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issue twenty-one — Spring 2012
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Dollars for Doers:
Charles W. (Bill) Chapman
In 2011, Bill Chapman recorded an
impressive 678 volunteer hours as an
Edmonton Airport Ambassador and
officiating his favorite sport, curling.
Giving back to their community is
something that Bill, and his wife Colleen,
have always made a priority.
When his wife suggested he apply to be a
volunteer at the airport, Bill thought it was
a ploy to get him out of the house. That
was back in 1999 and he’s loved wearing
the Northern Lights uniform every Monday
and Friday night since. “As long as it
doesn’t interfere with curling,” he laughs.
As lifelong curlers, Bill and Colleen became
trained as certified officials in 2000, and
are even busier now that they are players
West Kootenay TELUS Community Ambassadors – We are there when you need us.
Another year of bringing
our giving philosophy to life
and umpires. Bill’s time as a player ends
at Christmas. In the second half of the
season, he’s just “too busy officiating and
it just isn’t fair to the team,” he says. For
2012, he’s already officiated at six major
Bill is donating his Dollars for Doers award
to the Stollery Children’s Hospital – an
organization he frequently supports. “We
look to see where we can do the best
good,” Bill explains. “And we give to
the hospital or the Sandra Schmirler
Foundation – both help the really sick
young children.”
Congratulations and thank you, Bill, for all
In 2011, ambassadors volunteered an impressive 150,000 hours to support
TELUS-sponsored and community-based programs and events, and
donated over 63,500 care items, many of them handmade, for those in
need across Canada. It was an outstanding year, thanks to all of you. As
ambassadors, you consistently give your hearts, minds, hands and time to
make the difference for your communities.
Your handmade articles of clothing have kept premature babies and cancer
patients warm and more comfortable. You’ve helped families dealing with
loss and remembered seniors at Christmas. You’ve given school kids
access to technology, and helped improve their literacy by reading together.
Here are just some of the additional highlights ambassadors can be proud of:
babies and more than 1,100 items just for preemies
that you do to help athletes, travelers, and
families with very sick children – in Alberta
Preparing over 11,300 shelter care items and over 12,300 Comfort Kits,
which is more than double what was already a huge number from 2010
commitment to give where we live in our
Preparing over 1,100 Baby Bags and knitting more than
2,100 finger puppets
and beyond.
Thank you for helping us deliver on our
Knitting more than 4,400 blankets, sweaters and animals for
Sewing 2,300 Heart Pillows and more than 850 lung pillows
Sewing more than 2,100 cancer turbans and almost
2,600 toques and hats
Providing almost 2,400 books for school kids’ reading programs
Delivering more than 3,100 refurbished computers to schools
Filling more than 1,700 Christmas stockings and bags for seniors
Donating hundreds of kilograms of food to food banks and
serving meals to those in need
Volunteering to support dozens of charity golf
tournaments, walks and runs
Raising thousands of dollars for charitable
organizations in your communities
The TELUS Community Ambassadors program works
because you work so hard to make it successful.
Without you, none of this could happen.
Bill ready for work as a Northern Lights volunteer at
the Edmonton International Airport
TELUS in our communities
TELUS talk
Club updates
In memoriam
Calendar of events
Key Contacts
TELUS in our communities
Grade nine students in Barrie assembled 250 Comfort Kits
for people in their community living in temporary shelters.
Fraser Valley TELUS Community Ambassador members Marion Hauge and Linda Jackson present a cheque to Peach Arch
Hospital Foundation on behalf of the TELUS Charitable Giving Program.
Take Your Kids to Work program
attracted 300 teens
Team TELUS cares
overview for 2011
The ultimate gift to give: at
Christmas & throughout the year
On November 2, close to 300 grade nine
The TELUS team once again showed an
Amidst the holiday season rush, Toronto team
students joined their relatives at work, instead of
incredible passion for giving through our three
member Crystal Brummell and four colleagues
their friends at school, as part of TELUS’ 17th
Team TELUS Cares programs in 2011 – Team
set aside an hour from their busy schedules to
Annual Take Our Kids to Work program.
TELUS Charitable Giving, Dollars for Doers and
give something priceless to fellow citizens in
TELUS Day of Giving.
need: the gift of life. On December 14, the team
In 12 locations in Ontario, Alberta and B.C.,
donated blood at a Canadian Blood Services
young people were on the job to learn about our
The TELUS team committed an outstanding
business, consider future career opportunities
$3.4 million for Canadian charities though the
with TELUS, and find out for themselves how
Team TELUS Charitable Giving program last fall.
Donating blood is a simple act of generosity that
TELUS gives back in our communities.
This means a total of $6.8 million, reflecting the
costs no money and can save up to three lives.
combined donation match from TELUS, is being
Crystal donates blood every two months because
distributed to Canadian charities in 2012.
she knows its value – she was the recipient of life-
Kim Vey, manager of the National Help Desk Mobility and long-time Community Ambassador,
clinic near TELUS House Toronto.
saving blood products 15 years ago.
along with colleague and fellow Community
Our spirit of giving was further demonstrated
Ambassador Brenda Simpson, organized an
through our Dollars for Doers program. Current
Paying it forward and helping others means a lot
engaging volunteer opportunity for 12 students
and retired team members recorded more than
to Crystal, especially during the holiday season.
in Barrie, Ontario. Team members and students
555,800 volunteer hours, prompting TELUS to
met at the Barrie Call Centre and assembled 250
donate $780,000 to charities of their choice.
Comfort Kits for fellow citizens – young and old –
living in temporary shelters.
“One of the key messages we wanted to share
the Community Ambassadors’ Toronto Central
the thousands who gathered to tidy parks, plant
chapter, which has 90 members.
trees, sort food donations and donate blood
during our annual TELUS Day of Giving. Their
Kim says. “We showed them some TELUS Day
efforts contributed to the impressive 33,000
of Giving videos and gave them letters for their
hours recorded.
hours of their time to support this important
initiative. This goes toward the mandatory 40
hours of volunteer work they need to complete
high school.”
