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Why Accenture
Accenture in Greater China offers
diverse opportunities to advance
your career. You will work with
passionate colleagues in the
frontline of business and technology, delivering high-quality,
outstanding results for major
local and international companies.
Greater Growth
With clients, networks and
resources across Greater China
and the world, Accenture is a
global company providing an
extremely diverse range of career
opportunities. Accenture’s
commitment to the Greater China
market and its focused growth
plan make it the ideal place for a
challenging and rewarding career.
With our dynamic environment
and a plethora of training
opportunities, let your talent be
richly rewarded at Accenture in
Greater China.
Greater Collaboration
At Accenture we value diversity,
collaboration and above all, you.
We encourage an environment
where experience and knowledge
is shared within and across teams,
both locally and globally. Our
seamless global network allows
you to access the right resources
wherever they may be, and our
local expertise gives you the team
you need to succeed. Supportive
colleagues and flexible working
arrangements help promote a
healthy work life balance.
Greater Results
Accenture is in the forefront of
business and technology partnering leading organizations in
Greater China and the world, thus
offering you the opportunity to
challenge yourself and excel. Our
relentless focus on quality,
combined with a culture of high
performance, ensures that you
develop the skills you need to
succeed. We ensure that hard
work and excellent outcomes are
always acknowledged and
- IT Strategy
Our Services
Accenture’s business is structured
around five industry-focused
operating groups: Financial
Services, Health & Public Services,
Products, Resources, and Communications, Media & Technology.
The services and solutions we
offer fall into three categories:
Management Consulting
- Strategy
- Process and Innovation
- Operations
- Talent & Organization
- Finance & Enterprise Performance
- Customer Relationship
- Risk Management
- Applications
- Infrastructure
- Security
- Emerging Technologies
- Alliances
- IT Outsourcing
Business Process
- Cross-Industry BPO Services
- Bundled Outsourcing Services
- Industry-Specific and Custom
BPO Services
At Accenture, we are committed
to uncovering the key ingredients
to help our clients become
high-performance businesses
globally. Our expertise across
geographies, business functions,
industry sectors and technologies
helps us be more efficient and
respond proactively to our clients’
needs. In the process, it also
drives the overall development of
our people, allowing them to
build global networks, develop
deep, marketable skills and gain
insights that add value to their
Our Core Values
How we act at Accenture is guided by our core values. They
shape our culture, define our character and guide how we make
decisions. They apply to everyone, in every office, in every
Fulfilling our obligation of building a better, stronger and more
durable company for future generations, protecting the Accenture brand, meeting our commitments to stakeholders, acting
with an owner mentality, developing our people and helping
improve communities and the global environment.
Best People
Attracting, developing and retaining the best talent for our
business, challenging our people, demonstrating a “can-do”
attitude and fostering a collaborative and mutually supportive
Client Value Creation
Enabling clients to become high-performance businesses and
creating long-term relationships by being responsive and
relevant and by consistently delivering value.
One Global Network
Leveraging the power of global insight, relationships, collaboration and learning to deliver exceptional service to clients wherever they do business.
Respect for the Individual
Valuing diversity and unique contributions, fostering a trusting,
open and inclusive environment and treating each person in a
manner that reflects Accenture’s values.
Being ethically unyielding and honest and inspiring trust by
saying what we mean, matching our behaviors to our words and
taking responsibility for our actions.
Awards and Recognition
Accenture as a Global Leader
• Named to the Fortune 500
since 2002
• “China’s Top 100 Green
Company” - No. 11 on MNC
category in 2013
• Ranked No. 45 on 2012
Financial Times' BrandZ Top 100
Most Powerful Brands
• Ranked No. 43 on Interbrand’s
Best Global Brands For 2012
• Awarded No. 1 on the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals’ (IAOP) Global
Outsourcing 100 list for five
consecutive years (2008-2012)
• ”Outstanding Cases for Sustainable Development in China” by
Economic Observer (2012)
• “2012 Best Practice of CSR” by
China Philanthropy Times
• “Fortune 500 Companies’
Contribution in China” by
Southern Weekend -- No. 23 on
the general ranking and No 4.
