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Wednesday, Feb. 11, 2015
For the record
A new way to fish
Department handled approximately 60 calls between Feb
2 to 8. Officers responded to
the following calls:
On Feb 2:
—Officers received a
report of an inappropriate text
sent to a resident from a
known acquaintance. The
officer received details and
then made contact with the
suspect. The officer received
additional information and
advised both involved to
please cease contact with
each other for the rest of their
On Feb. 4:
—Officers received a
report of possible tampering
with U.S. Mail at a residence
on Third Avenue NE. Officers
received details of the situation, started a report, and are
An officer received a call
from a citizen reference a
parking problem in the lot of
a building on Third Avenue
NE. Officer advised the caller
on options.
On Feb. 5:
—Officers received a
parking complaint involving
a delivery truck blocking traffic on First Street at Third
Avenue SW. Officer made
contact with the driver of the
truck and advised.
—Officers received a
report from a resident on the
900 block of Oak Street reference suspicious activity
involving an occupied vehicle
in the area. Details were
received, a report started, and
Officers will be monitoring
area for suspect vehicle(s)
involved in this incident.
—An officer responded to
the Crosby Memorial Park on
Serpent Lake after receiving a
driving complaint involving
two vehicles. The officer
made contact with both drivers and sternly advised on
driving conduct.
—An officer responded to
First Street NW on a parking
complaint involving a vehicle
blocking a driveway. The
officer made contact with the
registered owner of the vehicle and advised.
—Officers received a
report of a theft from a motor
vehicle that was parked on
Eighth Street NE. Loss information was received and a
report generated with details.
—An officer responded to
Curtis Avenue and Second
Street, Ironton and assisted
Department on a traffic stop
On Feb. 6:
—Officers received a
report of a scam involving a
check being sent to a Crosby
resident after they answered
an ad on Craig’s List. The
check was fraudulent.
—An officer responded to
a residence off of west State
Highway 210 and assisted the
Crow Wing County Sheriff’s
—An officer responded to
East Main Street on a report
of a child locked inside of a
vehicle. The officer was able
to free the child from the car.
All was okay.
—Officers responded to
West Main Street on a call of
a juvenile male who was
pointing what appeared to be
a handgun at passing vehicles. Officers located the
juvenile near Second Avenue
NW and West Main Street
with a plastic gun that looked
very real. Officers advised the
juvenile male and made contact with parent and advised
them of the incident.
—An officer responded to
a residence on First Street NE
along with the Crosby Fire
Department on a call of a carbon monoxide detector alarm.
Officer assisted. It was determined the detector was old
and needed replacing.
—Officers responded to a
residence on Edwards Drive
and assisted the Crow wing
County Sheriff’s Department
on a domestic disturbance
On Feb. 7:
—Crow Wing County dispatch advised Officer of a gas
drive off/theft that was reported from a business on Third
Avenue SW. Vehicle description was received. The officer
made contact with the regis-
tered owner who had forgotten to pay for the gas. Owner
took care of the bill a short
time later.
—A cellular phone was
found on Serpent Lake and
turned into the police department where it was secured.
Officer made contact with the
owner and phone and owner
were reunited.
—Officers responded to
the area of Third Avenue NW
after receiving a report of four
kids throwing rocks at street
lights. Officers located four
juvenile males at Third
Avenue and Third Street NW
and identified them. The kids
told officers they were having
a snowball fight and were not
trying to hit the lights. No
damage was noted at the time.
Officers advised all of the kids
and parents were notified of
the incident.
—Officers received a
report of a possible gas drive
off/theft that occurred at a
business on Oak Street.
Officer made contact with the
registered owner of the vehicle and received information
on the situation. Registered
owner was going to the store
and straighten things out.
—Late in the evening, officers checked on an occupied
suspicious vehicle parked on
Serpent Lake with its parking
lights illuminated for a long
period of time. Officers made
contact with owner who was
found to be “jigging” out of
his car. Not even kidding.
(Owner stated the hard part
was cutting the holes in the
floorboards.) Unknown how
many fish were caught with
this technique.
On Feb. 8:
—An officer responded to
a residence on Erie Avenue
after receiving a report of an
open garage door there. The
officer checked the house and
garage, and all appeared okay
at the residence.
—Officers responded to
Fourth Street SW after receiving a call from a citizen who
reported their scooter broke
down. Officers assisted in
transporting the individual
home along with the scooter.
—Officer was flagged
down by a citizen who stated
they found a cellular phone on
the 800 block of Oak Street.
