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Why College?
Grow Ideas.
Why Choose College?
We think it’s because you have a goal you want to achieve. Because you
don’t want an education that’s one-size-fits-all. Because you want the
freedom to grow and explore, but to also develop first-class skills that
will lead you into a successful career.
Ontario’s colleges make sense for all these reasons.
And for so many others.
Small Class Sizes
With class sizes that average around 30, rather than 130 (or more),
you’ll have the opportunity to engage in the classroom, not just listen
and take notes. You’re free to ask questions, share thoughts and ideas
and collaborate with your classmates and instructors, challenging
yourself and others on every topic that is covered.
Widespread Locations
Ontario’s colleges offer over 130 campuses across the province,
giving you the option to choose not only what you study but also where
you study.
Diverse Program Choices
One-year certificate programs that help you build skills and get
working fast.
Two and three-year diploma programs that prepare you for the career
you’ve dreamed about.
Graduate certificate programs that build on the education you
already have.
170 degree programs that are recognized alongside university degree
programs, but that also give the practical experience so strongly valued
by employers.
Ontario’s colleges offer them all, for wherever you want your education
to take you. And, with over 600 transfer agreement pathways – creating
more than 35,000 transfer opportunities that recognize your existing
credits1 – you don’t have to stick with just one of them.
Affordable Tuition
You don’t have to graduate with a mountain of debt. College programs
have significantly lower tuition costs than other postsecondary options,
and get you into the workforce faster, so you can be earning money
rather than spending it.
There are also thousands of dollars available each year through
scholarships, bursaries and grants, which can help lower
costs even further.
Ontario Council on Articulation and Transfer, November 21, 2013: “Credit transfer saves
Ontario’s postsecondary students time and money www.oncat.ca/?page=news_131120
Support Services
Colleges offer a variety of resources and support systems that help
students thrive and succeed.
Learning support, disability services, career guidance, job search
workshops, Aboriginal services, mental health and wellness tips and
strategies, international student advising and child care are just a sample
of what’s available, but you can contact each college directly about how
they can help meet your needs.
Real-World Experience - Before You Graduate
College programs are known for blending academic learning with handson
training. Led by instructors with professional experience, you’ll apply
the skills you learn in class to real-world projects, giving you valuable
experience before you graduate.
You’ll also benefit from industry partnerships and professional
relationships that will not only help you land co-op, internship and work
placement opportunities but can also lead to jobs after graduation.
College is for Everyone
• 57% of college applicants don’t come directly from high school
• Over 7% have a university degree
• 12% use Special Needs / Disability Services
• Nearly 33% have parents who did not have postsecondary education
• Over 40,000 college students are 25 years or older
• More than 21,000 international students are studying in Ontario’s
public colleges
(Statistics taken from 2013 / 2014 applicant data for Ontario’s public
College Grads Succeed
• 83% of college graduates found employment within six months
of graduation1
• 92% of employers are very satisfied or satisfied with the college
grads they hire1
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