EPIC Registration Instructions 2015-2016

EPIC Alternative Elementary School
1000 10th Avenue South . Birmingham, AL 35205 . 205-231-7370
Application Criteria
Kindergarten – Fifth Grade
All applicants must adhere to the following procedures.
Only online applications will be accepted:
Eligibility to Apply Requires:
 Parents/legal guardians and student(s) are not required to live within the city limits of Birmingham.
If an accepted student lives outside the Birmingham School District, the parents will be required to
pay an “out of zone” fee (per student). For fee information, please contact the Attendance
Department @ (205) 231-7942; also you must obtain a release from the district in which you
 The child must be five (5) years old on/or before September 2nd to apply for Kindergarten.
 The child must be six (6) years old on/or before September 2nd to apply for the First Grade.
Documents Required for Scheduling EACH Child Applying:
 Original Birth Certificate AND Original Social Security Card
 Parent/Guardian Driver’s License or Photo ID
 Copy of the student’s last Report Card (Required for grades 1-5 only)
 Copy of the student’s most current ACT or Standardized Test Scores (Required for 5th grade only)
Test Scheduling Procedures
Applicants for grades Kindergarten, First, Second, Third and
Fourth will be administered a Grade Level Readiness Test.
1st – 4th grade applicants will be ranked based on test results, most current
report card, two (2) Teachers’ Recommendations, and available slots.
Kindergarten &
1st Grade
9:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon
A testing date and time will be assigned upon receipt of the
completed application and other required documentation.
Grade 2
Tuesday, February 25th @ 4:00 pm
Grade 3
Wednesday, February 26th @ 4:00 pm
Grade 4
Thursday, February 27th @ 4:00 p.m.
Kindergarten – 4th grade
students can only test at
the site to which their
application has been
Testing at more than one
site will automatically
disqualify applications to
all specialty programs.
Grades 5
Admission is based on ACT ASPIRE or Standardized Test Scores, most current report card, two (2)
Teachers’ Recommendations (one must be a current teacher), and available slots.
Students must score at or above 419 on both reading and math portions of the ACT ASPIRE to apply.
Additional Information
 The size of each class will be based on the state mandated class size guidelines. When classes
meet maximum enrollment levels, students who are eligible to participate will be placed on a
waiting list and notified as vacancies occur throughout the first semester. After the first semester,
the enrollment will be closed until the following year.
Students will be dismissed from the program if they display repeated disciplinary issues.
Students who do not meet attendance requirements will be returned to their regularly zoned
Every applicant, including siblings, will receive equal consideration for acceptance, in accordance
with the aforementioned procedures. No spaces are guaranteed.
All accepted students must register and be in attendance on the first day of school.
o Acceptance into the program does not mean the student is officially registered for the
upcoming school year.
o Registration is a separate process, and a $40.00 fee is required to complete registration.
Parents/Guardians will receive written notification of acceptance or placement on the waiting list by
March 27, 2015.
Acceptance of invitation to attend EPIC must be HAND DELIVERED to the school by Monday,
April 6th in order to guarantee a slot.
To be considered for more than one specialty school, applicants must complete an application for
EACH school (Princeton, E.P.I.C., W. J. Christian, Phillips, and Ramsay).
Failure to complete the online application process will automatically disqualify your child for
consideration from all specialty schools.