The phone was secured by an
officer for owner to claim.
The next day, the owner came
to the police station and
recovered the phone.
—An officer responded to
Second Street in Ironton after
receiving a request from the
Deerwood Police Department
for assistance on a traffic stop.
Officer assisted and completed a report.
—Officers received a
report of a disturbance/customer problem involving a
declined credit card the customer was attempting to use
for a purchase. Officers spoke
with those involved, received
information, started a report,
and are continuing to gather
details on the situation.
Other calls of the week
included: domestic disturbances; alarm calls; assisted
citizens with motor vehicle
problems; welfare checks;
juvenile runaways; driving
complaints; medical calls;and
a car-deer kill possession permit.
The following warnings
and citations were issued during the week: five for speeding; one for a stop sign violation; one for seatbelt infraction; six for an equipment violation; one for illegal passing
on the right;
Officers received a report
of several dogs barking for a
long time at a residence on
Third Street NE. An officer
attempted contact with the
owner of the dogs but could
not locate them at that time.
Officer started a report and
later did locate the owner who
was advised on the City
Ordinance violations and
advised to get the dogs registered.
Sheriff reports burglaries
down in Crow Wing County
During the year 2014,
Crow Wing County Sheriff
Todd Dahl made a challenge
to deputies that he would like
to see a reduction in property
“Burglaries have always
been a high priority,” Dahl
said, however, “it seems as
though we have a tendency to
get wrapped up in many other
things and we place it on the
back burner.”
With that being said,
Sheriff Dahl would like to
report that the sheriff’s office
has reduced burglaries in
Crow Wing County by 56
percent in 2014. This has a
been a collaborative effort
between investigators, field
deputies and records where
new initiatives were developed to aggressively combat
the significant burglary issue
we have in the lakes area. “It
is an honor to represent these
officers and see the way they
rise to the occasion.”
Some of these initiatives
included regular meetings
between sheriff’s office
investigators where in-depth
discussion regarding evidence and/or suspects take
place. “They do tremendous
work and I couldn’t be more
proud,” Dahl added.
Last year, each investigator was assigned to a field
division team so that communication would happen in real
Website for travel
To find out up-to-date road
condition information, visit In previous
years, winter road conditions
were reported by counties only.
Now, conditions are reported
on segments or stretches of
specific roads (U.S. routes,
interstate highways, and state
Tax fraud tip line
The Minnesota Department of Revenue has a 24hour tip line for anyone who
suspects an individual or
business is violating tax laws.
That number is 651-2975195, or 1-800-657-3500
(TTY users call 711 for
Minnesota Relay). Tipsters
may remain anonymous and
can also e-mail the department at [email protected] In 2012, citizen tips
totaled 80 percent of the
department’s criminal case
time. Statistical data related to
burglaries was frequently
reviewed and field saturations
were planned to cover high
risk areas. Regular communication with the public was
shared to help spread the word
throughout the community
which helped investigators by
enlisting the public’s observations regarding suspicious
“The willingness of our
public to get involved and
make the phone call has been
tremendous and our office
can’t do this without the help
of the people, Dahl said.”
“The key to this is the actual
first report from the victim, to
the officer in the field, and
then to on-going follow-up for
past and current leads.”
The Crow Wing County
Sheriff’s Office continues to
work into 2015 toward further
reducing burglaries that can
plague the community. Dahl
would like to continue to
spread the word and solicit the
community to report anything
suspicious in their neighborhoods including vehicle, people or things that appear out of
place. Working together with
the community is a key piece
in keeping burglars out of our
area and keeping our communities safe.
If you wish to report anything please contact the sheriff’s office at 829-4749 or visit
us on the web at www.crow Callers can
remain anonymous.
TIP hotline
Anyone witnessing a fish
or wildlife violation is
encouraged to contact the 24
Turn-InPoachers (TIP) hotline at
800-652-9093. Cell phone
users can dial #TIP.
Recycling ink
cartridges at
Hallett Library
Recycle your empty computer printer inkjet cartridges
and help the Jessie F. Hallett
Memorial Library of Crosby.
Business and individual
computer users are asked to
save their empty inkjet and
toner cartridges. These cartridges are collected at the
library. The used cartridges are
then purchased by a firm for $1
to $2, depending on the brand
and model number.
All proceeds benefit
JFHML Friends Foundation.
Sheriff asks for
information on
suspicious fire
Crow Wing County
authorities are asking anyone
with information about a suspicious fire that destroyed a
man's home and damaged his
nearby business to call the
Minnesota Arson Hotline.
