right at home realty office manual

Version 1.5
CONFIDENTIAL - 1 – Copyright© 2012
This office manual is designed to define and explain the policies, procedures and
guidelines adopted by Right At Home Realty (RAH) for the conduct of business by our Sales
Representatives and Brokers. This document is to be read in concert with the Sales
Representative Independent Contract Agreement. This Manual is electronically posted on
the Company’s intranet site and updated periodically. It is the Sales Representative’s
responsibility to keep current on changes to this policy, such changes will be
communicated by way of email.
DEFINITIONS (for this document)
RAH, Right At Home, and/or Right At Home Realty – means; Right At Home Realty
Inc., Brokerage.
Sales Representative – means same as; IC, Independent contractor, Sales person, Broker
and/or Realtor
RECO – means; Real Estate Council of Ontario
TREB – means; Toronto Real Estate Board
Call Centre – means; Continental Connect Canada
Manager – means; respective Branch Manager
All company policies, procedures, guidelines and agreements are confidential and
Right At Home Realty is a member of several Real Estate Boards, The Ontario Real Estate
Association and the Canadian Real Estate Association. The company is currently a member
in good standing with the following Real Estate Boards:
 The Toronto Real Estate Board
 The Oakville Milton Real Estate Board
 The Durham Region Association of Realtors
 The Burlington & Hamilton Real Estate Board
 The Brampton Real Estate Board
The Company, and all of its employees and licensed independent sales representatives, will
abide by a Code of Ethics and Standards set out by those organizations.
It is the responsibility of the sales representative to keep his or her real estate license in
good standing and to ensure that all the required credit hours are completed in a timely
fashion. Each sales representative will be informed when his or her license renewal has
arrived. It is the responsibility of the sales representative to return the completed renewal to
RECO with payment, to ensure that they are in good standing. If the Salesperson does not
renew on time the Brokerage must follow the guidelines and terminate the salesperson on
the renewal date.
Our corporate office is located at 895 Don Mills Road, Suite 202, Toronto, M3C 1W3. The
corporate office is where our accounting and executive offices are situated.
The hours of operation are 9am to 5 pm Monday to Friday. The only holidays that are
observed are official statutory holidays - namely: New Year's Day, Family Day, Good Friday,
Victoria Day, Canada Day, Civic Holiday, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day and
CONFIDENTIAL - 2 – Copyright© 2012
Boxing Day.
The following is a list of the hours of operations for each our branch locations:
Toronto Office
Monday-Friday 8am to 8pm, Saturday 10am to 4pm
Mississauga Office
Monday-Friday 9am to 5pm
Richmond Hill Office
Monday-Friday 9am to 5pm
Durham Office
Monday-Friday 9am to 5pm
Oakville Office
Monday-Friday 9am to 5pm
Burlington Office
Monday-Friday 9am to 5pm
All appointment bookings are handled centrally through our call centre. The appointment
desk is open seven (7) per week from 8 AM to 10 PM. The following is a list of the services
provided by our appointment desk:
 Book appointments
 Page messages RAH agents/managers/admin staff
 Confirm appointments
 Cancel any unconfirmed appointments
 Answer general questions and calls from vendors/tenants regarding appointments.
 Transfer callers to the RAH offices (if and when required)
 Placing outbound calls to vendors/tenants
 Placing outbound calls to requesting agents offices with confirmations/non
 Enter showing instructions for RAH listings
 Page RAH agents with any appointments requested on listings without showing
 Monday to Friday 9am-5pm forward RAH agents to their admin staff for any profile
issues. After hours and weekends they are to email their office managers.
 Should you require support for Touchbase, please contact your office (if open) or
the TREB helpdesk. (ie. need reports, add new contact information for pages, need
to know how to login etc.)
 The appointment desk does not provide any information paged out to an agent
over the phone. In rare cases that the agent isn’t able to log into their Touchbase
account management will assist if available.
 The appointment desk cannot be used for non-RAH business.
6.1 SHOWING INSTRUCTIONS: Showing instruction form must be completed and sent by fax
separately to the appointment call centre (647) 288-9410 so all information for
appointments can be entered for confirmation with both Sellers and Cooperating
Salespeople. Appointment records are also sent to each listing agent. Should the form NOT
be sent to the appointment call centre, the call centre will forward all information to listing
agent for servicing directly.
Administrative support will be provided to all salespeople at their respective branch. All
offer generation is handled is specifically by the individual salespeople.
CONFIDENTIAL - 3 – Copyright© 2012
The company offers training at in-office meetings to build rapport and provide relevant
information to our sales team.
The manager will be available for salesperson support seven (7) days per week and
available between the hours of 9AM and 10 PM for telephone and email support.
Technical assistance regarding offers or strategies to assist in listing situations, offer
presentations and marketing are the areas were a branch manager can assist the
Meetings and seminars will be held at the Branches regularly and each may have a main
topic and/or speaker. All sales representatives are encouraged to attend these
meetings. Should an office meeting have to be cancelled, the sales representatives will
be notified by a group email.
Email is the primary mode of communication within our organization, as such it is imperative
that you either read all our company emails or login regularly to the Purple Connection (our
intranet site) to read the newsfeed. The emails often contain important policy or pertinent
information that you need to know. Periodically, managers may direct their calls to another
RAH manager. You will be notified via email when this occurs.
11. Our main website is located at: www.rightathomerealty.com
The company INTRANET, called the Purple Connection, is a password protected site that is
accessible from the landing page of our main website. The intranet is a repository for upto-date news items related to the company, policy manuals, all artwork and graphics,
information on new developments, various forms of information and forum discussions.
Every sales representative will be given his/her own personal mail folder. Any, mail, reports,
cheques, etc. will be placed here for the sales representatives to pick up regularly.
Management reserves the right to remove the contents and courier to Representative at
their expense.
All offices are equipped with high speed Internet service and other state-of-art
technologies. Any sales representative having their own computers for personal use in the
office can be set up with a high-speed wireless connection through the office. The offices
do not have the facility of printing from a Salesperson’s wireless device.
