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IOD’s Overlook Management Solution
optimizes document conversion
workflow and makes it measurable.
Current pressures for cost containment demand that hospital managers
introduce greater efficiency and cost savings into the scan/capture equation –
while maintaining or improving accuracy rates. With the Overlook Management
Solution (OMS), IOD offers the optimum total performance of imaging workflow
and makes it measurable. IOD has more than 30 years of experience supporting
HIM workflows and can quickly implement our Overlook Management Solution
technology to handle projects of any size. With OMS, workflow performance
measurement is redefined and includes:
• Processing accuracy rate – Expressed as percentage of error-free
documents over a given period.
Average turnaround speed per record – Turnaround time
reporting and analysis that can be segmented on any combination of
encounter, service type, or date of service to ensure the fastest turnaround
for the most important records.
A total solution is more
than just scanning...
OMS is designed not only to reduce costs and
error rates, but also to serve as a strategic
enterprise asset for hospital management with:
• Real-time workflow monitoring
• Operations visibility – Improving control with a real-time view of
records as they move through the process and actionable reporting
on document conversion operations performance.
• Comprehensive reporting and analytics
• HIPAA compliance and training
• Staffing and performance-based management
• Quality/cost performance analysis / 800.236.3355
Managing the effectiveness of your
document conversion process
Developed by HIM professionals for HIM professionals, OMS provides
transparency into document imaging operations. It significantly reduces the
cost of document capture by providing accurate and actionable oversight of
the entire process, including:
Our Document Conversion Services are part of
IOD’s full suite of solutions to optimize your HIM
performance at every stage of your workflow:
• Coding/Auditing
• Clinical Data Abstracting
End-to-end tracking – Our real-time views of the operation allow you to
track the movement of records through the imaging process. Every document,
chart, batch and box can be monitored from discharge to check-in, capture
and release to your EHR.
• Release of Information (ROI)
• RAC Services
• ICD-10 Training and Education
• HIM and Document Conversion Consulting
• Revenue Cycle Management
Sophisticated reporting and dashboards – You can research every
detail associated with each account by using a variety of search tools designed
to provide complete reporting throughout the imaging lifecycles. This includes
out-of-the-box and configurable reporting of hourly, daily, weekly or monthly
statistics surrounding quality, productivity, throughput and turnaround time
at the employee, patient, department or hospital level.
Automated quality assurance – OMS improves quality with an
industry first “Intelligent QA” engine that uses project specific rules to provide
managers with tools that “intelligently” identify, track and trend quality issues.
Corporate Headquarters:
Green Bay, WI
800.236.3355 /
Processing Centers:
NJ / PA / WA / WI
Healthcare-centric capabilities – Built as an imaging workflow
application specifically for healthcare organizations, OMS allows users to
quickly access pertinent information necessary to run an efficient healthcare
document conversion process. Workflow and reporting around key processes
such as Missing Discharge Inventories, Hospital Exception Reports, Loose
Document Reports as well as the end-to-end change requests, provides your
health system with benefits only the OMS application can provide.
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