence, and most of all, fun.
Specialty Camps – includes Cooking Camp; Imagination Science Camp; Discovery
Camp; Soccer Camp; Basketball Camp; and Travel & Adventure Camp (off-site).
2014 Summer Activities Guide – District of Columbia
Name of Camp, Location and Contact Info
Howard University Children’s Theatre
Workshop (TCTW)
7 -16
2455 6 St, NW
(Division of Fine Arts, LuLu Childers Building)
202-321-0779; no fax number
Website: www.thechildrenstheatreworkshop.com
Dates & Hours
5 Weeks from
June 23 – July 26
9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.
8:10 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
Email: [email protected]
Tuition: $900
Through the theatre classes and camp experience the students learn and strengthen:
Early Bird Tuition:
$850 if paid by 4/30
Character Development - strengthening self-esteem, confidence, public speaking,
courage, leadership skills and how to become a team player.
Extended Care:
$200 for single or
$300 for both
services for 5 weeks
Acting – students learn through imaginative play, group acting games, introduction to
simple props and costumes. There is special emphasis on building self-confidence
while learning the skills of live performance.
$100 Sibling
Musical Theatre/Singing – the students participate in primarily chorus style singing
while exploring their individual voice range and exploration of different musical genres
and formal and informal presentations of music.
Dance – awakening the young body’s potential for graceful and controlled movement
as well as structured improvisation, students learn self-expression and body
awareness through simple dance combinations and warm ups using music and
Levine Music & Arts Day Camp
Levine School of Music
2 locations:
Sallie Mae Hall, 2801 Upton St, NW
THEARC, 1901 Mississippi Avenue, SE
202-686-8000, ext. 1040; fax – 202-686-9733
Website: www.levineschool.org
Email: [email protected]
Session I:
6/23/14 - 7/11/14
Session II:
7/14/14 - 8/1/14
Half Day:
9:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Full Day:
9:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Half day
Full day
Extended AM or
PM - $230/session
Tuition includes
instrument rental
and camp t-shirt.
Morning Program:
Preschool and kindergarten campers – the program is designed to engage young
children in experiences that nurture musicality and creativity.
Activities include singing, arts and crafts, stories, percussion instruments, creative
dramatic, instrument making, movement and dance, and all-camp sing.
Opportunities to examine and have hands-on experience with several instruments
that include violin, piano, cello, flutophone, recorder, guitar, clarinet, trombone, and
other brass.
1 –6 grade campers – program offers an array of enriching music and art-related
activities that challenge children while emphasizing individual artistic development,
encouraging group participation and cooperation.
Children are grouped by age and grade and taught by professional teachers in art,
music and dance. Teen apprentices assist the teachers.
Activities include Dance Class, Art Class, Music Plus Class (Orff instruments), and
Percussion Class. Instrument Class for Grades 1-2 includes an “Instrument Sampler”
which gives students introductory lessons on a different instrument every few days.
Instrument Focus for Grades 3 - 6 concentrates on an instrument that the student
doesn’t already play. Instrument lessons offered depend on the teacher available but
can include violin, cello, flute, guitar or piano.
2014 Summer Activities Guide – District of Columbia
Name of Camp, Location and Contact Info
Dates & Hours
Cont’d - Levine Music & Arts Day Camp
Afternoon Program:
Pre-school and kindergarten campers participate in a creative multi - arts program
on a new theme. Other activities include dramatic play, arts and crafts, outdoor time,
stories, singing, free play and instrument making.
1 –6 grade campers experience an afternoon of musical theatre as well as
instrument building, arts and crafts, and outdoor games and sports.
Summer Teen Apprenticeships - if your child has experience in music, dance, or
theater and likes working with young children, this is the place to be this summer.
This program gives teens a chance to see excellent teachers in action, help plan
lessons, assist in teaching, learn effective techniques for dealing with children, and
perform for enthusiastic campers.
Living Classrooms Summer Camp
Two locations:
1. Hill Center at Old Naval Hospital
921 Pennsylvania Ave., SE
2. The Historic Schoolhouse
4954 MacArthur Blvd., NW
202-488-0627, X242; no fax number
Website: www.livingclassroomsdc.org
Email: [email protected]
Not available at
publication – usually
mid-June to late
9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.
