Little Learners Academy accepts children of ages six weeks to twelve years of age. Little Learners Academy
operates year round except for the holidays listed below. Hours of operation are 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., Monday
through Friday.
Little Learners Academy will not be open on these following holidays:
1. New Year’s Day
2. Memorial Day
3. Independence Day (July 4th)
4. Labor Day
5. Thanksgiving Day & the Day after Thanksgiving
6. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day
In the event any of the holidays fall on a weekend, Little Learners Academy will advise all parents of the day
that the holiday will be observed (i.e., if Christmas Day falls on Saturday, the center will be closed on Friday; if
Christmas Day falls on Sunday, the center will be closed on Monday). In order to ensure that quality child care
is consistently available, there is no credit available for holiday closings. Therefore, a full week’s tuition is
charged regardless of holiday closings.
In order to provide necessary meals and snacks, it is required that any child enrolled at Little Learners Academy
be present at the center by 8:00 a.m. each morning that the center is open. If your child cannot be present by
9:00 a.m., it is required that the parents either notify the Director, Assistant Director, or the person in charge of
the center at the time by either a telephone call prior to 9:00 a.m. that morning, or a personal conversation at
least one day in advance.
The center closes at 6:30 p.m. If your child is not picked up by 6:30 p.m., there is a $4.00 per minute charge
after 6:30 p.m. There is a $10.00 minimum charge per offense. If there are three occurrences, a meeting will be
scheduled and child services may be cancelled.
After any child is enrolled at Little Learners Academy for one (1) year, we will honor one (1) week FREE
vacation tuition. This one (1) week FREE vacation tuition will be honored once a year and your child will be
required to be on vacation from the center that week. Please notify the Director or Assistant Director at least two
Page 1
Marietta (770) 333-5551
Gainesville (770) 297-5044
(2) weeks prior to the vacation.
There will be times when inclement weather occurs and appropriate measures must be taken. Any closings or
delays of opening of Little Learners Academy will be announced by WSB radio (750 AM), WSB-TV (Channel
2), FOX 5, 11Alive, and CBS. Please pay specific attention to this location and not other Little Learners
locations, since this location is individually owned and operated. If another center is closed, it does not mean
that this location will be closed. If the local County School System reports that they will be closed then the
Georgia Pre-K Program will also be closed for the day at Little Learners Academy. However, Little Learners
Academy may not be closed for the normal child care programs, so services may be provided for that day.
Please stay tuned to all major news channels for more information on the delay or closing of the school. If you
do not see Little Learners Academy listed then we will be open for normal business hours, except for the
Georgia Pre-K program, which always follows the local County School System for closings or delays. If the
weather becomes hazardous during the business day, Little Learners Academy will go to the selected public
schools to pick up your child and return that child to the center. In the event of severe weather, we have
procedures in place. All children are kept as calm as possible. We will be tuned to the television and radio in an
effort to know what to expect. If a warning is called for in our area, we will place children in the drill position
under the tables or in the hallway.
When your child is enrolled at the center, you must furnish us with as much information as possible on your
child. While your child is enrolled, we will need to be notified of any changes in employment or address
information. This is the parent’s responsibility and can affect how we are able to reach you in the event of any
emergency. Any time your child will be absent from the center or arrives after 9:00 a.m., please notify us as
soon as possible. All children must be escorted to and from the building by the parent, or person authorized by
the parent, or the center’s personnel. When you bring your child to the center, it is your responsibility to deliver
your child to their classroom and clock-in at the front desk. Your child must be clocked-out at the front desk at
the end of the day. If someone else will be picking up your child, please advise the Director or Assistant
Director. Your child will not be released without a signed authorization form. Please do not drop off your child
in the parking lot and let them run into the center. These are state regulations.
Withdrawals: A written fourteen (14) day notice is required when you are going to withdraw your child
from Little Learners Academy for any reason. If a written fourteen (14) day notice is not given, then two
weeks of tuition will be due. Little Learners Academy uses a collection agency to handle all delinquent
accounts. No specials or benefits can be used during the 14 day withdrawal notice. If you withdraw your child
then re-enroll, a registration fee will be charged. The new anniversary date will be the date of re-enrollment.
