Backwell Nailsea Medical Group

Practice Boundary
Brockway Location Map
Backwell Location Map
Medical Group
Backwell Medical Centre
15 West Town Road, Backwell, Bristol BS48 3HA
Tel: 01275 465100
Fax:01275 795609
Brockway Medical Centre
8 Brockway, Nailsea, Bristol, BS48 1BZ
Tel: 01275 850600
Fax:01275 795608
Welcome to the Backwell + Nailsea Medical Group. This
leaflet tells you about the practice and the services we can
offer you.
Appointments and General Enquiries
(8.30 am - 6.30 pm, Mon-Fri)
Backwell: 01275 465100
Brockway: 01275 850600
Emergency Line (urgent medical needs)
(8 am – 6.30 pm Mon-Fri, including lunchtime)
Backwell: 01275 465101
Brockway: 01275 850601
Results Line, e.g. X-rays, blood tests
(2.30 – 4.30 pm, Mon-Fri)
Backwell: 01275 465102
Brockway: 01275 850602
Repeat Prescription Line (10am-11.30am)
Backwell: 01275 465117
Brockway: 01275 850603
Out of Hours (North Somerset PCT)
(6.30 pm – 8.00 am Mon-Fri, all weekend and Bank Holidays)
0845 121 0235
Monday - Friday: 8.30 a.m. to 6.30 p.m.
Extended Hours:
One evening a week. Last appointment 7:30 p.m.
One morning a week. Appointments from 7.30 a.m.
Saturday mornings open from 8 a.m. for pre-booked
appointments. (For emergency and out of hours cover,
see under ‘Emergency out of hours cover’)
Please inform us in advance if you are unable to keep an
appointment; this will enable us to offer it to someone else.
Speaking to a doctor or nurse on the telephone
Please give the receptionist your details and she will arrange for
a doctor or nurse to ring you back, this will normally be at the end
of surgery.
Rights and Responsibilities
What patients can expect:
This practice does not discriminate on the grounds of race, gender,
social class, age, religion, sexual orientation or appearance, disability
or medical condition.
To be treated with respect and politeness by all staff.
For confidentiality to be maintained at all times.
To have access to a health care professional within 24
working hours and a doctor within 48 working hours.
An explanation for any waits over 15 minutes from your
appointment time.
A safe and tidy waiting room.
To be informed of any changes in service or alteration in
To be informed of the complaints procedure.
To have access to the Practice Manager via an appointment
What staff can expect:
To be treated with respect by all patients. Please remember
our staff are trying to help you.
Swearing, shouting and/or any abusive behaviour will not be
tolerated and patients will be asked to leave the building
and may be removed from our list.
Patients under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be asked
to leave the building.
The doctor and nurse will determine the frequency of
appointments for each patient as determined by the
patient’s condition.
Patients for routine problems will not use the out of hours
To be informed if patients are unable to keep their
Patients to be on time for appointments.
Repeat medication requests to be made in accordance with
practice policy.
Protection and use of your information – your records
are safe with us
We ask for information about you so that you can receive the best
possible care and treatment. We hold this information, together with
details of your care, to ensure that your doctor and nurse has accurate
and up-to-date information, We only use or pass information about you to
people who have a genuine need for it.. Everyone working for the NHS
has a legal duty to maintain the highest level of confidentiality about
patient information. If at any time you would like to know more about how
we use your information, please contact Practice Manager.
Research and Development
We have a long tradition of involvement with The Medical Research
Council, the University of Bristol and the Royal College of General
Practitioners. We are committed to involvement in important projects with
other leading researchers, both nationally and locally, to ensure that the
practice contributes to new knowledge about better ways of improving
patients’ health. We always request your consent when inviting you to
participate in any project.
How to Register
You may apply to join our list by bringing your medical card to the surgery
or, if this is not available, by completing a form provided by us. We
require a card or form for every member of the household who wishes to
register. Please bring in two forms of confirmation of your address (e.g
utility bill, bank statement) and one containing a photo ID (e.g passport,
photo driving license). For under 18’s we only require a copy of the birth
certificate. We regret that we may not be able to take patients living
outside our practice area but if we are unable to accept a patient for this
or any other reason, we will inform you in writing within 14 days of
application. You may request to receive services from a particular doctor
but there may be occasions when this is not possible, e.g. if a doctor’s list
is full, or he/she does not provide the services required by the patient.
Complaints and suggestions
If you have suggestions for improvements or if have experienced
problems with any aspect of our service - please contact the Practice
Manager. We welcome your views and feedback. If you have a complaint
please ask for a copy of our complaints procedure, this also includes
details of external complaint bodies should you need to contact them.
