Fun was had by all at our December family skate

The OFFICIAL Newsletter of the
Palliser•Bayview•Pump Hill
Community Association
Fun was had by all at our December family
skate — join us on Sunday, February 3rd
from 1–4pm for our Winterfest family skate.
More rink news on page 3.
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Call for Volunteers!
secretary, social director, grants director and directors at large.
If you would like to get involved and help out
your community association please call Janine
at 403-281-1908 or email [email protected] Or
attend a board meeting (2nd Tuesday of each
month, 7pm, PBP Community Hall) for casual
discussion on how you can help. The next meetings are February 12th & March 12th.G
Your Help is Wanted
he PBP Community Association is seeking
volunteers to serve on our executive and board
of directors. Can you help out? Time commitments are minimal and flexible. Meet your neighbours
and have some fun!
Volunteering benefits you as well as your community:
• learn new skills
• meet a diverse range of people
• be part of your community
• discover new interests & hobbies
• build self-confidence & feel valued
PBP Community Association is now accepting
volunteers. Positions available include president,
vice-president, facility maintenance (occasional),
Ice Rink Update
he ice rink looks great and we’ve been seeing
lots of kids’ shinny activity as well as pleasure
skating since it was flooded late November. Our
first family skate on Sunday December 30th was well
attended with a cozy fire, hot chocolate and cookies being enjoyed by all (see cover photos). The upcoming
Winterfest on Sunday Feb. 3rd from 1–4pm promises
lots of skating fun.
4 •
Names &
PBP Community Association EXECUTIVE & DIRECTORS
Vice-President Treasurer
Volunteer Needed
Volunteer Needed
Sandra Bryant [email protected]
Volunteer Needed
Jens Hornbruch 587-433-5218 [email protected]
Bldg. Maintenance
Civic Affairs
Preschool Liaison
Ice Rink Coordinator
Volunteer Needed
Volunteer Needed
Volunteer Needed
Krista Semmens
Jen Fowler
Gerri van Baal
Volunteer Needed
Tracee Collins
Membership &
Hall Rentals Janine Revay
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Janine Revay
[email protected]
Deer Neighbour
Kathryn Chan
[email protected]
Therese Miller
Shelly Bearss
Southfour Sports
Roger Bourque
Southfour Softball
Amy Richards
Ed Malate
Curling Joe & Kay Massey
Rob Perry
Wally Reck
Volunteer Needed
Cst. Jerry Shannon
Cst. Mike Glessing
Community Liaison Officer
Southwest Communities Resource Centre(SWCRC)
Southwood Library
Elena Doebele
Susan Forest
Ecole Chinook Park
Ecole St. Gerard Elementary
Darlene Wozny
Henry Wise Wood High
Monty Slim
John Ware Junior High
Robin Laycock
Nellie McClung
Gordon Hamby
St. Benedict Elementary
Pat McMillan
Alderman, Ward 11
Brian Pincott
Linda Johnson
*All phone numbers have 403 area code unless otherwise indicated.
Finally, keep your eyes open for full rink family shinny to be organized and posted on the PBP community
notice boards upcoming weekends. You may also email
[email protected] for more info.G Submitted by
Tracee Collins, Rink Volunteer Coordinator
Social Media Guru Wanted
he community association is looking for a social media guru to help increase awareness and
encourage participation in various community
events and programs. If you are Twitter and/or Facebook savvy, please contact [email protected] for more
information on how you can help.G
Submitted by Tracee Collins
[email protected]
PBP Facility manager (Office Hours: Mon, Tues & Thurs, 10am–3pm)
The smaller square-shaped “no sticks”’ rink next to
the main rink is great for little ones just learning. We
encourage fun pick-up hockey games (half rink please).
Community Association Meetings
PBP Community Association meetings are held on
the second Tuesday of each month at 7pm, at the
community as­so­ci­at­ion building attached to Nellie
McClung School. You are welcome to attend.
The next meetings are
February 12th & March 12th
Hall Rentals
The PBP Community Hall (2323 Palliser Drive,
next to Nellie McClung School) has 2 rooms (35 or
75 capacity, with kitchen availability) available for
rent. Special rates are available to groups wishing to
rent on a regular basis. To book, call Janine Revay at
403-281-1908 or email [email protected] (please
note that office hours are 10am–3pm, Mon, Tues,
& Thurs). A current PBP Community membership
($25 reg., $10 seniors) is required for all hall rentals.
Rental rates are: main hall, $30/hr; board room,
$20/hr; or both rooms, $50/hr.
Visit us at • 5
2013 Property Tax
ou have now received your property tax assessment for 2013 in the mail and will have until
Monday, March 4, to review and/or file a formal
complaint against the assessment.