Any benefits will be based upon the new re-enrolled anniversary date. Withdrawing from the center will forfeit
any benefits or specials. Numerous withdrawals from the school will result in future non-acceptance of
Dismissals: Little Learners Academy reserves the right to dismiss any child if he/she fails to participate within
the policies and guidelines. Parents are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner when entering
the center and disorderly conduct will not be accepted on the premises. Any offense violated under the centers
policies and guidelines may result in dismissal from the center. Upon dismissal, future enrollment will not be
Page 2
Marietta (770) 333-5551
Gainesville (770) 297-5044
The following financial policies are written to ensure that quality child care is consistently available. The fee amounts have been
determined based on the cost of providing quality services including materials, supplies, equipment and a well-qualified,
educated staff.
Payment is due on Friday for the upcoming week. Tuition shall be paid via Little Learners Academy
“Tuition Express”. Tuition Express may be deducted from a checking/savings account or by credit card. All unpaid
balances must be paid by Monday, unless other arrangements have been made. A late fee of $35.00 per each child’s
weekly tuition, or 20% of the balance, whichever is higher, will be assessed to your account if the payment is not
paid by Monday of the service week being charged. The late charge will be billed to any account with a balance the close
of business on Monday. Payments on Tuesday or later will be considered late. No account will be held open for more than
two consecutive weeks. If you foresee that a late payment may occur please see the Director. No child will be allowed to
participate at the center whose account has a balance overdue by two weeks until the account is paid in full. In order to
ensure that quality childcare is consistently available, a full week’s tuition will be charged for any child enrolled at
Little Learners Academy, regardless of the number of days that the child has attended for that week, unless you
qualify to use a 50% off discount (See Non Attendance Policy on Page 4).There is no credit for holiday closings. A
full week tuition is charged regardless of holiday closings.
Family Multi-Child Discount: Receive 10% off your oldest child’s weekly tuition.
Registration Fee: The registration fee is a non-refundable annual fee. The registration fee is due on the day
your child is enrolled at the center and each year on your child’s anniversary date. An accident policy is
included in this charge.
Return Fee: A charge of $35.00 for checks and $15.00 for tuition express returns will be charged to the
responsible account. Any fees must be taken care of within two (2) business days from the notice or your child
care services will be terminated.
Please see the insert included in the enrollment packet for current tuition fees.
Little Learners Academy accepts the following forms of payment: Tuition Express electronic check, debit, or
credit card processing is the only forms of payment at the center. Tuition Express allows our Directors to
efficiently manage all family accounts while maintaining a quality program. The initial registration fee and 1st
week’s tuition fee may be paid by check, debit, credit, or cash.
As your child care provider, we are excited to offer you Tuition Express, an electronic payment method for
paying your child care expenses using your check, debit, or credit card. Please complete the attached Tuition
Express application to enroll. Tuition Express can allow you the flexibility of several different payment options
that is based upon your date of payroll. If you withdraw from the program with an outstanding balance, your
tuition express form of payment will be charged the full outstanding amount.
Page 3
Marietta (770) 333-5551
Gainesville (770) 297-5044
When you refer a qualified child to Little Learners Academy, you will get a 50% discount off one week of your
oldest child’s tuition. A qualified child is one that has already enrolled and paid for their registration fees and the
first week’s tuition for each child.
After any child has been enrolled at Little Learners Academy for three (3) months, we will honor up to two (2)
50% off weeks for non-attendance each anniversary year. This 50% discount will be honored up to two (2) times
each anniversary year. Each anniversary year is defined as your child’s anniversary date. In order to use the
50% off discount for the week, your child must be absent the entire week that you wish to use the
discount. Use of one or more of the 50% discount voids the use of the FREE vacation week. You must decide
ahead of time which discount special you would like to enroll in. Specials cannot be combined. Attendance of
one or more days will be charged the full tuition rate.
Our curriculum meets the highest standards in the industry, for its developmental age continuum from infancy
through pre-k. Our children get the advantage of growing up with familiar faces, and a program that stays with
them as they move into older age groups. Our activities are designed to foster children’s self esteem and develop
their social, cognitive, and motor skills. The staff works hard everyday to make sure your tuition is being used
for learning, so your child will excel through their future years in school. Please see the accompanying inserts
for more information on the curriculum.
Here at Little Learners Academy, an atmosphere of respect is preserved between the adults and children and
between the children themselves. Children are seen as unique individuals and a caregiver’s role is to assist each
child in reaching their full potential by helping children learn self-control and self-discipline as well as creating
and enforcing age appropriate boundaries, etc.