1. Participating in unauthorized chat groups or inappropriate Internet news groups, or
accessing free internet e-mail account (i.e. Hotmail, etc.) or any "non-business-like" web
site.2. Spreading or forwarding chain letters, chain mail, or Spam.
3. Downloading or installing any unauthorized applications on Right at Home Realty
computer systems without permission from management.
4. Intentional damage to or interference with network resources.
CONFIDENTIAL - 4 – Copyright© 2012
5. Defamatory or discriminatory statements, hateful, harassing, threatening, abusive, racist,
sexist, malicious or other antisocial behavior.
6. Transmitting, downloading or accessing any obscene, pornographic or sexually explicit
material or participating in any Internet/Intranet forums dealing with same.
7. Non-company commercial purposes.
8. Transmission of any material on behalf of a third party without prior management
9. Copying or transmitting copyrighted material in violation of copyright laws.
10. Knowingly propagating disabling devices.
11. Unauthorized commitment for service that requires subsequent payment. Prior approval
and funding must be obtained before such services may be used.
Texting Solution: SMS RAH to 123411: Allows the public to access our listing using texting
technologies. Sign riders are available to display the access information.
GPS Solutions: Smart Application – Homeroamer: Smart application that showcases all of
our listings using GPS enabled technology.
Sales Representatives and Brokers are solely responsible for their monthly communication
and cell phone fees. I f a problem with your system arises (including any billing problems) it
is the sales representative's responsibility to contact their service provider directly to
correct the problem.
Government regulations dictate that the company keep an up to date personnel file on
each salaried and commissioned individual working for the company. Therefore, please
ensure that any changes in your home address and/or contact information be reported to
the branch office administrator. Changes of address and name changes must also be
reported to RECO and the Real Estate Board in a timely manner.
All business card design must be approved by management prior to printing and paid for
by Sales Representatives. See your orientation package for contact info for preferred
printing suppliers or access the intranet site for examples.
Please visit the Purple Connection to retrieve a copy of the RAH style guide with relevant
information pertaining to branding and logo usage. The list below is showing some of our
more commonly used sign and printing providers.
SV Signs
416.720.4625 Nasi
Signs in the Making
Durham Signs
Centre Core Signs
AMG Campbell
Home Roamer
Agents Equity
Legal Counsel
Coady MacDonell
Alain Lambert
Berju Vyas
Wayne Twaits
Joe Johnston
John Poletes
See the RAH Intranet site for further updates.
CONFIDENTIAL - 5 – Copyright© 2012
As per RECO, a Salesperson that is away or unavailable for an extended period of time,
must ensure that they organize appropriate coverage and notify the appointment desk
and branch administrator. Should the salesperson fail to provide coverage, the manager
reserves the right to choose another Salesperson to handle any business and will unilaterally
decide the referral fee payable to the substitute salesperson.
Every effort will be made to match the client's needs to the right sales representative. As
referrals are received at the office, they will go the Manager. The Manager shall decide
the best fit for salesperson meeting the client’s needs.
Salesperson should not participate in deals involving commercial or industrial properties
unless previously approved by their branch manager. Such approval will only be given
once the salesperson satisfies the manager that they have the required
commercial/industrial expertise and/or are partnered with an agent that does
The office and call centre staff will follow this procedure when handling prospect calls:
1) Ad Calls - Ad calls go to the salesperson advertising the property only.
Sign Calls - Sign calls go to the listing salesperson only.
2) Calls from other sales representatives - These calls are given to the Listing Sales
Representative first. I f they are not available, the call will be given to the
representative covering absence. Failing that, the call will be given to the
3) Wanting to list – Caller will be asked whether they have a particular sales
representative in mind. I f not, the call goes to the Manager on duty.
4) Wanting to buy - (Other than sign or ad calls). Caller will be asked whether they
have a particular sales representative in mind. I f not, the call goes to the Manager
on duty.
When a caller requests a specific sales representative, the call goes only to that person. I f
the sales representative is not available, the call is then transferred to the sales
representative's voicemail.
The Manager will refer a direct-mail inquiry to a sales representative. If the inquiry is from
the client of a particular sales representative, it will be given to that sales representative to
Unless the email is directed to a particular sales representative, any emailed inquiries or
leads will be passed on to the Manager.
Right at Home Realty has no protected "farm areas". When an area is "farmed" on an individual
basis, calls go to the sales representative ONLY if the caller has specifically asked for that person.
Sales Representatives must provide their current email address to Right At Home Realty and
should check their emails several times daily. All company updates, news, policy changes
and general communications to sales representatives is via email and/or the Company
CONFIDENTIAL - 6 – Copyright© 2012
Our annual sales award winners are announced in February of the preceding year;
TOP TEN CLUB: Recognizes the top 10 RAH sales, in the calendar year, based on closed &
collected unit sales and excluding leases.
FOUNDER’S CLUB: Recognizes individuals who have achieved the Top 10 designation for
two consecutive years, in the calendar year, based on closed and collected unit sales and
excluding leases.
CHAIRMAN’S CLUB: Recognizes the top 3% of RAH sales, in the calendar year, based on
closed & collected unit sales and excluding leases.
PRESIDENT’S CLUB: Recognizes the top 7% of RAH sales, in the calendar year, based on
closed & collected unit sales and excluding leases.
DIRECTOR’S CLUB: Recognizes the top 10% of RAH sales, in the calendar year, based on
closed & collected unit sales and excluding leases.
Any salesperson joining during the calendar year can be credited for their unit sales from
the previous employer and if eligible will receive a “Designate” award. The salesperson
must provide proof of activity either by trade record sheets or a monthly statement
showing income.
All award recipients will be posted on the award website page by the end of March of the
following year.
The salesperson can publish the award on their business cards, but they must include, as
per RECO, the year the award was attained.
