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Storm Tracker
THE United High School Newspaper
Volume 11, Issue 5
Calendar Notes
There will be no
school on Monday, February 16, in observance
of Presidents’ Day.
School Board
Those looking for a
school board story on
page 2 won’t find one.
That’s because there
was no school board
meeting in January.
The inclement weather that forced the cancellation of the first four
school days of the month
also forced the cancellation of the January 8
meeting of the Board of
The next school board
meeting will be held on
Thursday, February 12, at
the high school.
IHSA’s Hickman to retire
Illinois High School
Association Executive
Director Marty Hickman,
a former Westmer High
School principal, has
announced his plans to
retire next January.
Hickman’s tenure has
included unprecedented
growth in participation
opportunities for students, as the IHSA added
State Series tournaments
in Boys Bowling, Competitive Cheerleading,
Competitive Dance,
Journalism, Boys & Girls
Water Polo and Bass
Fishing. alongwith programs for Athletes with
Disabilities in several
sports in 2012.
Opening week of January lost to cold weather
By Jacob Dunn
United has cancelled
many times due to snow,
but has recently faced
tough decisions involving
subzero temperatures.
“Generally, I will cancel
school if it’s at least 20-below, but it’s very hard to
judge and base off a forecast,” superintendent Jeff
Whitsitt said.
The district, which was
to resume on January 7
after Christmas break, was
forced to cancel school
four days in a row, with
only one of the days being
cancelled due to snow.
Although the district
does have a snow policy,
it does not have a policy
on canceling due to cold
“It’s hard to judge the
night before whether or not
we should cancel because
of temperatures, especially
without a policy. If it’s
18-below out, we might
have school, only to have it
get colder later in the day,
causing fuel in the buses
to gel. In the long run, it’s
a very difficult decision to
make,” Whitsitt said.
Another judgement call
to be made is the delay
of school by one or two
hours, which also has no
set policy.
With unsafe road conditions, transportation difficulties, and worrying about
the safety of the students,
cold weather will continue
to play a factor in the cancellation of school and may
end up resulting in a new
policy for the district.
And, the weekend forecast call for up to 8” of
snow on Sunday.
Falling gas prices welcomed by all
By Arleen Michael
In the last few months,
the decrease in gas prices
has affected everyone.
The price for a gallon of
gas in Monmouth, for example, is $1.85, the lowest
in the area.
Students are definitely
happy about the price of
“It saves me more money so I can buy clothes,”
senior Kyle Dew said.
”It saves me money to
spend other things than
gas. I will also have more
money leftover,” fellow senior Abby Feltmeyer said.
Senior Shane Sharer,
also an employee of Pepperoni’s Pizza, says gas
prices don’t impact his job
when he delivers pizzas.
“I get paid $15 for gas
each time I work,” Sharer
He also stated he
receives $15 when the gas
prices were almost at the $4
Physical education
teacher Jim Noonan is also
happy about gas prices,
saying, “It’s like a pay
Last spring, Superintendent Jeff Whitsitt accepted
a fuel bid at $3.20 per gallon.
Luckily for him, the
price can’t go any higher
than that, but it can go
“We get the best of both
worlds,” Whitsitt said.
The decrease in gas
prices helped United High
For high school students who have never seen prices
this low, there are many benefits to plunging gas rates.
School save around $200.
Last year, two companies submitted bids for fuel
and Whitsitt said while he
would like more companies
to bid, he doesn’t think
many companies would
like to deliver to us.
The school board is
expected to put the contract
for next year on the bidding
block in a little more than a
While gas prices don’t
affect buses which run on
diesel fuel, Whitsitt sees
the district seeking out
more fuel efficient buses in
the future.
The State of Illinois owes the United School District...
Illinois State Board of Education (01/29/2015)
page 2
1905 100th Street
Monmouth, IL 61462
(309) 734-9411
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Cass Singleton, Editor
Carena Choate, Taydem
Devlin, Jacob Dunn, Arleen
Michael, Bridgit Perkins,
Becca Rutledge,
Maggie Simkins,
Chelsea Stombaugh,
Antonyio Villarreal
“Some material courtesy
of American Society of
Newspaper Editors/MCT
Campus High School
Newspaper Service.”
The webpage contains
links to each district building and office, as well as
access to the online grading
system and calendar.
contact numbers
FCA breakfast features West Central speaker
By Chelsea Stombaugh
A Fellowship of Christian Athletes member at
United High School is currently performing mission
work in Cambodia.
For two weeks, Christy
Johnson is helping women
and young girls who were
sex trafficked.
Johnson attends the First
Christian Church in Monmouth.
The FCA also held its
monthly breakfast on Friday, January 23.
The breakfast was
provided by Jackie Burnett,
Shanda Brownlee, Connie
Frakes and Donna Stratiff.
60th Annual Pancake Day
Gerlaw Christian Church
February 4
10:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m.
$4.00 kids
Carry outs
All you
care to eat
2 lb. packages of Whole Hog Sausage--$6.00
For tickets or to order fresh sausage, contact:
Sam & Vicki Parrish 309-343-3874
Marvin Carson 309-482-3278
Bob & Diana Stinemates 309-337-5778
By Antonyio Villarreal
United’s pop choir has
been singing new songs
for four years now, but
this year has proven to be
the biggest group with 26
“With a group this large
hopefully we can do more
than we have in the previous years,” choir director
Katie Hall said.
Hall changed the original “swing choir” group
and started “pop choir” her
first year here in 2011.
The pop choir group
meets in the mornings
on Monday, Wednesday,
and every other Friday to
practice modern pop songs
at 7am.
This year’s songs include “I’m Not the Only
One” by Sam Smith and
“Thinking Out Loud” by
Ed Sheeran, and a third
song that has yet to be
decided upon.
“It’s definitely worth
waking up an hour earlier
for,” junior Brody Frieden
Not only does the choir
Superintendent’s Office
FAX 734-0223
United High School
FAX 734-6090
Type Storm Tracker
in Search Box
United Elementary North
FAX 482-3341
United Elementary West
FAX 734-8515
year as a FCA leader.
He is also the youth
minister at Rozetta Baptist
Church and is a farmer in
the Rozetta area.
“What if the Christian
you currently are, met
the Christian you could
be?”Allaman asked.
Also during Allaman’s
speech four important ideas
were discussed:
1.) Get to know Jesus;
2.) Be secretly incredible;
3.) Rethink your approach;
4.) Live up to your maximum.
United pop choir prepares for spring performance
Follow the
Storm Tracker
on Facebook
United Junior High
FAX 734-6094
Donations were given by
other member’s mothers, as
“When FCA has our
breakfast in the mornings, I
think it’s a nice way for everyone to get together and
have a guest speaker come
in and put his input on how
he looks at life and look on
God.”sophomore Summer
Cole said.
This month’s speaker
was Justin Allaman (pictired above), the FCA
leader at West Central High
School, where he has 15
students and is in his first
have volunteering students
to sing, but also a beatboxer
to produce different vocals
and sounds.
The heavily numbered
choir intends on practicing
to perfection and should be
ready to perform in a concert sometime in the spring.