Not available at
Little Discoverers (4-6 years) at Hill Center: during each one week session your
child will explore the unique aquatic environments of the region, create their own
volcanic eruptions, learn the essentials of camping, investigate the mysteries of our
prehistoric past through excavation, and discover the wonders of growing their own
food. Throughout the week, your child will experience a variety of themes that may
include: Forest Features and Creatures, Watery Worlds, Bone Diggers, Growing up
Green and Volcano Madness.
Junior Explorers (7-10 years) at the Historic Schoolhouse: your child will meet
and learn about their fellow campers while engaging in fun activities in and outdoors.
Kids will be scientists for the afternoon while they conduct a creek study in our
backyard, and meet the resident critters. They will explore the Washington DC area
and visit Fletcher’s Boat House, Aquatic Resource Education Center, and Diamond
Teague Park for fishing, canoeing, sports and games and a memorable trip aboard
our very own educational boat, M/V Mildred Belle.
Junior Explorer: Rivers (7-10 years) at Hill Center: This is the camp for boat
lovers! Similar to the Junior Explorers Camp, this camp offers a hands-on experiential
learning opportunity that they will always remember. On land, they learn about the
watershed and creatures that live in them. Then, twice during the week children
transform into scientists who perform observational tests, fisherman who pull up the
catch of the day, and boat captains who navigate the local rivers. At the end of the
week, Junior Explorers will receive an official Living Classrooms Shipboard Certificate
to commemorate their shipboard experience.
2014 Summer Activities Guide – District of Columbia
Name of Camp, Location and Contact Info
Lowell School Summer Programs
Director – Dawn Smith
1640 Kalmia Road, NW
202-577-2000; fax 202-577-2001
Website: www.lowellschool.org
Email: [email protected]
Dates & Hours
Early Bird Mini
(2.75 years-6
6/16/14 – 6/20/14
(programs vary):
Session I:
6/23/14 – 7/11/14
Session II:
7/14/14 - 8/1/14
Last Call Mini Camp
st th
(1 -9 grades):
8/4/14 – 8/8/14
Half Day
(Pre-primary only):
8:00 a.m.-12:15 p.m.
Per three-week
session (General;
Summer Stage;
and Tweens &
Full Day $1,085/session
Half Day (4-5
years) - $775
Pre-Primary Playmates (2.75-5 years): Playmates have their own indoor space and
use the expansive outdoor space for play, art projects, sand castles on their “beach,”
riding roller racer scooters, tricycles, and climbing.
Academic mix-ins $200
Full Day:
8:00 a.m.-3:15 p.m.
Extended Care $365/session
Mini Camps $130/session
Drop - In $28/day
Extended care until
6:00 p.m.
Limited financial
Campers enjoy instructional swim in their on-site pool. Inside are varied
manipulatives, puzzles, blocks, and balls.
Kindergarten Club: The Club enjoys a variety of projects, including crafts, games
and activities centered around a theme. Their day also includes a group swimming
lesson, a balance of structured and free play, and an occasional field trip.
Best Buddies (1st and 2nd Grades): Campers are assigned a “Home Base” from
which to make activity choices, have lunch, have group time and assemble as a
whole group.
Activity choices may include: art studio, dance and movement, sports and games,
Rock Creek Explorers, weaving, textile art, and jewelry-making. Academic Mix-ins
(choose one) Summer Phonovisual and Mathmatazz.
Fabulous Friends (3rd to 6th Grades): Mornings are comprised of a choice of 2
classes that Campers will attend each day for the entire session. Afternoon choices
will be comprised of new selections each day for variety.
Selections may include: beginning knitting, digital photography, beginning/advanced
hip-hop, beginning robotics, sports, cartoons, and kids in the kitchen.
Summer Stage (3rd-6th grade) – all aspects of theatrical production including, vocal,
dancing, and acting techniques. In 2014, they will produce “Gotta Have Glee,” and
“Seussical: The Musical.”
Specialty Programs (1st-6th grade): Hola Espanol; Go Karts and Scooters;
Horsemanship; and Outdoor Adventures.