on its sub-category about CSR
in 2012
• Ranked No. 6 on the 2012
Corporate Responsibility
Magazine's 100 Best Corporate
Citizens list
Accenture as an Employer of Choice
• Included in Fortune’s “100 Best
Companies to Work For”
• Included in Experience’s “ 25
Best Places to Work for Recent
Grads” (2009-2013)
• Ranked among Fortune’s “Top
50 World’s Most Admired
Companies” (2003-2013)
• Randstad Award China 2013 –
MNC Best Employer (Silver)
• Named to Universum’s “World’s
Top 50 Most Attractive Employers” (2009-2013)
• Ranked No. 1 in the Consulting
sector and No. 11 overall in The
Times' 2012 Top 100 Graduate
Employers list
• Ranked among the top 15 on
Consulting Magazine’s “Best
Firms to Work For” (2009-2012)
• Selected as one of Working
Mother’s “100 Best Companies
for Working Mothers” (20032012)
• We have clients in nearly every
major industry worldwide,
including 89 of the Fortune
Global 100, and more than
three-quarters of the Fortune
Global 500.
• 34 out of the 79 Chinese
companies on the Fortune 500
list in 2013 are our clients
Accenture as a
corporate citizen
Working with Accenture is not
just about delivering high
performance to our clients. Our
people strive relentlessly to
become good corporate citizens,
applying the same principles of
high performance, to bring
lasting, positive change to
society. Accenture’s Corporate
Citizenship commitments are
anchored in our core values, our
Code of Business Ethics and
reflected in the actions of our
Skills to Succeed, Accenture's
corporate citizenship initiative,
applies training talent to the need
for skills that open doors to
employment around the world. In
2010, we set an overarching goal
for our efforts: by 2015, Skills to
Succeed initiatives will equip
250,000 people around the world
with the skills to get a job or
build a business. We exceeded our
goal early and increased our
commitment: by 2015, we will
now equip 500,000 people around
the world with these workplace
and entrepreneurial skills.
We also take the environment
seriously. In a pact to reduce our
carbon footprint, several offices
in Greater China have achieved
ISO14001 certification. In 2012,
Accenture was ranked No. 4 by
Southern Weekend on “Fortune
500 Companies’ Contribution in
China - CSR category”. In 2013,
Accenture was ranked No. 11
among China's Top 100 Green
Companies (MNC category).
Accenture is also a member of the
China Federation of Corporate
Social Responsibility, an alliance
of China’s most influential
enterprises working together to
promote the local advancement
of corporate citizenship.
In Greater China, we engage
proactively with our neighboring
communities through various
corporate social responsibility
initiatives and Skills to Succeed
programs. Children and education
are the focus of our efforts
locally. We strive to inspire and
develop the next generation of
leaders for our country.
Where Do I Fit In?
Accenture has many different
types of positions. Through this
workforce mix we are able to
meet a myriad of client demands.
More importantly, we are also
able to offer potential recruits a
wide range of career options and
We provide a number of different
roles for people at Accenture, and
are looking for:
• Specialists in business, industry,
technical and functional areas,
who are responsible for
designing, building and
delivering high-value solutions
that help our clients move
forward in every part of their
business, from strategic
planning to day-to-day
• Technology enthusiasts who
focus on application development, system administration,
practical programming and
technology implementations for
• Services professionals who work
on Accenture’s outsourcing
projects. We build long-term
relationships with our clients
through the management and
provision of their business
operations such as software
maintenance, finance and
accounting, and human
• Professionals who manage and
operate Accenture’s business
functions and support client
teams. They work in a wide
range of functional areas
including human resources,
marketing and communications,
finance, quality control, legal,
IT, facilities and services.
At Accenture we hire the best
people and then we help them
become even better. We provide
access to unparalleled tools and
resources tailored to individual
needs, so you grow and develop
continuously while delivering value
to our clients, our shareholders and
the communities in which we live
and work.
Part of the support we offer you is
ongoing training to help you
remain at the top of your game and
continue to grow. We make
constant investments in our
employees’ development, and last
year we invested more than $800
million – or totally 12 million hours
– in training and developing our
Throughout your career, you will
continue to build specialized skills
through on-the-job and formal
training, conducted online, in the
classroom or in collaboration with
The sheer variety of work we do
and the experience it offers
provides an unbeatable platform
from which to launch a career.
Rewards and
A career at Accenture is rewarding
on many fronts. Part of the reward
is pioneering, challenging and
interesting work that helps clients
achieve high performance; part of
it is the outstanding opportunity to
grow and develop as a professional.