At Little Learners Academy parents are encouraged to visit the center and their children whenever the child is in
attendance. We will be glad to discuss any concerns you may have with your child. Conferences will need to be
arranged with the Director in advance.
Our staff does not use corporal, physical punishment or timeouts. We will not allow any staff member to shake,
jerk, pinch or handle roughly any child at the center. No staff member will verbally abuse or humiliate a child,
who includes the use of threats, profanity or belittling remarks about a child or his/her family. If, for any reason,
an employee of Little Learners Academy is found doing any of these items or any other item that violates the
law, they will be dismissed and reported to the appropriate authorities.
Little Learners Academy will use a positive discipline policy. The following procedures will be followed:
1. Verbal Warning / Re-Direction.
2. Removal from activity / Time Out.
3. Individual counseling / Emotional Safety.
4. Child sent to the front desk and parents notified immediately.
Page 4
Marietta (770) 333-5551
Gainesville (770) 297-5044
5. Removal from the center.
All children are expected to follow the rules established by Little Learners Academy. We reserve the right to
dismiss your child from our program if the above measures fail.
Little Learners Academy is required by law to report any suspected child abuse, child neglect, exploitation or
deprivation to the Department of Family and Children’s Services.
Little Learners Academy knows how important good nutrition is for a child’s physical and mental growth. Little
Learners Academy will furnish a morning snack, lunch, and an afternoon snack. Please see your center for meal
times. Mealtime is a pleasant part of each day for children, where social skills are supported in a caring
environment. While the caregiver is responsible for deciding what will be served, and where it will be served,
the child has the responsibility to decide how much they will eat. No child is forced to eat and no child is denied
food as a method of discipline. Parents are discouraged from providing any foods without prior discussion with
the Director. Food exceptions will be only for those with allergies or a special diet prescribed by a physician.
Weekly menus are posted in advance in the center.
If your child bites a child, we will notify you and the parent of the child that was bitten. If your child continues
to bite, we will ask you to come to the center to observe your child’s behavior. If the biting does not stop then
the center has no choice but to suspend your child from the center. The well being of the class is Little Learners
Academy’s responsibility.
The staff at Little Learners Academy welcomes your child with open arms. We will work with you and your
child to help with “separation anxiety”. We will try as many ways as we know to help your child feel
If your child has any special needs, please notify the Director at enrollment. The Director must be notified at
enrollment in order to make any special accommodations. Little Learners Academy, as a childcare, provides for
special needs children whenever possible. However, Little Learners Academy operates under the laws for public
childcare. Please see the Director with any questions you might have. Please bring a written statement from the
child’s physician that states the needs and the care instructions for the child. If your child has been assessed by a
Private or Government Agency for special needs children, you must supply Little Learners Academy a copy of
the assessment at the time of enrollment. If you fail to disclose pertinent information about your child, it could
void the special accommodations section.
Verification certificates are required upon enrollment at Little Learners Academy. Parents have thirty (30) days
Page 5
Marietta (770) 333-5551
Gainesville (770) 297-5044
to bring the certificate to the center, after the deadline your child will not be allowed into the center. This is a
state requirement and is strictly enforced. Each time your child is immunized, request Health Department form
3231 from your physician and give it to the Director.
Little Learners Academy provides infant care. All parents are required to bring all bottles with formula and baby
food on a daily basis. All bottles and baby food must be labeled with the child’s name and the current date. All
parents are required to update any information on their child, as it becomes necessary. All leftover formula and
baby food will be returned each day. Parents must provide at least eight (8) diapers per day. It is also requested
that parents supply a box of wipes and refills when needed. If diapers and wipes are not supplied, parents will be
charged $2.00 per diaper and $10.00 per week for wipes. Pacifiers are to be marked with the child’s name or
initials. We provide each infant with a bed, and state approved sheets. As per state law no infant is allowed
certain type of blankets inside the crib, please see the center Director for more information. Please provide your
child with a daily change of clothing. Please mark any personal item of the child’s that is brought to the center
with his/her name.
In order to provide the kind of environment that supports good health, this child care program recognizes the
critical importance of having healthy and happy children in attendance. Children have regular opportunities for
exposure to fresh air, experiences with age-appropriate activities that support development, regular rest and
active periods. Sanitary procedures are followed for cleaning toys, material, equipment and furniture and a
regular schedule for cleaning is maintained. Immunization records are updated on a routine basis and daily
health checks are done to insure that children in attendance are up to the task of having a wonderful day.
