ontario u14 alpine ski championships

 ONTARIO U14 ALPINE SKI CHAMPIONSHIPS 2015 Searchmont Resort, Ontario Message from AOA Ontario U14 Provincials in Sault Ste. Marie is a collaboration of efforts among key stakeholders around our province who are interested in seeing Sault Ste. Marie continue as a legitimate and integral U14 championship site for Ontario. Northern Ontario Division in partnership with Searchmont Ski Runners (SSR) has brought forth a successful proposal that embraces the core values mandated by Alpine Ontario’s Provincial Rotation Committee. Going forward, Ontario’s provincial championship events at U14 and U16 will be allocated based on an application process. Successful proposals will reflect these four key core values: 1) Athletic Value 2) Race Quality 3) Financial Stability and Responsibility 4) Community involvement and Partner recognition Your 2015 ROC is excited for the opportunity to host. In partnership, the SSR and AOA are working hard to deliver on our commitment to achieve all 4 core values each and every day. Athletic Value The SSR club has a long history of developing athletes and hosting key events. From days of hosting “INCO Cup” events and “Sealtest Cup” races our venue has long been recognized as challenging race venue for all age competitions. Our ROC continues to host the annual Mealey Classic speed series and thus our continuing focus on maintaining and developing our venue is paramount in focus. For the 2014/2015 year the NOD in partnership with SSR has entered the process to become a FIS homologated site for both SL and ENL GS. Race Quality The SSR has been hosting national and provincial events for decades. Our proposal recognizes that SSR has established itself as a premier event hosting destination for Ontario. Sault St Marie has unique qualities which contribute to creating great events with lasting legacy. Financial Stability and Responsibility The cost of travel and the transport of equipment outside of Southern Ontario Division (SOD) has always been a concern when 85% of membership is located in this division. This has been recognized with a renewed review of the budgeting process for our upcoming event. Community Involvement and Partner Recognition The Community of Sault Ste. Marie and SSR embrace the opportunity to host these championships. SSR has a long history of hosting premier events including the annual “Mealey Classic” and Provincial championships in both U14 and U16 age categories. The media will be present regularly at these events providing great local and provincial coverage. AOA is encouraging all Ontario U14 athletes to set their sights on participating in this great event and unleashing their skill in GS and SL. The entire NOD community is excited about mobilizing their resources to put on a fantastic athlete centered event. Detailed information about all aspects of the U14 Provincials event and travel logistics follows in this package. Thank You Alpine Ontario Alpin and the SSR U14 Provincials ROC EVENT HIGHLIGHTS • As the only Midwest Ski Resort actually located on a mountain, Searchmont is proud to say that they have the most diverse terrain, the longest runs (18 in total) and the greatest vertical (750 feet) in the area. Located approximately 50 minutes North of Sault Ste. Marie, Searchmont is the place to ski! The Main Lodge provides a warm and inviting place to relax and warm up. The Lodge has an Eatery, Outpost Retail Store, Tech Shop, Rentals and Repairs, Playcare , and Bernard’s Bar. • Since the 1970’s, the Searchmont Ski Runners have been well known and respected across the province and internationally, for their ability to organize and implement outstanding, high caliber races. Among SSR’s accolades are: 1971.
1971 East West Ontario Championships 1972 Can-­‐Am Slalom (Searchmont judged by international experts to hold next best race to Aspen Colorado) 1974 Pontiac Cup Dual Slalom (first ever) 1981 Falconbridge Juvenile Championships 1989 Eastern Canadian Juveniles 1996 Canadian Juvenile Championships 2002, 2005, 2009K2 Provincial Championships 2005 Recognized by Alpine Ontario as an official regional training centre for alpine skiing athletes 2007, 2011 K1 Provincial Championships 2013 U16 Provincial Championships Every four years – Nancy Greene Finals now U12 Finals (a NOD rotation) Annually – Michigan Alpine Competition Council (MACC) Races, Classic Northern Ontario Divisional Race • Live Timing • Travel by motor vehicle or airport to Sault Ste. Marie. Searchmont Resort is approximately 50 minutes from Sault Ste. Marie. • Event hotel-­‐ Algoma's Water Tower Inn and Suites is a full-service hotel, with a
professional and personal hospitality style. Just steps from your comfortable room or suite
are two distinct dining and entertainment facilities; Casey's Grill Bar serves up delicious
dishes made with fresh ingredients, while the Water Tower Pub features a full late-night
menu and live music Wednesday to Saturday. With your stay, you'll enjoy complimentary
access to Club Cabana Aqua Spa with four pools and whirlpools and always-hot sauna,
Tempospa Health and Fitness and the McGuffin Gallery of Outdoor Photo-art. Visit: www.watertowerinn.com Toll Free: 1-888-461-7077 * quote SSR U14 Provincials
Searchmont, Ontario
Race Starts:
Saturday March 14, 2015 Slalom
Sunday March 15, 2015 Slalom
Monday March 16. 2015 Giant Slalom
Tuesday March 17, 2015 Giant Slalom
9:00am (subject to change due to weather & direction from Captain’s meeting
Searchmont Ski Runners Inc.
