When your business takes its f irst steps, take it one step at a

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When your business takes its first steps, take it one step at a time.
Opti–Baby & Kids is a daycare with a difference. They’ve created an environment in which
get the help they needed. Then they came to FNB. We looked at their situation, and saw
children can grow and develop, but what makes them unique is their staff. Opti-Baby
what was at stake. If Opti-Baby was unable to grow, 480 potential employees would
provides young, unemployed women with specialised training, and many of the paid
not have jobs. We wanted to help, and the Vumela Enterprise Development Fund was
interns become permanent employees. The business was a success – a perfect example
just the partner Opti-Baby needed. This fund caters for clients who have the potential
of a profitable business that creates opportunity for society at large. And just as the
to positively impact society, and Opti-Baby was a great candidate. We tailored a unique
minds they’d grown, they needed to do the same for their business. They wanted to open
financial solution for them, gave them advice on becoming a better business, and they’ve
20 new daycare centres. Their challenge was an unusual one, because their vision and
been flourishing ever since. Opti–Baby is well on their way to their goal of 20 new daycare
structure defied regular banking mandates, they didn’t fit the mould, and they couldn’t
centres, and the Vumela ED Fund is proud to be a part of each baby step.
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