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Next Meeting: January 30, 2015
Opener: Jane Ross
Program: Dr. Gioia Riccio - Radiology
Greeters: A. Smith, Kirby, Horne
Place: Bertucci’s
January 30, 2015 / Volume 25, No. 31
Sunrise Rotary Club of Westport ● P.O. Box 43 ● Westport, CT 06881-0043 ●
January 23 Club Meeting
Student of the Month
Radiologist Gioia Riccio to
Eric Zielinski opened the meeting
Eric Fiffer, Speaker
Sebastian Fiffer, guest of speaker
James Fiffer, guest of speaker
Sydney Robisin, Student of the Month
Todd Robisin, guest of Student
Susan Robisin, guest of Student
Sammy Robisin, guest of Student
Angela Clarke, guest of Nick Clarke
Maya Mandell, guest of Matt Mandell
Chris Murray, guest of Randy
Visiting Rotarians
Steve Lewine, Westport Rotary
Tom Fiffer spoke about what led him
to The Good Men Project and what it
means to be a good man in the 21st
Staples senior Sydney Robison
Sunrise Rotary honored Staples
senior Sydney Robison as its January
Student of the Month as a part of its
Service Above Self program on
Friday. Ms. Robison is an outstanding
student, as her Early Decision
acceptance to Union College - the
only college she applied to - attests.
She’s also been an outstanding
contributor to her community as a
participant in the school’s Circle of
Friends and Kool to be Kind
programs. Through Circle of Friends
she has visited weekly with Rebecca,
a special needs child, for her four
high school years. The two enjoy
activities from taking nature walks to
baking cookies, and in the process
Robison has "developed a very
special friendship.” For three years
she has participated in Kool to be
Kind, an anti-bullying program that
teaches "strategies to use in
challenging situations." She leads
interactive programs in third grade
classrooms at Saugatuck Elementary
School in which her groups act out
skits, play games and discuss the
"the role of kindness in the
development of community.” Her
takeaway from her contributions has
been that "by helping other I am very
Roy Fuchs
Dr. Gioia Riccio received her
Medical Degree from Ponce School
of Medicine in Puerto Rico.
Riccio completed her internship at St.
Bridgeport, CT where she became
Chief Resident.
Dr. Riccio also
completed a Women's Imaging
Fellowship at Wake Forest University
in Winston-Salem, NC. Dr. Riccio
specializes in general radiology and
Procedures. Dr. Riccio is the medical
director of our Varicose Vein team at
the Vein Center, located at 425 Post
Road in Fairfield
Photo Gallery
Yvonne Senturia crowns birthday girl
Carole Rubenstein at the January 23rd
District 7980 Governor: Mukund Nori • Club President: Dennis Wong
WSR members Bob Galan and Vic
Muktavaram assist Fire Marshal Ed
Zygmant at the Emergency Operations
Center at fire headquarters during the
“not so great blizzard of 2015”. (Photo
by Dave Matlow for
February 6: George Martin
February 13: TBA
February 20: Susan Granger –
Movie Critic
February 27: TBA
March 6: TBA
March 13: Patty Lewis & Julie
Mombello - Adam J. Lewis Preschool
March 20: Stephen Baumann Discovery Museum
March 27: David Levinson –
Norwalk Community College
April 3: Catherine Onyemelukwe Author
Club Announcements
Gillespie Center Schedule
► Hal Levy: The Crier is looking for
staff and contributors. If you can help
in writing articles, taking photos,
committee in writing promos for
upcoming speakers, etc., we would
love to welcome you aboard. Send an
email to [email protected]
On the first Saturday of each month, two
Rotarians are assigned to deliver and
serve meals to the homeless at the
Gillespie Center. Please contact Mildred
Bunche [email protected]
Submit Club Announcements &
Happy Hollers to:
Club Meeting Schedule
Sunrise Rotary Club members serve as
greeters and deliver the openers at the
Club meetings on a rotating basis. If a
member is unavailable on the assigned
date, it is essential that he or she find a
replacement and submit the name to:
January: A. Smith, Kirby, Horne
February: Rossi, Galan, Cady
March Nair, Kleine, Bloom
April: Hass, Wetmore, Getraer
May: Strong, Hauck, Cederbaum
June: Sa’Couto, Ellison, Violette
July: Press, Zielinski, Clarke
August: Cowherd, Mathias, Bunche
Meeting Openers
February 6: Anil Nair
February 13: Maury Hill
February 20: Tom Ayres
February 27: Ken Bernhard
March 6: Linda Bruce
March 13: Phil Sharlach
March 20: Ned Hickok
March 27: Ron Holtz
WSR Board of Directors
President: Dennis Wong
President Elect: Jeff Cohen
Past President: Bob Galan
Secretary: Rick Jaffe
Treasurer: Jeff Cohen
Sgt. at Arms: Roy Fuchs
Member at Large: Charles Adams
Member at Large: Mildred Bunche
Member at Large: Helen Garten
Member at Large: Ron Holtz
Member at Large: Sheila Keenan
Member at Large: Justin Phillips
Member at Large: Mario SaCouto
Member at Large: Elizabeth Wong
Member at Large: Nora Jinishian
February 7: Ross & Kaner
March 7: Cederbaum & Adams
April 4: Ayers & Masumian
Club Calendar
Are you a committee chair scheduling a
meeting or an organizer of a Club or
Rotary event? Please submit the info for
the Club Calendar to:
Feb 2 Mon - Board of Directors meeting
at Christ & Holy Trinity Church Tower
Room, 5:30-7:00pm
Mar 2 Mon - Board of Directors meeting
at Christ & Holy Trinity Church Tower
Room, 5:30-7:00pm
Apr 6 Mon - Board of Directors meeting
at Christ & Holy Trinity Church Tower
Room, 5:30-7:00pm
May 4 Mon - Board of Directors meeting
at Christ & Holy Trinity Church Tower
Room, 5:30-7:00pm
Jun 1 Mon - Board of Directors meeting
at Christ & Holy Trinity Church Tower
Room, 5:30-7:00pm
Jun 6 Sat – Tue Jun 9 - Rotary
International Convention in São Paulo,
The Westport Sunrise Rotary Club
7:30AM every
Morning at Bertucci’s, 833 Post
Road East in Westport. Meetings
are open to all Rotarians and their
Follow us on twitter: @WSRotary
Photographer Hal Levy
Roy Fuchs
Nick Clarke
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