Tweens & Teens: Amazing Race DC (12-14 years) . A huge hit where the campers
are challenged to find DC points of interest and little known locations. Armed with a
set of clues, campers research, map, and set out to find the history and culture that
make DC unique. CIT is also available (13 years old).
Early Bird and Last Call Mini Camps: Aquatics; Basketball; Fables, Fairytales,
Fitness and Fun; Fit and Crafty; Kick Start Skateboarding; Super Mario’s “Camp
Everything;” Young Writers Workshop, and Get Out Trips Camps.
2014 Summer Activities Guide – District of Columbia
Name of Camp, Location and Contact Info
Mad Science Summer Camp
Dates & Hours
6-11 years
6/16/14 – 8/29/14
(weeks & topics vary
per location)
Two locations:
St. Columba Church
4201 Albermarle St., NW
The Hill Center
921 Pennsylvania Ave, SE
202-625-1921; fax – 301-593-7062
Website: www.madscience.org/dc
Half Day
Science in Motion (ages 6-12): Themes are Crazy Chemistry, Jr. Engineers,
Machine Mania, Shutterbugs, Birds and the Beasts.
Full Day
Secret Agent Lab (ages 6-12): Discover Detection, Funky Forensics, Science of
Security, Sleuths on the Scene, Spy Academy.
AM - $50/week
PM - $100/2eek
Both - $125/week
Earth Space and Beyond (ages 6-12): Themes are Earth Awareness, Mad
Messages, Nature, Science of Sports, Space.
9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.
Half Day 9:00 a.m.-noon
1:00 - 4:00 p.m.
Email: [email protected]
Extended –
8:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m.
Sibling discounts
plus multi - camp
Red Hot Robots (ages 7-12): Robot Anatomy, Circuit Science, Common Sensors,
Robots 101, Advanced Robotics.
Crime Scene and Chemistry (ages 6-12): Themes are Cell City, Chemical
Counting, Organ Trail, Radical Reactions, Scene of the Crime.
3,2,1 Blast Off (ages 7-12): Rocket Scientists, Mission Control, Astronaut Training,
Mission Recovery, Go For Launch.
Eureka!- Invention Camp (ages 6-12): Children will overcome a series of challenges
using basic materials, simple machines, tips from famous inventors, and the most
important of all – their mind!
See website for complete descriptions.
Maret School Summer Programs
Contact – Opeyemi Laniyonu
3000 Cathedral Ave, NW
202-939-8814; fax – 202-839-8845
Website: www.maret.org (student life)
9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
(various programs)
Email: [email protected]
National Building Museum – Create Summer
Boys Football:
4:00 p.m.–6:00 p.m.
Grades 35
Boys Football:
Summer Camps – Choices include Boys Football, Outdoor Exploration Camp, Boys
& Girls Soccer, Girls Volleyball, and Movie Making,.
Exploration Camp:
International Summer trips for 2014 - programs in France, India, Sanibel, and
Soccer: 8 week-long
7/7/14 – 7/18/14
Members $650/session
401 F St., NW
202-272-2448, no fax number
Website: www.nbm.org
Designing Spaces:
7/21/14 – 8/1/14
Email: [email protected]
City Builders:
8/4/14 – 8/15/14
Non-Members $700/session
Extended $150/session
Engineering Challenge: How do buildings stand up? Why don’t bridges collapse?
Campers will answer these questions and many more through an investigative,
hands-on, approach to learning about engineering in the built environment.
Through constructing their own buildings, bridges, towers, and domes, and hearing
from professional engineers, campers will be challenged to experiment with different
materials and engineer the unexpected.
The session culminates with a presentation of camper’s creations and exploration of
the forces at work in many common structures.
9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.
3:00 - 5:30 p.m.
2014 Summer Activities Guide – District of Columbia
Name of Camp, Location and Contact Info
Cont’d - National Building Museum – Create
Summer Camp
Grades 3-5
401 F St., NW
202-272-2448, no fax number
Website: www.nbm.org
Dates & Hours
7/7/14 – 7/18/14
7/21/14 – 8/1/14
Email: [email protected]
Designing Spaces: Campers become designers as they plan, create, and build
everything from furniture and buildings to public parks and monuments. Campers will
consider both form and function in everyday objects and in the built environment
before finding inspiration for their own designs.
