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Lil’ Kim, fashion star
NEW YORK — Lil’ Kim has gone
That’s the name of the clothing line
the singer plans to launch under a partnership with manufacturer World
Recognition International. Lil’ Kim will
design the tops, denim and activewear
that is expected to be in stores next fall.
“‘Hollyhood’ is a label for those who
believe in my philosophy that there are
no rules when it comes to fashion; it’s
about having fun and choosing to dress
in a way that makes you feel good,”
says Lil’ Kim.
She also says she’s thrilled that after
years of expressing her love of fashion
through her music, she now has the
platform to dress women.
Neil Mossberg, CEO of WRI, expects
Lil’ Kim to be a natural for the fashion
business based on her cutting-edge
style and broad fan base.
The next big things
NEW YORK — Out with the old — tailored pencil skirts — and in with the
new — floor-length casual skirts. That’s
how Lucky is ushering in the new year.
The magazine’s editors make predictions in the January issue of what will
be the next big things, and longer, looser skirts, such as Kathy Kemp’s lace
version — top the list.
Other trends foreseen in 2005 include
the romantic Grecian look, achieved
with the lines of a classical top or a
rope-style belt, coral-colored makeup
and Indigo Hand jeans, which have a
clean and basic style reminiscent of
workman’s jeans.
Also look for jewelry that features a
smaller sparkly rock within a big earthy
Aviator’s style
NEW YORK — The bomber jacket
that Leonardo DiCaprio wears in “The
Aviator” isn’t Howard Hughes’ original
but it is based on a 75-year-old design.
Belstaff’s Aviator collection, of which
pieces are already being sold at Saks
Fifth Avenue, is inspired by archival
pieces from the company museum in
Stock-on-Trent, England. Belstaff’s
hallmark is the performance of its fabrics: When it was producing jackets for
airmen in the 1930s and ‘40s, the jackets needed to be able to protect “the
aviators” from the rain, allow for movement and be adaptable to extreme temperatures.
A full Belstaff Aviator line, including
sportswear, glasses and boots, will be
in stores this spring.
Belstaff actually has a role in three
other current movies, “Ocean’s
Twelve”, “Blade: Trinity” and “National
Louis and Uma
NEW YORK — Louis Vuitton reached
for a star for its spring ad campaign:
Uma Thurman.
She wears a beaded black belted
sweater and a white beaded skirt, a
combination with plenty of sparkle,
while laying on a stark slab of concrete.
“The idea was to play with this beautiful woman, and present her in a very
rough, raw, industrial-type environment, to dress her in a very sleek and
powerful way, against something unexpected, like cement or concrete,” says
company creative director Marc Jacobs
in a statement. He also says he’s
“thrilled” with the images.
Accessories are the cornerstone of
the Louis Vuitton brand, so the ad also
features the debut of the Manhattan
bag in monogram canvas.
Previous models for the company
include Jennifer Lopez, Scarlet
Johansson and Christina Ricci.
NEW YORK — Banana Republic is
selling the navy cocktail dress that was
selected as a winning design on
Bravo’s “Project Runway.”
The two-piece outfit is an empirewaist tank dress with a capelet.
Deborah Lloyd, Banana Republic’s
executive vice president of design,
says the elegant look and timeless
style of the dress made it “a natural fit”
with the existing collection.
Banana Republic has been a consistent presence on the Heidi Klum-hosted reality TV show, and the winner,
who will be chosen in February, will get
a mentorship with the company.
For each dress sold, Banana
Republic will make a contribution to
Dress for Success, a nonprofit organization that helps dress low-income
women as they enter the work force.
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Bridal shower
JoAnn Martinez was honored with an angel theme bridal shower given by her paternal
aunts and cousins at the beautiful home of Michelle Arce. Her aunts included Patsy
Adams and Rosario Arce. Her cousins included Annette Arce, Blanca Arce, Michelle Arce
and Missy Garza.
