PRESS RELEASE Marcio Marques Rave Icon & Benson

Berlin, February 2015
Marcio Marques
Special Music Performers
Rave Icon & Benson
The Outlanders
Saturday, March 14th 2015
Once again - with great pleasure - Berlin´s venue for art and fashion
MONTOYA announces the next event!
Gay Brasilian multi-talented-artist
Marcio Marques
is offering
contemplation: possibilities of musing about desire, false attractions
and impossibilities through his installations.
Not one but two musical highlights we will enjoy this night: contraduo Rave Icon & Benson love to combine the opposing. Feminine
electro-melancholia meets masculine in your face rock and roll
electro beats.
Also Die Outlanders will hit the stage in perfect harmony with
enchanting indie/pop/rock vibes. Two gentlemen, one with a crystal
clear high range voice and the other´s unique touch on the drum set
bring us brilliant music.
This evening will be loaded with personalities and feelings, endlessly
deep and true. A must do experience!
Marcio Marques
The gay artist was born in 1978 and
lives in São Paulo, Brasil. His artistic
experience started in painting classes
during his childhood. As a teenager he
studied theatre and worked as a
professional actor in plays, musicals
and children´s shows. At college he
studied cinema, and after that worked
as director assistant in advertising, television and documentaries. He
also studied contemporary dance and worked as performer, video
scenographer and director in dance. In visual arts he has been
developing videos, installations, immersive video installations,
performances, urban interferences and digital prints. His work often
deals with themes related to body, space, cultural industry and
I m a g e : © Marcus Staab Photographie
Starting March 14th MONTOYA shows his installations
and 1 de 2.
“Polissemia” is about subjective architecture, presenting a diversity
of thematic possibilities that emerge as impermanence in dynamic
At first televisions appear in an empty space, simulating a starry sky.
Gradually a skyline may be seen in an urban landscape. Analogies
emerge between the virtual and real world, the urban and outer
space, the public and the private areas.
The flow of the contend in the televisions creates another dynamic as
images cross form one window to another, creating infections and
unfolding echoes throughout space. Social and organic forces cross
the body in a process where the mental, social and environmental
ecology is blended in the technosphere. Here our subjectivity
1 de 2
“1 de 2” (1 of 2) is a set of
recombined and just one half
makes up the installation. The
rest were sent to different
cities for household usage as
placemats in private houses. The other group is set up as an
exhibition, simulating windows in a building. They are offering
contemplation: possibilities of musing about desire, false attractions
and impossibilities.
Rave Icon & Benson
Rave Icon & Benson is a Belgium duo
consisting of Veronica De Rycke and Michael
Bringing a nice individual selection of the
boths musical range, the result will be an
awesome blend of Rave Icon´s electronic
melancholy and Benson´s rock and roll and in
your face electro beats. „We like to combine
acoustic elements in all this ´Elektro-Zeug´“.
While Benson is a professional guitar player
having performed for more than ten years in a
ska band, he now is producing and performing
for his own band DTNA in Belgium. Rave Icon his counterpart - is a Russia born professional
piano player.
The both met in July 2014 during a collaboration
in Belgium and decided to move to Berlin
afterwards. Excellent decision!
What can we expect this night at MONTOYA?
Something cracking brilliant
Foto: © Gevaert Fabrice
Die Outlanders
Die Outlanders is an indie rock
pop duo, formed in 2014 and
currently operating in Berlin.
We have two decent gentlemen
here brining us far out brilliant
player) and Gilad Gili Reichental
(drums). Their specialty is an
epic melding of alternative rock
influences and the raw simplicity of pop composition arrangements.
Adir's crystal clear high range voice and Gili's unique touch on the
drum set give Die Outlanders´ music a very personal feel and never
ending depth.
Die Outlanders are currently working on their debut album and
playing live shows in Berlin and all over Europe. It is our grand
pleasure to present you this beautifully dainty experience tonight at
Photo: © Die Outlanders
Text: Yves Montoya
Images according to credits information otherwise © Montoya Florenciano GbR
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