Members $650/session
Non-Members $700/session
Campers' creativity will be challenged while they consider solutions to interesting
problems during this fun hands-on camp. Join campers at the end of the session to
see their design gallery.
Extended $150/session
City Builders:
8/4/14 – 8/15/14
City Builders: Have you ever thought your neighborhood could use a park or
rollercoaster? Campers become city planners to investigate what's needed for a
community to thrive.
9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.
3:00 - 5:30 p.m.
National Presbyterian School
Summer Horizons Camp
3 years
Caitlin Webster, Director
4121 Nebraska Ave., NW
202-537-7579; fax – 202-537-7568
Website: www.nps-dc.org
Pre-K to K
Email: [email protected] or
[email protected]
National Speech
412 1 Street SE
Capitol Hill: 202-470-4185; fax: 877-350-8028
Bethesda: 301-493-0023
Germantown: 301-897-3245
Website: www.nationalspeech.com/summer-campclinics.html
st rd
1 -3
By examining the past, campers will envision and build a city of the future, deciding
what to include. In addition to analyzing the city of Washington, D.C., campers will
consider geographical influences on building designs and materials, and meet
professionals involved in city planning. The camper-created city will be revealed at the
end of this session.
10-week program
Open House May 3
Half Day:
8:30 a.m. –
1:00 p.m.
All forms due May
23 .
Full Day:
8:30 a.m. –
3:00 p.m.
th th
4 -6
Extended until
6:00 p.m.
on Program:
2-6 years
Sessions One:
6/23 to 7/18
From 9 a.m.- noon
6-18 years
Session Two:
7/21 to 8/15
From 9 .am. - noon
Must register online
or call for catalog
and prices.
Deposit: 50% of total
fee and 100% of
optional programs
due at registration.
Contact Keisha
Mathews at 202470-4185 to
schedule a
screening and learn
more about
Traditional Day Camp: Campers may sign up for one week, a combination of
weeks, or for the whole summer. Each week highlights include an all-camp
celebration or special snack day.
Every Friday campers will participate in a field trip around DC or, for our younger
campers, a special on-site activity or presentation (for example, a petting zoo, puppet
theatre, moon bounce, etc.).
Sports and Specialty Games option for our older campers will include themed
sports weeks to emphasize and teach basic skills in basketball, soccer, t-ball and
lacrosse, and generally have fun.
Campers have many options available to them - from outdoor play to board games to
Legos to jewelry making to bookmaking and scrapbooking. Also offered: Camp
Invention; Endless Summer; Pottery Camp; and Soccer Camp.
New to the Capitol Hill area in the District, National Speech offers a variety of special
needs services to children including speech therapy and autism services.
Summer clinics include Lively Lions (ages 2-3), Zooming Zebras (ages 3-6), Terrific
Tigers (ages 4-6) and JumpStart DC Clinic (ages 6-18).
Note: National Speech works with many Health Care Organizations (MCOs) in the
Email: [email protected]
2014 Summer Activities Guide – District of Columbia
Name of Camp, Location and Contact Info
Rock Creek Park Horse Center Summer Camps
8-14 years
5100 Glover Rd , NW
202-362-0117; fax 202-363-87647
Website: www.rockcreekhorsecenter.com
Email: [email protected]
St. Albans Summer Program
5-15 years
Karim Najdi, Director of Summer Programs
Peter Kelley, Director of Summer School
Mount St. Alban
Massachusetts & Wisconsin Aves, NW
202-537-6450; fax - 202-537-5278
Website: www.stalbansschool.org
Dates & Hours
10 1-Week Sessions:
6/16/14 – 8/22/14
Day Camp:
Day Camp:
9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.
Ponies & Friends:
3:30 p.m.-5:30 p.m.
Teen/Adult: 5:30
p.m.-8:30 p.m.
Ponies & Friends:
Not available at
Not available at
8:00 a.m.-3:30 p.m.
Head First Camps
7:30 a.m.-6:00 p.m.
Teen/Adult: $400$800/week
From the beginner to the more experienced, our campers learn to ride and care for
horses at all levels of accomplishment. Each session includes instruction, lectures on
horsemanship theory and safety, as well as trail rides, picnics and games.
