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27th January, 2015
Monday 9 February
Acquaintance Morning
Friday 6 February
Year 6-12 Swimming Carnival
R-5 Assembly in Amphitheatre
2.30pm Start
Year 6-12 Sports Day
Monday 9 February
Friday 20 February
Friday 27 February
R-5 Sports Day
Monday 2nd March
R-5 Assembly in Amphitheatre
2.30pm Start
Adelaide Cup Holiday
Monday 9 March
Wednesday 4 March
WCIAC – Ceduna Area School
Monday 16 March
WASSAC - Ceduna Area School
Monday 23rd March
R-5 Assembly in Amphitheatre
2.30pm Start
Good Friday
Friday 3 April
Monday 6 April
Friday 10 April
Monday 27 April
Easter Monday
Last Day of Term 1
Term 2 Begins
Reminder CAS is a ‘NUT AWARE’ site. We ask
that no Nut Products be brought on site. We
have students who are highly allergic to nuts
and can suffer an anaphylactic reaction.
Smoked Perch Fillets $30.00 kg & Smoked Barra
Available in approx. 100-150gm packs
Contact Ceduna Area School on 86252030 to place an
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Ceduna Area
School 2014
End of Year
Magazine on
Sale at the RR-5
2015 Term Dates
27th January – 10th April
27th April – 3rd July
20th July – 25th September
12th October – 11th December
Principal’s Report
Positive Start to the 2015 School Year
I am pleased to report that all staff and
students returned safe and sound ready
for another busy year ahead. Of course
we have a number of new staff and
students join us and everyone seems
very positive about the year ahead.
We wish to extend a special welcome to our new Reception
students who join us for the first time:
Lucas Bennett, Mason Bergmann, Bayly Dunnett, Tamara
Esfahani, Toby Jericho, Scarlett Miers, Neeka Prideaux,
Corey Skinner, Abby Sleep, Luella Tanke, Zaiyd Taylor,
Jyileena Wilson, Tessa Cotton, Jett Fawcett, Ashlon Higgins,
Dennis Hocking, Lachlan Holecek, Xian Jacobsen, Daniel
Maritz, Shelby Miller, Soul-Jade Miller, Conor O’Driscoll,
Kala Reid, Madison Seneca, Chase Sleep, Sienna Zippel,
Manha Abaid, Kayliyah Baker, Corbin Ballard, Andre Dunn,
Makayla Hammat, Maddie Irvine, Taj Manning, Rena May,
Ryder Pickett-Mundy, Riley Shephard, Cody Urbanski, Kobi
Weetra, Gregory Peel and Trome Smith.
2015 New Receptions
Joseph Beattie & Ian Macgowan
Staffing for 2015
We hope that they enjoy their years of schooling ahead
and gain a lifelong love for learning.
Congratulations for Australia Day Honours
This year, the Ceduna Australia Day Honours were mostly
cornered by members of the Ceduna Area School.
Congratulations to one of our teachers
Mr Ian
Macgowan for his recent recognition as being the
“Citizen of the Year” at the recent Australia Day
Celebrations on the foreshore. Mr Macgowan was
recognised for his 37 years of excellent service as a
teacher at the Ceduna Area School and his many
community involvements ranging from Under 16 cricket
to being Secretary of the Men’s Shed. We are also
amazed at his full recovery from a serious illness last
year. Well done Ian and congratulations on this well
earned public recognition.
Congratulations to Year 11 student Joseph Beattie who
was awarded the “Young Citizen of the Year” at the same
ceremony. Joseph is an active participant in sport, CFS
and is a Peer Group Mentor in the Operation Flinders
programme that many South Australian youth
participate. It was on one of these treks in the Flinders
Ranges that Joseph single handedly coerced a ‘troubled’
peer from the danger of a clifftop. He was lauded by the
leadership of ‘Operation Flinders’ for his bravery. He was
a worthy recipient. Well done Joseph!
