Langenstein, December 2014 Dear Sir or Madam, dear friends, It

Langenstein, December 2014
Dear Sir or Madam,
dear friends,
It was with great sorrow that we learned in the past year of the death of the following former
prisoners of the Langenstein-Zwieberge concentration camp: Moniek Stawski from Germany,
Emile Torner, François Laget and Claude Baud from France as well as Jan Wysocki and
Eugeniusz Rudzinski from Poland. We also had to say goodbye to Norma Contento, wife of the
former Italian prisoner Giulio Contento, and to Christiane Barcikowski, wife of the former French
prisoner Marian Barcikowski. Our sincere sympathy and condolences go to all members of their
Last year‟s events started on
27 January, the nation-wide
remembrance day in Germany
dedicated to the victims of
national-socialism.. This year
again, guided tours of the
grounds were organized by
pupils from the Käthe Kollwitz
high school for their younger
After a ceremony of silent
commemoration at the victims„
cooperation with the Moses-Mendelssohn-Academy of Halberstadt, the screening of the film “The
Notebook” by Janos Szasz based on a novel by Ágota Kristóf. This film features the subjects of
uprooting, loneliness and cruelty as examples for the impact of war on the civilian population.
In cooperation with the Cultural Centre “Reichenstrasse” of Quedlinburg, we participated again in
the “Quedlinburg Book Spring” event on 31 March which featured this year a public reading of
extracts from Naphtali Brezniak‟s book “The birch trees stand tall”.
From 10 April to 14 April, the memorial hosted the 24th edition of the “Days of Encounter”. Since,
due to their advanced age, almost no survivor was able to come anymore to this event to witness
about his life in captivity, descendants of former inmates, acting as an international group of the
second generation, took over again the duty to talk with young people from Germany about their
fathers‟ and grand-fathers‟ concentration camp experience and how this was dealt with within their
The commemoration ceremony on 13
April started with the “Action 2014”
based on an idea of the Second
Generation Group and featuring the
subject of “routes and movements inside
the camp”. Schoolchildren and students
from the region had prepared a special
way to perform this subject, which
included studying written testimonies
erected on the former roll-call ground, identifying in various languages the places between which the
prisoners had to make their daily movements, such as “barracks”, “roll-call ground”, “kitchen
barrack” or “latrines”. On the day when the action was staged, the performers rolled out a white
ribbon between the signposts, thus gradually creating a tangled network of ribbons symbolising the
pathways and the interrelation of prisoners between themselves. On the ribbons could be read,
again in several languages, the thoughts and feelings of the young people which had crossed their
minds while they were preparing this performance.
After the performance was over, the young people invited the former inmates Georges Petit and
Ryszard Kosinski as well as all other guests to join them on a little walk to the graves in which the
victims of the camp had been hastily buried. Speeches of commemoration and remembrance were
held there by the survivor from Poland Ryszard Kosinski, André Frères from Belgium representing
the Second Generation Group and Maik Reichel, director of the regional centre for political
education of Saxony-Anhalt.
This year again, high-school students from the Leipzig Protestant School Centre gave us a hand
and carried out maintenance jobs on the Memorial‟s grounds during the period from 28 May to 6
On 11 September, the Memorial hosted the 65th anniversary of its
The deputy director of the Memorial Foundation of Saxony-Anhalt, Dr.
Sascha Möbius, and the chairwoman of the Support Association,
Hanka Rosenkranz, acknowledged in their welcoming speeches the
diverse and numerous activities which were undertaken by staff,
volunteers, sponsors, friends, supporters and project participants in
order to turn the Memorial into a place for encounters, historic
education and social self-reflection.
Afterwards, the Magdeburg cellist, sound and improvisation artist
Matthias Marggraff aka “Prypjat Syndrome” took all guests with him on
a absolutely fascinating journey across unfamiliar worlds of sound.
The Second Generation Group met from 16 to 19
October for their 17th seminar and discussed with
senior foundation and memorial staff as well as
with representatives of the Support Association
“commemoration action 2015” which will feature
the subject of the “death march” and shall be
performed for the first time not only by young
On 4 November, the Memorial held a press conference to inform the public about new educational
schemes. One of them carries the name “Geocaching – stations for remembrance”, allowing
schoolchildren to explore the outside grounds on their own for different subjects, using navigation
devices and tablets provided with software programmes designed by the Magdeburg company
Zeitreise-Manufaktur. And inside the Memorial building, newly designed work sheets are available,
inviting visitors to take a closer look at different particular subjects. Both activities include a detailed
introduction as well as a thorough analysis of the achieved results.
The collection “Remember!” published by the Memorial Foundation of Saxony-Anhalt was continued
this year with two articles on Langenstein-Zwieberge. Under the title “My requests for 2014“,
Georges Petit, a concentration camp survivor from France, reflects on the subject of “remembrance
rituals”, and another contribution written by myself gives details on what is planned to redesign the
outdoor grounds of the Memorial. In case you are interested in this publication (which is, however,
available only in German), please get in touch with the Memorial.
The next ”Days of Encounter” will be held from 9 to 13 April 2015. Due to the 70th anniversary of
the liberation of Langenstein-Zwieberge concentration camp, we expect a large number of guests
and request, for this reason, all former prisoners and family members to let us know by 10 January
2015 if they will come. For your attendance message, please get in touch with Gesine Daifi (per
email: [email protected], per letter: Gedenkstätte Langenstein-Zwieberge, Vor
den Zwiebergen 1, 38895 Halberstadt OT Langenstein).
Finally, let me wish you, also on behalf of the Memorial‟s staff, all the best for the coming year 2015.
We are looking forward to continuing our cooperation with you and extend our sincere greetings to
Dr Ute Hoffmann
Head of the Memorial
In commemoration of the victims of the Langenstein-Zwieberge concentration camp, another 110 name plates
were placed on the edge of the mass graves in 2014. For the manufacture of further name plates, the support
association and the memorial request continued donations to the following account of the support association:
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