All agents pay $79 plus HST per month. The payments are taken out quarterly from their
accounts via debit. The quarterly payments are pre-paid and due on January 1st, April 1st,
July 1st and October 1st, if the date lands on a statutory holiday then it will be processed on
the following business day.
EXCEPTION IN JANUARY: Prepayment of annual monthly fees paid in full during the month
of January will result in the salesperson saving one month’s fee. The cost to the salesperson
would be $869 plus HST instead of $948 plus HST.
NOTE: If the salesperson resigns from RAH, during the calendar year and they have taken
the January exception payment method – there will be no refund.
All agents pay $275 per transaction. Here is a breakdown of some variations on the rule:
Agent double end - If a Salesperson lists and sells a property, there is only one
transaction fee of $275 plus HST.
Office double end - If RAH Salesperson “A” lists a property and RAH Salesperson “B”
sells the property, then both “A” and “B” pay a fee of $275 plus HST.
If RAH Salesperson “A” and RAH Salesperson “B” list a property and different
brokerage sells the property. Then there must be one RAH salesperson as the
PRIMARY. So A pays $275 plus HST and B (plus any other RAH agent involved on the
CONFIDENTIAL - 7 – Copyright© 2012
deal) each pays a referral fee of $100 plus HST. This rule would apply when multiple
RAH salespeople are involved on the co-operating side of the transaction.
If two or more salespeople sell a property and wish to split the $275 plus HST and the
$100 plus HST per agent referral fee, as long as they clearly specify the division of
the fees on the “Agent File Checklist”, the fees will be split accordingly.
If a Salesperson lists a rental property and also leases it (double-end), the
salesperson pays a minimum referral fee of $100 plus HST or 10% plus HST of the
commission up to a maximum of $275, on both sides of the transaction.
Right At Home Realty provides no special arrangements for teams or partnerships. Where
there is more than one Salesperson on a transaction-the lead Salesperson will be charged
$275+ HST and each additional Salesperson on the sale will be charged $100 + HST. The
fees will be calculated as displayed and paid out as stipulated on the “Agent File
Checklist”. Any arrangement with another salesperson should always be in writing, as
unwritten agreements or arrangements are impossible to mediate.
The salesperson pays the greater fee of $100 plus HST or 10% plus HST up to maximum of
$275 plus HST for the first 10 rentals during any calendar year. Discussion is currently
underway to set a policy regarding fees for if an agent exceeds 10 rental deals per year.
Late payment on the Quarterly Fees: $25 if the payment is not received within 3 business
days of the due date. After 7 business days of non-payment, RAH reserves the right to
NSF: $25 processing charge for all cheque processed as Not Sufficient Funds.
There is no $50 marketing fee charged to the co-operating broker when it is a RAH listing.
In a typical New Development or Condominium transaction, there are usually 3 to 4 phases
for the payment. The following is a breakdown on how a 3 phase payout would be
Phase 1: the initial phase will result in the salesperson pays a typical transaction fee of $275
plus HST.
Phase 2: the salesperson pays $50 plus HST for the processing of the sub-trade.
Phase 3 or any additional phases: the salesperson pays $50 plus HST for the processing of
the sub-trade.
We pay builder commission to RAH agents upon signing indemnity. If agent is no longer
with RAH then we hold commission till final payment comes in from builder then we pay the
Under no circumstances will monthly or quarterly fees be deferred.
All personal transactions by salespersons are subject to the $275 plus HST fee. No
CONFIDENTIAL - 8 – Copyright© 2012
Fees are the responsibility of the Agent and must be paid promptly when due.
When acting for the seller, the sales representative keeps 100% of their commission earned.
However, they are not permitted to advertise a discounted cooperating broker commission
rate – commission rate must be at the prevailing market rate (currently 2.5%)
Due to increased Revenue Canada focus on potential tax avoidance and mortgage fraud
schemes, the practice of a sales representative, when a party to a sale/purchase
agreement (either directly or indirectly), reducing or waiving commission in exchange for a
reduction of the sale/purchase price of the property will no longer be supported by Right
At Home Realty, unless the adjustment is negotiated prior to the firming of the transaction
or an amendment has been produced. RAH will no longer issue letters approving such
practises. If a salesperson, on either side of the transaction, engages in this practise, the
proposed reductions in commission and sales price must be reflected in either the
Agreement of Purchase/Sale or an Amendment.
Salesperson’s emailed commission notices are issued every Tuesday and Thursday, with the
exception of holidays. The funds must in the accounting department before12 P.M. on
either Tuesday or Thursday for the salesperson to be paid. If a cheque is received after 12
PM, then the commission will be paid in the following pay run. All commission payments
are processed through Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). Should a salesperson request a
physical cheque then there is a $25 charge for each cheque issued. The EFT commissions
will arrive in the salesperson’s bank account the following day with time dependent upon
the financial institution processing the transfer. The Company assumes no responsibility for
banking system delays.
Sales representatives may request advance payment on pending firm trades. All advance cheques
are processed exclusively through Agent’s Equity. Sales Representatives are permitted to borrow
up to 80% of their portion of their commission. There is a $25 administration fee to RAH, and
interest is charged on the advance (interest works out currently to approximately $.70/$1000/day
– subject to changing market conditions). Any sales representative interested in taking a
commission advance should contact Agent’s Equity directly at (416) 483-0483.
Due to rising concerns related to rebates payments to purchasers after the firming of a
transaction, Right At Home Realty will not process rebate payments to clients. Should you
wish to make direct payments to clients you are able to do so. There is no tax advantage
to the salesperson for the company to make such payments as the salesperson would still
receive a T4A for full amount of the commission. The issue arises over the possibility of the
brokerage and the salesperson inadvertently being complicit in tax evasion or mortgage
fraud. This policy is also consistent with other reputable brokerages within the industry.