Patient Participation Group (PPG)
We are very fortunate to have a flourishing and proactive patient group
and welcome new members. Thank you to the members of the group who
have advised on the content and layout of this practice leaflet.
The Partnership consists of:
Dr Caroline Haddy
MB ChB(Bristol 1985) MRCGP DRCOG, female
Dr Diana Bloss
MB ChB(Liverpool 1990) DRCOG MRCGP, female
Dr Namalee Wimalasundera
MB BS(London 1995) BSc MRCGP DFFP, female
Dr David Cox
MB BS(London 1985) DRCOG MRCGP, male
Dr Susan O’Reilly
MCFP(SA) MRCGP(UK), female
Dr Michael Kirwan
MB BS (Nottingham 1996) BMed Sci DRCOG DFFP
MRCGP, male
Dr Jon Rees
Associate GP: Dr Kate Merrett
Associate GP: Dr Michaela Randall
We are a teaching practice and host fully qualified doctors known
as GP Registrars gaining experience in general practice. As part of
our teaching, we sometimes have Medical Students sitting in during
consultations – please say if you would prefer to see the doctor or
nurse alone. We occasionally employ doctors when a partner is
away. These are always qualified doctors and are referred to as
Some of our doctors have other commitments and may not always
be available but we will always offer you an appointment with
another doctor.
Practice Staff
Practice Manager - Debra Penney is responsible for the overall
management of the practice. Please contact her with your suggestions or
Practice Assistant – Veronica Baker (based at Brockway)
Head of Reception - Debs Ponsford at Backwell and Ros Taylor at
Practice Secretaries: Debbie Francis, Lindsay Delaney, Leila Coles
and Sara Budd.
Practice nursing team
Treatment room nurses - Sue Haggo, Christine Westcott, Lorraine
Martel, Delyth Darbon and Anna Stafford hold sessions every morning
from 8.50 – 12.00 and afternoons from 2.30 – 5.50 pm. The nurses offer
appointments for cervical smears, registration checks, foreign travel
advice, dressings, ear syringing, childhood immunisations and other
nursing procedures
Some services are not provided or funded by the NHS.
Regretfully, in these instances, we do have to make a charge
to the patient. These are based on current, national
Medical Examination and Report
£180.00 per hour
Medical Examination and Report
(30 min consultation) - LGV,PSV etc
Basic report, no examination
£50. 00 - £90.00
(Dependent on length and time taken to process)
Private Insurance/Claim forms
£25.00 - £30.00
(e.g. holiday cancellation, Private Health insurance forms)
Computer Print Out
Photocopy of notes
50p per copy
HCA (Healthcare Assistants): Nikki Hawkins and Michele Rickard; offer
blood and urine tests, new patient checks, ECG’s; and Smoking cessation
advice. Phlebotomists: Sue Francis and Sara Ellis carry out blood tests.
Vaccination Certificate
Yellow fever (includes certificate)
Hepatitis B (Foreign travel)
£20 each injection
(A course will need 3 or 4 injections)
Meningococcal (Foreign Travel)
District nurses
We have a team of community nurses based at Backwell who meet the
needs of patients in their homes.
To Whom it May Concern letters
£10.00 - £50.00
(e.g. school, fit to work, etc.)
Ofsted reports
Passport/Driving Licence form/photo
Private sick note
Freedom from Infection
Holiday cancellation form/letter
(NB: There is normally a form provided by the Insurance
Chronic disease management nurses - Nurses Haggo, Westcott and
Martel run specialised clinics for Diabetes, Vascular, Asthma/COPD and
Stroke. Contact reception for appointment information.
Health visitors
Rebecca Whitehead and Sue Argent have specific responsibility for the
under-fives registered with our practice.
Appointments for childhood immunisations are sent directly to
parents by the ‘Avon Child Health Department’. Immunisation
clinics are held at both surgeries every month. Please contact
reception for details of days and times.
Visiting specialists
A variety of consultants visit the practice on a weekly or
monthly basis, this includes an Obstetrician, Gynaecologist,
General Surgeon, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Positive Steps
(Mental Health Team) and a Dietician. Please speak to your
doctor to arrange an appointment to see any of these
CHD Clinic (Coronary Heart Disease)
National Health Service
We are fully committed to the National Health Service . If you
are referred to a hospital as an outpatient this will be within
the NHS but if you wish to be referred privately, this can be
arranged, please inform your doctor.
Diabetic Clinic
Computers are used extensively to help us provide an
efficient service to you. The doctors and nurses enter your
health information directly onto your computer record, which
ensures that we have legible and timely details available
about you. We have administrative links with Avon Primary
Care Support Agency. Referrals are sent to hospital
consultants via the NHS intranet (information is encrypted to
ensure confidentiality).