Campers must bring a certified ATSM-SEI approved helmet manufactured after
the year 2000. A limited number of helmets are available for loan. Campers must
also bring long pants, closed-toed shoes (preferably with a hard sole and small heel)
and a bag lunch. See website for hours and additional details.
Combination of sports and academics:
Sport camps include football, tennis, swimming, wrestling, rowing, lacrosse and ice
hockey, as well as Head First Camps (day camps, discovery camps, single sport and
multiple sport camps).
Academic programs included: English, Mathematics, Foreign Language, Skills,
Computers, Social Science, Science, and test preparation.
Email: [email protected]
St. Anselm’s Abbey School – Abbey Adventures
Ages 7-15
Robert Alspaugh
Director of Summer Camp
4501 South Dakota Ave., NE
202-269-2374; no fax number
Website: www.saintanselms.org
Email: [email protected]
St. Columba's Day Camp
3-8 years
Email: [email protected]
St. Anselm’s hosts a wide variety of day programs for their students and the larger
Washington community. These classes range from the academic to the athletic,
covering subjects as diverse as Latin, karate, tennis, and robotics.
Six-week program
Session l: 6/22-7/11
Session ll: 7/14-8/1
4-8 years:$850 for
one or $1,600 for
both sessions
The campers will circle the globe to find adventure in other cultures’ literature,
celebrations, creatures and places. Continuation of the old favorites that make St.
Columba’s a throwback to the camps of one’s youth: sing-a-longs, Water Field Day,
picnics, cooking, plus our visiting artists’ program.
9:00 a.m.-noon
(3 year olds)
3 year old: $525 for
one or $950 for
both sessions
The 7 to 8 year old group will extend their exploration of the world with weekly field
trips by Metro or bus to museums and other sights around this exciting city.
9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.
(4-8 year olds)
Email: [email protected]
3825 Wisconsin Ave, NW
202-537-8133; fax – 202-537-2483
Website: www.sidwell.edu/summer
Not available at
8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
Timothy Welsh
4201 Albermarle St., NW
202-966-3047; no fax number
Website: www.columba.org
(Education and Formation)
Sidwell Summer
6/16/14 – 8/1/14
3–18 years
6/9/14 – 8/15/14
(weeks vary
Full day
Half day
A plethora of activities in this program including:
Lego-Engineering; and FUNdamentals (Grades K-5);
Handiwork (needle work crafts for K-6 grades);
Machine Sewing Camp (Grades 5-10);
Fiber Crafts (ages 3-4);
Explorers (arts, sports, academics, enrichment and more for Grades 2-5);
2014 Summer Activities Guide – District of Columbia
Name of Camp, Location and Contact Info
Cont’d - Sidwell Summer
Dates & Hours
3–18 years
8:45 a.m.-3:00 p.m.
3825 Wisconsin Ave, NW
202-537-8133; fax – 202-537-2483
Website: www.sidwell.edu/summer
Half Day
Full day
Half day
8:45 a.m.-noon
Email: [email protected]
Extended Day:
7:30 a.m.-6:00 p.m.
Half day - $550
Full day - $850
ExploreStar (ideal program for grades 6-9 to gain independence while
participating in awesome summer activities);
Community Service (Grades 7-10 – this summer they offer ABCs of Child
Development, Clean Up, and Helping Hands);
Sports programs (basketball, field hockey, Sidwell Summer Soccer, Soccer
CAP Program, DC Stoddert Girls Summer Academy Development Program
with Karen Kelser-Soccer; tennis and golf);
Academics-Credit and Non-Credit (math, science, English, skills in reading,
writing and vocabulary, PSAT/SAT/ACT prep, and college application essay
Extended (Pre-K th
8 grades):
Smithsonian Summer Camp
Smithsonian Institution
S Dillon Ripley Center
1100 Jefferson Dr., SW
202-633-3030; no fax number
Website: www.residentassociates.org/camp
Email - [email protected]
6/23/14 - 8/15/14
9:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
15+ years
8:00 a.m. – 6:00
$375/$433 per
available to
Metropolitan public
school students
with demonstrated
financial need.
The rich and exciting world of the Smithsonian Summer Camp program, now in its
45th year. Where else can campers blast into space or take center stage, create a
masterpiece or invent a fantasy world, or relive history or learn to shape the future of
the planet?