If a child’s temperature reaches 101° or higher, we ask that you come and pick up your child because we cannot
keep children who could be contagious to others. Your child must be fever free for 24 hours prior to re-entering
the center. If your child has contagious symptoms such as: rashes, diarrhea, coughing, runny nose or sore throat,
etc., he/she will not be accepted into the center. You will be notified immediately if your child exhibits these
symptoms during the day while at the center. The health and well-being of your child is of primary importance
to this program.
Medication will not be given without proper written authorization and instructions from the child’s parent or
legal guardian. Authorization forms will be provided in the front office of the center. Medicine should be
provided in the original container with the child’s name listed on the label. If the medicine is for more than one
in the family, it should state their names separately on the bottle. Parents must hand the medicine to the Director
or Assistant Director. We cannot hold medicines in the center “as needed”. State requirements are very strict on
this issue. Medication times are only at 11:00 a.m. If we notice any type of adverse reaction to any type of
medication your child may be taking or has any type of allergic reaction to food or bee stings, you will be
notified immediately so that you can contact your child’s physician’s office.
Page 6
Marietta (770) 333-5551
Gainesville (770) 297-5044
It is the parent’s responsibility to inform the Director of a communicable disease to which your child may have
been exposed. If your child is exposed to a communicable disease, we will notify the appropriate parents and
take proper action within the center. Chicken Pox is a common childhood disease. If your child is presenting
symptoms of illness, please respect others and do not bring your child to the center as this spreads illness. The
only way to keep your child healthy is to avoid the spread of illness. The most common childcare germs are
spread through mucus of the nose. If your child has a dark green drainage and is not on an antibiotic, he/she
would be considered contagious to the spread of germs. Remember that children are in a sharing environment
and the well being of the children is our concern.
A chart of communicable diseases is posted on the bulletin board at the front of the center. The State of Georgia
recommends that Little Learners Academy follow this chart for the safety of all children.
Little Learners Academy is a smoke free environment. There is a no smoking policy in the building or on the
grounds. We ask that all parents and visitors also observe this policy.
Little Learners Academy has posted for public viewing the following: State License, copy of rules, review or
evaluation report, communicable disease chart, statement of parental access, names of persons in charge, current
weekly menus, and emergency plan for severe weather and fire, and statement for visitors.
The Director must be notified when someone other than the parent or legal guardian will be picking up any
child. The child will only be released to that person with proper identification, such as a valid driver’s license or
state ID. The office staff is required to make a copy of the identification each time the child is picked up by
someone other than a parent or legal guardian. Checkout procedures for new guests could exceed 5 minutes due
to the security parameters in place. If you have any concerns, please see the Director.
All procedures relating to an emergency, such as severe weather, fire and physical plant problems, such as
power failure, that affects climate control or structural damage has been developed. In the event of a fire,
children will be evacuated from the building and parents notified immediately. Fire and tornado drills will be
held on a regular basis. All emergency procedures are posted in each room and at the front of the center for
parent viewing. Parents will be notified as soon as possible if an emergency occurs at the center. Sign posted in
lobby area for more information.
Little Learners Academy will provide transportation from school and also planned field trips. Parents must sign
a permission slip for every field trip. A school transportation form must be signed at the time you enroll your
child. If your child is transported to or from school, we will not leave children at a drop off site without proper
supervision. In the event that no one is at the drop off site, the driver will take the child to the center.
Page 7
Marietta (770) 333-5551
Gainesville (770) 297-5044
The staff will administer first aid for minor injuries and CPR if necessary. If your child receives a serious injury
or illness, the following plan will be followed: Contact Parents, Contact Emergency Contact if parent cannot be
reached, Call local EMS (Emergency Medical Service), and transport the child to the nearest hospital that
provides emergency medical care. Parents are responsible for any costs incurred for emergency care, unless
covered under the accident policy.
Little Learners Academy will give certain discounts from time to time to new enrolled children. These specials
are only given at the time of enrollment. Discounts are not retroactive, (i.e. if a child enrolled on March 1, 2006
and a new special started on April 1, 2006, this account will not be eligible). Currently enrolled children are not
eligible for any tuition specials after their enrollment date. However, Little Learners Academy may issue at its
discretion, specific discounts to any account.
