2015 | 4th A Jewel for Peace

2015 | 4th edition
A Jewel for Peace
Fiera di Vicenza S.p.A., with the technical support of the Design
School of Milan Polytechnic, and with the high patronage of the
United Nations, is announcing an international competition for ideas,
open to talented young jewellery designers under the age of 30. The
subject of the competition is to design a piece of jewellery for Peace.
“Peace” can be taken as representing an inspiration, a metaphor
or an element associated to the production process.
A Jewel for Peace is an interoperation of jewellery in a way that links
it to sustainability and social awareness, where the designer presents
new symbolic, productive uses. Inspiration can be reflected through
materials, shapes, workmanship, symbols or historical or geographical
references, as well as element that would transform the jewel into
an item that evokes peace.
Fiera di Vicenza S.p.A. is a committed believer in the potential of young
people, and this competition is an essential mean with which to scout
and spotlight new talents in the international jewellery environment.
The deadline for the presentation of the designs
is March 29, 2015. The winners will be presented
in May 2015 during the VICENZAORO Spring show.
2015 | 4th edition
The theme for the 2015 competition is “A Jewel for Peace.” It requires
candidates to design a piece of jewellery dedicated to peace, which
means an item of contemporary jewellery that will convey the cultural,
humanitarian, social, political, economic, and productive ideals of peace.
The choice of material is at discretion of the designer, while the type of
item needs to be a ring, earrings, pendant, necklace, bracelet or brooch.
The competition is open to all Italian and international designers
who are aged 30 years and under on January 30, 2015 (born on or before
January 30, 1985). Each person taking part in the competition is allowed
to present more than one design entry, each of which must be entered
into the competition individually. Designs must be previously unseen
or used and created expressly for the competition. Group entries
will not be accepted.
Entry to the competition implies unconditional acceptance of this
announcement and the regulations of same, as well as of all decisions
made by the jury.
Applicants must submit a competition application, recorded on a CD
or DVD with the participant’s name clearly marked and containing:
1. The participant’s personal details (date and place of birth,
residence, telephone number and email), the title of the project and
a declaration explicitly stating acceptance of the competition rules.
2. The design proposal, consisting of a maximum of 2 design plates
in A3 and A4 format (black and white, or colour) in free scale.
A 5 cm strip must be placed at the top and divided as follows:
(1) In the left section, the Fiera di Vicenza logo (downloadable from
the website: http://concorso.vicenzaoro.com/2015/); (2) In the centre,
the caption “NEXT JENERATION - Jewellery Talent Contest 2015
A Jewel for Peace; (3) On the right, the participant’s name.
3. A brief outline (max. 800 characters) in Word or PDF format ,
describing the inspiration. The outline may include any preparatory
sketches that illustrate the development of the design.
4.Pictures of the design and any preparatory sketches in jpg format,
in high (300 dpi, 15 cm minimum base) and low resolution (72 dpi).
5.Pictures of the prototype or renders are recommended, but not
6.Please note: unreadable CDs will not be accepted.
2015 | 4th edition
The materials requested must be delivered by hand or by post or courier,
no later than 12.00 PM on March 29 2015, EDT, to the following address:
Fiera di Vicenza S.p.A.
(For the attention of Carolina Lotto, Events Manager)
Via dell’oreficeria 16
36100 Vicenza
The date of the postmark will not be accepted as proof of posting.
Entries will only be accepted if received on or before the date stated
above. The envelope containing the entry and other material shall be
clearly marked “NEXT JENERATION - Jewellery Talent Contest 2015”
and the name of the applicant.
Gijs Bakker, Designer and Founder of Droog Design and Chi ha paura…?
Panel Members
Luisa Bocchietto, Designer and Past President of ADI
Alba Cappellieri, Professor of Jewellery Design at Milan Polytechnic
Marco Romanelli, Designer
Gaetano Cavalieri, President of CIBJO, the World Jewellery Confederation
The jury’s decision-making process will remain confidential, although
the list of winners will be made public, as will any special mentions.
The jury will reach a majority decision and this decision is final.
The selection and evaluation of the designs will take into account
their originality, innovation, wearability, and compliance with the
competition theme, and also the potential ability of the design
to be reproduced on an industrial scale.
2015 | 4th edition
A total amount of euro 6,000 will be divided as follows:
1st prize
2nd prize
3rd prize
euro 3.000
euro 2.000
euro 1.000
Competition participants will maintain property and exploitation
rights for their designs. However, they undertake not to grant said
rights to others within six months of the date of competition awards.
The Jury’s decision will be made known to the winners by email.
Fiera di Vicenza S.p.A. will promote and announce the competition
and competition winners to trade press and the results will be
made known at the VICENZAORO Spring show in May 2015.
Through their participants in the competition, entrants grant
Fiera di Vicenza S.p.A. the right to display their designs to the public
andvarious shows, expos and events, and also to publish the designs
in the relevant catalogue and via the trade press.
Material submitted to the competition will not be returned.
Pursuant to law 675/96 concerning data protection, competition
entrants grant permission to process personal data for the purposes
of the competition.