Examples of some of the activities:
Adventures In Hip Hop;
Masterpiece Theater;
Time Machine: China;
Video Games: Design and Play;
Fabrics of Folk Life;
Modern Art Detectives;
Robo Battles;
Anime: The Art of Japanese Animation;
Lego Robotics;
Pinhole Photography;
Science of the Smithsonian;
Art & Science in Motion;
On the Wild Side;
Explorations in Printmaking;
Green Thumbs;
Cartooning and Book Arts;
Out of This World Engineering; Early Animation and 3DFX; Muppet
Masterworks; and Sketch Comedy.
If you join the Smithsonian as a family, you will save on tuition. Registration starts
2/13/14 - fills up quickly!
2014 Summer Activities Guide – District of Columbia
Name of Camp, Location and Contact Info
Special Love Camps
17 Youth Development Court
Winchester, Virginia
1-888-930-2707 or 540-667-3774
Fax – 540-667-8144
Website: www.speciallove.org
Email: [email protected]
Spy Camp
7-17 years
Dates & Hours
Not available at
Camp relies on
donations from the
7-14 years
Spy Museum
800 F Street, NW
202-EYE-SPYU (202-654-0933); no fax number
Website: www.spymuseum.org
Established in 1983, Special Love is based out of Winchester, Virginia. The
organization provides fun and exciting events for kids with cancer year round.
The program is open to kids from through-out the metropolitan DC-area.
Camp Fantastic (4 - H Center in Front Royal, VA) - see Virginia Camp Guide
BRASS (Brothers and Sisters Shine) Camp and Weekend (Camp Maria,
Leonardtown, MD) – see Maryland Camp Guide
13-17 years
10-13 years
Fantastic Friends (4-H Center in Front Royal, VA) – please see Virginia Activity
Week 1:
7/28/14 – 8/1/14
Week 2
8/4/14 – 889/14
Early Bird
(Members - $395)
Somewhere deep inside the Museum, an elite group of recruits is lurking in the
shadows preparing to take on top secret missions. No one really knows who they
are, or for that matter, what they’re really up to.
(Members - $415)
Each day at Spy Camp is filled with top secret briefings and activities that will put spy
skills and street smarts to the test. Aspiring Kid Spy recruits will hone their tradecraft,
learn from real spies, and hit the streets to run training missions.
9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.
Email: [email protected]
They will develop a disguise for cover, make and break codes, discover escape and
evasion techniques, create and use spy gadgets, uncover the science behind
spying—all of this and more awaits young recruits!
Studio Theatre Acting Conservatory
Young Actors Ensemble
1501 14 St., NW
202-232-7267; fax – 202-588-5262
Website: www.studiotheatre.org
12-17 years
Session 1:
6/23/14 – 7/12/14
Session 1: $865
Session 2: $925
Session 2:
7/14/14 - 8/1/14
$25/day or
9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.
By audition only. Program for young actors with or without prior experience/training.
Through the auditions, the instructors carefully create dynamic ensembles that enable
individual students to develop to their fullest potentials.
The Young Actors Ensemble nurtures the creativity, develops the vocal and physical
skills, and enhances the young actors’ ability to perform and work together as part of
an ensemble.
Email: [email protected]
Extended care:
3:00 - 6:00 p.m.
Utilizing theatre games, pantomimes, improvisations, ensemble work, monologues
and scene study from both contemporary and classical literature, students expand
their concentration, observation skills, ability and enjoyment in performing.
Movement, Voice, and Improvisation classes augment the acting program and it
culminates in a final showing of their work at the end of each session.
2014 Summer Activities Guide – District of Columbia
Name of Camp, Location and Contact Info
Summer at St. Patrick's
3-14 years
Holli Matze, Summer Camp Director
St. Patrick’s Episcopal Day School
4700 Whitehaven Pkwy, NW
202-295-6476, fax - 202-342-7001
Website: www.stpatsdc.org
Email : [email protected]
Dates & Hours
6/16/14 – 8/8/14
Nursery School
Half Day:
Full Day:
8:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. Full Day: $430/week
Half day:
8:30 a.m. – Noon
Lower School
Half Day:
Early Arrival
7:45 - 8:30 a.m.