In addition to these programs, the nine TELUS
“As a volunteer, I expect nothing in return and yet I
am continuously rewarded with the knowledge that
something as simple as donating blood could save
or improve someone’s life,” Crystal says. “I have
also had the great fortune to meet some of the
Community Boards continued their exceptional
most awe-inspiring team members and retirees.
work, partnering with local, grassroots charities
Volunteering with the Community Ambassadors is
to deliver important programs that support
the cherry on top of working at TELUS.”
youth and families. They provided $5.05
million in funding to 418 projects such as
the Northwest Wildlife Preservation Society, Best
Buddies Canada, The Hearing Foundation of
Canada and Arts for Children and Youth.
Thank you for your compassion and contribution
to our communities.
Page 2
a TELUS Community Ambassador. She leads
TELUS Community Ambassadors were among
with the students is that we give where we live,”
schools, indicating that they had given two
Crystal is equally busy the rest of the year as
Community Corner – TELUS Community Ambassadors
TELUS talk
British Columbia will have another
area code in 2013
Listening at heart of journey
to put customers first
Beginning June 1, 2013, B.C. is adding a fourth
Last November, we kicked off TELUS’ first
area code – 236. The province anticipates
external marketing campaign focused
reaching capacity with the existing three area
on articulating our broad customer
codes by 2014.
commitment. ‘At TELUS, we put you
first’ was the central message of the
Customers needing a new telephone number
campaign. In February, we launched a
may still be assigned a 250, 604 or 778
second campaign where we began telling
number if one is available. If you already have
TELUS Legend winner Josephine Bruno.
TELUS Community Ambassadors
become Legends
customers how we’re listening to make
one of those numbers, your phone number will
their TELUS experience even friendlier.
not change.
We’re listening in our call centres, in our
stores, in the field and online.
Geographic boundaries that govern local and
long distance calling will stay the same.
We are celebrating team members’
central role in our journey by
For more information visit
Legends is an award program celebrating
current and former team members who have
area_codes/) or check out our frequently asked
consistently lived our values and made significant
questions (
contributions to our legacy. The award is a
putting them at the heart of our
communications. This year, we will
feature team members who are putting
customers first across all of TELUS,
to show how all of us contribute to
celebration of a lifetime of contribution and the
highest recognition possible at TELUS. And this
year, we have five more ambassadors to add to
the prestigious list of Legends.
Considering what our ambassadors do in our
communities – their dedication to volunteering
for so many meaningful events and organizations,
it isn’t a surprise that so many of the TELUS
Legends, more than half, are also ambassadors.
“TELUS Legends are highly regarded for their
contributions to building our company’s legacy
and shaping our growth strategy and brand
promise – the future is friendly – for the benefit of
our customers, communities, team members and
shareholders,” says CEO Darren Entwistle.
Congratulations to our TELUS Legends
award recipients:
meeting our goal to become the most
Government of British Columbia is a 10-year deal
worth $1 billion – making it the largest enterprise
contract in the history of our company. Through
this contract, TELUS is creating new economic,
education, medical and social opportunities for
residents in remote areas of B.C.
Young people will have reliable internet
connectivity, giving them access to information
that supports their career ambitions. Patients
will have access to new and emerging IP-based
healthcare technologies, benefitting their health
and well-being. And motorists travelling vast
distances will be safer thanks to our expanded
Donna Davidson, South Island
Fran Papworth, Edmonton
Josephine Bruno, Kamloops
Work on this transformational project has started,
Linda Jackson, Fraser Valley
and over the next ten years will include:
Moe Bastide, Edmonton
wireless coverage.
Entrance into a virtual and physical TELUS
Legends Gallery hall of fame
Providing long distance, conferencing,
Join the 1.28 million TELUS customers who
have gone paperless.
Visit to
sign up for TELUS eBill.
Get Community Corner delivered
straight to your inbox; contact us at
[email protected]
sector partners such as B.C. Hydro and
commemorative coin
Legend to a local charity
regional health authorities and select public
A framed certificate, a professional
A $500 donation on behalf of the TELUS
and Community Corner newsletter online
Expanding the reach of our High Speed
for all provincial government offices, six
photo memento and an exclusive
Did you know you can receive your TELUS bill
and by email?
data, wireless and strategic services
A congratulatory letter and gift for themselves
and their family
Go green, go paperless
Internet services to 97 per cent of residents
In recognition of their contributions, each of these
we serve.
Our new technology contract with the
deserving ambassadors will receive:
recommended company in the markets
The biggest deal in TELUS’
history – connecting B.C.
Networking in 450 schools
Providing additional wireless coverage
along 1,700 kilometres of the province’s
rural highways.
For more information on the Legends Award or
to nominate a retiree, please email
[email protected]
TELUS Community Ambassadors – Community Corner
Page 3
community ambassadors club updates
Calgary TELUS Community Ambassadors assemble and deliver Baby Bags in December 2011.
Barrie TELUS Community Ambassadors Jade Langan and
Karen Steele participated in Movember.
Here are some of the ways the Calgary club has
been busy volunteering:
September 13–14: Volunteers prepared and
served 450 meals at the Mustard Seed.
October 4: Seven volunteers were at
NeighbourLink to sort donated household
October 19: Following a delicious potluck,
24 of our members attended the Annual
Exchange. Marge Port was elected secretary
November 5: Wendy and her volunteers
raised $2,580 for the club by selling plants
and trees, donated by TELUS from vacated
office space.
December 6: Although a new location’s
toques and winter items could be put on
stuffed with school supplies went to the Big
the tree and then donated to Calgary Urban
Brothers and Big Sisters of Barrie and the Learning
Projects Society.
Disabilities Association of Simcoe County.
December 15–11: Members volunteered at
The club reached an important milestone, winning
the Simcoe County Alzheimer’s Society Golden
Coffee Cup trophy for the fifth consecutive year.
Gift bags and gift certificates were presented
Proceeds from the silent auction, bake sale, raffle
to two families the club adopted from
and the TELUS grant, added $3,513 to the club’s
Discovery House, and 13 seniors from the
annual Coffee Break five year total of over $13,000.
Rotary Kerby Seniors Centre.
and Wendy Hoflin was elected fund raising
a back to school theme. Almost 500 backpacks
with items for children in other countries.