February college visits
The following colleges will be making recruiting stops
at United High School:
February 10 U.S. Army
February 11 Carl Sandburg College
February 23 Truman State University
See Mrs. Shaver if interested.
210 N. Main Monmouth
page 3
United graduate back to help local athletes
By Cass Singleton
In 2009 when Stasha
(Giese) Padgett (pictured
right) graduated from United High School, she saw
herself becoming a journalist and moved to Iowa to
pursue her career but now
she is back in town helping
run a new sports equipment store called Replay
Sports, located at the 1st
Street Armory with a goal
to help students who don’t
want to or can’t afford to
pay for new sports gear to
be able to overcome those
“We hate to have parents not allow their kids to
play sports because they
choose to put food on the
table. This is also a way to
teach hard work ethic and
hard work is important for
sports,” Padgett said.
The store is hoping to be
open in February and will
be set up so that students
can come inside and pick
out any equipment they
need and instead of paying for the equipment the
students will have the opportunity to volunteer their
time until the value is paid
FFA prepares for big month
A stack of used sporting equipment awaits sorting at
the new Replay Sports store in Monmouth. The store
is operated by former 2008-2009 Storm Tracker editor
Stasha (Giese) Padgett.
FFA is one of United High School’s largest organizations. A full month of activites
in scheduled in February, including national FFA Week during the final week of
the month. For a listing of activities, see the school calendar in page 7.
“If we don’t have what
a student needs, please
don’t get discouraged. Just
let us know and we can see
what we can do to get those
things for you,” Padgett
The store is looking for
people who would like to
donate their gently used
sporting equipment and
those who are interested
can drop the items off at the
1st Street Armory any time
Monday through Thursday
from 9:00-3:00 pm or you
can call ahead at 712-2670386 to speak to Padgett
and arrange a time.
There are drop off locations at the United West
campus and at the high
Public Library
3317 Agency St
Burlington, IA
(319) 754-7975
102 N. Broadway
(309) 482-6109
2:00-5:00 p.m.
9:00 a.m.-Noon
(closed Tue & Sun)
Large Print Books, Interlibrary
Loan, Children’s Stories, Programs,
Copy Machine, Magazines,
Monmouth Review Atlas,
Computer Use
Items that are needed
are baseballs, shoes, practice clothing, protective
gear, pads for any sports
and cleats.
“It has been fun to get
back to the community I
grew up in and address
community members to
participate in a cause that
makes people who go without not have to.
“I have really appreciated the support of the United
School District, Jeremy
Sharp for all of his help and
for the school secretaries
for being so welcoming and
for them doing their part,”
Padgett said.
The 1st Street Armory
is located at 215 South 1st
Street in Monmouth.
page 4
Speech team takes five firsts at LTC; Valley up next
By Maggie Simkins
On January 24, the
United high school speech
team went to Alwood for
the Lincoln Trail Conference tournament.
Brody Frieden and Alex
Davis are the co-captains
of the team.
“We do what most people fear more than death for
fun,” Davis, a senior, said.
Bella Ewalt, Dante
Hemphill, Frieden and Davis all double entered (two
event participants) in this
Hemphill performed a
humorous duet with Noah
Harshbarger (pictured
right) but those two did not
make it through the pre-
liminaries onto finals.
Frieden, Ewalt and
Davis were three of the
participants who had made
the break.
Frieden entered the
competition with a oratorical declamation speaking
piece, which he had to
memorize eight minutes of
to perform. He captured
first place.
Also placing first was
Ewalt.. She entered in SOS,
which means special occasion speaking, as well as
verse reading.
Davis placed first in
radio speaking. It was his
first time competing in the
“When I broke for finals
a gave me a new confidence because I thought I
wasn’t going to break and
having Mrs. (Madeline)
Wood (United’s speech
coach) there saying, ‘You
did it. You broke for finals’
was just unbelievable,”
Davis said.
Also placing first at
conference was sophomore
Maddie Gavin.
Cass Singleton and
Sheila Bowling took second and Riley Davin placed
The United speech team
will compete at Spoon
River Valley tomorrow,
with regionals set for next
Saturday at MonmouthRoseville High School.
Scholastic season at mid-point
By Carena Choate
With 14 total members,
this year’s scholastic team
is a strong, united front.
The varsity team consists of Caitlen Bishop,
Marshall McDorman and
Cole Froelich (pictured
right) along with Jeremy
Olson, Brody Frieden,
Alayna Costner and Bailee
The junior varsity team
is made up of Rachel Straitiff, Maddy Gavin, Victoria
Taylor, Adam Burnett, Andrew Burnett, Sara Purlee
and Vada Gregory.
On January 15, the varsity team won both of their
matches, 330-10 against
ROWVA and 280-230 over
Sophomores Dante Hemphill (left) and Noah Harshbarger (right) practice their humorous duet ahead of
the LTC tournament last Saturday.
Old gym utilized for
academic purposes
On January 22, the
varsity won over Galva,
290 to 200, but dropped the
second match to Annawan,
while. the junior varsity
scholastic lost to both Annawan and Galva in two
very competitive matches.
“Now that we know what
we are going up against,
we will hopefully do better
in the next tri-meet,” Sara
Purlee said.
“Both of the junior varsity matches were competitive, so I’m not overly worried” said scholastic bowl
coach Mr. Joel Zink.
Tori Powell (left) and Aaron Cortez test out speed and
velocity using a wooden car, textbooks and a ramp as
part of Miss Danielle Sprout’s physical science class.
2076 U.S. Hwy 67
Monmouth, IL
page 5
Stories, clues and hints to help you prepare for life after high school
Stumbling blocks ahead as Obama pitches tuition proposal
By Christi Parsons and
Kathleen Hennessey
Tribune Washington Bureau (TNS)
President Barack Obama
continues to sell his proposal for making community
college as widely available
as high school.
In unveiling the proposal, Obama promised to
“bring down to zero” the
cost of tuition at community colleges and technical
schools around the country.
“Two years of college
will become as free and
universal as high school is
today,” Obama pledged.
The community college
plan has a template in Chicago that basically cover
the cost of tuition for any
eligible student who wants
to attend a two-year college
or technical school.
However, republican
lawmakers offered no hope
that they would back the
“Oh, no, no, no,” Sen.
Bob Corker, R-Tenn., said
when asked whether he
would support the creation
of a new federal program
like the one Obama wants.
“You’re always better
off letting states mimic
each other,” he said.
Aides to Obama say he
will propose a way to pay
for the program when he
unveils it in his budget later
this year.
Republican lawmakers say publicly they want
to see a better trained and
educated American workforce, but with control over
both chambers of Congress,
are unlikely to give the
president a policy victory
as he begins his final two
years in office.
©2015 Tribune Co.
Distributed by Tribune
Content Agency, LLC
CSC to offer FAFSA workshop
Sandburg College Financial
Aid Office and the Illinois
Student Assistance Commission will host a completion workshop for the
2015-2016 Free Application for Federal Student Aid
(FAFSA) from 1-3 p.m.
February 8 in the Student
Center on Sandburg’s Main
Campus in Galesburg, 2400
Tom L. Wilson Blvd.