Your 2013 assessment is the City’s estimate of the market value of your property as of July 1, 2012. The only
complaint you can file against the assessment is that,
in your opinion, the assessment does not reflect this
market value. The courts have decided decades ago that
the definition of a ‘fair and equitable’ assessment is an
assessment based on the property’s market value on the
effective date. Comparing your assessment to those of
your neighbours is interesting, but irrelevant.
If you have questions, call the City’s Assessment Department 403-268-2888, or 311, and ask to speak to the
assessor for this area. Review:
a)the information they have on file on your property,
check that it contains no errors , such as an incor-
rect age, site area, floor areas (usable and unusable),
renovations and additions. You’d be surprised at the
number of errors there are. And
b)ask for a list of sold properties that were used in estimating your market value. Then go and look at each
to see how comparable they are. If you believe there’s
a real problem, discuss it first with the assessor, they
will often recommend a reduction if you have a solid
If you wish to file a complaint with the Assessment Review Board you must do so by Monday, March 4; the
cost is $25/roll number.
The complaint form and much information is to be
found on the ARB’s website,, and
follow the links.
The board hearing your complaint usually has a
chairperson and two other board members. File a
concise and readable report for them (copy to the assessor). State your complaint clearly and support your
arguments with documentation and photos. Tell them
what, in your opinion, the correct assessment for your
6 •
property should be. Board members are there to hear
from citizens and will be respectful and accommodating to newcomers. Their decision will be given at the
Submitted by Gerrie Van Baal,
Education News
55+ Club
DISCOVER, EXPLORE, WONDER! At PBP Cooperative Preschool we acknowledge the uniqueness of each child and
their need to develop his/her potential socially, emotionally,
physically and intellectually. We believe early childhood
education is best accomplished in an environment of care,
trust and respect.
PBP Director of Planning
he 55+ Club meets in the community association board room the second and fourth Tuesday
of each month, 1–3pm. Please drop in and join
us for a cup of coffee, cards and a chance to meet some
of your neighbours.
Please contact Lana Morningstar for more information, 403-251-4506 or [email protected]
Submitted by Lana Morningstar
Chess Club
re you interested in playing chess? We will be
meeting in the PBP Community Center at mutually agreed upon times. Children and adults
welcome. Please email [email protected] with
your name and contact information.G
Submitted by Tracee Collins
PBP Co-operative Preschool
anuary was a busy and fun
month at PBP Preschool.
We were all well rested and
excited to get back in the classroom after our winter break.
We learned all about forest animals and how they adapted to
life in the winter. We talked about bears, rabbits, birds,
squirrels, and deer to see how they stayed warm and
fed over the long snowy months. The children learned
about hibernation, food storage and migration. They
also made animal masks and bird feeders to hang up at
home. Our animal unit also tied in to Groundhog Day
on February 2nd. We are all very excited to know if the
groundhog sees his shadow this year, and if spring will
come early or late.
In February, we are looking forward to our author
study on Theodor Seuss Geisel, better know as Dr. Seuss!
We will be reading lots of fun stories, learning about
rhymes and rhythm, and making lots of fun Seuss inspired crafts. We
plan on celebrating Dr. Seuss’s
birthday (which
is on March 2)
with a party,
complete with
Seuss inspired
dressing up and
green eggs and
ham! We’ll also
be sure to take
some time to
share our love for
our classmates
on Valentine’s
Day. • 7
Exciting news for the 2013-2014 preschool year!
The programs are out and registration has started. As
always at PBP Preschool, our focus is a Learn Through
Play educational philosophy. Some other great things
about our preschool:
Small class size ratios
Inquiry-based learning
Healthy snack provided
Physical activity (outdoor play and/or indoor gross
motor skill games)
Special visitors brought into the classroom to enhance programming
Family oriented (all family members always welcome, including siblings)
Choose the level of involvement in your child’s education, optional classroom volunteering opportunities, join our operating board or volunteer your
2013-2014 Programs
Me 2 Time is a fun and engaging program for children
aged 18 months to 3 years old. This parented program
helps to develop social and cooperative skills of toddlers through play activities. Monday and/or Friday
1–3pm; monthly
fees: $55/1day or
Discover 3 This
“Learn Through
Play” InquiryBased Learning
approach helps
to foster our 3
year old children’s
through our free
play centres while focusing on social interactions and
cooperation. Tuesday and Thursday 8:45–11:15am;
monthly fees: $170; student/teacher ratio 6:1
Explore 4 within this inquiry-based learning program,
4 year olds are encouraged to explore the world around
them. Through collaboration and cooperation, children take part in class discussions through encouraged
questioning and learning to seek answers within our
daily circle time to help foster creative thinkers. Monday, Wednesday and Friday 8:45–11:45am; monthly
fees: $200; student/teacher ratio 8:1
8 •
Wonder Why? 4 & 5 Does your 4 or 5 year always ask
“why?” and wonders about the world around them?