General Meeting at the Elbow Park
The Barrie club kicked off the last half of 2011 with
Samaritan’s Purse, sorting shoe boxes filled
items given to low income families.
December 1–15: A Mitten Tree set up on the
2nd floor of the TELUS Tower, where mittens,
The club donated several “wish list” items to
the Children’s Cottage.
The team’s Thanksgiving Food Drive helped
fulfill a dire need in the community, collecting
over 2,000 items for the Elizabeth Fry Society’s
To find out how to volunteer and what types
Grocery Assistance Program. Ambassadors
of projects Calgary Ambassadors do, please
should be proud, as according to Paula King,
contact Lesley Ritchie at 403-236-3630 or
the Executive Director at the Elizabeth Fry
[email protected]
Society, “The volunteers from TELUS Community
capacity meant a smaller gathering, 243
retirees and team members enjoyed our
Christmas Luncheon. Special guests included
Ambassadors are a life line for our clients… to say
they truly saved lives is not a lie.“
This year’s Take Your Kids to Work Day was a
Teresa Polonio, Christi Cruz and Monty Carter.
chance for teens to experience TELUS’ give
The 50/50 draw raised $349 for charities,
where we live philosophy. A group of grade
and more than 150 pounds of food and $135
nine teens assembled Comfort Kits that went
was donated to the Veteran’s Food Bank.
to the David Busby Centre, which helps
people at risk of poverty and homelessness.
For Movember, male team members grew
their facial hair, and women sold fake
moustaches for $2. Mike Hudson was the
top fundraiser, donating $406 to prostate
cancer research.
Help Portrait is a movement of
photographers who set up photography
stations and give less fortunate families
professional photos at no cost. Barrie team
members supported an all-day drop-in photo
session, and provided fresh baked snacks.
The holiday tradition of trimming a Christmas
tree with donated hats, mitts and scarves
resulted in 85 items going to the David
Busby Centre.
A new approach to the stocking drive
donated food hampers to 11 TELUS team
member families struggling financially, and 30
kids received new toys and necessities.
Page 4
Community Corner – TELUS Community Ambassadors
community ambassadors club updates
Central Island
During the fall of 2011, the Nanaimo and area
ambassadors were busy doing good things.
In November, 14 ambassadors served
meals and helped stuff 250 Comfort Kits at
a dinner the club sponsored at the Nanaimo
Salvation Army.
In early December 150 retirees from the
Nanaimo, Port Alberni and Nanoose areas
enjoyed a wonderful luncheon at the
Nanaimo Golf Club. Admission was by
cash donation, which raised $1,075 for the
Nanaimo 7-10 Club to provide breakfasts
and bagged lunches to their clients. Twohundred and fifty-eight dollars from the
50/50 draw went to Pleasant Valley
School to help with their lunch program for
Central Island TELUS Community Ambassadors serve dinner at the Salvation Army in December 2011.
kids in need.
December also saw the ambassadors
deliver 25 Christmas stockings and fleece or
crocheted blankets to Malaspina Gardens
Nursing Home. These gifts were for
residents without families, but not forgotten
by Santa. Thanks to Zelma Lund for
crocheting 11 of these blankets. Twenty-five
Volunteers needed for MS Walk in April
needs volunteers to work at another swim
and swim meet in May
meet being held in May. Please contact
The club needs volunteers to assist with
Nancy McGuire at 250-756-0555 or email
registration for the MS Walk being held April 29
her at [email protected]
at Maffeo Sutton Park. Please contact Nancy
McGuire at 250-756-0555 or email her at
[email protected]
There will be a change of venue for the 2012
Christmas Luncheon as the Nanaimo Golf
Club is being rebuilt, opening again in 2013.
Comfort Bags were also donated to Haven
Many of our volunteers worked at the Riptides
Transition House for Women.
Swim Meet at the end of January, and Nancy
More details in the next newsletter.
East Kootenay TELUS Community Ambassadors volunteering at the 2011 TELUS Walk to Cure Diabetes.
East Kootenay
East Kootenay ambassadors were busy this fall,
December was all about celebrating Christmas
starting with the TELUS Walk to Cure Diabetes in
and hoping to see Santa:
October. Participants were especially happy to be
walking without umbrellas, as it was the first year
In October and November volunteers focused on
helping the Legion with their Poppy Campaign
and Remembrance Day. Volunteers helped with
office work and were also out on poppy routes:
delivering wreaths and poppy boxes, and selling
poppies at businesses.
Fifty team members and retirees enjoyed a
traditional Christmas feast and the chance
to socialize.
Ninety-six people enjoyed the TELUS
Christmas Party at the Bavarian Chalet.
without rain in a long time.
At the Kiddies Christmas Party, 15 kids
(employees’ children and retirees’
grandchildren) enjoyed crafts, lunch and a
Santa made his final appearance: visiting
with seniors at the Legion, and celebrating
Seniors Day with them. He even brought
along goodie bags for everyone.
visit with Santa Claus. Thanks go to Debi
Hart and Sandra Hunter, who organized
another successful party.
TELUS Community Ambassadors – Community Corner
Page 5
community ambassadors club updates
Fall is a busy and a fun time of year for the
decorations from the vacated floors as well,
Edmonton Community Ambassadors.
and donated them to inner city schools, which
brightened up the holidays for many children.
Fifty-four golfers had a great time in the
Edmonton area retirees’ annual golf
In the spirit of giving, ambassadors made
and donated items to make Christmas
tournament at Pioneer Meadows in
special for individuals and families who
September. The winning foursome was Niel
needed a boost:
Paterson, Bruce Nichol, Cathy Meyer and
Bob Gislason. The most honest team award
facility for recovering addicts
went to Jack Wallace, Heather Wallace, Pat
Stark and Don Stark. We raised $215 and
collected 54 kg of food for the Edmonton
Edmonton Christmas Bureau
September 5.
Ambassadors donated 900 books and spent
MITTS program
during Raise a Reader and Read in Week at
all Edmonton schools. A big thanks goes to
Baby clothing and supplies went to
The winners of Edmonton Retiree’s annual golf tournament:
from left to right Bob Gislason, Cathy Meyer, Bruce Nichol,
and Neil Paterson.