This free workshop
is available for anyone
who plans to enroll at any
college or university for
the 2015-2016 academic
year. Staff will be on
hand to answer questions
about financial aid and give
personalized, confidential
assistance. Representatives
from the Carl Sandburg
College Foundation also
will be on hand to assist
with scholarship applications.
Participants should
bring the following:
• 2014 tax information
(W2 forms for student and
parents, 1040, 1040A or
1040EZ form if completed). If not available, bring
the 2013 forms.
• Records of untaxed
income, social security
benefits and child support
received or paid.
• Personal Identifica-
tion Number (PIN) for
the FAFSA. If you do not
have a PIN, you can apply
at The
student and (if a dependent)
one parent will need a PIN.
For additional assistance with the FAFSA, the
Sandburg Financial Aid
Office has extended hours
from 8 a.m.-6 p.m. Mondays through February 7 in
Room E101, and staff will
be available to assist with
completing the form.
Students are encouraged to file their FAFSA
by February 15 to be
considered for the Illinois
Monetary Award Program
(MAP grant), and eligible
students could receive an
additional $1,900 in state
aid. Students can apply for
financial aid after this date,
but typically only federal
financial aid is available
after that time.
For questions or more
information, contact the
Carl Sandburg College
Financial Aid Office at
The importance of filing FAFSA early
By Becca Rutledge
Many high school
students have a very tough
time paying for college.
That’s why many of them
apply for financial aid,
grants, scholarships from
the college they choose and
local scholarships Some
also apply for low cost
loans for the parent or the
United High School
held its annual financial
aid meeting on January 21,
after being postponed from
January 6 due to extremely
cold weather.
It is extremely difficult
to pay back the high cost of
education, so all the scholarships and financial aid is
very helpful. The meeting
was set up to all the information one would need for
this process.
“I would encourage
students to apply for the
scholarships that require
an essay. Many times the
scholarships that require an
essay have few applicants,
thus it is easier to receive
an award from this type of
scholarship,” Kay Shaver,
United High Schools coun-
selor said..
The first step in applying for the financial aid is
filling out the Free Application for Federal Student
Aid (FAFSA). Filing early
in important as funding is
limited, especially at the
state level. You can find
more information and fill it
out at
The second step is filling out the application for
scholarships through the
school you plan to attend.
The final step is completing scholarship applications
for local money. Those
applications are available
through Mrs. Shaver
“The meeting was really
helpful. They said step
by step how to apply for
financial aid. It’s made this
process a little easier than
it has been,” senior Chris
Hennefent said.
CSC Scholarship opportunities
for United students listed
on pages 12 & 13 of this issue.
Deadline to apply is February 15!
page 6
Ham & AuGratin
Green Beans
Cranberry Sauce
Pork BBQ Sand.
Cole Slaw
Chicken Noodles
Mashed Potatoes
Mixed Vegetables
Refried Beans
Fruit Snack
Hot Dog
Coney Sauce
Tator Triangle
Tropical Fruit
Hot Dog
French Fries
Fruit Cocktail
Refried Beans
Chicken Nuggets
Mashed Potatoes
Green Beans
Steamed Carrots
Romaine Salad
Ice Cream
Breakfast Pizza
Sausage Biscuit
Cereal Variety
Cinnamon Roll
Honey Bun
Pancake Wrap
Cereal Variety
Veggies and Dip
Cheese Stick
Pear Half
Italian Chicken
Pasta Salad
Mixed Vegetables
Mand. Oranges
Spanish Rice
Fruit Cocktail
French Fries
Storm Burger
Baked Beans
Tator Tots
Mand. Oranges
Chicken Soup
Red Peppers
Apple Sweetie
Chicken Strips
Mashed Potatoes
Romaine Salad
Truffle Cake
Long John/Bacon
Breakfast Stick
Cereal Variety
French Toast
Biscuit & Gravy
Breakfast Box
President’s Day
Sausage Pizza
Green Beans
Shrimp Shapes
Baked Potato
Ice Cream
Breaded Chicken
French Fries
Fruit Snack
Tomato Soup
Grilled Cheese
Veggies and Dip
Presidents’ Day
Refried Beans
Fruit Cocktail
Pudding Cloud
Chicken Steak
Mashed Potatoes
Mand. Oranges
Meatball Sub
Sun Chips
Green Beans
Romaine Salad
Cinn. Biscuit
Storm Bread
Blueberry Muffin
Cereal Variety
Chicken Nuggets
Mashed Potatoes
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Cherry Cake
Chicken Fajita
Pudding Cup
Chips and Salsa
Mand. Oranges
Fun Fish
AuGratin Potato
Cherry Freeze
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Taco in a Bag
Steamed Carrots
Popcorn Chicken
Mashed Potatoes
BBQ Rib Sand.
Au Gratin Potato
Green Beans
Grilled Chicken
Romaine Salad
Bosco Stick
Bagel w/Cheese
Long John/Bacon
Cereal Variety
Cereal Bar
Breakfast Pizza
Cereal Variety
UJHS lists honor roll for second quarter
United Junior High
School is pleased to announce the following students have attained honor
roll status for the second
quarter of the 2014-2015
school year:
6th Grade
High Honors (GPA 3.75
or higher)
Hunter Austin, Tyler Barrington, Jackson Bergren,
Danielle Bowling, Drew
Brown, Emma Colbrese,
Makaila Hootman, Riley
Horner, Derek Johnston,
Haley Marshall, Rebecca
Merry, Morgaine Olson,
Jennifer Shimmin, Kaylan
Sperry & Aubrey Thompson
Honors (GPA 3.0 – 3.74)
Alyssa Beltran, Mallorie
Brunswig, Mallory Cooper,
Zucka Cruz, Jordan Lantz,
Paige McKeown, Grace
Mono, Sullivan Ross,
Spencer Schneider, Laney
Tabb, Trace Titus, Tommy
Trout-Young & Riley Tyrell
7th Grade
High Honors (GPA 3.75
or higher)
Taylor Carlson, Carson
Clayton, Austin Davis, DJ
Dutton, Natalie Gillette,
Anne Gregory, Keirstyn
Johnson, Natalie King,
Madisyn Lee, Shalyn Lucas, Quinton McVey, Olivia
Mitchell, Maggie Peel,
Cassiday Tierney & Cade
Honors (GPA 3.0 -3.74)
Nicole Baker, Nick Brown,
Cameron Brownlee, Dylan
Cheline, Kalee Cornell,
Jalyn Curtis, Justin Dell,
William Douglas, Jasmin
Eberhardt, Emily Grodjesk,
Courtney Hinton, Owen
Jenks, Jerzi Johnson, Isabella Kilgore, Avery Lefler,
Sam Mono, Will Ornduff,
Damian Tharp, Ellie VanFleet, Ariana Villarreal, Avery Winking, Evan Wynne
& Emily Younge
Honors (GPA 3.0 – 3.74)
8th Grade
High Honors (GPA 3.75
or higher)
Nathan Clark, Carter Ehlen,
Sydney Elswick, Emily
Flynn, Abbigail Greenlief, Carson Huff, Adam
Johnson, Joey Jones, Trent
Jones, Eryka Keeney,
H’Layna Kushmer, Jordan
Kushmer, Jonah Lester,
Lora Livingston, Alex
Martin, Brock Powers, Ivy
Roden, Blake Ryner, Cheyenne Trout, Amber Wall &
Mercedes Wells
Savannah Ballard, Alena
Buckley, Erin Bushong,
Makayla Crain, Erin
Glisan, Kelsey Hart, Tyler
Hendrickson, Kyle Holmberg, Ayla Johnston, Yovani
Larios-Saavedra, Melissa
Poole, Makenzie Rutledge,
Breanna Shea, Bailey
Shimmin, Ben Watson &
Avery Yung
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The Steinbeck Family
Email or visit our website:
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Phone: 309-482-3579
Visit us on FACEBOOK!