This Inquiry-Based Learning Program encourages
these young learners to ask questions and seek answers
through working collaboratively and cooperatively
with others. This unique afternoon program gives parents the opportunity to commit to one, two or three
days per week. Tuesday, Wednesday and/or Thursday
1–3:30pm; monthly fees: $200/3day, $140/2day or
$75/1day; student/teacher ratio 6:1
Please check our website at
for a full description of each class and further information about our preschool. Don’t wait! Our classes fill
Community Memberships
The membership year runs Sept 1/12–Aug 31/13.
Purchase your membership online at,
or mail/drop off this form to PBP Community Association, 2323 Palliser Dr. SW, Calgary AB
T2V 3S4. Membership fee: $25/household;
postal code:____________________________
(for membership confirmation)
The PBP CA holds many successful functions each year
thanks to the tremendous help of our volunteers. If you
would like to become involved, please indicate below
where you would be interested in volunteering:
o Board Member
o Garden Maintenance
o Seniors Events
o Youth Events
o Rink Maintenance
Neighbourhood News
Southwood Library
924 Southland Drive SW • ph 403-260-2600 •
Hours: Mon–Thurs, 10 am–9 pm; Fri–Sat, 10 am–5 pm; Sun, 12–5 pm
In the Spotlight: Library Press Display Read newspapers and magazines online with your Calgary Public Library Card. This database offers digital replicas
of newspapers from all over the world! Read today’s
Calgary Herald or Globe and Mail with just a click of
a mouse! You can find this database at www.calgary
EBooks Did you get an eReader for Christmas? Join
our program eBooks: A Library on the Go to learn more
about your new device and our eLibrary on Tuesday,
March 12, 7-8:30 pm.
The Calgary Public Library has over 110 Book Club
in a Bag titles for your club to borrow. Book Club in
a Bag allows your book club to borrow ten copies of
a popular book for up to six weeks. You can also find
sample reviews, sample discussion questions, as well as
information on how to read a book for discussion.G • 9
Deer Neighbour is the monthly newsletter of the Palliser•Bayview•
Pump Hill Community Association and is distributed to all community residents
(circ: approx. 1850). No issue July or August. Publisher: Newsletters & More.
Submissions & ads should be directed to Kathryn Chan, Newsletters & More,
43 Bayview Dr. SW, Calgary T2V 3N9; ph/fax 403-251-6201; newsletters
[email protected] Website:
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Disclaimer The opinions expressed within any published article, report,
submission or advertisement are those of the author and do not reflect those
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Deadlines Next deadline: February 10th for the March issue.
10 •
Help Us Find Harry
e need your help to find Harry the cat. Harry
has been missing since September last year.
Harry is a Lynx Point Siamese. He is mainly
grey with dark paws, dark ears and a big, dark, raccoonlike tail. He has a stripey face and blue eyes and would
be 10 months old now.
Neighbours saw him being picked up outside of a
townhouse in Oakridge Village on Friday, September 14th around 5pm. Neighbours saw a lady, with
shoulder-length hair tied back, pick him up and walk
north towards Glenmore Reservoir with
him. She spoke to a
young girl and said
that she lived south
of the townhomes in
Oakridge. This lady
may have mistakenly
thought that Harry
was a stray. He is
probably very close to
where he was picked
up, somewhere within
walking distance from Oakridge Village.
Harry’s owners are anxious to get him back and we
are enlisting your help to try and return him to them.
Please be on the lookout for him and if you know who
has him or if he is seen wandering around, please contact us, confidentiality guaranteed. We would like to reunite him to his owners and make 2013 the best year yet
Submitted by January Stallard,
for them.G
[email protected] or call PBP at 403-281-1908
SouthWest Communities
Resource Centre (SWCRC)
Oakridge Co-op Mall at #42, 2580 Southland Drive • Ph 403-238-9222 • [email protected]
Literacy and Parenting Skills Program (LAPS)
Thursdays, 9:30am–11pm, Feb. 21, 28; Mar. 7, 14, 21;
April 11, 18, 25 at the SWCRC
re you a parent who has trouble reading and
writing? Do you want to help your young children become good readers and writers? This is
the program for you.
• Guide your children.
• Help them learn.
• Improve your own parenting and literacy skills.
This program is run by the Further Education Society. Register now by calling the SWCRC at 403-2389222.G
Submitted by the SWCRC
Classifieds are free to community members for items of a personal nature only.
Reliable Master Electrician For all your electrical requirements, big or small, call
Campbel Sinclair at 403-397-7141 for your free quotation.