In the case of a dispute with a non-RAH sales representative or commission payment from
another brokerage, first attempt to resolve the matter directly, but should still be reported
by email to the Manager. Should this fail, contact your Branch Manager who will help
guide you through either addressing the complaint in writing to the Professional Standards
Committee at the Toronto Real Estate Board or by pursuing collection of commission
through our recommended litigation lawyer at your expense. Our lawyer is available to
meet with you, prepare a demand letter, Statement of Claim for Small Claims Court. His
CONFIDENTIAL - 9 – Copyright© 2012
contact info is; John Poletes (416) 482-1902, email [email protected]
All RECO violations will be handled by Harry Perlis, LL.B of Mitchell, Bardyn and Zalucky. Mr.
Perlis is recognized as one of the foremost experts both within the industry and from RECO’s
perspective in RECO based violations and claims. Mr. Perlis has a very successful track
record when he has been involved in RECO cases over the years. All RECO matters that
involve Right At Home Realty will be directed to Mr. Perlis for either consultation and/or
representation. The scope and level of participation will be up to the discretion of each
individual respondent. The services of Mr. Perlis are solely the responsibility of each
respondent. Harry Perlis can be contacted at 416.234.9111 ext. 233 or
[email protected]
Mr. Perlis will also conducts educational sessions on how to avoid being on the receiving
end of a RECO or litigation suit. For dates and times of these sessions, please check the RAH
Intranet site.
Upon any successful sale of a transaction (whether firm or conditional), a package should
immediately be sent to the Deals Administration for processing. Each new deal must have
the following attached in order to be processed:
A Deal Check List - filled in completely and signed;
A legible copy of the Agreement of Purchase and Sale, Waiver, Amendments, etc.;
A copy of the Confirmation of Representation;
A copy of the Working with Realtor acknowledgement form;
A copy of the SPIS for the property (if applicable);
A copy of the Buyer Representation Agreement (if applicable);
The deposit cheque (if applicable) or receipt of deposit.
Individual Identification Information Record
Receipt of Funds Record
Payment of commission will be withheld until all required documentation has been
A l l deposits shall be in the form of currently dated, negotiable cheques or bank drafts –
cash will not be accepted. (See the money Laundering section of this policy manual.)
Under no circumstances will the firm accept a post-dated cheque as a deposit. (The
company may be held liable by the seller for a non-negotiable cheque).
By law, all deposit cheques are to be deposited within five (5) days of acceptance of an
Agreement of Purchase and Sale. Where possible, deposits should be certified. Should a
Buyer request interest on their deposit, an interest bearing account clause must be placed
in the original Agreement and a Social Insurance Number must accompany the deposit
cheque. No deposit will be placed into an interest-bearing account without the submission
of a SIN. Deposit cheques must be delivered to the nearest RAH branch for deposit.
The deposit with an offer from a buyer must be exactly as spelled out in the offer – no
exceptions. The deposit cheque should be made payable to the Listing Brokerage and
given to the sales representative.
CONFIDENTIAL - 10 – Copyright© 2012
As the selling brokerage, the purchaser’s solicitor is required to deliver the balance of
commission cheque to our office within 10 days of a closing.
As the buying brokerage, payment is received from the Selling brokerage and not the
purchaser’s solicitor. I n this case, it may take up to two weeks to receive a balance of
commission cheque. The office will call on any overdue balance of commission payments,
however, ultimately i t is the sales representative's responsibility to follow-up and collect
any overdue accounts.
On a failed Agreement of Purchase and Sale, the deposit will be returned only in
accordance with the terms of the trust. Therefore, Right at Home Realty will only disburse
the deposit in two circumstances:
1. In accordance with a Mutual Release being signed by all parties to the Agreement,
including Buyer, Seller and both Brokerages involved in the transaction, specifically naming
the payee.
2. Upon receipt of a direction from the Court.
When a signed Mutual Release is received in the administration office, a copy will be
forwarded to the appropriate solicitor for processing, and the deal will be reported as "Deal
Fell Through" on the MLS System. Please note that if the original deposit cheque was not
certified when placed in our trust account, we WILL NOT release the deposit back to the
Buyer until 10 FULL BANKING DAYS have passed, in order to ensure that the cheque has
cleared our account. The only exception to this rule will be if the Buyer provides a letter
from the bank manager verifying that the funds have cleared their account. Deposits will
be released to the person(s) who issued the original cheque, unless otherwise stated on the
Under no circumstances shall a fully executed original Agreement be presented hand
written. Changes to original document may be made by hand and initialed by all parties.
Hand writing may cause interpretation of intent issues and misunderstanding through lack
of clarity at time of signing. Most currently available version of all documentation must be
used – which is available on the Company intranet site.
The content of each and every deal file is the sole property of the company, and
absolutely no portion of any file is to be removed from the office without the specific
permission of Management.
Any questions or concerns regarding your commission account, cheques, trade record
sheets, or any deal processing issues should be directed to the administration and
accounting office @ 416.391.3232. – failing resolution, the Branch Manager should be
Required information when obtain a new listing:
1. Approximate age of the property
2. Price the owner paid and when they purchased
3. Legal description
4 . Facts on any previous attempts to sell
CONFIDENTIAL - 11 – Copyright© 2012
5. Comparable sales and listings
6. Marketing plan
Sales Representatives should always ask the owner's reason for selling. They may be
desirous of making a profit; be leaving the city; be in difficult financial circumstances; etc.
Such information sometimes makes valuable sales talk that is very helpful in convincing
prospects. Verify if spousal consent is required. I t also gives the sales representative a
definite idea as to the urgency of the proposition and the firmness of the price. This
information must remain private and confidential.
As a real estate sales representative, you must keep a client information record for every
purchase or sale of real estate. The client information record sets out the client's name and
address, and the nature of the client's principal business or occupation. If the client is an
individual, the client information record also has to include the individual's date of birth. If
there is more than one individual purchasing or selling, you have to keep a client
information record about each individual.
Sales representatives should always inquire whether sellers carry first or second mortgages
on the property. Where there is an existing mortgage, it is a good business practice to
verify all information through the Lender, as sellers often forget pertinent details. Be sure to
establish that the mortgage can be assumed and determine the cost of the discharge.