Alpaca socks, gloves, fleece, and yarn for sale
1134 N. Main Monmouth
February High School Lunch Menu & District Calendar
Hot Dog
French Fries
Fruit Cocktail
Refried Beans
Chicken Nuggets
Mashed Potatoes/Gravy
Green Beans
Steamed Carrots
Romaine Salad
Ice Cream
Storm Burger
Baked Beans
Tator Tots
Mandarin Oranges
Chicken Soup/Chili
Peanut Butter Sandwich
String Cheese
Applesauce Sweetie
Chicken Strips
Mashed Potatoes/Gravy
Romaine Salad
Jello Cake
Presidents’ Day
Refried Beans
Fruit Cocktail
Pudding in a Cloud
Chicken Fried Steak
Mashed Potatoes/Gravy
Mandarin Oranges
Meatball Sub
Sun Chips
Green Beans
Romaine Salad
Apple Crisp
Ice Cream
Baked Beans
Taco in a Bag
Steamed Carrots
Popcorn Chicken
Mashed Potatoes/Gravy
Broccoli & Cheese
BBQ Rib Sandwich
Au Gratin Potatoes
Green Beans
Grilled Chicken
Romaine Salad
Bosco Stick
Member FDIC
Alpha 629-4361
New Windsor 667-2735
page 7
Equal Housing Lender
Aledo 582-3150
Viola 596-2189 •
Alexis 482-5511
Woodhull 334-2802
Visit our website at www.fsbwil.comd
JHGBB @ Mon.Roseville
GBB @ Wethersfield
BBB vs. ROWVA, here
in LTC Tournament
UWE PTO Meeting
F/JV BBB @ Knoxville
GBB @ Princeville
BBB @ LTC Tourney TBA
HS Scholastic Bowl @
West Central
BBB @ LTC Tourney in \
FFA Job Interview @ WIU
BBB @ LTC Tourney in
FS GBB @ Stark County
Speech Regional @ M-R
GBB @ Regional TBA
BBB @ Mercer County
United North PTO Mtg
FFA Chapter SAE Inter
views @ UHS Ag Room
Music Booster meeting @
High School
WYSE @ Galesburg
FFA State Degree CheckIn @ Knoxville
HS Scholastic Bowl @
11:30 Dismissal
BBB @ Stark County
FS GBB @ Stark County
FFA Section 4 SAE/De
gree Interviews @
Mercer County
JHGBB vs Orion
No School
President’s Day
FFA Section 4 Ag Olym
pics @ West Central
BBB vs Wethersfield
Progress Reports
FFA Section 4 Public/
Creed Speaking @
JHGBB @ Cambridge
HS Scholastic Bowl @
Mercer County
BBB vs Princeville
Masonic Academic Bowl
@ Bushnell
FFA Week
BBB @ Regional TBA
FFA Week
FFA Week
JHGBB @ Wethersfield
FFA Week
HS Scholastic Bowl @
Stark County
FFA Week
FS BBB @ Elmwood
FS BBB @ Elmwood
JHGBB @ Alwood
ACT test date
HS Winter Sports Awards
UWE PTO Meeting
FFA Section 4 Ag Bus Mgt
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JHGBB vs Galva
FFA BHE Livestock CDE
@ BlackHawk East
page 8
High school semester and quarter honors rolls named
United High School is
pleased to announce the
following students have
attained honor roll status
for the first semester of the
2014-2015 school year:
Elijah Olin, Nicholas Penn,
Randi Shimmin, Cassandra
Singleton, Lauren Sperry,
Brett Welch.
topher Hennenfent, Mason
Love, Austin Marshall,
Riley Painter, Austin Rutledge, Antonyio Villarreal.
Sophomores: Ian Allaman, Samuel Brownlee,
Brittany Chapman, Ellie
GPA and higher
Cheline, Trystan Dell, Tristin Eckert, Mallory Flynn,
Seniors: Andrew Allaman, Loren Fox, Nicolette FredMadison Ballard, Caitlen
rickson, Madeline Gavin,
Bishop, Ethan Bitar,
Presslie Gillen, Bailey
Dalton Brentise, Ashleigh
Johnston, William Kane,
Brown, Christian Christy,
Emma Marshall, Marshall
Nathaniel Coates, Alayna
McDorman, Bailee Olson,
Costner-Withee, Alexander Sydney Orth, Sarah Purlee,
Davis, Kennedy Dunker,
Kaily Scott, Alyssa Shea,
Jacob Dunn, Jordan EdJoelle Shea, Kodiak Shimwin, Baylee Evans, Abby
min, Chloe Stewart, Kayla
Feltmeyer, Emily Forget,
Stull, Victoria Taylor, RaAbbey French, Dalton Frie- chel Watson, Claire Wynne,
den, Cole Froelich, Christy Kal Youngquist.
Johnson, Jason Kilgore,
Tanya Klein, Shelbie Lair,
Freshmen: Kenneth BerBrianna Link, Kelsie Lugren, Olivia Bishop, Haycas, Kaylee McLaughlin,
ley Corbin, Riley Davin,
Job Runge, Emma
Allison Feltmeyer, Zachary
Schnerre, Jared Smith, Jack Frieden, Claire Gregory,
Whitsitt, Andrea Wooters,
Vada Gregory, Jessica Hall,
Gary Wynne.
Janelle King, Samantha
Leichty, Noah Northrup,
Juniors: Lance AnderClaire Oetting, Emma
son, John Campbell,
Poole, Nicole Poole, Darrin
Wyatt Chandler, Caitlyn
Ross, Sara Simonson, AlexCostner-Withee, Alexanander Tharp.
der Esp, Isabella Ewalt,
Brody Frieden, Kaitlin
HONORS: 3.34–3.66 GPA
Grace, Kaylyn Hall, Natalie Johnson, Kathryn Lee,
Seniors: Johnathan Cook,
Addison McKee, Cole
James Damewood, Thomas
McKee, Greyson McKee,
Davis, Blake Dehle, Chris-
Juniors: Michael Brown,
McKenzie Campbell, Jay
Cassiday, Dalton Chenault,
Carena Choate, Shelby
Davin, Kyle Flicek, Baylee Gillette, Lauren Hale,
Tiffany Hart, Meghan
Medhurst, Billy Monroe,
Jeremy Oleson, Katie Peel,
Madison Perry, Ashley
Raes, Margaret Simkins,
Madeleine Wells.