Basically Babies, an organization that
organizer Fran Papworth and all the volunteer
prepares hampers containing enough
supplies to help young mothers meet
Nearly 200 guests enjoyed the annual
their baby’s needs for a year
Christmas dinner and dance.
Two-hundred and eighty-seven pairs
of mitts went to the Salvation Army
time reading in classrooms at six schools
Fifty $30 gift certificates went to the
Adopt a Teen program managed by the
Food Bank. Next year’s tourney is on
Afghans were given to Our House, a
Our club assisted with the sale of used
Lap blankets went to the Glenrose
Hospital, which are included in the
furniture from the vacated floors in the
packages for children who are in hospital
TELUS Tower. Sale proceeds will be used
during the Christmas holidays.
for charitable projects around the city.
Ambassadors collected a lot of Christmas
We also supported:
Wendy’s Dreamlift
The CIBC Run for the Cure
Relay for Life
The TELUS Walk to Cure Diabetes
Kidney Foundation
Heart and Stroke Foundation.
Our final event of the year, a Christmas dinner
and dance at the Columbo Lodge, was a night of
good cheer, good food and dancing. The 50/50
draw raised $500 each for the Food Bank and
Christmas Amalgamated. Ambassadors also
assembled and delivered seniors bags containing
lap blankets, greeting cards and candy, to
Kamloops TELUS Community Ambassadors donated $500 to Christmas Amalgamated.
seniors’ homes in the area.
What’s coming up?
A new project for the club is gathering personal
This past year was a very successful one for the
Kamloops ambassadors. Here are the highlights:
The New Life Mission — ambassadors hosted
three dinners, each time serving hot meals for
Public Health and Interior Community
Services — our sewing club made items
for the Baby Bags and hundreds of Heart
Pillows for St. Paul’s Hospital.
care items that are sent overseas through the
School District.
Days 4 Girls project.
Kamloops Thompson Heritage Fair – our
ambassadors were judges of the grade four
to grade seven Heritage projects.
close to 125 clients. The club also provided
Comfort Bags containing personal products.
We provided Kits for Kids to the Kamloops
Marjorie Willoughby Hospice — for the past
several years ambassadors have purchased,
prepared and planted the gardens at the
Book sales and raffles are great fundraisers, and
will continue, so thanks to everyone for their
donations of used books.
The club is thankful to all its volunteers who have
helped in so many ways.
Hospice for the TELUS Day of Giving. There
is now an entire garden dedicated to and
named for ambassadors.
We embrace change and initiate opportunity
Page 6
Community Corner – TELUS Community Ambassadors
community ambassadors club updates
TELUS Community Ambassadors volunteering at the Lower Mainland Chrismtas party. Back from left to right: Jo
Codling, Marion Hauge, Doris Millen, Carol Brooks. Front from left to right: Irene Olm, Barb Raynor and Lucilla Chan.
Montreal TELUS Community Ambassadors participate in a
fundraiser for the Dr. Julien Foundation.
Fraser Valley
Ambassadors in the Fraser Valley accumu-
Pocket book sales
The Montreal club enjoyed working with
lated an impressive amount of volunteer time
Monthly pocket book sales at Brian Canfield
organizations on a range of activities last fall.
this past fall. More than18,900 hours were
Centre will continue in 2012 on May 3, June
logged through these activities:
14, July 12, August 9 and September 6.
Collecting soup labels, redeemed for the
Vancouver Oral Centre
Collecting pop and beer can pull tabs for
the Lions Club Kidney Foundation
collect donations for the Dr. Julien
Yarn needed
Foundation as part of our partnership with
The club can always use yarn (partial or full
them to raise $10 000.
balls) for knitting projects and leftover fabric
hospitals and health clinics
for sewing projects. Please call Linda at 604-
Over 630 attendees enjoyed a Christmas
Dinner, hosted by volunteers from the
Vancouver and Fraser Valley clubs. Items
collected for food banks were donated to
the Share Community Services Food Bank,
TriCities and the Vancouver Food Bank.
Thanks to team member Linda Jackson for
delivering the items.
The club made financial donations to the
Children’s Champs Program of B.C. ($2,500),
which is affiliated with the War Amps Society;
and the Noramanna Care Facility ($1,000), to
help residents in this care home.
volunteers worked in TELUS call centers to
interesting books for the sales.
Distributing 2,460 finger puppets to local
Donating 3,600 shelter items.
a vulnerable environment. Ambassador
604-461-9892 who will pick up any new and
which is an organization for children in
contact Marion at 604-594-8205 or Linda at
Making more than 1,900 cancer turbans
Making 730 preemie toques
Hosted a fundraiser for the Dr. Julien
Foundation, (
Donations are always welcome, so please
celebration for youth at the City of Hudson.
461-9892 to arrange pickup of these items.
After that, he traded his Halloween costume
for his Santa suit to entertain the children of
Meet with old friends
Lakeshore Hospital.
The Fraser Valley club meets on the fourth
Tuesday of the month at the Centennial
Centre, 65 6th Avenue New West (by the
Canada Games Pool) corner of Cumberland
and 6th Avenue (just off McBride). Meetings
start at 11:30 am in the Riverside Room.
A light lunch is served for a nominal cost.
Our June and January meetings are held at
Newlands in Langley.
The club ended the year at Fairview Mall
helping with gift wrapping.
Club president named to
Montreal Community Board
Congratulations to club president Jeannot
Martel, who was recently named a member of
the Montreal Community Board for TELUS. As
part of his role, Jeannot will help make decisions
A special invitation goes out to recent
retirees and older members – come out and
join the ambassadors club and share time
with old friends.
John Jacques organized a Halloween
about the types of organizations that will receive
financial assistance from the Montreal TELUS
Community Board. Jeannot has worked hard
building the ambassador team in Montreal and
is also trying to build an ambassador team in
Quebec. If you are interested in helping him build
this new team, contact him at
[email protected]
The Club thanks everyone who has supported our
recent activities and congratulates our volunteers
for their achievements.
TELUS Community Ambassadors – Community Corner
Page 7
community ambassadors club updates
If you’re looking for engaging people and things
to do in the Okanagan, the TELUS ambassadors
club is a great place to start.
