WHY SEE A GP? - Townsville Mackay Medicare Local

It is important to choose the GP that is
right for you
For more information on GPs available in the
Townsville and Thuringowa area:
Choose a GP that you feel comfortable talking to about all
aspects of your health - perhaps someone who can also see
your partner and children or who has a special interest in a
particular health aspect
• Consult the Yellow Pages under Medical Practitioners
• Visit www.tmml.com.au
Ask people you know to suggest someone suitable
You may prefer a larger practice with several
doctors or a small practice with only one or two
The surgery should be in a convenient location, easy to get to
from your home, school or work
If you see the same GP regularly you will become more comfortable
together. Your GP will get to know your medical history and it will be
easier for you both to make the right decisions about your health.
If you are not happy with the standard of care your GP or their staff
provide, discuss this with your doctor or the practice manager.
Your doctor, your health,
your future
You may or may not want a doctor who bulk bills
Remember - the choice is yours!
PO Box 7780 Garbutt BC QLD 4814
t 07 4421 7700 or 1300 881 892 f 07 4421 7799
ABN 87 063 397 231
You can change your GP and ask to have a copy of your health
records forwarded to your new doctor. (Your written consent is
required and charges may apply.)
Your visit with your GP is absolutely confidential, unless you or
someone else is considered in grave danger. Even to share
information about your condition with a specialist your doctor must
get your permission.
Better Health with Your GP
Your GP is a fully qualified primary health care specialist who has
completed at least twelve to fourteen years of study and training.
Medicare Locals gratefully
acknowledge the financial
and other support from the
Australian Government
Department of Health
and Ageing
Your General Practitioner (GP) is your partner in health to help you
get information, advice and health care services.
GPs are trained to identify and manage a broad range of health
issues, with support from their practice staff.
GP services may include:
• Health Checks - preventative health checks including
blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes and prostate screening,
breast checks, Pap smears, skin checks, etc to identify
potential health issues and possible actions
• Diagnosis and Long Term Management to identify and manage a wide range of illnesses and provide
referrals to specialists of other health professionals if necessary
• Counselling - for mental and physical health issues,
relationships, parenting, information and support
• Health Planning - coordinated health care for complex
conditions such as diabetes or cardiovascular disease
• Education - to assist you to understand and manage
health issues
• Ante and Post-Natal Care - for personal health
care during and after your pregnancy and childbirth
• Minor Procedures - for example removing skin
lesions, stitching a cut or wound, taking blood or giving an
injection. Procedure availability will vary between GPs
Work with your doctor and you will be
helping them to help you.
• Other Procedures - many regional doctors are
trained to perform complex medical procedures for example
obstetrics, surgical operations, orthopaedic procedures,
anaesthetics and investigations such as endoscopies and
ultrasounds. Procedure availability will vary between GPs
Before your appointment
If you have a few things to discuss:
• Write a list of your health concerns and questions
• Ask for a longer consultation time
• Medical Reports - for life insurance, work cover,
sickness benefits, disability pensions, legal cases, etc
During your appointment
• Medical Examinations - for employment such as
flying, commercial driving or for recreational activities such as
Some GPs have training in special services such as sports medicine,
palliative care, women’s and/or men’s health and mental health.
Some provide services to patients covered by the Department of
Veterans’ Affairs. Some practices may offer the services of other
health care professionals such a dietitian or psychologist.
Show your GP your list
Discuss your concerns fully with your doctor
Ask questions, especially if you don’t understand
something your GP says
Take notes if you like, to help you remember what your
doctor says
Let your GP know
• Immunisation - to protect your
and your family against preventable diseases
If you are taking any medication, including over the
counter medicines
If you are having any other treatment, such as
physiotherapy, chiropractic treatment, acupuncture,
naturopathy, etc
If a previous doctor or other health carer may have
some of your health records
Paying for your appointment
To endeavour to provide you the best quality health care
and sufficient consultation time, some doctors will charge
for services. You are required to pay immediately after your
appointment and can then take or send your receipt to
Medicare to claim a rebate, or your general practice may do
this for you online. If the practice bulk bills, you must provide
your Medicare Card and sign for the services the doctor
provided so the practice can bill the government