Tell us what you think

Tell us what
you think
How to comment, compliment or
complain about the treatment or
service you have received from
Marie Curie
Share your experience with us
We hope you are satisfied with the service that you
have received from Marie Curie Cancer Care.
We know that sometimes small changes can make
a big difference. We always welcome comments
from patients and their families. If you have recent
experience of our care, we would like to hear
from you.
Let us know if you have any suggestions that may
help us to shape future services.
To share your comment, compliment or suggestion,
please get in touch with us:
Phone: 0800 716 146 (9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday)
Email: [email protected]
You can also write to:
Caroline Hamblett
Director of Services
Marie Curie Cancer Care
7th Floor, 89 Albert Embankment
London SE1 7TP
Spreading the word
Are you particularly happy with the support you
have received from Marie Curie Cancer Care? Then
we would really like to hear your story.
We want as many people as possible to know about
our vital services. And the best way for us to do
this is by inviting people like you to share your
Your story can help us to encourage people to use
our services or to support us.
You can read stories by those who have been
supported by our Marie Curie Nurses at:
To share your story, please visit our website at:
You can also write to:
My story
Case Study team
Communications department
Marie Curie Cancer Care
6th Floor, 89 Albert Embankment
London SE1 7TP
Making a complaint
Although we work hard to offer high standards of
service and care at all times, things can sometimes
go wrong.
If you are unhappy with the treatment or service you
have received from us, please let us know.
We will do all that we can to put things right for you
and to make sure that the same thing doesn’t happen
again. We view complaints as an opportunity to learn
how we can improve.
Should you find it necessary to make a complaint,
please follow the steps below.
Talking it through
If you have a complaint about treatment or care, it is
best to try and sort it out straight away.
If you are an in-patient or visiting a patient, the best
person to talk to is the nurse in charge of the ward.
If you are an outpatient, please ask a member of staff
at reception who you should talk to.
If the care or treatment has been provided in your
own home, please ring the number on the calling
card the nurse has provided you with.
You may wish to put your complaint in writing –
either as a letter or email – to:
Nichola Summers, Divisional General Manager
Marie Curie Hospice, Glasgow
Balornock Road
Glasgow G21 3US
Email: [email protected]
What if I’m not satisfied?
If you are not happy with the response you receive
you can make a complaint in writing to:
Dr Jane Collins
Chief Executive
Marie Curie Cancer Care
7th Floor, 89 Albert Embankment
London SE1 7TP
When we receive a written complaint we will write
back to you within two working days to confirm we
have received your letter.
We will then ask a senior manager to look into your
concerns. The manager may ask to meet you to
discuss your concerns further. You can ask to meet
with them if you think that it would be helpful.
Your complaint will not be recorded in your medical
notes and will not affect your future care in any way.
We will always do our best to give you a full reply as
quickly as possible. We aim to give a complete reply
within 20 working days from the receipt of
your complaint.
If a delay occurs we will still write to you within
20 working days to update you on how the matter
is progressing.
Alternatively, you can contact the Care Inspectorate
(if you are receiving care from the Marie Curie
Nursing Service) or Healthcare Improvement Scotland
(if you are receiving care from the Marie Curie
Hospice) directly with any comments or complaints
you may have – you do not necessarily need to follow
the process outlined above.
Charity reg no. 207994 (England & Wales), SCO38731 (Scotland) S171
However, it may take us longer to investigate
your complaint fully, especially if the issues are
The care the Marie Curie Nursing Service provides is
regulated by the Care Inspectorate.
If you feel that you would like to make a complaint
you can contact:
Care Inspectorate
Compass House
11 Riverside Drive
Dundee DD1 4NY
Phone: 0845 600 9527
Email: [email protected]
The care we provide at the Marie Curie Hospice,
Glasgow and the Marie Curie Hospice, Edinburgh is
regulated by Healthcare Improvement Scotland.
If you feel that you would like to make a complaint
you can contact:
Independent Healthcare Complaints Manager
Healthcare Improvement Scotland
Gyle Square
1 South Gyle Crescent
Edinburgh EH12 9EB
Phone: 0131 623 4300
Email: [email protected]