Salmon Arm ambassadors kept busy this past
year making baby sweaters and matching toques
for the Winter Babies Program and afghans
for the Baby Bags Program. These items were
distributed to the maternity ward at Salmon
Arm General Hospital. The ambassadors also
made preemie toques and cancer hats for the
hospital. Salmon Arm participated in the Kits for
Kids program this summer too. Team Salmon
Pam Sheremeta, Santa and Eldeen Tiller celebrating at Okanagan’s Christmas Dinner 2011.
Arm consists of Barb Duplisse, Anne Champion,
Marnie Foulkes, Opal Hendrickson, Liz Pastorchik,
Georgina Beausoleil and Pat MacLeod.
Vernon had a strong year of giving and fellowship:
Angel blankets and hats were made for
newborns and donated to the Vernon
General Hospital Maternity Ward
Cancer hats were prepared for
the Cancer Society
Collected and donated gently used dresses
to The Cinderella Project, a program for under
privileged young girls in need of grad dresses
Donated Comfort Kits to Teen Count, a
program for under privileged teens
Donated Kits for Kids to the
Vernon School district
Hosted a Pizza Day for the homeless at
Upper Room Mission
Ottawa TELUS Community Ambassadors participated in the Canadian Institute for the Blind (CNIB) gift wrapping
event that raises money for various CNIB causes. From left to right: Ken Orenstein, Garry Carruthers, Paulette
Burke, Natalie Reesal, Heather Ouimet, Terry Wright and Michelle Dupuis.
Seniors bags were donated to seniors homes.
The Ottawa club’s year ended on a high note
Special thanks to Bev Fester and her team for
with participation reaching over 50 members
hosting the Spring Breakfast, Summer BBQ, Fall
in 2011. As always, giving to those in need
Breakfast and the Christmas Luncheon.
was at the heart of the club’s activities this
Kelowna ambassadors volunteered at the Central
Okanagan Hospice Conference, hosted the
Paediatric Unit Donations to Grand
Falls-Windsor Hospital, Newfoundland,
including TELUS colouring books,
crayons and activity sheets to the
Paediatric waiting room for hospitalized
past year.
children; Christmas stockings for
children in hospital at Christmas;
In October:
A free pancake breakfast was organized
Christmas decorations and ornaments
at the Okanagan Marathon and clothed and fed
to encourage team members to join
to decorate the unit’s tree; six lap
the homeless. The year ended with the annual
the club. Donations totalled $430 for a
blankets to the seniors/chronic care unit,
Christmas Luncheon, hosted by Fran Maki and
school snack program organized by the
Carmelite House.
her team. By the end of the day Caroline Blais
Ottawa Education Foundation.
Okanagan Volunteer Opportunities Fair, helped
(fundraising chair) and her group had raised thousands of dollars to support local projects for 2012.
Penticton ambassadors enjoyed a fun afternoon
of mingling, feasting and reacquainting at the an-
Participated in the Canadian Institute for
the Blind (CNIB) gift wrapping event that
Ottawa Mission Lunch.
raises money for various CNIB causes.
In December:
19 Ambassadors served 400 meals at an
A cookie sale raised $400 for Miriam
Paul Vandenberg of CNIB praised the
ambassador team for raising $729
(second highest total) and being its first
nual Christmas party and fundraiser in December.
House to assist pregnant women in
Nine-hundred and fifty dollars was raised for
need. Thanks to team members Michael
the Agur Lake Camp Society in Summerland.
Sangster, Ted Woodhead and Michael
The Ottawa club has many activities planned
Special thanks to volunteers Brian, Barb, Eric and
Hennessy, who donated the cookie
for the first quarter of 2012 including a
Charmaine who made this event a winner.
dough that was sold.
cookie sale, a major fundraising event and a
To volunteer or attend one of our club functions
please check out the Calendar of Events at
Knitted slippers and sewn blankets were
donated to the Children’s Hospital of
Eastern Ontario.
We have a passion for growth
Page 8
Community Corner – TELUS Community Ambassadors
corporate sponsor in revenue.
homeless shelter lunch.
community ambassadors club updates
Prince George TELUS Community Ambassadors delivered
over 200 Baby Bags to hospitals across Northern B.C.
Prince George
2011 was a very productive year, even with some
downtime that allowed us to relocate to the club’s
great new space.
Ambassadors decorated over 200 Christmas
stockings for children
Red Deer
10 Ambassadors worked for five weeks to
The Central Alberta Ambassadors group was
The year wrapped up with a final opportunity to
sew 80 seniors bags
formed in October. The group’s goal is to grow
spread some good cheer through a partnership
membership and presence in central Alberta
with the local United Way and the Western Hockey
The Angel project provides a tiny hooded
cape, a knitted blanket and ornament in a
memory box, given to grieving parents of
stillborn infants
Over 200 Baby Bags went to hospitals
across northern B.C. for young parents in
A Hot Dog Sale in September raised more
than $500 for the Parkinson’s Walk for a Cure
In November, Ambassadors participated
in Caring for the Community by cooking
breakfast for those less fortunate
We knocked our socks off in total donations this year.
The TELUS Christmas Dinner and Dance
was the biggest gathering in club history.
The 50/50 Draw raised over $800 for the
Parkinson’s Group; and two van loads of food
bank donations went to St.Vincent De Paul.
and give more time, energy and funds to
League team, the Red Deer Rebels. On December
organizations members are passionate about.
6, TELUS was the presenting sponsor for the
The executive includes team members and
United Way Sockey Night in Canada. The goal of
retirees Theresa Stevens, Tim Mearns, Blaine
the event was to generate donations of socks for
Ritchie, Wes Reed, Tom Parker, Marion Cowan,
local non-profit agencies, and raise funds for the
Rick Vermeulen and Garner Kolybaba.
United Way of Central Alberta’s 2011 campaign.
In November, the group spearheaded a partner­
ship with the local Loaves and Fishes Benevolent
Society to prepare school lunches for 240
children. For the holiday season, ambassadors
collected mittens, gloves, scarves and some
candy to supplement the lunch program.
