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Directed by Honey Lauren
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Producer/Director: Honey Lauren
Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @honeygay
Phone 310.663.1269
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Twitter: @rooftopmind
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Genre: Documentary
HD / 1080p / NTSC / color / 16x9 / Dolby Digital - Stereo / TRT: 19:55
The Story
Saigon was falling and the lives of thousands of Vietnamese would change forever ...
a new country, a new language, America. Opportunity... but not a home, not a job.
A dream .
Hollywood icon, Tippi Hedren, gave her time and
heart on the South China Sea, bravely helping
Vietnamese refugees and eventually becoming a
fixture in the camp known as Hope Village. There,
Miss Hedren personally conceived and provided the
means for twenty of the first refugees to establish
themselves as manicurists. Together, they brought
beauty to the masses, and established a new industry
that became a Vietnamese American Dream for a
people whose language has no word to describe it.
This is the story of the Vietnamese 'nail worker.'
Director's Statement
Growing up in Los Angeles, I always took for granted the hundreds of Vietnamese nail salons
that populated every neighborhood, offering affordable nail care to 'poor teenagers' like myself.
I remember during that time, I went to visit a cousin in New York City, and it was then that I
realized that this luxury wasn't readily available everywhere.
As an adult, I befriended some of the women who worked in my neighborhood salon, one in
particular named Laura. These lovely women, all Vietnamese, left their homes, their friends and
some, even their families. I was taken by their stories. They changed their names, their language,
their wardrobe, and in some cases, their religion. While most of these women had careers in
Vietnam, they chose to start new lives in the land of opportunity: America.
When NewFilmmakers LA contacted their alumni for an 'LA Story,' I immediately thought of
these salons. I knew there was a story here and as I spoke more with Laura and did my research,
I was awed by what I found. The story unfolded like a fairytale with the beautiful Hollywood icon,
Tippi Hedren perfectly cast in the role of Fairy godmother. The depth of her kindness, love, and
devotion to the Vietnamese refugees was beyond admirable. Her presence of mind to work with
these women and to ascertain a career for them - a job that still to this day has no name in their
language and has become a Vietnamese dominated, multi-billion dollar industry - is amazing and
I feel honored and privileged to tell this story.
Making the film felt like a fairy tale as well...
Laura led us to Tam, (owner of the beauty
college where she went to school), Tam led
us to Tippi, and Tippi led us to Thuan, one
of the original twenty manicurists who Miss
Hedren sponsored. Tam is the spirit of this
story, Tippi the heart, and Thuan the soul.
I am humbled to bring this to you.
Honey Lauren
Director Honey Lauren (right) on location with cast & crew.
The Team
Honey Lauren
Honey Lauren is one of stage, film and television's most versatile and
dynamic actresses. She has over 70 film and television credits and
has appeared in dozens of commercials. Some of Honey's television
credits include recurring roles on HBO's True Blood and Deadwood.
Honey is also a produced and published writer. She has written for
directors such as Abel Ferrara (King of New York, Bad Leitenant) ,
Mario Van Peebles, and Melvin Van Peebles. Her feature script
Thought Disorder and short script Wives of the Skies were recent
finalists at the Slamdance Film Festival. Dot Got Shot was Honey's
film directorial debut and went on to win three major festival awards.
Happy Hands is Honey's first documentary.
Tippi Hedren
Tippi Hedren is an iconic Hollywood film actress. Working as a
successful model from 1950 to 1961, she appeared on the cover of
'Life' magazine. She was discovered by director Alfred Hitchcock in
a diet drink advert and starred in his 1962 hit film, The Birds, which
helped catapult her to stardom. She co-starred with Sean Connery in
her next film, Mamie, which also achieved cult status. Between her
TV and film appearances, Tippi devoted herself to human rights, using
her celebrity status to raise funds for several aid organizations. As seen
in Happy Hands, she is called the 'godmother of the nail industry.'
Perhaps Tippi's most unique endeavor is The Roar Foundation, which
she founded in 1983 to support the care and research of abandoned
exotic felines at the Shambala Preserve (home to over 60 wild cats).
Lear Baum
Leor Baum has produced a series of narrative and documentary films
that have garnered numerous awards at film festivals worldwide.
Leor first met Honey Lauren in 2011 at the Bodega Bay Short Film
Festival. Happy Hands marks their first collaboration, and ironically,
the film's star, Tippi Hedren, happened to be visiting Bodega Bay
(home of The Birds) the same weekend Leor and Honey met. Leor is
the co-founder of Rooftop Mind, a production company specializing
in producing original stories that challenge and inspire.
The Team (cont'd)
Sebastien Hameline
Sebastien is a Parisian born photographer and cinematographer who
comes from a family deeply rooted in French cinema. A graduate of
the film studies program at the University of the Sorbonne, Hameline
began as a freelance photographer, and since 2001 has had a number
of acclaimed exhibitions in Paris. In 2012, he was chosen as winner of
Salon de la Photo's Zoom Contest, which earned him a press award
and an exhibition for his photo documentary project, "Wulu Voyage"
(this black and white series follows an indigenous Taiwanese tribe).
Sebastien's cinematograpahy has screened in festivals, received awards,
and been broadcast on channels such as CNN.
Attila Adam
Attila Adam is a Hungarian-born filmmaker and visual artist who has
been editing professionally for the last 7 years. His diverse body of
work in the film and commercial world has allowed him to acquire a
rich understanding of different forms of storytelling. Attila currently
serves as the in-house editor at GO Film, a commercial production
house that produces work from directors such as Christopher Guest
and David Dobkin (Wedding Crashers). Happy Hands marks Attila's
first collaboration with Honey Lauren.
Josh Vanakin
Josh Vanakin is professional musician and film composer. His work
showcases a rich spectrum of atmospheric depth and emotion. Josh
first worked with director/producer Honey Lauren on her awardwinning short film, Dot Got Shot. When she approached him for
Happy Hands, Josh once again illustrated his ability to capture a
specific era and tone. By fashioning a balance between bold and new,
his score for the film perfectly complements the interviewees and their
unique contributions to Vietnamese American history.
The Team (cont'd)
Dr. Tam Nguyen
Owner, Advance Beauty College
Tam T. Nguyen is President and Owner of Advance Beauty College
(ABC) with locations in Garden Grove and Laguna Hills, California.
Originally born in Vietnam, Tam immigrated to the USA in 1975,
and was raised in Walnut, California. At ABC, Dr. Nguyen oversees
a growing family business of 40 employees, 500 students and 30,000
graduates. The accredited beauty college continuously has one of the
largest manicuring programs in the nation. As a recognized industry
leader, Tam was elected to serve on the American Association of
Cosmetology Schools Board of Directors representing over 1,000
institutions nationally from 2010-2013. Tam was chosen as the 2012
Orange County Business Journal's Family Business of the Year and
was honored as California Small Business of the Year in June 2011.
He is the current Chairman and President of the Vietnamese American
Chamber of Commerce of Orange County. Tam has been interviewed
or featured on CNN, NPR, NBC, CBS, AOL, Chicago Tribune, the
LA Times, and most of the Vietnamese press, radio, and television.
Tam and his wife reside in Fountain Valley with their three children.
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Honey Lauren and Leor Baum
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