Little Learners Academy Academy’s objective is to help each child develop their self-esteem by growing in
trust, independence, and teaching them about choices. The staff will aid each child in maturing in expression of
emotional reaction thus helping them to learn to cope with anger, disappointment, and other emotions. We will
enjoy creative expression through art, music, and other play activities. Your child will develop physically by
using large muscles through movement, activities indoors and outdoors, and using small muscles through art,
puzzles, blocks, writing and home-living activities. By working and playing with friends of the same age, your
child will learn how to develop attitudes of kindness, cooperation, courtesy, and helpfulness towards others.
Little Learners of Atlanta provides the same services to all enrolled children without regard to race, color,
national origin, sex, age, or disability.
Little Learners of Atlanta provides for an accidental injury insurance policy for all children enrolled in the
school. Injuries can happen under any possible circumstance, such as falling off the playground equipment,
jumping out of the swings, or falling while playing outside or inside. If your child sustains an injury while
enrolled, regardless of the nature, please provide any claim paperwork that was filed to your personal health
insurance to us as soon as possible. We will file a claim for any out of pocket costs that have been occurred to
you for an injury that was sustained while your child was enrolled during normal business hours of operation.
This policy is provided at no additional costs to you as a courtesy of Little Learners Academy, and was included
in your registration fee at the time of enrollment. This is not primary insurance, so please submit all claims
through your primary health insurance carrier and any out of pocket costs above which was not paid from the
primary carrier will then be forwarded to the accidental insurance carrier through Little Learners Academy.
Please direct any questions about this policy to the management.
Please Keep The Policies & Procedures for your Files
Return all Agreements for our Files
Page 8
Marietta (770) 333-5551
Gainesville (770) 297-5044
By executing this statement of acceptance, you state that you have read and accept all policies and
procedures of Little Learners of Atlanta, Inc d.b.a. Little Learners Academy. Any amendment to the
policies and procedures will be made known to all parents by an addendum to the admission policy.
Each parent will be required to execute any and all addendums in a timely manner. A copy of this
acceptance will be kept on file.
Parent/Legal Guardian Signature
Parent/Legal Guardian Signature
Child’s Name
* The statement of acceptance must be signed and returned to the center prior to your
child’s enrollment.
* Any change to the Policies and Procedures of Little Learners of Atlanta, Inc d.b.a.
Little Learners Academy will be given to the parent/guardian in writing in the form of an Addendum.
This policy will require written acceptance and will remain on file.
* Please retain the Policies and Procedures for your records and return
the Statement of Acceptance, & Application and Agreement to Little Learners Academy Academy.
Page 9
Marietta (770) 333-5551
Gainesville (770) 297-5044
Child Information
Name_______________________________________________ (Separate form for each child)
Date of Birth ___________________ Age __________Sex_________ SS#_________________
Home Address_________________________________________________________________
Zip Code
Home Phone________________________ School Attending ____________________________
Parent/Legal Guardian Information
Mother’s/Guardian’s Name_______________________________ SS#___________________
Home Address__________________________________________________________________
Zip Code
Home Phone_____________________________ Cell Phone_____________________________
Employer_______________________________ Occupation_____________________________
Employer Address_______________________________________________________________
Zip Code
Business Phone Number______________________ Other Number________________________
E-Mail: _______________________________________________________________________
Father’s/Guardian’s Name _______________________________ SS#____________________
Home Address__________________________________________________________________
Zip Code
Home Phone_____________________________ Cell Phone_____________________________
Employer Address_______________________________________________________________
Zip Code
Business Phone Number______________________ Other Number________________________
E-Mail: _______________________________________________________________________
Are parents divorced? ___________ If yes, who has legal custody?________________________
Child lives with: ________________________________________________________________
Siblings Name
Siblings Name
Page 10
Marietta (770) 333-5551
Gainesville (770) 297-5044
_____________________________ ________
Name____________________________ Phone________________ Last 4 digits of SS#_______
Work Phone___________________________ Cell Phone_______________________________
Home Address__________________________________________________________________
Zip Code
Name____________________________ Phone________________ Last 4 digits of SS#_______
Work Phone___________________________ Cell Phone_______________________________
Home Address__________________________________________________________________
Zip Code
Name____________________________ Phone________________ Last 4 digits of SS#_______
Work Phone___________________________ Cell Phone_______________________________
Home Address__________________________________________________________________
Zip Code
Person(s) that are forbidden by court order to pickup your child. Please attach legal documents.