Our ambassadors showed up in full force
distributing noise makers to the fans at the game,
promoting the messages of TELUS’ community
efforts in the region and generating funds through
a live, on-line auction of World Junior tickets. At
the end of the night, 2,000 pairs of socks were
donated and the United Way was $7,000 richer.
Just before Christmas, the ambassadors received
tickets to the World Junior hockey games being
held in Red Deer. Selling the tickets raised a few
hundred dollars.
Ambassadors are working on a quilt and wall
hanging to be donated to a silent auction raising
money for the 2012, 24-Hour Cancer Relay.
There will also be a 50/50 draw for the event. The
important work of the Cancer Society was brought
home in January when the club lost a dear friend
and hard working ambassador: Gloria Thompson.
TELUS Community Ambassadors – Community Corner
Page 9
community ambassadors club updates
Rimouski TELUS Community Ambassadors and team
members provided more than 60 safe rides on December
17 and 18 through Operation Red Nose. Pictured above:
Red Nose Mascot with François Thibault, Gérald Martin
and Michel Pineault.
South Island TELUS Community Ambassadors volunteered to fill customized Christmas gift bags for the ten residents of the
Abbey Field House in Sidney.
South Island
It was a holiday evening without drinking and
driving thanks to the Rimouski ambassadors.
through the last quarter of 2011, and looks
House, a local transition home. The gifts
During Operation Red Nose, more than 15 Club
forward to another great year of projects in 2012.
of toys, games and clothing, along with
ambassadors and team members in Rimouski
gave their support to this cause. Five TELUS
groceries for their Christmas dinners helped
TELUS’ Victoria Community Board hosted
to make the holiday season a little brighter
for these families.
day included a workshop focused on
one evening, giving more than 60 passengers a
volunteerism and fundraising and ended with
safe ride home. The TELUS teams also visited
Clothing and furniture donated went to the
Several members organized the annual
Sooke Crisis Centre. Over 80 knit items went
retiree Christmas Lunch. Maureen Yip, Cathy
“I volunteered for several years in support of
to the Single Parent Resource Centre.
Brankston, Jack Atchison, and a busy
Operation Red Nose, and each year, evenings
group of helpers made the event a success.
with the TELUS teams are among the busiest,”
delivered to the neonatal care unit of
$1,000 was donated to both the Mustard
Ambassadors. “The nights are really cold. But it is
Victoria General Hospital.
Seed and the Artsreach program.
an invaluable source of satisfaction to know that
Ambassadors again volunteered to fill
customized Christmas gift bags for the 10
In January, 10 Baby Bags filled with
supplies and hand knit baby items were
Fundraising at the luncheon meant almost
says Michel Pineault from the TELUS Community
Groceries are collected at monthly club
meetings and donated to a local food bank.
the National Philanthropy Day Awards.
different holiday celebrations in Rimouski to raise
so many Rimouskois are escorted home safely.”
mothers and children at Margaret Laurence
the Celebration of Giving breakfast. The
teams volunteered more than 150 hours in just
awareness about the importance of safe driving.
South Island Club kept busy volunteering
Volunteers helped serve breakfast and
distributed Comfort Kits at the Central
Baptist Church.
Operation Red Nose began in 1984 to provide
residents of the Abbey Field House in Sidney.
free rides home during the holiday season.
Each resident sent handwritten thank you
The Club executive looks forward to the 2012
notes, which meant so much as most of the
Convention in Vancouver, as a great way to
ladies are 85 or older, and one is 101.
connect and share ideas and experiences with
Once again, the club and TELUS team
members filled Christmas stockings for the
We believe in spirited teamwork
Page 10
Community Corner – TELUS Community Ambassadors
the other clubs.
community ambassadors club updates
Sunshine Coast TELUS community ambassador president
Manjit Kang presents a cheque to Ron Pepper of Habitat
for Humanity.
In August, Toronto Central TELUS community ambassador cleaned up Berczy Park alongside the TELUS Green Team.
Sunshine Coast
Toronto Central
About 90 retired and current TELUS team
The last half of 2011 saw us achieve great things
cards for the Society of St. Vincent de
members and invited guests were on hand
together. Here are a few of our highlights:
Paul; 600 Campbell’s Labels for Education
December 13 at the Sunshine Coast Golf &
Country Club when TELUS presented the St.
Mary’s Hospital Foundation with a cheque for
Buddies, TELUS Fall Junior Achievement
Charitable Giving cheques totaling $1,670
Day, TTCG Lunch and Learn highlighting
and two bags of baby and lap blankets
that signed up for TELUS’ Satellite TV. The
the United Way, TELUS Marketing’s internal
delivered to Mount Sinai Hospital. Three-
Sunshine Coast TELUS Community
Customers First campaign, and a TELUS
hundred Kits for Kids were delivered to
Ambassadors topped up that amount with
Toronto Community Board meeting.
recipient’s Harbourfront Community Centre,
another cheque to reach a total donation of
Fred Victor Centre, Red Door Family Shelter
$50,000. The money will furnish a new room
adopted a St. Vincent de Paul family; and
Regent Park; and the first Cake Pops
hospital renovation.
ambassadors were involved in the Second
fundraiser selling 85 cake pops.
Harvest’s Turkey Drive, the TELUS Children’s
In September, ambassadors cleaned two
Holiday Party, the club’s Ambassador
parks and surrounding areas at TELUS
local food bank.
Appreciation Day and gift wrapping at local
House Toronto, volunteered at the TELUS
malls for the Heart and Stroke Foundation.
Global Carrier Solutions’ Canadian Breast
In 2011, the Sunshine Coast Ambassadors
Cancer Foundation golf tournament and Free
donated over 1,000 volunteer hours to the
the Children’s We Day.
community, ending the year helping the Salvation
At a Cake Pops fundraiser in October,
volunteers sold 109 Halloween-themed treats.
In November, Renewed Computer
Technology recognized the club’s 2010
In December, 125 Comfort Kits were
provided to Covenant House; the club
and Sky’s the Limit - Pathways to Education
called the TELUS Ambassadors Room, in the
Army by manning their donation kettles.
such as the sale of 50/50 tickets for Best
Green Team members; TELUS Employee
campaign, we donated $100 for each household
for Habitat for Humanity and donations for the
Volunteers participated in numerous events
Berczy Park cleaned up by ambassador and
$46,400. As part of TELUS’ TV for Good
The December 13 celebration also raised money
were donated to Gosford Public School.