Sophomores: Sheila
Bowling, Adam Burnett,
Andrew Burnett, Hunter
Butler, John Dunn, Liza
Garcia, Cylie Gorden,
Noah Harshbarger, Jacelyn
Marshall, Aubrey McMillen, Michael Moore, Kaitlyn Pleshko, Olivia Roden,
Brooke Ryner, Kealy Simkins, Jesse Struble, Cynthia
Freshmen: Alison Barrington, Caitlin Bennett,
Cheyenne Brownlee,
Ashton Chandler, Sarah
Colbrese, Jordian Cook,
Carolina Cruz-Ramirez,
Tanner Gorden, Laura Hart,
Madalyn McKee, Nady
Nguembou, Regan Raymond, Alyssa Schneider,
Matthew Simonson, Allie
Smith, Mary Smith, Jenna
Tippett, Elias Van Norman,
Alyssa Vicker, Toby Whitsitt.
United High School is
pleased to announce the
following students have attained honor roll status for
the second quarter of the
2014-2015 school year:
Steven Armstrong, Mgr.
Box 185 Cameron, IL 309-563-9612
GPA and higher
Seniors: Andrew Allaman,
Madison Ballard, Caitlen
Bishop, Ethan Bitar,
Ashleigh Brown, Christian
Christy, Alayna CostnerWithee, Alexander Davis,
Kennedy Dunker, Jacob
Dunn, Jordan Edwin, Baylee Evans, Abby Feltmeyer,
Emily Forget, Abbey
French, Dalton Frieden,
Cole Froelich, Emily Hull,
Christy Johnson, Tanya
Klein, Brianna Link, Kelsie
Lucas, Job Runge, Emma
Schnerre, Jack Whitsitt,
Andrea Wooters, Gary
Juniors: Lance Anderson, John Campbell, Wyatt
Chandler, Dalton Chenault,
Caitlyn Costner-Withee,
Alexander Esp, Isabella
Ewalt, Kyle Flicek, Brody
Frieden, Kaitlin Grace, Tiffany Hart, Natalie Johnson,
Kathryn Lee, Adriana Martin, Addison McKee, Cole
McKee, Greyson McKee,
Elijah Olin, Nicholas Penn,
Randi Shimmin, Cassandra
Singleton, Lauren Sperry,
Madeleine Wells.
Sophomores: Ian Allaman, Samuel Brownlee,
Brittany Chapman, Ellie
Cheline, Trystan Dell, Tristin Eckert, Mallory Flynn,
Loren Fox, Nicolette Fredrickson, Madeline Gavin,
Presslie Gillen, Bailey
Johnston, William Kane,
Emma Marshall, Marshall
McDorman, Bailee Olson,
Sydney Orth, Sarah Purlee,
Olivia Roden, Brooke
Ryner, Kaily Scott, Alyssa
Shea, Joelle Shea, Kodiak
Shimmin, Kealy Simkins,
Chloe Stewart, Kayla Stull,
Victoria Taylor, Rachel
Watson, Claire Wynne, Kal
Freshmen: Olivia Bishop,
Cheyenne Brownlee, Sarah
Colbrese, Jordian Cook,
Hayley Corbin, Carolina Cruz-Ramirez, Riley
Davin, Allison Feltmeyer,
Zachary Frieden, Claire
Gregory, Vada Gregory,
Jessica Hall, Janelle
King, Samantha Leichty,
Madalyn McKee, Noah
Northrup, Emma Poole,
Nicole Poole, Darrin Ross,
Sara Simonson, Alexander
Tharp, Elias Van Norman.
HONORS: 3.34–3.66 GPA
Seniors: Johnathan Cook,
Thomas Davis, Jason
Kilgore, Shelbie Lair, Mason Love, MyKelti Mann,
Austin Marshall, Kaylee
McLaughlin, Shaina Noles,
Riley Painter, Jared Smith.
Juniors: Michael Brown,
Carena Choate, Shelby
Davin, Baylee Gillette,
Lauren Hale, Kaylyn Hall,
Katie Peel, Madison Perry,
Ashley Raes, Brett Welch.
Sophomores: Shelia
Bowling, Adam Burnett,
Andrew Burnett, Hunter
Butler, Austin Davis, John
Dunn, Cylie Gorden, Noah
Harshbarger, Hannah
Hitchcock, Jacelyn Marshall, Aubrey McMillen,
Jesse Struble.
Freshmen: Alison Barrington, Caitlin Bennett,
Kenneth Bergren, Ashton
Chandler, Tanner Gorden,
Laura Hart, Dakota Mettler,
Nady Nguembou, Claire
Oetting, Regan Raymond,
Alyssa Schneider, Matthew
Simonson, Allie Smith,
Mary Smith, Jenna Tippett,
Alyssa Vicker, Toby Whitsitt.
200 East Broadway Monmouth, IL 61462
309-734-7234 [email protected]
235 East Penn Avenue
Roseville, IL 61473
Office Hours by Appointment
(309) 426-2991
Mon-Fri: 4:30-9:00 Sat: 11:00-1:00, 4:30-9:00
Sun: 11:00-1:00, 4:30-8:00
Pasta Family Feast
Pizza Family Feast
Fieldhouse Sandwich Special
page 9
“Pink Out!” night set for this evening
By Antonyio Villarreal
Tonight United’s boys
basketball team will take
on the West Central Heat in
the “Pink Out Shooting for
the Cure” game.
“I’m expecting a great
turnout from both teams
tonight and it’s always fun
to play in front of a full
house,” said head coach
Jim Noonan.
This season is one of
the best seasons the boys’
basketball team has had
in awhile with a winning
record of 12-9.
With the rivalry between
United and West Central,
the game should provide
for great entertainment on
and off the court.
This year’s team only
has four seniors: Dalton
Frieden, Job Runge, Jack
Whitsitt and Gary Wynne.
“It has been a really fun
season this year. We have
been very competitive and
are working hard this year,”
said senior Jack Whitsitt.
Shirts and sweatshirts
were sold throughout the
district to commemorate
the “Pink Out” theme, and
will be seen tonight in the
Action gets underway
with the frosh/soph game
at 6:00 with the varsity
scheduled to play at approximately 7:30.
The Red Storm open the
conference tournmanet at
6:00 on Tuesday when they
host ROWVA, a team that
handed United a disappointing 43-28 loss this
past Tuesday, in a game
which saw UHS take a
halftime lead then go cold
shooting in the second half.
If the fourth seeded
Red Storm wins on Tuesday, they’ll face top seed
Ridgewood on Thursday.
If the lose, their fall into
the lower bracket and play
either Wethersfield of West
Central on Thursday.
Senior Gary Wynne has been a solid scorer all season,
but spectacular in the last week. Here, he drives for
a pair in last Friday’s game against Galva, a 48-34
Red Storm victory. United has four more conference
games during the regular season after next week’s conference tournament.
Allaman named an all-star
Sophomore Kal Youngquist drives the lane early in the
game against Galva. The Red Storm are scheduled
to play Tuesday against ROWVA in the Lincoln Trail
Conference tournament.
Senior offensive tackle
Drew Allaman has been
selected to play in the 2015
Illinois Shriners Senior All
Star Football Game.