Name____________________________ Address______________________________________
Person(s) that may be contacted in the case of an emergency:
Name____________________________ Home Phone________________ Work_____________
Name____________________________ Home Phone________________ Work_____________
Name____________________________ Home Phone________________ Work_____________
Photography/Videotape Release
I hereby grant permission for Little Learners Academy, provider, and certain agencies or entities contracted by provider which shall
include, but not limited to, the Department of Early Care and Learning (DECAL), the Department of Education, and advertising agencies,
to record the participation and appearance of my child previously named on the preceding enrollment form, by photograph and/or
videotape in connection with daily activities for the purposes of news releases, advertising, reporting, and assessing the progress of
children and the program. Little Learners Academy is authorized to exhibit or distribute such photograph (s) and/or videotape in whole or
in part without restrictions or limitations for any educational or promotional purpose that Little Learners Academy deems appropriate.
Such photograph (s) and or videotape may appear in printed or visual materials for Little Learners Academy web site. The undersigned
hereby jointly and severally releases, acquits, forgives, and discharges Little Learners Academy and any other entities contracted by
provider, from any actions, agreements, claims, controversies, demands, judgments, liabilities, proceedings, and suits, whether arising in
equity or in law regarding such participation and appearance by said child. This release shall remain binding upon all successors in
interest and personal representatives of the parties, to the extent permitted by law.
Parent/Legal Guardian Signature_____________________________________ Date__________
Page 11
Marietta (770) 333-5551
Gainesville (770) 297-5044
In the event of a medical emergency, every effort will be made to notify the parents of the child. If it is
necessary, children will be transported by an ambulance to the nearest available hospital. In the case of an
emergency please answer the following questions.
Primary Insurance Company______________________ Insured Name_____________________
Policy Number_______________________________ Group Number______________________
Medical Alerts__________________________________________________________________
Current Medications_____________________________________________________________
Medication Directions____________________________________________________________
Medication Allergies_____________________________________________________________
Mental Health Disorders__________________________________________________________
Food Allergies__________________________________________________________________
Pediatrician’s Name__________________________________ Phone______________________
My Child has the following special needs:______________________________________
My child is currently on medication (s) prescribed for long-term continuous use and/or has the
following pre-existing illness, allergies, or health concerns:_________________________
Should my child suffer any injury or illness while in the care of Little Learners of Atlanta, Inc d.b.a. Little Learners
Academy and the facility is unable to contact me (us) immediately, it shall be authorized to secure such medical attention
and care for the child as may be necessary. I (We) agree to keep the facility informed of changes regarding contact
information and medical information on the child. I (We) also agree to hold Little Learners Academy harmless against any
claims resulting in incorrect or uninformed information regarding the child in the medical information section. Little
Learners Academy agrees to notify the parent immediately of any incident requiring professional medical attention
involving my child.
I agree that the above medical information is correct and that I will hold Little Learners of Atlanta, Inc d.b.a. Little
Learners Academy harmless against any claims of wrongdoing that results by false or incorrect information. I also
agree to update this information, as it becomes necessary. This agreement becomes binding and made a part of the
agreement for child care services.
Parent/Guardian Signature ____________________________________ Date________________
Page 12
Marietta (770) 333-5551
Gainesville (770) 297-5044
I/We, _______________________________ parents (s) / guardian (s) of __________________________,
a minor child, wish for Little Learners Academy (Hereinafter Little Learners Academy of Marietta.) to provide child care
services for my/our child, and to induce Little Learners Academy to agree to provide said services, I/We agree as
1. I/We have been provided with a copy of Little Learners Academy Policies (hereinafter .Policies.), which are
incorporated into this Agreement by reference, and that I/We understand and will comply with the same.
I/We understand that my/our agreement to comply with the Policies has induced Learners Academy to provide
child care services to me/us and my/our failure to comply may, at Little Learners Academy discretion, result in my/our
child being removed from the center.