August saw 300 Kits for Kids compiled;
Throughout the year, club members have
weekly knitting and crocheting sessions and
are Canadian Blood Services champions.
Thanks all of the members and sister clubs for a
successful 2011 and the club looks forward to a
memorable 2012.
contributions with an award; book sale
proceeds purchased six $50 grocery gift
TELUS Community Ambassadors – Community Corner
Page 11
community ambassadors club updates
Toronto East
The Toronto East Club recently established a
relationship with the Malvern Family Resource
Centre (MFRC). Through various programs, the
Centre assists seniors, youth, men and women,
in addition to running an Early Years centre for
parents and children in the Malvern community.
For holiday fundraising, the Consilium team
members held a wide variety of events including
a bake sale, 50/50 ticket sale, critter sale and
silent auction and generously donated all of the
$1,390 proceeds to the club. The entire donation
was given to the MFRC, where it helped with the
annual holiday dinner/gift event for almost 250
Malvern residents.
Toronto East TELUS Community Ambassador Sue Bruley
presents donation of $1390 to Veneise George of
Malvern Family Resource Centre (MFRC).
Toronto West
In November, the club held a Boot and Shoe drive to
support The Bridge: a not for profit agency engaged in
developing healthy and healing relationships with anyone
who has been touched by crime including the offender,
the victims and the community. Ambassadors collected
220 pairs of men’s, women’s and children’s footwear
and raised $75 to offset costs of re-conditioning the
footwear to make them look as good as new.
Toronto West TELUS Community
Ambassadors hosted a shoe drive to
donate to the Soles for Souls program.
Upper Island
Throughout the year, ambassadors made and
distributed Baby Bags, stuffed 300 Heart Pillows
that were sent to Vancouver, and packed 240
Kits for Kids with much needed school supplies,
which were distributed to three school districts.
The Christmas Dinner in Courtenay ended
the year on a high note. Instead of food bank
donations, attendees were asked to bring
personal care items for men. Campbell River’s
Second Chance Recovery House appreciated the
two boxes of supplies that were donated. The
dinner also provided us an opportunity to thank
our loyal volunteers.
The Upper Island ambassadors wish all
ambassadors across Canada a happy and
healthy 2012.
We have the courage to innovate
Page 12
Community Corner – TELUS Community Ambassadors
Upper Island TELUS Community Ambassadors collected
two large boxes of much needed supplies for the Second
Chance Recovery House in Campbell River. Pictured
above: Tricia Cromer.
community ambassadors club updates
Vancouver TELUS community ambassador members Pearl Koochin and Hilliary Simpson stamp books for less fortunate
kids in schools.
West Kootenay TELUS Community Ambassadors
volunteered at the BC Summer Games in August 2011.
West Kootenay
Donated Christmas dinner proceeds ($6,500)
In 2011, the 20 active members in West
volunteering 26,888 hours and preparing
to B.C. Alzheimer’s Society and the War
Kootenay volunteered an astronomical 3,918
18,805 care items.
Amps CHAMPS Program and non-perishable
hours, raising money and assembling meaningful
food items to Vancouver Food bank
items to help out children, families and seniors in
2011 was a record year for members –
During the last half of 2011, Ambassadors:
Helped with Arts Umbrella, Kids Up Front,
the Canadian Open and two Canuck Place
golf tournaments
children for the Adopt-A-School project
Donated funds to purchase books
for local schools.
Burnaby bike race
Prepared, filled and distributed Comfort Kits,
Kits for Kids and Baby Bags
of the Family, a local charity helping families who
This issue our Vancouver Club is casting the
spotlight on Joyce Burrett. Happily retired after
30 years with B.C. Tel and TELUS, Joyce now
Contributed Heart Pillows to the Heart and
in the TeePee store and the Richmond cat shelter.
Stroke Program
Regardless of the weather, on Saturdays she’ll be
emergency services
Tested Christmas lights for Canuck Place
Organized a Christmas stocking program
Served lunch at a local inner city school
Filled and delivered Senior Christmas bags
and Christmas stockings for Teen Mom
Sewed and delivered blankets for
emergency shelters
Senior Games, taking place in Castlegar, Nelson
Nelson. Those events raised $723 for the Friends
Volunteer Spotlight
Knitted toques, baby blankets and sweaters
Distributed Care Bears to hospitals and
Fall activities included volunteering for the B.C.
Annual Garage Sale and also a picnic – both in
the community.
and Trail and September was busy with the 2nd
Participated in the Burnaby Hospital
Rhythm of Life race/walk and the Giro di
Filled stockings and served hot lunches for
dedicates her time working on the Lottery desk
at Canuck Place working in the gardens.
The club is saddened with the passing of
need to travel with seriously ill children.
Ambassadors also assembled:
facilities in Nelson
74 Comfort Kits
110 Comfort Bears for children that Castlegar
and Nelson RCMP, and Nelson City Police
dedicated members Joan Archer and Percy Berry.
Volunteers are needed for the B.C. Senior
games in Burnaby in August. Please call
Doug Reeves at 604-432-3022 or email
[email protected]
to get involved.
45 Senior Bags for Christmas dispersal to
encounter who need a “hug”
Koats for Kids and Baby Bags.
The year wrapped up with a Christmas feast,
where several boxes of food items were collected
for the local food bank.
The club is always looking for more active
members, so please contact any executive
member to become involved. Thanks to everyone
for their efforts in 2011.