Over the past 40 years
the goal has been to have
88 all-star football players
play in this annual event
to represent the Illinois
Coaches Association and
to help support the mission Shriners Hospitals for
Sports boosters hear cheerleaders’ request
By Maggie Simkins
The United High School
Sports Boosters meeting
was held on January 24.
New bags for the high
school cheerleaders was the
only big topic discussed.
Sixteen bags were
requested, each costing $19.95 for a total or
“The bags are really
not in good shape at all.
The zippers are falling
apart, not zipping, and
are becoming unattached
from the bag itself. If
they are ordered now or
soon,the girls will have
them for the 2015 football
season,” Amanda Grace,
Sports Boosters member
and high school cheer
coach, said.
The meetings are open
to anyone in the United
304 district and anyone
who would like to join.
The next meeting will
be held on February 24, at
Thanks to the following advertisers who’ve supported
us for the past ten years... Here’s to another decade:
Bob John Angus
Breadeaux Pizza
Cameron Grain
Cole’s Photography
County Market
David Reid Clark
Farmers State Bank
Flatt’s Electric/Pump
Haase Embroidery
Midwest Bank
Olson Bros. Tiling
Penn’s Furniture
Pierce Trucking
The 41st Annual Illinois
High School Shrine Game
is scheduled for June 20,
2015 at Tucci Stadium on
the campus of Illinois Wesleyan University.
Allaman is yet undecided on which college to attend, but says he is considered Augustana University
in Rock Island, Wartburg
College in Iowa and the
University of WisconsinPlatteville.
page 10
Girls’ basketball celebrates senior night
By Bridget Perkins
This year’s senior night
was held on January 28
against the Stark County
It was a close game at
halftime, United with 16
points and Stark County
with 17, but the Red Storm
went on to lose the game,
This year there were
four seniors: Ashleigh
Brown, Abbey French,
Kelsie Lucas and MyKelti
“This group of seniors
is a special group to me for
sure. We have been together for seven seasons, since
they were in 6th grade. We
started junior high basketball with 13 kids and these
are the four kids that were
dedicated and loyal enough
to stick it out through their
senior season,” said head
coach Fred Lucas.
“I am certainly thankful
for that of them. It hasn’t
been an easy journey, to
say the least, but I’m glad
they stuck with it and hope
the overall experience has
been a positive one and will
serve them in some way in
their future endeavors.”
“Growing up with my
seniors and Coach Lucas
has created memories I will
never forget,” Brown said.
Brown will be attending
Truman State University,
majoring in speech pathology.
“There was a lot of
laughter directed at me,
but it was fun nonetheless. I had a great senior
basketball season and I
loved spending it with the
people I did,” said French,
who will be attending Carl
Sandburg College, majoring in radiology.
“It’s been a blast. I
love my other seniors and
teammates,” said Kelsie
Lucas, who will attend. St.
Ambrose University double
majoring in radio/television
and theater.
“It’s been the most
amazing time to play with
my fellow seniors. We’ve
all grown up together and
being able to go out and
have such great chemistry.
Not a lot of teams have
seniors who work so well
together,” said Mann, who
will attend Kirkwood Community College majoring in
“Having a good season
and record is fun and all
but it really is just great to
have formed such a great
Cheerleaders prep for the future
By Taydem Devlin
On January 17, the
United High School cheerleaders hosted their annual youth cheer camp.
The camp is for everyone
kindergarten through fifth
A total of 45 girls from
both the north and south
campuses showed up to
learn three different cheers
and a dance.
The girls performed
what they learned at halftime of the varsity boys’
basketball game January
“I think all the girls had
a great time,” cheerleading
coach Amanda Grace said.
“They learned a
lot, but I think their
favorite part was
stunting with the
older girls at the end
CA$H PAID for wood bats, old gloves,
programs, scorecards, books, statues,
pennants, cards, etc. for personal collection
87 Public Square Monmouth, IL
Phone 309-734-7483
FAX 309-734-7972
of camp.”
Cheer camp is a great
experience for the little
girls. It shows them the basics of what they will have
to know when they get into
junior high.
“I always loved cheer
camp when I was younger.
Cheer camp is what made
me fall in love with it,”
varsity cheerleader Maggie Simkins said. “It was
always so much fun. I used
to think it was the coolest
thing ever.”
page 11
Proposal to change football playoff structure shot down
By Bridget Perkins
The Illinois High School
Association announced
three proposed amendments
on the annual referendum
would be passed by the
majority vote.
One of the proposals,
Proposal 10, would’ve
eliminated football conferences in favor of a regional
district system that groups
schools by size and loca-
That proposal, the most
controversial on the ballot,
was handily defeated.
The proposal would call
for teams to play regular
season games against others in their own division
and have very little control
over scheduling.
“I supported the proposal for the reason that
it puts all teams on an
FCA breakfast
draws large crowd
even playing field for post
season qualification based
on regular season competition versus teams of similar
enrollments,” United head
football coach Fred Lucas
“We currently play in a
mixed 1A/2A conference
and many of our toughest games are against the
schools at the bigger end.
We rightfully would have
played in a 2A district for
the first few years if the
proposal had passed, but
then as our enrollment
dropped we would have
been back to a 1A district.
“I think it’s a way to
level the playing field for
schools in terms of enrollment which I believe is
fair,” Lucas said.
Schools who liked the
idea of Proposal 10 said
A 24-member task force,
composed of athletic trainers, high school coaches
and key national leaders
have developed nine fundamentals for minimizing
head impact exposure and
concussion risk in football.
The National Federation
of High School’s (of which
the Illinois High School
Association is a member)
Board of Directors informed state associations
of the findings earlier this
The overriding theme
of the recommendations
is reducing the amount of
full contact, including the
amount of full contact in
practices during the season.
The task force recommends full contact in no
more than two to three
practices per week and not
on consecutive days if possible. The group also suggested limiting full contract
to no more than 30 minutes
per day and no more than
60 to 90 minutes per week.
During the pre-season,
the task force noted that
practices may require
more full contact time than
practices during the regular
season; however, during
two-a-day pre-season practices, it was recommended
it would force schools to
qualify for the state playoffs by beating schools of
similar sizes.
Senior Jacob Dunn
said, “I think the Proposal
10 idea would have been
useful to all schools in
this area, especially ours,
because of how small of a
school we are.”
Schools that opposed
Proposal 10 said it would
eliminate rivalry games and
keep schools from scheduling their own games.
Member schools shot
down Proposal 10 395-212,
which is by far the biggest
margin of defeat of any
Concussion task force suggests reducation in contact
United students listen intently while speaker of addresses the group at the monthly Fellowship of Christian Athletes breakfast on January . One FCA member, senior Christy Johnson, is completing a mission
trip to Cambodia and is set to return home next week.
See story on page 2.
203 South Main Street Monmouth
Back Flips &
Tumbling Lessons
Openings for Rec. Classes
Training State, National
& Junior Olympic Champions
For More Information Call Ken or Marty 221-6876; 221-6875 or 734-6875
only one session should
include full contact.