We also expect our people to
shoulder greater responsibilities,
which in return often leads to
significant rewards. Accenture
offers our employees a “Total
Rewards” package, which includes
compensation and a range of
market-relevant benefits and
professional growth opportunities
that recognize individual contributions and performance. We also
offer a number of programs that
help our employees balance a
successful career with a healthy
lifestyle involving family, friends
and community.
In Greater China, some of these
benefits include wealth accumulation plans/equity programs, health
and income protection, benefits to
ensure a healthy work/life balance
for our people, and a full range of
“time off” work benefits.
Jennifer, Senior Manager
“I love the challenges that different
projects and different clients bring me,
and successfully completing projects
gives me a sense of achievement.”
I am from the financial
services operating group.
I participate in diverse
projects, from system implementation to change management to management consulting. Personally, I am most
interested in change management projects because they
provide me with a lot of
opportunities to communicate
with people and make presentations. Helping clients is a
joyful thing to do. I would
suggest that people in the
consulting industry have the
right expectations. I have been
with Accenture for nine years.
I love the challenges that
different projects and different
clients bring to me, and
successfully completing
projects gives me a sense of
achievement. I like my job also
because I have the chance to
work with many talented
people. Sometimes we are very
busy especially when we work
under deadline pressures or
when there are many projects
on hand. But we as a team
would always try our best to
deliver high-quality projects
on time.
Yongtao, Manager
“It is so pleasant to be able to work with
a group of smart and nice people.”
I am working in management
consulting with a focus on
Talent and Organization. We
provide consulting services in
organization management,
human capital management,
performance management, and
change management etc.
During my seven years at
Accenture, I have been
involved in various projects
including corporate strategy,
business & operation model,
organization design, finance &
budgeting management, and
system implementation,
serving clients across industries such as communications,
electronic & high technology,
resources, and automobile.
I am lucky to be one of the
members in the Accenture
family, not only because of
the invaluable professional
experiences I have gained, but
also it is so pleasant to be able
to work with a group of smart
and nice people. Consulting is
a team-driven type of work, so
a relaxing and efficient
working environment allows
me to achieve high performance. At Accenture, people
are always willing to help and
team-oriented. The higher
career ladder you reach, the
more obvious what these
qualifications could mean to
you. Being a consultant, you
will need great passion and
interest in the work you do,
since this is not an easy job, if
you are serious you have to be
clear about what you want
and what you can contribute.
Last but not least, you also
need to be able to learn fast
and improve yourself under
pressure- I believe in working
hard and smart, rather than
working hard alone.
Doreen, Managing Director
“You will surely have an opportunity to
present yourself as long as you work
I joined Accenture in 1995.
Since then, I have been
developing my career at the
company while witnessing its
robust business development
in Greater China. Looking back
on all those projects I participated in, big or small, I find
the experience to be quite
rewarding and memorable.
I have grown from a
programmer to a client
relations executive. Two
projects have influenced me
the most. The first one was a
big project in Singapore. I
cooperated with colleagues
from different countries and
learnt many soft skills. One of
the most important points I
realized is that you need to
seize every opportunity for
your career development. The
other one was a project with
Sinopec. I believe large
projects provide a big platform
for all project participants. You
will surely have an opportunity
to present yourself as long as
you work hard. Accenture’s
culture is excellent. Externally,
it advocates the creation of
value for clients; internally, it
pays attention to the professional growth of employees. In
addition, Accenture is a truly
global company. The way
Accenture runs its business
and the knowledge base it
builds encourage a passion for
learning and facilitate knowledge sharing among its
employees from different
countries. This really helps
broaden employees’ horizons.
Hang, Consultant
“Accenture is a challenging and exciting
place to work… Join Accenture to
embrace a brave new world!”
I am currently a senior consultant in the area of system
integration and technology
consulting, mainly responsible
for SAP and supply chain
projects at Accenture. I am
now the integration manager
in a global project serving for a
world famous automotive
company. My responsibilities
include communicating and
coordinating between local
and global teams, assigning
tasks to local project members,
monitoring local project
progress, solving local problems and issues, balancing
responsibilities with other
project teams, and communicating with both local and
global project management
teams. In a short word, I am
the bridge connecting China
and Global teams. In the
meanwhile, I also mentor new
joiners to help them grow fast
in a fresh environment.
Accenture is a challenging and
exciting place to work. You are
always exposed to new ways
of doing things and you get
the opportunity to learn new
skills so that you grow and
advance in your career quickly.
Join Accenture to embrace a
brave new world!