Other Useful Information
Walk in centres:
Bristol City – 33-35 Broad Street, Bristol, BS1 2EZ
Tel: 01179069610
Weston – 12-14 The Boulevard, Weston-s-Mare, North
Somerset BS23 1NA Tel: 01934724010
North Somerset PCT (Primary Care Trust): Waverley
House, Old Church Road, Clevedon, North Somerset,
BS21 6NN
Coronary Heart Disease prevention is a Government initiative. In
order to achieve a high standard of heart disease prevention,
there has to be a framework of systematic planned care. This has
been achieved by setting up a register of patients with established
heart disease. Patients are invited to attend a yearly appointment
at our coronary heart disease prevention clinic, which are run by
qualified nurses in this field.
The Diabetic Clinics are held on Thursdays and run by our specialist
Practice Nurses (Sue Haggo and Lorraine Martel). Alternative
arrangements can be made if there are difficulties. Telephone
support and advice is also offered with treatment changes and
medication adjustments when necessary. Patients are invited to
attend regular clinic sessions according to their needs. This
structured care encourages patient involvement in understanding
planning and management of their diabetes. Working together, to
prevent short term and long-term complications of diabetes.
Respiratory Clinic (Asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary
The Respiratory Clinic is run by Chris Westcott who is trained in
managing and caring for patients with Asthma or Chronic
Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). Patients taking regular
medication are encouraged to attend the clinic for an annual
review. Children or those whose asthma is not so well controlled
may be followed up more regularly. All aspects of asthma will be
checked and advice given re changes to medication.
Patients with COPD may sometimes require spirometry, which is a
simple lung function test to monitor/assess how well the lungs are
working in response to using inhalers or as an aid to diagnose
COPD or Asthma. You will also be given advice about inhaled or
nebulised medications and support to give up smoking. Please
contact reception to make an appointment.
We operate an appointment system for all surgeries, which run
throughout the day. Please telephone, come into the surgery or
request a password to enable you to make an appointment online.
Appointments can be booked in advance. If you have more than
one problem the doctor will try and deal with as much as they can
in your 10 minute appointment but may ask you to make another
appointment. Please prioritise the problem causing you most
Please let us know if you wish to cancel an appointment so that
we can offer it to someone else.
When your chosen doctor is unavailable, you will be offered an
appointment with another doctor.
If you are over 75 and have not been seen within the last year, or
between 16 and 75 and have not been seen within the last three
years, we encourage you to make an appointment with a doctor,
at which appropriate enquiries and investigations will be made.
Home visits
If you need a doctor to visit because someone is too ill to be
brought to the surgery, telephone us before 11 a.m. to enable the
doctor to make the necessary arrangements. If you are not sure if
a home visit is necessary, mention this to the receptionist and she
will arrange for a doctor to ring you back and discuss the problem.
Emergencies out of hours
The doctors are available between 8.00 am and 6.30 pm Monday
to Friday; outside these hours, please telephone 0845 1210235
for the North Somerset PCT Out of Hours Service (this number is
also provided if you ring the surgery number out of hours). You
can also call NHS Direct for advice on 0845 4647
Emergencies during surgery hours
If you need urgent medical care, please tell the receptionists that it
is an urgent problem – you will always be seen the same day. For
routine problems or ongoing illnesses, please make a routine
Repeat prescriptions
Repeat prescriptions are computerised and the re-order slip
is on the right-hand side of your prescription. You are able to
order your repeat medication by handing your slip in to
reception, by fax, by telephone or you can also request
repeat prescriptions online; please contact the surgery for
details and a unique personal password.
Please allow 48 working hours before collection from the
surgery and up to 72 from the pharmacy.
Test results
When a doctor or nurse has arranged for tests to be sent to a
laboratory for analysis, you will be given an information sheet
which will inform you which tests we have taken and how
long your result will take to come back.
The results service is available from 2.30 pm to 4.30 pm
Monday to Friday. Please ring 01275 465102 for Backwell
results and 01275 850602 for Brockway results. To protect
confidentiality, results can only be given directly to the patient
themselves or to the parents of children who are under 16.
Maternity services
The community midwives offer a full maternity care service in
conjunction with the GPs and health visitors. The midwives
run weekly clinics at both practices, please ask reception for
We offer a full family planning service, including emergency
contraception. Please make an appointment with a doctor.
This service is confidential and is available to under-16’s.
This practice does not discriminate on the ground of
race, gender, social class, age, religion, sexual
orientation or appearance, disability or medical