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 MPCH was established by the
69th legislature, regular
session in 1985
 In 1986, MPCH became
 Staff of 8
Assists law enforcement, families, nonprofit organizations, and the general
public in handling the problem of
missing and unidentified persons
Central repository for information
pertaining to missing persons and
unidentified living/dead
Publication and distribution of photos
Training for law enforcement
Analytical assistance
The unit was created in 2007 to strengthen
law enforcement’s compliance with
requirements for documenting information of
unidentified persons and unidentified skeletal
remains in Texas.
In addition, UPDU is responsible for
educating law enforcement on their
requirement to submit DNA samples from
unidentified human remains to the University
of North Texas Health Center for Human
Identification for entry into the DNA database.
The text of Texas Statutes relating to missing and
unidentified persons can be found in:
Code of Criminal Procedure (Chapter 63 and 49)
Education Code
Family Code
Government Code
Health and Safety Code
Penal Code
 Chapter 20
• Kidnapping and Unlawful Restraint
 Chapter 25
• Offenses Against the Family
 Interference with child custody
 Enticing a child
 Harboring a runaway
 Sale or purchase of child
 Interference with rights of guardian
 Chapter 37
• False reporting regarding a missing child or
42 USC 5779
– Requires Federal, State, and Local law
enforcement to report to NCIC each case
of a missing child under the age of 21.
* This law removes the ambiguity about 17
year olds.
Attempted Child Abduction Reporting
High Risk Missing Children Reporting
Grant Funding
Missing Child Reporting Training (TCOLE / NCMEC)
law enforcement officer or local law enforcement agency
reporting an attempted child abduction to the clearinghouse shall
make the report by use of the Texas Law Enforcement
Telecommunications System or a successor system of
telecommunication used by law enforcement agencies and
operated by the Department of Public Safety.
 SECTION 5. Article 63.009, Code of Criminal Procedure, is
amended by adding Subsection (a-1) to read as follows:
 (a-1) A local law enforcement agency, on receiving a report of an
attempted child abduction, shall immediately, but not later than
eight hours after receiving the report, provide any relevant
information regarding the attempted child abduction to the
 Except as provided by Code of Criminal Procedure Art.
63.0016, “attempted child abduction” means an act taken
with the specific intent to abduct a child that amounts to
more than mere preparation to abduct a child but fails to
result in an actual abduction. This term may include the
attempted commission of offenses found in Penal Code
Sections 20.02 (Unlawful Restraint), 20.03 (Kidnapping),
20.04 (Aggravated Kidnapping), and any act of deception,
intimidation, enticement, coercion, threat, or use of
physical force related to those offenses.
 In such situations, a report shall be submitted to the
department in accordance with Code of Criminal Procedure
Chapter 63.
We are requesting:
 Force
 Threat
 Luring
We track via TxMap
Monitor for trends
Provide information for investigations
Provide statistics to Legislatures
 Art. 63.0091.
 (a)
The public safety director of the Department of Public Safety shall
adopt rules regarding the procedures for a local law enforcement agency
on receiving a report of a missing child who:
 (1)
had been reported missing on four or more occasions in the 24month period preceding the date of the current report; or
 (2)
is in foster care or in the conservatorship of the DFPS and had been
reported missing on two or more occasions in the 24-month period
preceding the date of the current report.
CCP Article 63.009 (c)
All Texas law enforcement agencies are required
to enter information about all unidentified
bodies into the clearinghouse and NCIC
unidentified person file. LE agency shall not
later than the 10th working day after the date
of the death is reported to the agency, enter all
available identifying features of the
unidentified body (fingerprints, dental records,
unusual characteristics and clothing
description) into the clearinghouse and NCIC.
 Amber Alert
— Implemented on September 12, 2002. The AMBER Alert system notifies the
public of a child abduction. The system electronically activates highway signs
and distributes vehicle information within a 200 mile radius of the abduction.
 Silver Alert
— Implemented on September 1, 2007. The Silver Alert system notifies the public
of missing elderly people (age 65 and older) who are diagnosed with mental
impairments, such as Alzheimer’s Disease.
 Endangered Missing Persons Alert
— Implemented on September 1, 2011. The Endangered Missing Persons Alert
system is a means to assist law enforcement in the recovery of missing persons
with a diagnosed intellectual disability and notifies the public of a missing
disabled person.
 Missing Persons File
Data Collection Entry Guide; NCIC Initial Entry Report Form
 Unidentified Persons File
Data Collection Entry Guide; NCIC Initial Entry Report Form
 TCIC audit requires supporting documentation for each
record entry into TCIC/NCIC. Make a copy of each of these three
documents to keep in file.
 ORI’s Initial Case Report
 NCIC Initial Entry Report Form
 NCIC Record Entry
 Checks and balances…
– Before entry…
 Query TCIC/NCIC for the missing person
 Query the person of interest (PWI)
 Query for registration of vehicle involved
 Entry of a missing person needs to be accurate and timely.