Please read elsewhere in this newsletter their speeches
which were extremely well received by the 200 – 300
people in attendance.
This year we ‘only’ have 5 new staff join our school this year.
Generally we have as many as 13 new teachers. This will
allow for greater continuity in the provision of best learning
opportunities for our students.
We are very pleased to introduce and welcome our new
Mr Lachlan Norman as Year 4 teacher
Ms Rachel McEvoy as Year 6 teacher
Mr James Taylor as Year 7 teacher
Mr Reegan Mastrangelo as Year 8 teacher
Ms Skye Foster as Year 8 teacher
They bring a wealth of new skills and enthusiasm to our
school. We also welcome back:
Ms Peta Jansen as Middle School
Ms Emma Nicholls in the Flexible Learning
Ms Philomena Montgomerie as Year 3
Mr Michael Scheffler – Year 11 English/
We make a special welcome back to Mr Ian Macgowan who
has recovered from a serious illness last year. It is wonderful
to have him back with us even if we have to put up with his
We Congratulate Mr Andy Malcolm on his recent
engagement after his journey to Bolivia in the holidays.
Welcome Back to Ms Rhiannon Macguire who will be here
for only the first 5 weeks this term as she has won a position
in the Philippines that begins in March. We have advertised
for a replacement and trust that we can find someone
suitable in the next couple of weeks.
Class and Home Group Teachers 2015
Reception - Ms Kerasia Kouvaris and Ms Natalie Shallow –
Ms Cheryl Coote/ Ms Megan Longbottom (0.8)
Year 1 – Ms Georgie Mudge, Ms Abby Fox and Ms Jan
Comas (0.6)
Year 2 – Mr Aaron Shakes and Ms Sarah Scragg
Year 3 – Ms Eleanor Williams and Ms Philomena
Year 4 – Ms Kirsty Collins and Mr Lachlan Norman
Year 5 – Ms Megan Sampson
Year 6 – Mr Paul Koch and Ms Rachel McEvoy
Year 7 – Mr James Taylor and Ms Francesca Kenchington
Year 8 – Mr Reegan Mastrangelo and Ms Skye Foster
Year 9 – Mr Mark Green and Ms Jess Rowson
Year 10 – Mr Dave King and Mr Michael Scheffler
Year 11 – Mr Shane Reynolds and Mr Simon Smith
Year 12 – Mr Adam Bennett and Ms Elise Shakes
Flexible Learning Centre: Ms Deb Woollatt and Ms
Emma Nicholls (0.4)
Special Class: Ms Rhiannon Macguire (1 5 weeks only)
and Amanda Michalanney
Library: Ms Meralyn Stevens (0.8) and Ms Yvonne
Intervention: Ms Sam Tonkin (0.6), Ms Deanna Young
(0.4) and Ian Macgowan
Music – Ms Claire Bray
PE – Ms Marilyn Spry and Mr Andy Malcolm
Technical Studies – Ms Linda Martin
Science/ Maths – Mr Andy Pascoe
Jim Michalanney
results were released on Thursday 18 of December 2014
and our students and their families can be congratulated on
their results.
The Most Outstanding Student Award winner for year 12
was Jasmin Riddle, her academic success was reinforced on
achieving the highest Australian Tertiary Education Rank
(ATAR) of the cohort, Jasmin will be undertaking tertiary
studies in Psychology.
Twenty students were successful in achieving their SACE
certificate and three students will be returning school in
2015 to complete their certificate. Students achieved A
grades in Digital Photography, Visual Arts, Maths
Applications, Biology, English Communications, Research
Project, Physical Education, Performance Special Study and
Eleven students were successful in their University
applications. They have chosen a range of studies from
primary or secondary teaching, nursing, social work, animal
technology, podiatry, psychology and human movement.
Not all of our students harboured desires for further studies
and many of these students are currently at work in the
building, agriculture, hospitality and retail industries.