Nothing helps more in starting a deal right than agreeing on a fair and reasonable price.
A sales representative should always aim at listing at a saleable price. A poor listing is a
liability, while a saleable listing is an asset. Sales representatives should think very carefully
before taking a listing at too high a price unless the seller has a compelling reason for
selling, in which case the sellers may be induced to bring the price into line after a
reasonable time of conscientious servicing.
Sales representatives should always ask for a listing for a minimum of 60 days on residential
properties. When listing lots or commercial properties, all listings should be taken for a
longer period of time. I f a listing is for a period of more than 6 months, the Seller must
initial the term.
In order to live up to our pledge of rendering the best possible service to the public desiring
to dispose of the property with our assistance, and also to protect our interests, the
viewing of the property by the listing salesperson is a must.
A listing sales representative is required to make regular written reports to the seller, at the
very least on a weekly basis. This regular contact with the property owner will assist in the
marketing of the property, encourage the possibility of a price reduction and will increase
the possibilities of obtaining an extension of the listing term. The listing sales representative
should request an extension during the week prior to expiry.
The listing sales representative must ensure all listing extensions are entered into the
computer BEFORE their expiry date. The "Amendment to Listing" form must be properly
completed and signed by the Seller(s). A Land Registry search should be done prior to
CONFIDENTIAL - 12 – Copyright© 2012
listing to confirm ownership, list complete first and last names on the contract and listing
Listings cannot be withdrawn from the MLS System without the signature of the
Manager/Broker. I f an occasion arises whereby a client wishes to terminate a listing due to
a legitimate complaint with the Listing Sales representative, then Management will listen to
both parties and make a decision after reviewing all the facts. At all times Management
reserves their right to cancel a listing if its retention would be detrimental to the company.
It is a general rule that Right at Home Realty will cooperate on all exclusive listings with
other Realty companies unless the Seller requests that we do not cooperate. The
commission payable to other brokerages is 50% of the total commission collected.. Sales
Representatives at Right At Home Realty are afforded the luxury of setting their own
commission rates, particularly for listing portion of commission. It is highly recommended
that the selling portion of any listing not be below current comparable rates in local
Persons placing signs on properties must, upon completion of the sale of the property or
expiry of the listing, pick up the signs and standards. Signs must be placed on private
property, not municipal property or boulevards. A "Sold" marker must be put on a property
that has been sold immediately, and the sales representative closing the deal is responsible
to see that one is placed. All signs must be removed from the property at the expiry of the
listing or, in the case of a sale, prior to closing. Since our signs represent our office, they
must be inspected regularly and kept clean and upright. Signs can be ordered through the
sign provider at the appropriate expense to the sales representative. I t is the sales
representative's responsibility to have signs placed on their own listings. The office does not
store signs.
It is important to maintain an accurate control of keys entrusted to your care. As most
seller's grant permission for the use of lock boxes, it is important that they understand the
risks involved, which should be reviewed at the time of the taking the listing.
Lock box codes should be changed on a regular basis to ensure security. A lock box code
must NEVER be given to any salesperson calling in over the phone. Lock box codes will be
communicated through the showing salesperson's office only.
Each sales representative must be conversant with the rules and regulations covering
Multiple Listings system. There is a penalty for not reporting to the board the taking, selling,
or termination of a MLS.
All listings are broker loaded by sales representatives, then sent to office for processing as
soon as the listing file is complete. There are to be no private listings or information
pertaining thereto withheld by any sales representatives. The sales representative is
obligated to service the listing by keeping the information current, and being in constant
contact with the property owner in an effort to effect maximum service. The office requires
a FULL AND COMPLETE FILE on every listing within the office. Any changes made to the
listing must be accompanied by the necessary paperwork for the office file. As with the
deal files, every sales representative should keep his/her own copy of all related
paperwork. Office copies of the listing file are the property of Right at Home Realty and
CONFIDENTIAL - 13 – Copyright© 2012
must not be removed from the office. When handing in a new listing in person, please keep
in mind what time the office will be closing on that particular day, and make sure you
leave enough time for the staff to process your listing prior to that time.
42.1 Salesperson-Loaded Listings - Each salesperson has been given the ability of broker
loading and maintaining their own personal listings. However - the salesperson must
provide the same mandatory paperwork to the admin staff immediately after loading
their listings, as well as a copy of the MLS printout showing the MLS number. It is
mandatory that you provide paperwork to the admin staff. Any price changes,
extensions, etc. to a listing must be accompanied by the appropriate paperwork and
sent to the admin staff immediately in order to keep the system records accurate and
the listing files complete as per RECO regulations.
When extending the term or changing the price of a listing, an Amendment to the Listing
Agreement form must be filled out and signed by the Seller. An extension must be
processed prior to the recorded expiry date. After this date, the listing must be processed
as a new listing. Copies of any Amendment to the Listing Agreements must be submitted
to the admin staff.
When a property is sold firm, the listing file is withdrawn and is combined with the sold file,
into which are placed all the papers in connection with the sale. The sale is reported to
the Real Estate Board and The Right at Home Corporate site. When a listing sells
(conditionally or otherwise) please provide the necessary information to report the sale.
For a conditional sale, please provide the condition, the date the condition expires, and
the closing date to the Real Estate Board. For a firm sale, please provide the sale price,
the date of closing, and the name of the outside brokerage's company and sale
representative along with lawyer information. When the deal has closed, this folder is
placed among the completed files for permanent reference. During the time that the
sale is pending, the file is kept in the administration office.
Property photos for new listings should be sent in at the time of processing a new listing.
These photos can be uploaded or they can be emailed to the real estate board.
In preparing ad copy, sales representatives shall be permitted a certain latitude on
individualizing ads, but the Management reserves the right to amend or change any ad
that it feels does not conform to the style ordinarily preferred by them. Ads are not to
be run on open listings. At no time is commission advertising permitted.
Personal advertising may include verifiable statements about being a member of the "top
10" etc, but cannot make statements that would be detrimental to fellow sales staff, such
as " I am the top sales representative at Right at Home”. These “award” statements must
also include the year the awards were attained. See attached bulletin and check-list
from RECO.
