Ho Iu Kwong Bursary 2014/15 (何耀光助學金)

Ho Iu Kwong Bursary 2014/15
Local full-time government-funded degree and sub-degree students from the Department of
Building and Real Estate (BRE) who have demonstrable financial need are eligible to apply.
Value and Number of the Bursary:
Value of each bursary normally ranges from HK$5,000 to HK$20,000. Number and value of
bursaries to be awarded will be subject to BRE’s recommendation.
Selection Criteria:
1. Applicant is expected to attain a cumulative GPA not less than 2.3 in the first semester of
2. Selection is mainly based on financial situation of each applicant. Preference will be
given to those with financial hardship and with comparatively less family resources
and/or government grant/loan.
3. Applicant’s request for financial support in activities enriching his/her global vision and
learning experience will be favourably considered.
4. All applications would be vetted and assessed by the BRE Department. Shortlisted
applicants would also be invited for an interview.
Submission of Application:
The application form is downloadable from http://www.polyu.edu.hk/sao/fa/puofa.
Completed application form and all the required documents should be submitted to SAO in
Room ST314 (Box C3) before 5:15 pm of 28 January 2015 (Wed). Application form and
documents, once submitted, are not returnable.
Your provision of all the personal data requested in this form is obligatory. Failure to
provide these data and the required documents may affect the processing and outcome of the
Other Information:
1. This Bursary would be administered by BRE Department with the support of SAO.
2. Part of the Bursary may also be released in the form of “Emergency Fund” to help
students to cope with financial difficulties caused by unforeseen circumstances.
3. BRE Department would report cases supported to the Donor. Each successful applicant
should send a thank you letter to the Donor to express his/her appreciation. He/she is also
obliged to attend ceremony/function/activity held by the Donor/PolyU, if any.
For enquiries, please contact Ms Jacinta CHEUNG at 2766 5419.