Teach children how to give graciously
NEW YORK — Many children head into the new year
with toy boxes filled to their
rims thanks to the generosity of friends and family over
the holidays.
Those new dolls, cars,
trains and games might provide a unique opportunity to
teach kids about the pleasure of sharing with others.
The book “The Greatest
Gift,” part of a series of storybooks featuring furry friends
CiCi and Ace, also includes a
list of tips to encourage kids to
embrace the giving spirit
throughout the year.
Here are some ideas:
—Point out the effects of
children’s giving behaviors.
Help them realize and
notice the positive results of
giving. Say something when
they share toys, treats or
anything else to make them
aware of the effect of their
For example, “Remember
when you shared your
snacks on the playground
and gave some to Eva? It
really made her happy. Did
you notice her smile?”
—Praise your children’s
caring behavior.
When you see children
engaging in caring, giving
behaviors, tell them how
proud you are of them. This
helps your children know that
you value kindness as much
as their other achievements.
—Teach and practice
appreciation when someone
gives something to your children.
The “magic words” of
“please” and “thank you” still
hold a lot of power. “Thank
you,” in particular, helps
teach gratitude.
A little note or picture to
express their appreciation
teaches the importance of
acknowledging the nice
Mendoza-Gallardo wedding
’Runway’ for charity
Monitor children’s
Internet activity
By The Associated Press
Sunday, January 2, 2005
things that others do.
—Set an example of giving.
Take dinner to a friend who
just had a baby, or give cold
drinks to the trash collector
in the summertime. By
showing kids how good it
feels to give, you are
emphasizing all the things
and you and your children
have and how fortunate you
all are. This will help them
realize the many ways that
they can give to others.
They’ll catch on and follow
your lead.
The CiCi and Ace books are
written by songwriter and storyteller Rainey and illustrated
by Karin Huggens, and
they’re produced exclusively
for The Children’s Place.
NEW YORK (AP) — Cold
weather keeps children
indoors for long stretches of
time, and many youngsters
turn to the Internet for entertainment.
Stephen Haag, the chair of
the department of information
technology and electronic
commerce at the University of
Denver, developed tips for
keeping children safe while
they’re online:
access to the Web at home.
Stopping kids from going
online at home won’t keep
them from going online at a
friend’s house, the library or
somewhere else — and in
those places, parents can’t
keep a watchful eye.
• Surf the Web with the kids
at least one hour per week.
Ask them what Web sites
they go to. This will help parents understand the likes and
dislikes of children, and how
they use the Internet.
•Keep the computer in a central part of the house to reinforce the idea that Web surfing
is an activity the whole family
can share and enjoy.
•Install monitoring software
that can restrict what types
of Web sites can be visited
and keep a daily log of Web
activity. Some software also
will send e-mails to parents
when children try to access
a restricted site.
•Set time limits, especially
for younger children. Treat
the Web like TV.
•Show children examples
of productive surfing by visiting Web sites with educational and intellectual value.
•“Spy” on children once a
month. It’s a parent’s right to
do this, says Haag. It’s possible to view lists of deleted
files, temporary files and
Web logs.
In presence of family and friends Mariceli Gallardo and
Felipe Mendoza Jr. were united in marriage Oct. 9, 2004,
at Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church.
Deacon Anastacio Bernal officiated the double-ring ceremony and the nuptial Mass.
The bride is the daughter of Rodolfo and Oralia Gallardo.
The groom is the son of Felipe and Antonia Mendoza.
Amalia Tanguma and Perfecta Mendoza attended the
bride as maids-of honor.
Best men were Antonio Aguilar and Fernando Martinez.
Flower girls were Kathryn Danielle Reyes and Karyn
Nicole Reyes.
Ringbearer was Jerry Valdez III.
A dinner and dance reception followed.
Mariceli is employed as a clerk with the United
Independent School District.
Felipe Jr. is a Texas Department of Transportation inspector.
After a honeymoon to Hawaii-Maui the couple is now
residing in Laredo.