We wish our class of 2014 every success in their future
Lastly a big thank you to the stage 2 teachers whose
knowledge and dedication to their profession ensured our
students were provided with the best opportunity for
2015 Year 12 Retreat
New Ceduna Area School staff Left: Skye Foster,
Reegan Mastrangelo, James Taylor, Lachlan
Norman and Rachael McEvoy
Senior School’s Report
The Christmas and New Year period
was one of high anxiety for Ceduna
Area School’s Class of 2014. Stage 2
Stage 2 students will again participate in the Year 12 Retreat.
The aim of the Retreat is to establish positive learning
expectations, identify short and long term goals for the year,
revision and time management skills, identify their strengths
and look to improve their weaknesses. Last year’s year 12
students identified the retreat repeatedly in establishing a
strong and clear direction for all students.
Welcome to new Middle School Staff
Welcome to Rachael McEvoy year 6 class and Food and
Hospitality Teacher, Mr James Taylor year 7 class teacher,
Ms Skye Foster year 8 English, HASS and Drama Teacher
and Mr Reegan Mastrangelo year 8 Science, HASS and
English Teacher.
All parents and caregivers will have the opportunity to
meet new and old staff at our Acquaintance Morning on
Monday 9 of February at 8.30am.
Mark Prince
Deputy Principal
Australia Day 2015 Speeches
Ian Macgowan
His worship the Mayor of Ceduna
and Districts, Mr Allan Suter and
Mrs Suter, Mr Cahill, Fellow Award
winners and community members
here to celebrate Australia Day Good Morning and Happy
Australia Day.
I would like to sincerely thank Mrs Barb Dupree for
nominating me for this award and the District
Council for making these awards possible, one
which I am indeed honored to have been
nominated for and deeply humbled to have
We certainly can be thankful for living in the great
place in which we all work, rest and play. A top
location: excellent facilities and services, a fantastic
natural environment and more importantly the
friendly and welcoming people who make up this
wonderful community.
I have been very fortunate to have spent 52 of my
55 years, living and working on Eyre Peninsula. I
was born and raised in Cleve for 18 years, at a time
when grass was what you mowed or played on, not
what you choofed behind the shed, when having a
Golden Gay Time was an ice-cream from Quinn’s
Café, not having relations with someone of the
same gender and when a tablet was what you
picked up from Mr Cumming’s Pharmacy, not a
device which you used 24/7 for work, pleasure
In 1982 I was lucky to receive an appointment to
Ceduna Area School – the Principal was Mr Halsey
and there were 992 students. For a 22 year old
from Cleve, coming to Ceduna was like being sent
to the wild frontier of the West Coast. Having never
been this far west before, I knew Ceduna to be a
hot, dusty, unfriendly town, situated, according to
my Year 7 Social Studies book, about 15 miles from
the coast.
Imagine my surprise when I ventured down McKenzie
Street, paused at the Silent Cop before turning left,
and saw the magnificent sight of the jetty, the Athol
Pines and the blue of the sea. In 1982 Mr and Mrs Phin
ran Servwell, Mr Mike Miller was the Bank of Adelaide
Manager, Mr Ken McCarthy was the Pharmacist,
Garth and Di Wiseman ran Wiseman’s Furniture and
Electrical and you could get a hair cut at Mr Poupes!
Ceduna was a well set out, friendly and extremely
welcoming town.
As time passes, with all things, change takes place. Just
look at Poynton/McKenzie Street and it is clearly
evident: ANZ Bank, Community Hotel, Foodland,
Bottle Shop, Foreshore Development, Banksa, Median
Strip gardens, Tourist Centre and the list goes on.
Change usually means progress, and in Ceduna’s case
this is true. It is a great place to live, even if Russel is
sometimes late delivering The Advertiser!, because of
the people who make up the community – each of
you, you are still friendly, welcoming and always
willing to have a go.