Alpine Ontario Alpin / Alpine Canada Alpin
Athletes aged 12 & 13 years of age as of December 31, 2014.
All athletes must have signed an Alpine Canada Waiver and a valid competitors
card issued by Alpine Canada and/or been selected by his/her
regional/divisional organization.
Division quotas as established by AOA will apply.
NOD 20
NCD 35
Total: 180
Unused quota from each division will be released on a proportional basis to the
applicable divisions by A.O.A.
*Seeding for this event: NOD – 2 / LSDA – 2 / NCD – 3 / SOD – 8
Official A.C.A entry forms must be used. Entries must be sent to the Chief of
Calculations by January 30th, 2015. Changes of race entry must be submitted
two hours before the start of the Captains' meeting.
Submit entries to:
Jeff Elgie, Chief of Calculations/Timing
Telephone: 705-­‐257-­‐8504 e-mail: [email protected]
Entry Fee:
$200.00 per athlete for the division races, payable by cash or
cheque. (Includes race fees & lift tickets)
Two hours prior to the first Captains' meeting. If not paid, the athlete will be
removed from the event.
Delivered in writing with supporting video to the Finish Referee.
Protests should be accompanied by $100.00 cash according to ICR 644.4.
Bib Deposit:
$50.00 per team, by cheque, payable to Searchmont Ski Runners Inc.
Bib deposits will be returned after all bibs have been returned.
FIS rules and Regulations will govern and applicable ACA & AOA guidelines.
Local race rules may apply.
The Team Captains' meeting will be held Thursday February 12th 2015,
4:00 p.m. at SSR Race Headquarters.
By National Points. Recreational athletes (R classification) will be placed in a
separate seed by age category order using a computer generated starting
Official Results will be posted outside Race Headquarters.
Volunteers are welcome and are encouraged to contact Corrine Mezzomo, Race
Secretary at [email protected]
Medals will be awarded to the top (3) finishers (male & female) for each age
category. There will be no distinction between the “U” and “R” classification in
determining the awards for the age categories.
Note: U18 & U20 categories will be combined for awards purposes.
The Race Organizing Committee, the Searchmont Ski Runners Inc, the
executive of the Searchmont Ski Runners Inc., Searchmont Ski Association
Inc., the executive of the Northern Ontario Division Alpine, Northern Ontario
Division Alpine, Alpine Ontario Alpin and Alpine Canada Alpin cannot be held
responsible for any accident which may occur during the event.
Chief of Race:
Chief of Timing:
Lee Marcoux
Doug Nori
Jeff Elgie
Chief of Course:
Searchmont Liaison:
Ernie Kreps
Race Secretary:
Event Hotel:
Paul Suda
Corrine Mezzomo
Algoma’s Water Tower Inn
360 Great Northern Road, Sault Ste. Marie, ON
Tel: (800) 461-0800 or (705) 949-8111. Web Site: www.watertowerinn.com
Special rooms, and rates have been arranged. Team Captains are responsible
for making their own arrangements. Ask for the “Mealey Classic” rates.
RACE VENUE MAP Searchmont Resort
Nov 20/14 Slalom PG Start Race Course Characteristics Giant Slalom Slalom Amy Lauren Start: Amy Lauren Start 385 m Start 385 m Start 370 m Finish 230 m Finish 230 m Finish 230 m Vertical Drop 155 m Vertical Drop 155 m Start Vertical Drop 140 m