Full Day: $440/week
Extended care
3:00 - 6:00 p.m.
Middle School
TIC Summer Camp
Emily Riedel, Owner/Executive Director
Georgetown Day School
High School campus
4200 Davenport St, NW
703 -241-5542; fax – 703-995-4681
Website: www.ticcamp.com
7-10 years
8:30 a.m. –
3:00 p.m.
Extended care:
3:00 - 6:00 p.m.
Email: [email protected]
Washington International School
Passport to Summer Camp
Session 1:
6/16/14 - 6/27/14
Session 2:
6/30/14 - 7/11/14
Session 3:
7/14/14 - 7/25/14
Session 4:
7/28/14 - 8/8/14
3-16 years
6/23/14 – 8/8/14
1690 36 St., NW (Georgetown)
Michelle Broadie
Director of Auxiliary Programs
202-243-1727; fax–202-243-1802
Website: www.wis.edu (school life)
8:45 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Email: [email protected]
3:00 – 6:00 p.m.
Half Day 9:00 a.m. - 12:00
$75/session extra
$30/session extra
Extended Day:
$25/day or
Sibling and multiple
session discounts
Explorers, and
Full Day
Half day
The school’s fabulous facilities include well-equipped classrooms, technology and
science labs, an athletic field, a full-sized gym, art studios and 3 playgrounds.
Children swim at GWU’s Mt. Vernon Campus across the street.
Summer at St. Patrick’s invites children to engage in favorite and new activities,
wonder about the world around them, and create their own vision of summer bliss
with activities in sports, the arts, science, swimming, cooking, and theatre.
Physical activity is included daily throughout the program, beginning in Nursery
School and extending to Summer Seniors and Specialty Camps.
In addition, students can engage in tennis, fencing, private swim lessons, and dance
(Hip Hop, Latin and Urban dance) in exciting After-Camp Explorations.
See detailed information on each program, including tuition for specialty programs on
the website.
This camp features a unique balance of cutting edge technology instruction and
vigorous athletics.
Technology includes programming, robotics, animation, web design, digital music,
digital arts, and filmmaking.
Athletic choices include tennis, soccer, basketball, softball, volleyball, team handball,
street hockey, dance, flag football, Ultimate Frisbee, capture the flag, games, yoga,
Zumba, and gymnastics.
Juniors play a wide variety of sports, while Seniors can focus on one sport for an hour
each day.
In a world increasingly without borders, Passport to Summer welcomes students from
Washington, DC and beyond, offering a unique international and multicultural
experience within a wide range of programs.
Passport to Summer is a safe and nurturing environment where children have fun as
they are encouraged to develop new interests and appreciate other cultures, while
becoming more self-reliant and confident in their own abilities.
2014 Summer Activities Guide – District of Columbia
Name of Camp, Location and Contact Info
Cont’d - Washington International School
Passport to Summer Camp
1690 36 St., NW (Georgetown)
Michelle Broadie
Director of Auxiliary Programs
202-243-1727; fax–202-243-1802
Website: www.wis.edu (school life)
Various locations throughout the City
(please see website)
1-800-433-YMCA; no fax number
Website: www.ymcadc.org
6/23/14 – 8/8/14
8:45 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Half Day 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
3:00 – 6:00 p.m.
Email: [email protected]
YMCA Camps
Dates & Hours
6/23/13 – 8/27/14
9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
ESOL: $330/week
Traditional camp programs as well as performance (Garage Band, for example) and
visual arts, robotics, cooking, multi-media, French, Spanish, Chinese and ESOL.
Transportation from World Bank (7:50 a.m. pick-up) and WIS Tregaron campus (8:10
a.m. pick-up). Drop-in available for $20 per trip.
Extended care:
Pizza Friday: $8
Transportation :
One way
$60- $75/week
Round Trip
Traditional and Specialty Day Camps as well as Teen Leadership program (CIT),
YMCA Summer of Service (ages 12-14), and overnight programs. Specialty Camps
include: gymnastics, dance, aquatics, sailing, drama, art, science and technology,
computers, marital arts/Tae Kwon Do, sports and environment/nature.
Extended care:
7:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Email: [email protected]