However, not all change is for the better and currently
we are witnessing the greatest change to our way of
life in Australia – it is not quite here in Ceduna yet,
but there are glimpses of it emerging, bit by bit in
each of our daily lives. This change coincided with the
cessation of the use of 1 and 2 cent pieces as a
denomination in Australia in 1992. I quote:
“Today I mourn the passing of a beloved old friend,
Common Sense, who had been with us for many years.
He will be remembered as having cultivated such
valuable ideals as:
- Knowing when to come in out of the rain;
- Why the early bird gets the worm;
- Life isn't always fair;
- And maybe it was my fault.
Common Sense lived by simple, sound financial policies
(don't spend more than you earn) and reliable
strategies (adults, not children, are in charge).
His health began to deteriorate rapidly when wellintentioned but overbearing regulations were
considered - Reports of a 6-year-old boy charged with
sexual harassment for kissing a classmate and where
the state government tried to charge landholders for
the rain water they collected.
Common Sense lost ground when, also in 1992, the
Monash Adventure Playground was shut down for
fear of the owners being held liable for any injuries
resulting from the people using the equipment.
Common Sense lost the will to live as the criminals had
more rights than their victims.
Common Sense finally gave up the will to live, after a
person failed to realize that a steaming cup of coffee
was hot. They spilled a little in their lap, launched a
lawsuit and was promptly awarded a huge
settlement – the café closed and all employees
were left without a job.
Common Sense was preceded in death,
- by his parents, Truth and Trust,
- by his wife, Discretion,
- by his daughter, Personal Responsibility, and
- by his son, Reason.
He is survived by his 5 stepbrothers;
- I Know My Rights
- I Want It Now
- Someone Else Is To Blame
- I'm a Victim
- Pay me for Doing Nothing
In closing I would like to leave you with this quote:
Yesterday is history, Tomorrows a mystery, Today’s a
During today, JUST DO IT!
Have a great Australia Day and celebrate where we
all live and with those we live amongst.
Congratulations to fellow award winners and today’s
new Australian citizens.
Thank you
Not many attended his funeral because so few
realized he was gone. “
Joseph Beattie
If you still value him, take his ideals on and push
back against those do-gooder know it alls who are
imposing their restrictive and politically correct
expectations upon us. It is not too late for each of
us to take back control. If not, join the majority
and do nothing – accept further changes which
don’t fit the adage “if it works, don’t change it”.
Firstly I would like to say that it is
a great honour to be awarded
Young Australian Citizen of the
More so it is a greater honour and
a great pleasure to also be
standing up here today with Mr
Ian Macgowan, who has been
awarded Australian Citizen of the Year.
Finally, there is a saying “right place, right time” –
this certainly applies to Ceduna. I would like to use
this opportunity to give my heartfelt thanks to the
excellent medical services and professional
personnel that we are fortunate to have living and
working with us in Ceduna and on Eyre Peninsula.
He is someone who I admire and respect greatly, I
think it is wonderful that his dedication to the Ceduna
community has been recognized.
Well done Mr Macgowan.
On May 9 I required their assistance, when a
medical emergency was experienced. The
ambulance team of Trevor and Ben conveyed me
quickly and safely to the Ceduna Hospital. The
treating staff, the locum Dr and nurses Amanda
Page and Karen Woolford were outstanding. When
things worsened I was indeed fortunate that Dr AJ,
an incredibly skilled and highly committed
physician, was called in and immediately set about
making sure that my condition was stable.
Due to weather conditions I had to be conveyed to
Port Augusta via road by ambulance. Dr AJ and
Nurse Bev Drummond along with ambulance
drivers, Trevor and Michelle (to Wudinna), Eleanor
and Sonia (to Port Augusta) accompanied me. On
arrival at Port Augusta Dr Young and his surgical
team immediately commenced an operation with
Dr AJ still making the transfer and connection of
vital equipment. Surgeons in Adelaide repeatedly
told me that “your treatment and care en route to
Adelaide had saved you.”
