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Aloha Forest City Residents,
A new service provider, YES Energy Management, began tracking your electrical usage effective
November 1, 2012.
In mid-December, you’ll receive your first bill from YES Energy. If you owed ConService for electrical
usage prior to November 1st, the deadline for making payments to ConService has passed. Residents
will now need to send any payments for electrical usage to YES Energy.
The updated Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below provide some answers to commonly
asked questions about the switch from ConService to YES Energy Management.
Q: When will the transition to YES Energy
take place?
A: YES began monitoring your electricity usage
on November 1, 2012. Your final ConService bill
was sent you in November and it covered your
October electricity usage. You will receive your
first bill from YES Energy in mid-December for
your November usage.
Q: Do I still need to pay my ConService bill?
A: If you have an outstanding balance with ConService, you will now need to pay this amount to
YES Energy Management. The deadline for making payments directly to ConService was December 6, 2012. Late fees will apply to any late payments. Any outstanding balances from ConService will be transferred to YES Energy but will not
be visible on the YES website until late December.
Make checks and money orders payable to YES
Energy Management.
Q: Where do I pay my bill?
A: Any amounts owed need to be paid to YES Energy. Late payments will be charged $7. The
deadline for making payments to ConService was
December 6, 2012.
Payments to YES Energy can be mailed, paid over
the phone by debit or credit card (for a $3 fee) at
1-855-491-0365, or paid online at YES Energy’s
website: On their
website you’ll have the option to pay by debit or
credit card for a $3 fee or transfer money from
your bank account to YES Energy for no charge.
Q: How do I log onto the YES Energy Management website?
A: You will use your Resident ID to register here: On their webpage,
you’ll need to select “Click here to Register” to set
up your account. For step-by-step instructions on
registering with YES, please click here. Your Resident ID is a letter (most commonly “m”) followed
by seven numbers and it is listed on the top right
corner of your lease. Your Resident ID will be
listed on your bills from YES Energy. If you can’t
find your lease and want to set up your YES Energy account before you receive your first bill
from YES Energy, you can contact us at
[email protected] or call us at (808) 839-8700.
Let us know your name and address and we can
look up your Resident ID for you.
During the transition, your meter reads will temporarily be unavailable on YES Energy’s web portal. Your electric usage prior to November 1,
2012, will not be available on the YES Energy
website. This information was available on the
ConService website until December 6, 2012.
Q: What will happen to my banked credits?
A: Any credits on your ConService account will
automatically be transferred to your new YES Energy account. Please be aware this information
may not appear on the YES Energy website until
Q: Who do I contact with billing questions?
A: Refer any billing inquires to YES Energy Management at 1-855-491-0365.
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FAQs for Forest City’s MCBH Residents (K-Bay, Manana, & Camp Smith)
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Q: On the new RECP addendum I switched
from banking my credits to receiving a
check. When will that change take effect?
A: The new RECP addendum went into effect on
October 1, 2012. In December YES Energy will
send refund checks to residents who were below
the 10% buffer zone in October and/or November.
Remember, a check won’t be issued until your refund is at least $25.
Q: Will my automatic bill payment transfer
over from ConService to YES Energy?
A: No, banking and credit card information will
not be transferred from ConService to YES Energy. YES Energy doesn’t offer automatic bill
payments but it does allow direct payments from
your bank account at no charge. To make an
online payment to YES, you’ll initially need to add
your banking or credit card information to your
YES Energy account. If you want, you can save
your banking information on the YES website and
then simply log onto their website each month to
authorize that month’s payment. You can also
mail your payment to YES Energy.
Q: Will I have to complete any additional paperwork?
A: No, however to pay your bill online or track
your electrical usage on the YES Energy website,
you will need to register on their website using
your Resident ID number. Once you set up your
new YES account, you’ll be able to track your usage and make payments online.
Q: What if I am behind on payments to ConService and have a delinquent balance?
A: Any balance on your ConService account will
transfer over to YES Energy Management.
Q: Are there late fees?
A: Yes, if your bill is not paid by the due date,
you will incur a $7 late fee.
Q: The ConService website allowed me to
monitor my electrical usage during the
month. Does YES Energy provide this same
A: Yes, the YES Energy website will allow you to
track your electrical usage, see a forecast of your
overall usage for the month, and see an estimate
of the buffer zone for the month. This information
will not be available on the YES Energy site until
Q: Will this change my mock billing period?
A: No, there will be no changes to mock billing
periods. New Forest City residents will still receive mock billing for the first three calendar
months they’re living in Forest City housing. Existing Forest City residents will not receive a mock
billing period.
Q: Will switching to YES Energy change the
price of electricity?
A: No, the price per kilowatt hour (kwh) changes
each month, depending on the rate the Base paid
for electricity that month. The price per kwh will
be listed on your bill each month.
Q: What if I’m off island when the YES Energy bill is mailed out?
A: After you register your account on the YES
website, you’ll be able to check your balance
online and make payments from wherever you
are. If you’re going to be gone more than 14
consecutive days, remember to notify the Forest
City Resident Services Office before you go.
We hope we’ve answered all of your questions regarding the switch from ConService to YES Energy.
Please remember that the 10% RECP buffer is now in effect. Beginning October 1, 2012, payments and
credits due are determined based on the 10% buffer zone. If you have any additional questions, please
contact our Resident Services Office at (808) 839-8700.
Keep an eye out for mail from YES
Energy this month.
1571 Lawrence Road, Kaneohe, HI 96863
Phone: (808) 839-8700 Fax: (808) 254-0480
FAQ Revised December 4, 2012