 As information is obtained, modify the record entry.
* Remember - Make a copy of the modified record for file.
Scars, Marks, Tattoos and Other
Dental History
FPC (Finger Print Class)
DNA and Location of DNA
 Jewelry Type & Description
 Vision
 Image of missing person & PWI
 Supplemental Information is important
AKA’s include
Names, DOB’s, SOC’s, SID’s, OLN’s, ARN, etc.
 Body Parts Status
 Scars, Marks, Tattoos and Other Characteristics
 Jewelry Type & Description
 Dental
 FPC (Finger Print Class)
 Medical Examiner, Case # and Location
 DNA and Location of DNA
 Images
* These messages need to be given to the assigned investigator
 Entry and modification of unidentified persons (living or deceased)/
human remains into NCIC.
 The modification of a missing persons record in NCIC.
 Research and review of $.M possible matches.
 Entry onto the TX DPS Missing and Unidentified Person website.
 Fingerprint submission on state and national levels.
 Coordination of NCIC fingerprint coding.
 Update NCIC entry with fingerprint code; Rerun of prints.
 Coordination of dental charting and comparisons
 Updating dental information in NCIC
 Entry of dental x-rays, models and photos into NDIR
 DPS DL Biometric facial recognition system search
 Search of state and national missing person files
 Submission of cases to various websites and publications
 Coordination with a forensic artist
 Coordination of DNA submission
CCP Art 63.008 – The Texas Education Agency
shall develop and administer a program for
the location of missing children who may be
enrolled within the Texas school system,
including nonpublic schools, and for the
reporting of children who may be missing or
who may be unlawfully removed from
EDC 25.002
Contact MPCH when:
– A child is registered without a birth
– No copy of prior school records is received
– Child’s birth certificate appears altered
– Any other suspicious behavior
Missing Persons Clearinghouse flags
birth records of missing/abducted
Children 10 and under
 The Clearinghouse works with Register Tapes Unlimited and HEB in the
Light the Candle program which places photos of area missing children on
the back of HEB register receipt tapes.
 Implemented in the summer of 1999
 Features one child per five stores every 90 days.
 The mission of TDCJ “Behind the Walls,” is to link law enforcement and
incarcerated felons to solve crimes left unsolved due to lack of
 Offenders can report the information to the confidential Crime
Stoppers address.
 Reward is placed into offender’s trust fund.
 Reward may be sent to a family member designated by the offender.
 At no time is the identity of the offender revealed.
 An international treaty governing the return
of internationally abducted children.
 It is a civil matter only.
 Law enforcement should only locate the
child and/or abductor
 The matter is handled in the court system.
Vital Statistics
Birth records
Death records
Marriage and divorce records
 The primary function of the NDIR is to provide a place for
agencies to voluntarily house supplemental dental images in a
Web environment. This will allow for the information to be
readily retrieved by qualified individuals performing dental
comparisons between Missing/ Wanted person files and the
Unidentified Person files in NCIC.
 A second function of the NDIR is to allow agencies who have an
interest in having their dental coding reviewed for accurate and
consistent NCIC coding by an experienced forensic odontologist
to do so. Submitted records will be reviewed and compared to
the information coded on the NCIC record. If discrepancies are
noted, the agency will be contacted and advised of the errors.
Senate Bill 1304
High risk missing persons
– Stranger abduction
– Unknown or suspicious circumstances
– Missing more than 30 days
– If the person is believed to be
deceased or in danger
Unidentified persons
The University of North Texas Center for
Human Identification is a national resource for
the identification of missing persons and
unidentified remains combining the services of
Laboratory of Molecular Identification with the
Laboratory of Forensic Anthropology.
For more information, submission forms
and sample collection kits
 On March 27,2006
the head of an
unidentified male
was discovered in
a city sanitation
 The body was
never recovered
 DNA warm hit to Kevin Thomas Walsh
 The circumstances of Walsh’s death are still
Rosa Sandoval
DOB: May 8, 1992
DLC: May 27, 2004
Rosa was abducted
from her home.
Rosa was reported
missing to San Antonio
Police Department and
entered into
Received DNA @ lab
July 7, 2004.
Bexar County
Sheriff’s Office
DBF: December 10,
A skull was located
in Bexar County in a
ravine that had
recently flooded; so
no other remains
were located.
Received DNA @ lab
December 20, 2004.
TX Missing Persons Clearinghouse and
Unidentified Persons & DNA Unit
Direct: 512-424-5074
Hotline: 1-800-346-3243
Susan Burroughs
Teresa Becker
Courtney Fowler
Texas Rangers
Crimes Against Children Center
Lt. Derek Prestridge
Lance Fuller
Kristin Fabry
Heidi Prather
Program Supervisor
Carolyn Mellon
Melanie Schramm