TELUS Community Ambassadors – Community Corner
Page 13
50/50 retiree’s lottery winners
Kenneth Logan
Glenn Werts Medicine Hat
Bin Tan
Martin Harland Sherwood Park
Dorothy Smith Morinville
Tam La Calgary
Dennis Heggie Red Deer
Thomas Hultman
North Vancouver
Al Jamison North Vancouver
Herb Johnstone
Wendy Hall
Susan Read
Qualicum Beach
Maureen Criss
West Kelowna
Albert Hooper Agassiz
British Columbia
Employees’ payday lottery winners
August 25
Shona Carlson
September 8
Randy Dennis
September 22
Sonia Vaduva
October 6
Linda Bennett
October 20
Patti Black
November 3
Debbie Grozell
November 17
Sean Skoreyko
December 1
Judy Taschuk
December 15
Brad Dixon
Medicine Hat
December 29
Ron Booth
January 12
Jennifer Hammer
January 26
Sami Gounder
February 9
Kevin Finkbiner
February 23
Kelly Mottershead
March 8
Cory Anderson
Pincher Creek
August 25
Kevin Cole
September 8
Katherine Nicolinas
September 22
Colin MacQuarrie Surrey
October 6
Gary Cooper Burnaby
October 20
John Guy
November 3
Karen Hanberry Burnaby
November 17
Christy Hyde Kelowna
December 1
Julie Scott Vancouver
December 15
Martin Everett
Fort St. John
December 29
Tony Geheran Vancouver
January 12
Jane Pennington Vancouver
January 26
Brad Manary
February 9
Larry Lee Vancouver
February 23
Lisa Richards
March 8
Derrick Williams New Westminster
British Columbia
In memoriam
If you would like to include the name of any TELUS retiree who has passed away, contact
Stephanie Franco at [email protected] or 1-866-697-8184.
Permission from the family is required before we can post a name.
Page 14
Name of retiree
Date of death
Place of residence
Dale Kauffman
January 29, 2010
Lumby, B.C.
Ian George Edgar January 9, 2011
Maple Ridge, B.C.
Bill MacKenzie
March 28, 2011
Vancouver, B.C.
Alan Davidson
March 28, 2011
Bowen Island, B.C.
Mildred (Millie) Thomson
April 25, 2011
Calgary, AB
Don Beck May 4, 2011
Kelowna, B.C.
Janet Elizabeth Kostek
May 22, 2011
Red Deer, AB
Mariam Whitham
July 4, 2011
Edmonton, AB
Mary McGough October 3, 2011
Langley, B.C.
Donald Preston
October 13, 2011
Parksville, B.C.
Bert Wheeler
February 14, 2012
Chilliwack, B.C.
Community Corner – TELUS Community Ambassadors
April 16 - 17, 2012
TELUS Community Ambassador Convention and
Awards Dinner
April 16 - 20, 2012
National Volunteer Week
Saturday, May 26, 2012
TELUS Day of Giving
Monday, October 15, 2012
Team TELUS Charitable Giving deadline
Key contacts for the
TELUS Community Ambassadors
Corporate contacts
British Columbia
Sunshine Coast
TELUS Community
B.C. 50/50 lottery
Manjit Kang
[email protected]
3 - 555 Robson Street
Vancouver, B.C. V6B 3K9
[email protected]
Stephanie Franco
604-697-8184 (local)
1-866-697-8184 (toll free)
[email protected]
Dollars for Doers contact
Thursday, November 15, 2012
Dollars for Doers deadline
1-855-697-8183 (toll free)
[email protected]
Pension contacts
Upcoming Club Events
Calgary Stampede Luncheon
Monday, June 25, 2012, noon
Elbow Park Exchange
Ticket sales by phone May 1 – June 15
Call Shirley 403-240-4777
AB/B.C. and QC pension
B.C. TWU pension
Jane Olsen
Payment clerk
$5.00 per person
Club contacts
Sunshine Coast Summer BBQ
Ross Simpson
[email protected]
(Tues. and Thurs.only)
B.C. provincial programs
Upper Island
Gordon Cromer
[email protected]
Bobby Farr
[email protected]
Shirley Harris
[email protected]
Central Island
Vancouver Central
Glen Husband
[email protected]
Ross Simpson
[email protected]
Karen Conway
[email protected]
East Kootenay
Edith LeClair
[email protected]
Les Radcliffe
[email protected]
Fraser Valley
Colleen Luttman
West Kootenay
Marge (Gould) Witton
[email protected]
Jean Peloso
[email protected]
Thursday, July 26
Alberta 50/50 lottery
Details to follow.
Linda Jackson
[email protected]
Alberta provincial programs
Evelyn Finlayson
Brenda Simpson
[email protected]
Pat Bauer
[email protected]
Terry Wright
[email protected]
Judy Haynes
[email protected]
Toronto Central
Gary Silsbe
[email protected]
Marilyn Papp
[email protected]
Lesley Ritchie
[email protected]
Calgary workshop
[email protected]
Al Tiller
[email protected]
Prince George
Jean Brien
[email protected]
Bonnie Frederick
[email protected]
Lorri Kidd
[email protected]
Linda Ardiel
[email protected]
Edmonton workshop
[email protected]
Red Deer
Theresa Stevens
403 304 8481
[email protected]
Salmon Arm
Crystal Brummell
[email protected]
Toronto West
Maureen MacNeil
[email protected]
Toronto East
Susan Bruley
[email protected]
Pat MacLeod
[email protected]
Jeannot Martel
[email protected]
South Island
Josee Levesque
[email protected]
Donna Davidson
[email protected]
Maureen Yip
[email protected]
TELUS Community Ambassadors – Community Corner
Page 15
See inside for the complete story
Team TELUS Cares
12_00145 Printed in Canada on recycled paper.
Paper is Forest Stewardship Council certified.
Paper contains 10% post-consumer content.
community ambassadors
community ambassadors
What’s inside: Another year of bringing our giving philosophy to life >
Dollars for Doers > Take Your Kids to Work program attracted 300 teens >
Team TELUS cares overview for 2011 > The ultimate gift to give: at Christmas
& throughout the year > TELUS Community Ambassadors become Legends >
Ambassador club updates > British Columbia will have another area code in 2013 >
The biggest deal in TELUS’ history – connecting B.C. > Listening at heart of journey
to put customers first >
TELUS Community Ambassadors become Legends.
(see page 3)
Return undeliverable Canadian addresses to:
TELUS Community Ambassadors
community investment and engagement
3 - 555 Robson Street
Vancouver, B.C. V6B 3K9
Publications Mail Agreement No. 41273519
Registration No. 7235595