Knitting for the Vulnerable Children of the World Project

Knitting for the Vulnerable Children of the World Project
March 2014
Newsletter 1 for 2014
To all who are knitting for this project – thank you. The volume and quality of knitting that arrives each
day to U3A Nunawading continues. Many of you ask me for news re the Knitting project.
Fortunately not a lot changes. Foundations World Wide is still our main source of distribution to the
Vulnerable Children of Eastern Europe, thanks to the hard work of Ford Pratt and his band of workers.
As usual you have all been very generous with your knitting especially in the blanket/rug area. Thank you
to Gabriel who keeps the sorting and packing under control.
What do we need? Blankets, jumpers to fit a primary school child - PLEASE PLEASE no small
jumpers - hats, scarves, ponchos socks, dolls, teddies. Use any pattern you may like as long as it fits a
primary school child. If possible sew your squares together before bringing them in, we receive so many
squares all shapes and sizes it is hard to keep up with the sewing. Some people do not wish to knit; they
buy fleece blankets or donate to help with the cost of keeping the project going. If you wish to make a
donation, please make your cheque out to U3A Nunawading Inc.
Where to send the knitting: Knitting to be delivered or mailed to U3A Nunawading Inc. 16 – 20 Silver
Grove, Nunawading 3131. Melways ref 48/E/9 between the hours of 9.30 to 3pm Monday to Thursday.
9.30 to 2.30 Friday during school term. If you are unable to deliver during this time telephone
9878 3898 to make other arrangements or you can email me direct [email protected]
There is always news from Abraham’s Oasis, Tigray, Ethiopia. Some of our talented ladies sew summer
dresses for the children, they are light and I am able to post these on to Ruth at Oasis for the children.
News from Oasis
A lovely container from Holland arrived full of bunk beds, mattresses and other items... After paying
import duty on non requested items we can now state that the container is coming to a town 350 kms
away instead of 1,100 kms away! The customs check will be in the nearer town! The cement slab at Grace
Village is all ready to place container! We have a great use for empty container to become a clothing
store! The bunk bed assemblers are present with Karin's father and good friend Wim!
Here are the children after receiving sports outfits bought locally in the market here in Shire at Christmas.
Some were perfect fits and others rather large… But all received an outfit and were happy.
Thank you is such a small word but carries so much behind it, the lives of orphans and vulnerable
children, the employment of vulnerable women and girls in a safe environment, the hope of students to
have equal opportunities with their peers and our joy in seeing their happiness and hearing their laughter!
A card board box, a nylon blanket and piece of plastic lining the box. Inside 2.6 kilograms of baby girl.
(Tadela - lucky one) has arrived. Nahomi was beside herself with excitement, "hafte, yene hafte!" she
shouted to everyone and anyone, (sister, my sister); such excitement, she is eating, gurgling and
Tadela is just less than six pounds. Just fine for the baby of a woman who lives on the street and is
mentally ill. The community look after this poor woman with food and clothing, it is hot in My Tsebri so
she copes well on the street. The Health Centre where she gave birth provided her with long term birth
control to prevent further babies. They call her 'Genet' (Paradise); she is free to wander about town... she
is not locked away out of sight but is a visual reminder of our frailty... but she is exposed to predators...
Pray for “Genet”.
Attached a photo of our Tadela in a baby bed from Holland, cardigan from UK, blankets and clothes from
UK and USA; receiving mega buckets of love from all at Grace Village! It takes the whole wide world,
because of God's great love, to raise a child!
Thank you for the role you play in helping with this project
Elsie on behalf of the Vunerable Children of the World