Since injury surveillance
data has consistently indicated competition presents
the highest risk for concussions, it was recommended
that state associations
review policies regarding
total quarters or games
played during a one-week
The task force also
suggested an Emergency
Action Plan shold be developed and in place at every
high school and, when possible, an athletic trainer be
present at all practices and
2800 Tenth Avenue Alexis
Ben Olson
Cell 337-7559
John Olson
Cell 337-3483
Waterway Reconstruction•Field Tiling•Bulldozer Work
p.o. box 137 roseville
Call today to schedule a sitting for the Children’s Contest!
Categories: Birth-12 years, Buddies, Mom/Dad and Me
Mention this ad for a sitting with online proofs for $15.00! 800-98COLES or 627-2546
page 12
Carl Sandburg College announces ’14-15 scholarships
STARS Scholarship
Application process is open
from until February 15
each academic year, allowing students to apply for
scholarships to be awarded
the following academic
year. All completed scholarship applications must
be submitted by February
15. Visit to complete
scholarship applications.
The following scholarships may be available to
United High School graduates:
The College Preparation
Center Scholarship will
be awarded to a full-time
or part-time student (preferably from the northern
portion of Sandburg Illinois Community College District 518) who is
enrolled in an Academic
Skills Center class, with a
minimum 2.0 GPA. Financial need is not a factor.
The Dan Adair Memorial
Scholarship will be awarded to a full-time student
who is majoring in music,
agriculture or education.
Financial need is not a
factor, but applicants must
have a 2.0 GPA.
The AKVO Energy
America Endowment will
be awarded to a full-time
student with a minimum
2.0 GPA. Financial need
is not a factor. Preference
will be given to veterans
who have been honorably
discharged from military
service or to employees of
any of the Seminary Village facilities in Galesburg.
The American Legion
(Galesburg)/Ralph M.
Noble Post #285 Endowment provides scholarship
funds to a child of a veteran.
The Myrle Bates Scholarship, established in 2008
in honor of the Chapter
AN PEO, will be awarded
annually to a deserving
female student. Applicants
must have a minimum GPA
of 2.0.
The Marie & Lloyd H.
Bodinus Endowment
was established in 2000
to provide scholarships
for nursing students. Applicants may be full-or
part-time students, but must
have maintained a 3.0 GPA.
Financial need will be considered only if the candidates are equally qualified.
The Joe Brechbiel Memorial Scholarship will be
awarded annually to a student from Warren County.
(If no one from Warren
County applies, then the
award will be open to any
Sandburg student.) Applicant must be a full-time
student in the Industrial or
Business programs.
The Centel Endowment,
established in 1982, provides an academic scholarship for a graduating area
high school senior, in the
upper third of his/her class,
wishing to attend Sandburg.
The Carl Sandburg College Faculty Scholarship
is offered to a student who
will be a full-time sophomore with financial need
and a 3.5 GPA or higher.
The Crist Endowment,
established in 2001 by Carl
Sandburg College, honors
the College´s fourth president, Dr. Don Crist, and his
wife, Mary Fran, for their
commitment to education.
The endowment provides
scholarships for education
The CSC Annuitants Association Scholarship is
available to students who
are from within the Sandburg district, minimum 2.0
GPA, no specific area of
study required, and open
to full-time and part-time
The CSC SIFE Scholarship established in 2007,
in memory of James W.
Peelle, is available to CSC
SIFE (Students in Free
Enterprise) members with a
3.0 grade point average.
The Sara Merkel Deal
Scholarship was established by Pete and Judy
Boynton in memory of
Judy’s grandmother. This
scholarship will be awarded
to a Sandburg student with
demonstrated financial
The Dell Incorporated
Endowment will provide
scholarships for Computer
Information Systems students.
The DerbyTech Endowment will be awarded to a
full- or part-time Sandburg
The D.I.G.I.T. Scholarship, established in 2002
by the board of Disabled
Individuals Getting in
Touch (D.I.G.I.T.), will be
awarded to a second-year
nursing student with a 3.0
The Ethel M. Donaldson
Trust provides nursing
scholarships. Applicants
are interviewed by nursing
program instructors and
are required to work for
two years in the profession
upon graduation.
The Elks Lodge of Galesburg/Clem Root Memorial Endowment Scholarship will be awarded to a
student from the northern
portion of the Sandburg
district, preferably a relative of an Elk member.
The Robert Finch Memorial Endowment Scholarship will be awarded to
a student, with financial
need, who is participating in a Sandburg athletic
program and has at least a
3.0 GPA.
The First Bank Endowment provides an academic
scholarship for a graduating
senior, from the Sandburg
district, in the upper 15
percent of his/her class.
The Founders Scholarship is available to indistrict Sandburg students
who have completed 15
credit hours, have demonstrated community service
and leadership abilities, and
maintain a minimum 2.0
GPA. The general Sandburg
application along with a
letter of recommendation
from a teacher, counselor,
or business leader is due by
February 15.
The Merlyn D. Freeze
Memorial Endowment
Scholarship was estab-
lished in 1999 to provide
assistance to students taking classes directly related
to the field of tool and die
maker. Applicants may
be part-time students, but
must have a GPA of 3.0 or
The Friends of Education
Endowment will be awarded to a full-time student
from the Sandburg district.
The Galesburg Business
Network (GBN) Scholarship, established in 1996,
will provide funds to assist
a female student, over
the age of 25, who will
be enrolling in a program
within Sandburg’s Business
The Galesburg Police
Benevolent & Protective Association Unit 19/
Bill Herrin Memorial
Criminal Justice Scholarship, established in 2002,
is available to a full-time
Criminal Justice student
with a minimum 2.5 GPA.
The Galesburg Women’s
Club will award two scholarships to students enrolled
at CSC. One scholarship
will be given to a single
parent, non-traditional student; the other scholarship
will be given to a graduating high school senior.
The Lou & Wilma Gamage Memorial Scholarship will be awarded to a
Practical Nursing student
with demonstrated financial
Donald H. Gibb Educational Scholarship will
be awarded to a full-time
student who is an education major. A 3.0 GPA is
Donald H. Gibb Memorial Scholarship is available to a full-time, 2nd year
Mortuary Science student
with a minimum 3.0 GPA.
Students must demonstrate
community service and
leadership abilities.
The Glass Favorites Corvette Club Scholarship
will be awarded to a fulltime Automotive Technology student who has maintained a 2.5 GPA. Student
must reside in Knox or
Warren County.
The Dr. Paul Good Dental Hygiene Scholarship,
established in 2004, will
be awarded to a full-time,
first year Dental Hygiene
student with financial need.
Applicants must have a
GPA of 3.2 or above and
preference will be given
to Henderson or Mercer
County students. (The
general CSC scholarship
application form is due by
July 15 to the CSC Foundation.)
The Gladys Grossman
Memorial Endowment
will provide a scholarship
to the accounting student
with the highest GPA in
his/her accounting courses.
Applicants must be fulltime students enrolled in
their fourth semester of the
Accounting program.
The Hayden Creek
Ranch Scholarship will
be awarded to a full-time
student with a 2.5 GPA or
higher. Preference will be
given to 2nd year students
with demonstrated financial
need, who plan to transfer
to a 4-year institution.
