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21 hour charity fundraiser
By Kendyl Drummond
Unlike most 21 year olds, Tom Filmer of Upper
Moutere is planning on celebrating his 21st birthday with a charity fundraiser event by riding up
Barnicoat Hill 21 times in 21 hours.
The ex-Waimea College student is a competitive road and mountain biker who has competed
in cycle races all over the world including France,
Canada, America, Switzerland, Italy and Austria
and was also been a member of the junior New
Zealand cross Country Mountain biking team.
Tom is currently studying a Diploma in
Marketing and Business in Christchurch, though
up until he began his studies, he spent his time
either cycling overseas or working and saving
money for his travels.
To help raise funds for his trips each year the
community and businesses have helped through
fundraising or sponsorship.
In 2012 he did a 355km road bike ride which
was 12 hours of riding, and in 2014, he did a
240km ride with 6000m of climbing.
One of the rides included cycling over Takaka
Hill, down the Rameka Track, through Upper
Takaka, through Barons Flat in to the Motueka
Valley, up to the top of Mount Campbell then
For his 21st birthday this year however, he has
decided to give back to the community by fundraising for the Nelson Tasman Hospice.
On the 8th of February at 4.00am Tom will
begin his first ascent up Barnicoat Hill, which he
will then climb another 20 times over the space
of 21 hours.
“For most of us mear-mortals it would take an
hour to climb and the record for going up it the
fastest is 20 minutes,” says Mike Gane, organiser of Rainbow Rage and a supporter of Tom’s
competitive cycling career.
“Put it this way, if he gets up there in 20 minutes, he still has to come back down – then go
back up again another 20 times!”
Mike, the ex-owner of the Cycle Shop in
Stoke, has had plenty of respect for Tom since
he walked in to the store when he was 14 and
introduced himself as
“the Tominator”.
“This is awesome
for a young man to be
doing this and a huge
responsibility. He’s a
great guy doing a great
job,” Mike says.
Tom is encouraging the community to
jump on their bike and
ride up Barnicoat Hill
with him on one of his
ascents – though you
won’t be expected to
do the whole 21!
There will be a donation bucket on the day
at the bottom of the hill
for people wishing to
contribute to his fundraising for the Nelson
Tasman Hospice, or
alternatively, you can
deposit money into
the following account:
12-3040-057266451 with your name
or business (for tax
rebate purposes) as
the reference.
Tom Filmer at the
top of Takaka Hill.
He will be cycling up
Barnicoat Hill 21 times
in 21 hours for his
21st birthday to raise
funds for charity.