The blaze at Grandpa's
General Store in Merrifield—
about 15 miles north of
Brainerd—happened in the
early morning hours of
November 1, 2014, and was
reported by a passerby who
spotted flames from County
Road 3.
Investigators discovered
gasoline trails surrounding
the home and store. Three
other nearby buildings were
doused with gasoline but
never caught fire.
Anyone with information
or who saw anything suspicious in the area around the
time of the fire is asked to call
the Minnesota Arson Hotline
at 800-723-2020. Information
can also be submitted online
at home/
A $2,000 to $6,000
reward is available for information or assistance that
leads to an arrest.
The owners of Grandpa's
General Store, 26044 County
Road 3, are repairing the shop
and hope to open in the
spring. The home was a total
loss. The fire remains under
investigation by the Crow
Wing County Sheriff's Office
and the Minnesota State Fire
Marshal Division.
Operation Round
Up donations
The Crow Wing Power
Community Trust Board
donated $43,100 to local community programs during their
first quarter meeting held in
January. Operation Round-Up
funds were distributed to the
following projects: $500 to
Quilters, Little Falls; $500 to
Smile Again Ministries,
Crosslake; $500 to RSVP—
Emily Quilters; $1,000 to
Priceless for Purpose, Pequot
Lakes; $1,500 to Kinship of
Morrison County, Little Falls;
$26,600 to twelve area food
shelves; $1,000 to Confidence
Learning Center, Brainerd;
$1,000 to Camp Knutson,
Crosslake; $2,000 to Lakes
Area Restorative Justice
Project, Brainerd; $2,000 for
criminal justice training,
Brainerd; $500 to Brainerd
Lakes Area Early Childhood
Coalition; $2,500 to University
of St. Thomas, Center for
$1,000 to Little Falls Area
Network; $500 to Fun Books
for Kids, Pequot Lakes; and
$2,000 to Private Cooperative
Member Crisis Medical
Operation Round Up is
funded by participating members of Crow Wing Power who
allow the cooperative to round
up their electric bills to the
nearest whole dollar. The
additional change is pooled
and distributed quarterly.
Since the program’s inception
in late 1996, Round Up has
donated more than $2,715,000
to community projects and
programs in Cass, Crow Wing
and Morrison counties.
The next quarterly meeting
is scheduled for April 30.
Grant forms can be obtained
by calling Crow Wing Power
at 829-2827 or 1-800-6489401 or at www.cwpower. com.
The deadline for grant applications is April 10.
Lueck, Heintzeman
to host property
tax listening
In response to expressed
constituent concerns regarding rising property taxes,
Rep. Dale Lueck, R—Aitkin
and other legislators will be
hosting property tax listening
sessions in both Aitkin and
Brainerd on Saturday, Feb.
The purpose of the sessions will be to gather input
on property tax matters.
“One of my top legislative
priorities is finding ways of
lowering area property tax
rates,” Lueck said. “This is a
problem that continues to
escalate and these local meetings provide great opportunities for people to provide
their local legislators with
input regarding their property
tax situations. Information we
receive from area citizens
will be very helpful as we
consider legislation and look
for ways to alleviate the challenges people face.
Weekly DNR report…
Assisting students
Activity this week included checking ice fishing activity, inspection of ice shelters
for marking and licensing
requirements, and assisting
high school biology students
in utilizing the TIP Wall of
Shame for studies in wildlife
Enforcement contacts were
Cuyuna police
calls last month
Department responded to the
following calls during the
past month: three for speeding; one headlight out and
one for dragging a big tree
branch under the vehicle.
Agency assists included
helping the Brainerd Police
Department with locating
Tactical Team was called out;
assisted the Minnesota State
Patrol with an accident/DWI
arrest on State Highway 6 and
Black Lake Road and assisted
Department with a disturbance on East Main Street in
Other calls included a
theft complaint on Kruse
Street; a medical assist on
Powder House Road; a driving complaint on Iron Hub
Road; a lost—and found—
cat; a burglary report on Main
Street; a welfare check completed on Main Street, a medical assist on Cottontail Drive
and suspicious activity on
Main Street.
Senior dining menu
The menu at the Senior
Citizen Dining Center program sites for Feb. 16-20 follows. Due to scheduling
changes, all sites will have
the same menu, but not all
sites will be served their
meals at the same time.
Participants in the meal
program are asked to make
reservations before 1 p.m. on
the day before they plan to
attend. For reservations, call
Noon meals will be delivered to your Crosby, Deerwood
or Ironton home for the low
cost of $4.50 per meal.