Open listings are not acceptable. However, if a salesperson knows of a property that
another salesperson may have a buyer for, he/she must get at least a 24-hour listing, or a
written agreement to pay commission to cover that showing in order for the Listing
Salesperson to get any commission on an eventual sale.
CONFIDENTIAL - 14 – Copyright© 2012
An Offer may only be treated as an Offer after it has been signed by the prospective
buyer. I f an Offer has been prepared but not signed, it is not an Offer. When an Offer is
signed, the sales representative shall immediately contact the listing sales representative to
arrange the earliest convenient time to present the Offer. I n the event that the selling
brokerage is unable to contact the listing brokerage or his authorized representative
within a reasonable period of time, he may inform the seller of the existence of the signed
Offer. This step should only be used as a last resort, for instance, if the irrevocable on the
offer is going to expire. I f at all possible, discuss the circumstances with your broker of
record before taking the step of contacting another brokerage's seller directly. All sales
representatives bringing Offers on the property must be informed of the existence of
other Offers, whether it is the listing sales representative that has the Offer or another sales
representative. Sales representatives must not discuss each other's Offer, but simply agree
to present them consecutively. In the event one sales representative has a signed Offer
and has an appointment to present it and then finds out that a second Offer is being
prepared, the Right at Home Realty sales person shall inform the seller that they have
heard that such a second offer is being prepared, however, it is not signed, and at times
buyers have changed their minds. Explain the seller's options to them based on the
irrevocable time and let the seller decide what they will do. DO NOT PUSH. If the second
Offer is not imminent, they can always work with the first offer and then LOOK at the
second offer conditional on the first offer not being completed. (Refer to your local Real
Estate Board MLS Rules & Regulations Section pertaining to Submission of Offers). At NO
TIME do you tell the seller that you have an Offer UNLESS you have a SIGNED Offer. I f any
doubt or conflict of interest by any salesperson arises - inform the Manager immediately.
Sales representatives should provide to sales representatives of other firms all reasonable
assistance in getting Offers presented. Offers from other firms on our listings must go
through the listing sales representative.
Sales representatives must never present an Offer to the owner of another firm's listing
without written permission from the listing agent. Such offers must be channeled through
the Manager of the listing sales representative’s Brokerage. Should the offer be accepted,
a copy of the accepted offer and a receipt from the listing brokerage for the deposit must
be obtained for our records - along with a photocopy of the cheque.
While multiple Offer situations are the seller's best friend, they can be very painful to the
would-be buyers and for sales representatives who fall to follow proper procedures. As
long as all parties are operating on an equal playing field throughout the offer process,
nobody will have any valid grounds for a complaint. The whole issue of disclosure and
representation further complicates multiple offer situations. I t is critical that you tailor your
approach to fit the representation relationships you have established with the
Preparation is important: to success in any activity. If you are taking a well-priced listing in a
hot market, you may want to prepare your seller for the possibility of multiple offers. Point
out to them that they will have several options if they receive more than one offer. They
1) Accept one and reject the others. The benefit is that the seller has sold the
property; the cost is the lost opportunity to try for a better deal. Sign one back and
reject the others. The benefit is that the seller may negotiate a better result with
CONFIDENTIAL - 15 – Copyright© 2012
the buyer receiving the sign-back; the cost is the lost opportunity to get better
offers from the other buyers.
2) Reject all offers, sending them back to the buyers for improvement. The benefit is
keeping all Buyers in play; the cost or risk is that all buyers may not return, or that
the buyer who made the best initial offer may not return.
3) Sign one back and hold onto the other offers pending a response from the buyer
getting a sign-back, the benefit is keeping all buyers in play; the risk is that the buyer
receiving the sign-back won't respond and the other buyers will simply let their
offers die.
4) Hold on to one or more of the offers while sending the other offer(s) back to the
buyers for improvement. The benefit is keeping the most appealing offer in your
hands; the risk is losing the other buyers and not being able to reach a firm
agreement with the buyer whose offer you held onto.
Point out to your seller that in multiple offer situations, it is the industry rule to keep details
of each bidder's offer a secret from the other bidders. In fact, your seller can instruct you
that they want the essential terms of each offer revealed to the other bidders. While you
are required to abide by your client's lawful instructions, it may be wise to discourage
your seller from establishing the "ground rules". Because it isn't common practice, and
because it would have to be disclosed to the cooperating salesperson and their buyers, it
may cause one or more of the bidders to withdraw from the process. I f your seller still
wishes to set the ground rules, get it in writing.
By providing your seller with this information, you enable them to make an informed
decision from all available choices if and when the multiple offer situation arises.
In a "seller's market", you may wish to prepare your buyers for the possibility of finding their
dream home, only to find themselves in a bidding war.
Point out to your buyer the five possible choices (noted above) that a seller can make
when presented with two or more offers. Your buyers may simply decide that they will not
enter a multiple offer process. You will want to indicate to such buyers that, in a hot
market, they may find that every good property is attracting more than one offer. I t is in
their best interests not to rule out homes that attract more than one offer. Discuss with the
buyer their options when participating in a multiple offer situation:
Seller accepts your offer
Seller signs back your offer - accept the sign-back, ensuring that you have bought the
property, but losing the opportunity to negotiate a better deal.
Sign back the Seller's sign-back - keeps open the possibility of negotiating better terms, but
runs the risk of re-opening the table for other buyers.
Withdraw from the bidding - the benefit is in avoiding a bidding war; the cost is the lost
opportunity to buy the property on acceptable terms.
Advise your buyer that if they are likely to become involved in a multiple offer situation,
they should be readily available on offer-presentation day to respond quickly in the event
that the seller signs their offer back or sends all offers back for improvement.
When buyers know they are entering a multiple offer situation, you could recommend the
buyer get pre-approved from a financial institution and a professional inspection report
prior to the presentation of their offer. That way they can go to the table with a good
idea of the property's strengths and weaknesses, while avoiding the need for a dealkilling inspection condition.