The Ruth E. Huseman
Endowment was established in 1999. Funds from
the Huseman estate will
provide scholarships for
CSC nursing students.
The Huston-Reeves Scholarship will be awarded to
a full- or part-time CSC
The Jagannathan Charitable Trust Endowment
was established in memory
of Subbia Goundar Jagannathan, Sr. Funds from this
endowment will provide
scholarships for students
enrolled in a diagnostic imaging program. Applicants
must be full-time students
and have a GPA of 3.0 or
The M. Brad Johnson
Memorial Scholarship
recipient must be a resident of Fulton, Henderson,
Knox, or Warren County;
must maintain a 2.5 GPA;
Continued on page 13
page 13
Carl Sandburg College announces ’14-15 scholarships
Continued from page 12
and must be enrolled in an
Associate in Applied Science program.
The Alvin Kalin Scholarship was established from
his estate to provide assistance to a student from
Mercer, Knox, or Henry
County, enrolled in a vocational program. (Preference
is given to an individual
who is a member of the
Lutheran Church.)
The Knox County Voitures / Forty & Eight
Nursing Scholarship,
established by the Knox
County Voitures, will
provide financial assistance
to second-year nursing
The A. Lewis Long Academic Memorial Scholarship Fund was established
in 1990 to provide assistance for tuition and fee
expenses. Interest from this
endowment provides scholarships to the two United
High School graduating
seniors with the highest
GPA who will be attending
Carl Sandburg College.
The Lucille McBride Endowment will be awarded
to a CSC student who is
enrolled full-time. Student
must have a minimum 2.0
The Berniece Edwards
McMillan Memorial
Scholarship, established
in 2003, will be awarded
to a second semester LPN
student. The student must
be at least 30 years-of-age
The Knox-Warren Speand have demonstrated
cial Education District
dedication to his/her educaScholarship, is available
tion. Applicants must have
to a full-time, second-year
student enrolled in the Edu- a GPA of 3.0 or higher and
cation field with a 3.0 GPA. financial need.
Financial need is a facThe Muriel & Harry
tor, and the recipient must
Neave Memorial Music
reside in Knox or Warren
County. Preference is given Endowment will provide
scholarships for CSC music
to a student expressing an
majors. Applicants must
interest in working with
complete an on-campus
special needs children.
audition and are required to
participate in a CSC musiThe Irene B. Donaldson
cal ensemble.
Landis Nursing Scholarship, established in 2004,
will provide scholarships to The Office Specialist Scholarship will be
full-time, first-year or second-year Associate Degree awarded to a student in
the Computer Information
nursing students. AppliSystems and/ or Computer
cants must have at least a
2.5 GPA and financial need Networking programs. The
will be considered if candi- recipient must live in Knox
dates are equally qualified. or Warren County and have
a minimum 2.0 GPA.
This scholarship has been
established in memory
The Office Specialist Acof Lola A. Bowman and
counting/Business ScholGeorge E. Bowman.
arship will be awarded to
a student enrolled in 2 or
The Brian Lauerman
more Accounting/Business
Memorial Endowment
courses. The recipient must
provides scholarship aid
to students from Knox and live in Knox or Warren
County and have a miniWarren Counties who are
mum 2.0 GPA.
enrolled in one or more
music classes.
The OSF St. Mary Medical Center provides a
The John M. Lewis Mefull one-year scholarship
morial Endowment will
(tuition and fees) to a fullbe used to provide scholtime, second year ADN
arships to Carl Sandburg
College students who have student who has a GPA of
maintained a GPA of 3.0 or 3.0 or higher. Recipients
will receive a full-time poabove and are enrolled in
sition upon graduation and
CSC’s Business Division.
sign an agreement to work
at OSF St. Mary Medical
Center for two years.
The Prairieland Hospice
Foundation in honor of Dr.
John W. McClean Scholarship will be awarded to
a full-time student in an
Allied health field, with a
minimum 3.0 GPA. Preference will be given to a
student with demonstrated
community service.
The PSADewberry Endowment will be awarded
to a full- or part-time CSC
The Raritan State Bank
Scholarship is available
to seniors in the upper
one-third of their graduating class. Applicants or the
applicant´s family must be
a customer of the Raritan
State Bank or Abingdon
Banking Center.
The Donald G. & Roberta
J. Reeder Endowment
will be awarded to a fulltime student with a minimum 3.0 GPA. Financial
need is a factor. This award
is open to any course of
study and scholarship funds
can be used for tuition,
fees, and books. (A special
application form is required
and must be submitted to
the CSC Foundation by
March 1.)
The Dorothea E. Richardson Endowment, established in 2003, provides
scholarships to students
majoring in education.
The Mary A. Robson
Teacher Scholarship will
be awarded to a second
year student in the field of
teacher education. Scholarship applicants must
demonstrate involvement
in community service
activities and have a GPA
of 2.0 or higher. Scholarship funds can be used for
tuition, fees, books and
supplies, as well as other
related education expenses.
The Rotary Club (Sunrise) of Galesburg awards
a scholarship to a Knox or
Warren County student,
over 25 years of age, returning to school full-time.
Applicants must have completed at least 12 semester
hours, maintained a GPA of
2.5 or higher, and be pursuing an educational goal.
The Ann Rowe Nursing
Endowment Scholarship
will be awarded to a second-year nursing student
who has family responsibilities and who has proven
financial need.
The Security Savings
Bank Scholarship will
be awarded to a full-time
student from Henderson
or Warren County who
has maintained a 2.5 grade
point average.
The Teacher Education Scholarship will be
awarded to a second-year
student with a 3.0 GPA.
Student must demonstrate
a commitment to teacher
education program and plan
to transfer to a four-year
The Thompson Family
Child Development Endowment will be awarded
to a part-time or full-time
student enrolled in the
Child Development Program or in the educational
field. Student must have
maintained a 2.0 GPA. Financial need is a factor.
The Grace & Ray
Thompson Nursing Scholarship, established in 2003,
is available to nursing students who have maintained
a 2.5 GPA. Financial need
is a factor.
The Twomey Company
Endowment Scholarship,
established in 1993, will
be awarded to students
from Warren or Henderson County majoring in an
agriculture-related field.
The Marguerite A. Vitale
Memorial Endowment
was established by Guy Vitale of G & M Distributors
in honor of his mother, one
of the founders of G & M
Distributors, Inc. of Galesburg. The interest from the
endowment will be awarded to a female student with
a 2.0 GPA or better.
The Alta M. Weir Memorial Endowment was
established in 1983. The interest from this endowment
is used to assist a student
enrolled at CSC.
The Wells Fargo Bank
Endowment established in
1979, provides an academic
scholarship for a student in
the CSC district.
The Jim & Joe Wiegand
Memorial Endowment
was established in 1992. Interest from this endowment
is used to assist a married
individual, with financial
need, who is enrolled in
marketing/business courses.
The Dean Wolbers Scholarship, established in 2004
by the Warren County/
Monmouth Auxiliary Police Corps, will be awarded
to a full-time Criminal
Justice student from Warren
County who has maintained
a 2.5 G.P.A. Financial need
is a factor.