Service is Monday through
Friday. Weekend meals available (Thursday delivery).
Delivery is free. This service
is available to all ages.
Waiver certified. Call Tena at
218-546-5855 for more information.
MONDAY — Ham and
scalloped potatoes, green
beans and fruit.
TUESDAY — Country fried
steak, mashed potatoes and
gravy, creamed cabbage and
W E D N E S D AY —
Hamburger stroganoff, glazed
carrots and jello with topping.
THURSDAY—Burger on
a bun, baked beans, tri-taters
and cake.
FRIDAY — Chicken strips,
mashed potatoes and gravy,
stewed tomatoes and bar.
MN nice... MN ice
Syrstad, Robin Ware, Brady
Sykora, Amanda Meyer and
Tim Tungseth will be taking
the Plunge to support Special
Olympics Minnesota and the
local Special Olympics
The group will be raising
money so they can jump into
a frozen Minnesota lake on
March 7 at Breezy Point
Each member of the team
has set a personal fund-raising goal of $75 per team
member. To support the team,
please go to
and search under ‘Find participants’
05.CRI CrosbyIronton.You may also give
your donation to a team member or mail it to Special
Olympics Minnesota, 100
Washington Avenue South,
Suite 550, Minneapolis,
Additional team members
are also being sought. Sign up
online to join the team.
St. Vincent de
Paul offers help
The Society of St. Vincent
de Paul is a help-based organization which helps those in
To contact the Society,
call 534-3182 or e-mail:
[email protected]
made for ice shelter license
and marking violations.
To contact your local
DNR conservation officer, call
High Tunnel
conference Feb.
17-18 in Baxter
University of Minnesota
Extension is leading a 2015
Minnesota Statewide High
Tunnel Conference, to be
held Tuesday and Wednesday,
Brainerd Lakes, Baxter. High
tunnels (HT), also called
hoop houses, are temporary
structures that extend the
growing season.
A Beginning High Tunnel
Grower Workshop with a
“Basics of High Tunnel
Production” session will be
held the morning of the first
day, Tuesday, Feb. 17, from 8
a.m. to noon for beginning
growers and those needing a
review. The main conference
will begin at 12:45 p.m. on
Tuesday and run through
Wednesday afternoon, Feb.
Keynote speaker for this
year’s conference is Steve
Bogash, Penn State Extension
Educator. Steve will present
four different topics:
Ventilation in HT
—Advances in HT Bell
Pepper Production
In addition to the
keynote topics, main conference topics include:
—Understanding Spider
Mites and Other HT Insects
—Fruit Production in HT
—Oxygen Drip Tape
Injection Research
—Understanding Your
HT Irrigation Water: Putting
It Into Your Total Plan
—Do Colored Ground
Plastics Make a Difference in
HT Production?
—Effective Pest Scouting
and Control Methods, and HT
Sprayer Technology
—Current University of
Minnesota Research with HT
Tomato, Pepper, Eggplant
Ventilation in Detail
—Current University of
Minnesota Research with
Winter Production in HT
—Cover Crops in HT
A new feature this year
will be irrigation water testing. Participating growers are
encouraged to bring a sample
of their irrigation water with
them to the conference for
free analysis. Water samples
(one cup per well; one cup per
container) can be placed in a
clean self-sealing bag or
clean container with lid. One
self-sealing bag inside of
another works well. Bring
samples to day one of the
For more information or
to request a brochure and registration form contact Sue
Schuler at the University of
Regional Office, Grand
Rapids at 327-5958 (ext.
3001) or [email protected];
or visit the High Tunnel Web
site at http://hightunnels.
Businesses give
gifts for Women’s
Wellness event
Chamber of Commerce and
Development Committee participated
Women’s Welness event in
Brainerd last week. The following women won gifts provided by businesses in
Crosby during the event:
—Mountain Bike t-shirt
and Soup Walk Recipe book,
Ronie Irish.
—Gifts Galore gift certificate, Maxine Deber.
—Ya Betcha Bar and Grill
t-shirt and Soup Walk recipe
book, Jenny Kellerman.
—Ya Betcha Bar and Grill
gift certificate, Claudia
—Mid Minnesota Federal
Credit Union back pack and
water bottles, Kathy Yeh.
—Unity Bank cooler and
healthy snacks, Mandy
—Crosby Bar gift certificate, Lori Wenll.
—C-I Courier gift certificate, Sasha Bailey.