CONFIDENTIAL - 16 – Copyright© 2012
Warn your buyers that the standard practice in multiple offer situations is for the listing
brokerage find the sellers to conduct a "blind" bidding process; your buyer will never know
what the other offers were. If your buyer is successful, he/she will never know how much
more he/she offered than the next best offer.
It is the obligation of the listing brokerage, through its sales representative, to ensure that
the presentation process is fair to all parties. By following a few simple rules, the duty of
fairness can be met, while ensuring that the seller's interests are fully protected.
Inform salespeople who have registered offers immediately upon receiving word that
another offer has been registered. Salespeople and buyers with offers on your listing have
a right to know how many competitors they have for the property.
If necessary, seek your seller's instruction to delay offer presentations if a salesperson calls to
indicate that they are in the process of preparing an offer but won't have it ready for the
scheduled presentation time. I t is in your seller's best interests, to provide sufficient time to
all interested parties to get to the table with their offers.
At the offer presentation, it is considered proper etiquette to present the offers in order of
their registration if possible. Make sure that the salespeople waiting to present their offers
are situated far enough away from the room in which the presentations are being made
to ensure that they will not be able to overhear the conversation.
Once all the offers are presented and your seller has decided on a response, inform each
of the salespeople with competing offers of your seller's decision.
If you or another salesperson with your firm has one or more of the competing offers,
make sure that salespeople from other firms are aware of that fact.
If your seller chooses to sign back one of the offers, and the buyer who receives the signback comes back with a sign-back of their own, the seller has the opportunity to reopen
the bidding to other parties. Point this out to your seller if the situation arises, and get your
seller's instructions. They can choose to proceed with negotiations with the buyer in signback, or they can invite other bidders back to the table.
If the Seller chooses to sign back or accept a second offer conditional upon their first
sign-back not being accepted, make sure that you insert the proper condition in the
second offer. Your seller does not want to be in the position of having sold the property
twice! Commission reductions can be offered when dealing with a multiple offer situation
as long as the amount of the reduction is disclosed to all other salespeople.
It is conceivable that you or another salesperson in your firm will be working with a buyer
who is interested in competing with other bidders for a property listed with our firm. This is
of course Dual Representation. Before you proceed, you must do the following:
You must fully explain the limitations of dual representation to both the seller and buyer
and get their informed consent to your acting as a dual salesperson. Without the consent
of both, you cannot proceed. Remember, the brokerage enters into the contract with
the client, not with the individual salesperson. The same rules apply whether you
personally bring both clients to your firm or you and another salesperson with your firm
bringing them in separately.
You must advise the salespeople with competing offers that you (or another salesperson in
your company) have an offer from a buyer.
You must advise your buyer and your seller that your buyer will not get special treatment
in the negotiating process, because you have a duty to ensure that there is a level
playing field for all participants.
A registrant shall not represent more than one client in respect of the same trade in real
estate unless all of the clients represented by the registrant in respect of that trade
consent in writing.
CONFIDENTIAL - 17 – Copyright© 2012
It is not a good or ethical practice to direct customers to a certain solicitor. The solicitor
who has previously acted for the customer in question will quite certainly not appreciate
our interference in causing his client to change solicitors. I f the customer asks for your
advice, however, or has had no previous dealings with any lawyer, it is permissible to
suggest some names. The firm, however, strongly advises that at least three names be
given. Sales representatives are also advised to avoid quoting solicitors' fees to their
customers, as these vary considerably.
The Real Estate and Business Broker's Act requires that a signed copy of the accepted offer
be delivered forthwith to each party who has signed the contract. Our office must have
an original copy of any signed offer for our office files.
You cannot ask for more commission than is offered by the listing brokerage by way of the
Confirmation of Co-Operation and Representation form. You cannot negotiate
commission during the presentation of a competing offer, or can it be part of the
Agreement of Purchase and Sale. You cannot involve the seller or buyer in any
commission negotiations between the listing and selling representatives. You can only
negotiate increased commission between the listing sales representative and selling
representative, and this must be done prior to obtaining an offer.
a) Only the information necessary to facilitate the real estate transaction or otherwise
provide professional and competent service to clients and customers will be collected;
b) No personal information shall be collected from an individual without first obtaining the
consent of the individual to the collection, use and dissemination of that Information;
Express consent (whether oral or written) must always be obtained except in the following
a) Consent may be implied where the information is not sensitive and where it can be
assumed that the individual would expect the information to be disclosed in this fashion.
b ) Once information is collected, it will be used and disclosed only for the purposes
approved by the
c) All representation agreements must include the approved privacy clauses.
a) Anyone using personal information for some new purpose that extends beyond the
consent already provided must obtain the express consent of the person for that use.
b) Requests for information from law enforcement officials, lawyers, private investigators, or
other salespersons or subpoenas for documents issued by the court must be referred to
the privacy officer/office manager or brokerage/salesperson as appropriate.
PROTECTING INFORMATION must be protected in a manner commensurate with its
sensitivity, value and criticality. This policy applies regardless of the media on which
information is stored, the location where the information stored, the systems used to
process the information, or the processes by which information is handled.
a ) Any complaints from an individual concerning the collection, use or disclosure of their
personal information or concerning the individual's ability t o access their personal
information must be referred to the privacy compliance officer, who will attempt t o
CONFIDENTIAL - 18 – Copyright© 2012
resolve the complaint to the individual's satisfaction.
b) In the event the complaint cannot be resolved internally to the individual's satisfaction,
he or she w i l l be advised of where to direct the complaint.
This firm does not encourage its sales representatives to become involved in the business of
buying and selling real estate for their own account. Our primary function is to serve both
buyers and sellers by bringing them together. Recognizing, however, that in certain
circumstances it can perform a valuable service or the seller of a property, the firm does
not prohibit purchases by its sales staff.
