SOCAN Foundation Awards for Young Composers
SOCAN Foundation Awards
for Young Composers
Deadline: April 15, 2013
The annual SOCAN Foundation Awards for Young Composers are
designed to recognize Canadian concert-music composers aged 30
and under, for specific musical works in five categories. Many past
winners have gone on to major careers, among them Chan Ka Nin,
Denys Bouliane, Linda Bouchard, Glenn Buhr, Alexina Louie, Omar Daniel,
Denis Gougeon, André Ristic, Hope Lee, Randolph Peters, Gilles Gobeil,
Marjan Mozetich, James Rolfe and Jeffrey Ryan.
Deadline: April 15, 2013
The deadline is the final date by which the entries must be postmarked or
received by the Foundation or a SOCAN office (via post or courier).
Prizes: A total of $29,250 is available.
The John Weinzweig Grand Prize in the amount of $3,000
Three prizes will be offered in each of five categories:
1st prize in the amount of $3,000
2nd prize in the amount of $1,500
3rd prize in the amount of $750
The jury may, but need not, award all prizes in each category, including the
grand prize. One prize may also be divided between two or more works
deemed equal in the opinion of the jury. The jury reserves the right, where
deemed beneficial to the application, to move entries to other categories.
The John Weinzweig Grand Prize for best overall work submitted
(note: applicants do not apply for this award).
The Sir Ernest MacMillan Awards for compositions for no fewer than
13 performers up to full symphony orchestra which may include vocal
participation and may be scored to include electroacoustics.
The Serge Garant Awards for instrumental compositions for a
minimum of three performers to a maximum of 12 performers, with
or without voices and/or electroacoustics).
The Pierre Mercure Awards for solo or duet compositions, with
or without voices and/or electroacoustics.
The Hugh Le Caine Awards for live or recorded electroacoustics,
where the intended performance is, at least in part, through loudspeakers.
Works in this category may be multi-media and may include acoustic
instrument(s) or voice(s), live or recorded. The principal element in the
work must be electroacoustic.
The Godfrey Ridout Awards for works of any number of voices
with or without instrumentation and/or electroacoustics.
Eligibility Criteria
1. Composers must be 30 years of age or under on the competition
deadline, April 15, 2013.
2. The competition is open to SOCAN members and to composers who
are not members of a performing right organization but are Canadian
citizens. SOCAN board members, Foundation board members and
SOCAN employees are not eligible to enter.
3. Candidates may not submit works that were award winners in
previous SOCAN Foundation Awards for Young Composers.
4. Works submitted must be original and at least five minutes in
duration. Arrangements are ineligible.
5. Winners of the John Weinzweig Grand Prize are no longer eligible to
enter this competition.
Assessment Criteria
Excellence will be an overriding factor in judging. Works submitted will be
examined anonymously by a jury approved by the SOCAN Foundation.
Application Process
1. Candidates may enter no more than one work per category and no
more than three works overall. Each work may be entered only once.
In cases where a work may appear to be eligible for two different
categories, the applicant must choose a single category. Works must
have been composed within three years of the application deadline.
2. Candidates submitting works with texts must enclose information
as to the source of the text if in the public domain, or proper written
permission from the copyright owner to use the text in a musical
3. Candidates submitting works which include a pre-recorded electroacoustic element must submit the recording (CD-Audio only, MP3
files are not acceptable) with the score. Program notes or technical
information about the creation of the work should also be included.
4. Composers are strongly urged to submit performance recordings
with their scores, where available. Live performances are preferred
but a MIDI synthesized realization is acceptable for judging purposes.
Previous juries have felt that pieces without recordings are at a
serious disadvantage. Each CD-Audio (MP3 files are not acceptable)
must contain one composition only and must be playable on a
standard CD player.
CD-Audio discs must be clearly labeled:
• Title of the composition with one selection per disc
• Duration of composition
• Composer’s pseudonym
5. Each entry must have a manuscript, with the exception of the Hugh
Le Caine Awards if no acoustic instruments are used. Manuscripts
must be bound, complete and legible.
6. Names or identities of candidates or their schools must not appear
anywhere on manuscripts, CDs or CD boxes submitted. Works may
be disqualified if identifying information is visible. The candidate
shall be identified only by a pseudonym which must obliterate the
candidate’s name on all material submitted. Separate pseudonyms
must be used for each work entered. The candidate’s full name will
appear on the application form and biography only.
7. A brief biography of the candidate must be included.
8. Entries will be returned, but only if accompanied by
self-addressed envelopes with sufficient postage affixed.
9. A separate application form must be completed for each work
entered in each category. Photocopies of the application form may
be used.
10.Tracks for multi-movement works must be inserted in all CDs submitted.
11.Each composition must be submitted on CD-Audio only (one
composition per disc, no MP3 files).
The competition and its rules are subject to change.
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Application Form
SOCAN Foundation Awards for
Young Composers: 2013
A separate form is required for each work and category. (Please print)
This composition is entered into the following category:
MacMillan Garant Mercure Le Caine Ridout
Name Mr./Ms. ___________________________________________________
Address _______________________________________________________
City__________________ Province____________ Postal Code_____________
Telephone (
)__________________ Alternate (
E-mail _________________________________________________________
Date of Birth ____________________________________________________
I am represented by the following pseudonym (different with each application):
I submit the following composition:
Indicate material submitted:
Score __________________________ CD ___________________________
Each work may be entered into one category only.
I am a member of SOCAN.
I am not a member of any performing right society and I am a Canadian citizen.
A brief biography must be attached to each entry.
The composition submitted is an original, unpublished work.
I have read and agree to all of the terms and conditions contained in the brochure for
the 2013 SOCAN Foundation Awards for Young Composers. I have reviewed the
SOCAN Foundation Privacy Policy and I hereby give my consent to the use of my
personal information.
Signature Date
I request return of my materials in the enclosed self-addressed envelope
(provide sufficient postage)