For more employee stories, welcome to visiting
High performance. Delivered.
Accenture leverages unmatched
experience to help clients become
high-performance businesses.
Helping Mercedes-Benz Live Up to Its
High-performance Brand Name
Mercedes-Benz is a brand
synonymous with quality,
prestige and performance.
However its brand reputation
rests on more than its vehicles.
Each and every touch point of
the brand has the potential to
enhance or diminish its
reputation and thus, its value.
Faced with ever increasing
competition, the company has
therefore asked Accenture to
investigate each and every
aspect of its Customer Service
Centers, and define a strategy
to ensure that they stay ahead
of the pack.
Accenture started the project
by comparing and benchmarking the performance of their
Customer Service Centers
against those of the company’s
eight competitors. In Benz’
call center, we used a total of
179 indicators - from price
and efficiency to quality - to
measure, compare and analyze
the whole process as well as
every part of its offering. We
then used our findings to
define a strategy for identifying the spectrum of opportunities for future improvements
that would further enhance
the customer experience.
Delivering High Performance in Supply
Chain Management
In order to drive sustainable
growth and profitability and
sharpen its competitive edge,
Staples turned to Accenture to
assist in building a state-ofthe-art supply chain to provide
services for its 1,300 retail
stores in the United States.
Accenture's solution emphasized not only on technology
but also on process improvement for better synchronization between marketing and
promotion. It took Staples
merely two years to reduce
idle inventory by 15 percent,
and thus release liquid equity
of over US$200 million.
Meanwhile, its in-stock rate
grew by over 300 basis points
and retail sales increased by
over US$100 million during
the same period. Today, retail
supply chain has been transformed into a competitive
advantage for Staples, helping
them maintain their position
as a high-performance enterprise.
Warner Bros.
Digital Supply Chain Transformation
Technology experts from
Warner Brothers have been
working closely with Accenture in the field of digital
transmission. Starting with the
advertising and promotional
materials, the team has
developed a system to carry
out the end-to-end digital
process management and
distribution of Warner Brothers’ huge database containing
68,000 pieces of films, TV
serials and animations. The
system not only provided
consumers with multimedia
entertainment on demand, but
also streamlined the work
processes and significantly
improved cost efficiencies. The
innovative technologies used
in the system include automated media production,
media formatting technology
and secure solutions for
transmitting hyper-capacity
media files to cinemas,
broadcasting stations and
content retailers.
Accenture would be able to
leverage the rich experience
gained from the Warner Bros.
project to help other similar
companies accelerate their
transition to the digital era.
Optimizing Large-scale Core Business
China Petroleum and Chemical
Corporation (Sinopec) is one of
the largest integrated energy
and chemical companies in
China. Sinopec aims to
optimize its huge core
business processes in order to
improve its operational
performance and reduce costs.
The company is eager to
accelerate the transformation
of its own operating model,
shifting from a traditional
state-owned enterprise to a
market-driven entity geared to
international standards.
Accenture has assisted Sinopec
to build and implement its
Enterprise Resource Planning
(ERP) system which has been
launched in over 100 of
Sinopec’s branches. This has
led to the introduction of
global best practices in ERP
with restructuring of most of
its business processes. The new
system has not only enabled
Sinopec to reduce costs, but
also ensured smooth, timely
and more comprehensive flow
of information to optimize the
management team’s decision
making process.
Accenture in Greater China
Accenture is a global management
consulting, technology services and
outsourcing company. Combining
unparalleled experience, comprehensive capabilities across all industries
and business functions, and extensive
research on the world's most
successful companies, Accenture
collaborates with clients to help them
become high-performance businesses
and governments. As a Fortune
Global 500 company, Accenture has
more than 266,000 people worldwide
serving clients in over 120 countries.
The company generated net revenues
of US$27.9 billion for the fiscal year
ended Aug. 31, 2012.
Accenture has conducted business in
Greater China for more than 20 years.
Today, it has more than 8,500 people
working in Greater China, throughout
offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Dalian,
Chengdu, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and
Taipei. With a proven track record,
Accenture is focused on leveraging
local best practices and successes,
and is dedicated to delivering
premium client value and results.
Accenture helps clients define
strategy, streamline business
processes, integrate systems, promote
innovation and enhance overall
competitive advantage to ultimately
attain high performance.
For more information about
Accenture, please visit its Greater
China homepage
and careers homepage
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All rights reserved.
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High Performance Delivered
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