However, all such purchases must be discussed with Management, and no property listed
with this firm may be purchased without the express consent of Management and proper
“Unless the registrant first delivers to all other parties to the agreement a written
statement that he, she or it is a brokerage, broker or salesperson, as the case may be, and
the other parties have acknowledged receipt of the statement in writing, no registrant
shall, either directly or indirectly, (a) purchase, lease, exchange or otherwise acquire for
himself, herself, or itself, any interest in real estate or make an offer to do so; or (b) divest
himself, herself, or itself of any interest in real estate, or make an offer to do so." (Section 32
of the Rea! Estate and Business Broker's Act, 2002)
Where real estate transactions in which a brokerage or salesperson is required to give a
statement, is listed with the brokerage or, in the case of a salesperson, is listed with the
brokerage by whom the salesperson, is employed, appointed or authorized to trade In
real estate, the statement shall include:
a) Full disclosure of all facts within his special knowledge that affect or will affect the re sale value of the real estate, and
b) The particulars of any negotiation or agreement by or on behalf of the brokerage or
salesperson for the sale, exchange, lease or other disposition of any interest i n the real
estate to any other person.
The Company is committed to providing its employees and Independent Contractors with
a safe work environment, which at all times is supportive of the dignity and self-esteem of
the individual and which is free of harassment of any kind. Achieving this environment
depends on mutual respect, co-operation and understanding between people. Attitudes
and behaviors that undermine this are detrimental to all and will not be tolerated. This
policy applies to all employees of the Company. This policy also applies to any
independent contractor, sales representative, agent or employee of same who is granted
access to the workplace.
Sexual Harassment: The Canada Labour Code defines "sexual harassment" as: any
conduct, gesture or contact of a sexual nature that is likely to cause offence or humiliation
to any employee; or, that might, on reasonable grounds, be perceived by that employee
as placing a condition of a sexual nature on employment or on any opportunity for training
or promotion"
General Harassment: General Harassment is unwelcome behavior (Including comments or
actions) which is perceived by the receiver as being hostile, obnoxious, or intimidating. I t Is
CONFIDENTIAL - 19 – Copyright© 2012
targeted at a person or group of people because of a personal dislike or personality
conflict, and not solely because of race, religion, colour, sexual orientation, or any other of
the prohibited grounds.
Workplace: "Workplace" is defined broadly and includes, but is not limited to, the actual
work site (the office), outside the office, at office-related social functions, in the course of
work assignments outside the office, at work-related conferences or training sessions, during
work-related travel and over the telephone, fax, and internet/intranet.
Behavior which can constitute harassment includes, but is not limited to, the following:
Physical or verbal abuse;
Inappropriate comments/jokes causing embarrassment;
Sexually suggestive gestures, remarks and innuendoes;
Insults, jokes or slurs;
Leering, staring;
Inappropriate remarks about a person's physical appearance;
Comments about an individual's sex life;
Unwelcome touching or leering;
Unnecessary physical contact;
Demands or suggestions for sexual favours;
Compromising invitations, propositions;
Reprisal or threats of reprisal to any employee for rejecting any of the above behavior;
Repeated offensive sexual flirtations; advances; propositions;
The display of or circulation of any inappropriate written material or pictures.
Q . H o w d o we know what constitutes sexual harassment, bad taste or just having fun?
A . T h e severity and frequency of the conduct and the victim's reaction/perception.
I n many cases harassment ceases as soon as the offender is told that their actions are
inappropriate. I f nothing is done, it generally gets worse. I f you object to what you think is
inappropriate behavior and feel you can handle this directly some suggestions are;
Say in a calm, firm voice:
1 “Please stop”" or “"Stop immediately”
2 “ I don't feel this is appropriate or professional behavior"
3 " I don't appreciate hearing your comments and remarks"
4 "I find the material that you have displayed offensive"
If any person feels that he or she is experiencing behavior which is inappropriate, they are
encouraged to advise a Manager and/or contact Human Resources. The National
Director, Human Resources is the harassment officer for the company. In addition, the
following National Help Line number has been set up Human Resources: 416.510.5694E
If you quote "99" the call will immediately be forwarded to a Human Resources
professional who will be able to assist. Although some of these calls are before and after
hours, someone is often in the department and messages are checked regularly. Any
such calls will be given top priority and handled with confidentiality and discretion.
Human Resources will speak with the individual making the complaint and with the other
parties involved. A l l formal complaints will be dealt with in strict confidence, subject to
the Company's obligation to conduct thorough investigation. Employees and
Independent Contractors may be assured that these sensitive matters will be handled in
a timely and effective manner.
CONFIDENTIAL - 20 – Copyright© 2012
It is the responsibility of each person to ensure that these prohibited activities do not
occur. Workplace Harassment is unpleasant and intimidating. I t is essential that all
employees take the necessary steps to stop harassment. Anyone who witness harassment
or who becomes aware that an individual is being harassed has a responsibility to report
the incident immediately to his/her supervisor or manager or to the Human Resources
Department, without fear of reprisal. Managers are responsible for providing a harassmentfree work environment and, upon becoming aware that some form of harassment is
occurring, for taking prompt, corrective action, in consultation with Human Resources,
even if no complaint is filed.
G. The Brokerage reserves the right to terminate any Salesperson upon 24 hours written
notice deemed to have acted in an insulting or unprofessional manner with any other
RAH Salesperson or support staff.
All terminations will be in accordance as stipulated in the Independent Contractor
Agreement, along with the following:
a) Any salesperson that fails to pay their RECO or Real Estate Board dues will
automatically be terminated until reinstatement,
b) Any salesperson that fails to pay their monthly fees to RAH will be terminated within 7
business days, unless the salesperson has receivables coming into RAH in the next 30
days. The branch manager reserves the right under certain circumstances to
extend the grace period if receivables are due in 60 days.
Real estate is now recognized as a true profession. At Right At Home Realty we endeavor
to ensure our salespeople deliver the best level of service with integrity and trust.
CONFIDENTIAL - 21 – Copyright© 2012