I would also like to publicly thank Dr Siddqi and
Karen Toft for the excellent work they did with me
to take control of my diabetes 3 years prior to this
event. This control meant that all wounds healed
Next I would like to thank Mrs Frew-Ann Halbert for
nominating me for the award, it was a huge surprise
and one that I am really honoured by.
The ways in which I have contributed to our
community is through my involvement with the
Ceduna CFS and more recently as a Peer Group
Mentor for Operation Flinders.
These organisations have provided me with the
opportunity to find a way to be a positive member of
the community and to give back to the community
that has supported myself and my family.
The values that I have gained from both these
organisations include;
Commitment, Respect, Tolerance, Team work,
Following Instructions, Working together and Getting
These values I try to include in my everyday life as
they are very much the same values that have been
taught to me growing up.
I am grateful for the opportunities that I have been
given and look forward to continuing my roles in both
organisations for years to come.
Finally I need to acknowledge with the greatest
respect that I would not be able to have achieved any
of this if it were not for the support I have been given
in the past 8 years.
That goes firstly to my Nanna and Poppa, they
have encouraged us to be active members of the
community and to live a life that is worth being
proud of, I know they are both very proud today.
Also there are many other people who have
supported and helped along the way including
teachers from Ceduna Area School, Members of the
Ceduna CFS, Members of the Ceduna Blues
Football Club and Members of Operation Flinders.
I would also like to thank and recognise David
Birkin and Emma Nicholls, David for his mentoring
and Emma for tutoring and being supportive in
many ways.
Community Notices
Ceduna Community Library News
The library will be running a Book Club again
this year.
The dates are:
February 5th, April 2nd, June 4th,
August 6th, October 1st, Dec 3rd
The Book Club is held in the
library on a Thursday evening
from 7pm until 9pm.
To end I would like to share some words that I
found, they remind me that simple gestures can
lead to positive results.
Too often we underestimate the power of a touch,
a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest
compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of
which have the potential to turn a life around.
Thank you once again.
Far West win Quality Wool Cup
Canteen News
The canteen online ordering system is
going well. It is very user friendly and easy
to use. We would like to encourage more
parents to join up and use the system.
to The
school ID is 25105963
Follow prompts, set up your account and your
children. Top up your account either by credit card
(funds available straight away and you can order
straight away) OR by Direct Credit Transfer (funds
will take 2-3 days to clear and you cannot order until
funds are clear).
Then place an order. Orders must be made by 9:00
am in the morning but may be made in advance
also. Recurring orders may also be set up.
We will be phasing out printed bags over time so
now is a good time to start using the online system
to get used to it.
If you need help, the school24 people are able to
answer any questions on 02 89010398 or see Erica
at the canteen.
Ceduna School Dental Clinic
Monday 16 February to Friday 20 February
2015. Please call mobile 0434601394
between 8.30am-4.30pm during this
Thank you
School Dental Staff
Back: Mark Prince (coach), Jackson Hutchinson,
Lachlan Marks, Cian McCarthy, Thomas AndrasicSmith, Beau Halbert & Jackson Brown
Front: Blake Kenny, Lachlan Wilkins, Jaxon Bennett,
Thomas Michalanney, Jai Darke-Holmes.
Circle of Security Workshops
GP Plus Community Room
Wednesday Feb 4, 2015
10am-12 noon
The Circle of Security:
Encourages secure attachment relationships between
children and their caregiver.
Over thirty years of research in Attachment Theory
have come to show that children who have a secure
attachment relationship with their caregivers become
more confident and grow into capable individuals
throughout their lives.
The sessions run for approximately 2 hours per week
over approximately 8 weeks. To secure a spot call
For more information or to register
Rebbecca Braendler
Early Childhood Intervention / Women’s Health
3 Eyre Highway