2. I/We will pay $__________ tuition per week or $__________ per month for the services provided to me.
I/We understand that pursuant and subject to the Policies provided to me/us, tuition for each week is due
on Friday for the next week, whether or not my/our child is present at the center for the entire week (unless
the vacation provisions of the Policies provide otherwise), and that a late charge of $30.00 per each child (ren)
weekly tuition, or 20% of the balance, whichever is higher, will be assessed to my/our account if the
payment is not paid by Monday of the service week being charged.. I/We also understand that there is no
credit for Holiday closings.
3. I/We agree and understand that if I/we wish to remove my child from Little Learners Academy for any reason,
I/we must provide a fourteen (14) day notice. If I/we remove my/our child without giving Little Learners Academy a fourteen
(14) day notice, I/we understand that I/we will owe Little Learners Academy for the entire fourteen (14) day.s tuition.
4. I/We agree and understand that if my/our check is returned for any reason, I/we will owe Carrington, in
addition to any tuition owed $35.00 as a returned check fee.
5. I/We agree and understand that Learners Academy will have the right to pursue legal action against me/us for any
unpaid tuition/fees, which has accrued. In the event that Carrington must take legal action to collect unpaid
tuition and or fees, I/we understand and agree that I/we will be responsible to Learners Academy for any and all
reasonable litigation expenses incurred, including attorney (s) fees.
6. As a form of a security deposit, the responsible parent/guardian is required to register a credit card with the
center. If you leave the center with a balance on your account, your card will be charged with the
outstanding balance.
7. I/We agree and understand that certain voluntary components of the program may not be included in the
tuition price and are subject to being charged to me/us. Additional components shall be defined as certain
voluntary curriculum programs, field trips, fundraisers, extracurricular activities, graduations, plays,
breakfast fees, extra daily drop ins, holiday camps, special functions, and any other program(s) that may be
initiated after this agreement.
8. I/We agree and understand that Little Learners Academy may cancel, terminate, or change any program at any time upon
providing a 14 day notice in advance of the cancelling, termination or changing of the particular program.
I/We understand and agree that by furnishing me with the Policies and this Agreement, Learners Academy has made no
guarantees or warranties regarding the services to be provided to me/us. I/We further agree and understand that nothing
in the Policies or this Agreement binds Little Learners Academy to providing me/us with any services whatsoever and
Carrington, in its discretion, may terminate its services to me/us and remove my/our child at any time. This agreement,
however, should not be construed to narrow the issues or policies set forth in Little Learners Academy Admission Policies of
Credit Card #_____________________________Signature: ______________________________________
Security Type (Visa / MasterCard) Card Number Exp. Date Name on Card
REQUIRED Enrollment will not be processed without the credit card information. If you leave the
center with a balance on your account, your card will be charged the outstanding balance.
This _________________ day of _______________________, 2009.
Parent/Guardian Signature Print Name______________________________________________________
Page 13
Marietta (770) 333-5551
Gainesville (770) 297-5044
Parental Agreement
Little Learners Academy, agrees to provide day care for_____________________________
Name of Facility Name of Child
on: (circle all that apply)
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
from ____________________ to _______________________.
(center’s operating hours)
My child will participate in the following meal plan (circle applicable meals and snacks):
Breakfast Morning Snack
Afternoon Snack p.m.
2. Before any medication is dispensed to my child, I will provide a written authorization, which includes: date,
name of child, name of medication, prescription number, if any; dosage; date and time of day medication is
to be given. Medicine will be in the original container with my child’s name marked on it.
3. My child will not be allowed to enter or leave the facility without being escorted by the parent(s), person
authorized by parent(s), or facility personnel.
4. I acknowledge it is my responsibility to keep my child’s records current to reflect any significant changes as
they occur, e.g. telephone numbers, work location, emergency contacts, child’s physician, child’s health
status, infant feeding plans and immunization records, etc.
5. The facility agrees to keep me informed of any incidents, including illnesses, injuries, adverse reactions to
medications, exposure to communicable disease, which include my child.
6. The ____________________________ agrees to obtain written authorization from me before my child
Name of Facility
participates in routine transportation, field trips, special activities away from the facility, and water-related
activities occurring in water that is more than two (2) feet deep.
7. I have received a copy and agree to abide by the policies and procedures for
Signature (Parent/Guardian) ________________________________ Date _________
Signature (Parent/Guardian) ________________________________ Date __________
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Marietta (770) 333-5551
Gainesville (770) 297-5044
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Marietta (770) 333-5551
Gainesville (770) 297-5044
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Marietta (770) 333-5551
Gainesville (770) 297-5044