2015 DTA Program - Dental Technology Academy

2015 Program
A Multidisciplinary Study Club For Dental Technologists
January 31 - Digital Day
March 28 - Business Day
May 9 - Removable Prosthetics
September 12 - Ceramics
November 7 - Fixed Implants
5 Educational Days To Propel Your Career Forward!
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Dental Technology Academy
Saturday January 31, 2015
Registration: 8:00am – 8:30am | Lectures: 8:30am – 4:30pm
Central Dental Ltd., 3420 Pharmacy Ave, Unit 3, Scarborough, ON M1W 2P7
n 12 CE Points
Come learn what system will make your lab more profitable!
This special day will feature presentations by:
Solutions For The Digital And Non-Digital Laboratory
Exploring solutions that add value to all labs. If you presently have made an investment in Digital or hope to in the
future we will show you a simple easy solution to get the most out of your present situation and explain how both
digital and non-digital solutions can be more profitable depending on your comfort zone. A big part of the digital
workflow is the products that go along with it. We will also explore new materials and what they mean to you and
your best dentists
Trish Kinsey, is the Ontario Territory Communication Manager at Core3dcentres. She is a driven,
motivated and dedicated Registered Restorative Dental Hygienist who has participated in multifaceted smile design dentistry for the past 25 years. Top notch customer service, and understanding
the effects of Digital Dentistry on your business are her specialties. She has travelled coast to coast
training, coaching, motivating, mentoring, consulting Dental Professionals, and Sales Representatives
in expertise of Clinical Orthodontics. Her teaching appointments include faculty positions at George Brown College
in the Restorative Dental Hygiene Program, and keynote speaker for Georgian College.
Trish enjoys the current challenges of the diverse CAD/CAM marketplace where esthetic options are evolving
rapidly. No matter where you are in your Digital Dental Journey, she is a dedicated professional to be called upon to
help you with your continued success.
Sponsored by: Core3dcentres
Suprinity: New Ceramic Block From Vita
This presentation will cover an overview and clinical applications of the new Suprinity block from Vita, matching Vm
11 veneering ceramic will be reviewed as well. The lecture will include clinical cases.
Kris Piotrowicz, RDT, has over 20 years of practical experience in the Dental technology. In 1983 he
graduated from Dental Technology Program in the city of Gdansk, Poland, where he grew up. He has
worked in dental laboratories in Poland, Greece and Canada, where he received his designation in
1995. Since 2000 he has owned and operated Select Dental Laboratory Inc. where he specializes in
CAD/CAM fabricated metal-free crown and bridge prosthetics.
Sponsored by: Vident
All Ceramic, All Options
The movement in laboratory technology towards digital equipment, materials, and workflows presents new
challenges, new options and new opportunities for the dental laboratory. As the Senior Marketing Manager for
laboratory CAD/CAM initiatives at Ivoclar Vivadent, Clayton Westberg specializes in simplifying digital options for the
needs of different laboratories. In this seminar, Clayton will review digital options for laboratories taking their first step
into CAD/CAM as well as expanded options for the digitally integrated laboratory. Topics will include milling systems
from Wieland Dental with both wet and dry capabilities, 3shape scanners, and material options including IPS e.max
CAD, Zenostar full contour zirconia, wax and PMMA. Learn how these modular systems can be customized for your
laboratory to create competitive advantages and beneficial workflows.
Clayton Westberg, Senior Marketing Manager at Ivoclar Vivadent, oversees laboratory CAD/CAM
initiatives including Wieland brand milling machines, millable materials, scanners, support, and
education. In addition to his current role, he oversees product development strategy and sales for
private label laboratory ceramics. Clayton began his career at Ivoclar Vivadent in the clinical CAD/CAM
segment where he launched new business initiatives and supported the marketing team for diode
lasers. Clayton holds a Masters of Business Administration degree as well as a Bachelor of Science in Psychology
degree from the State University of New York in Buffalo.
Sponsored by: Ivoclar Vivadent
Will CAD/CAM Make You More Money?
Digital advancement are taking place every day. Now is the time to explore whether in-house milling will make you
money in your lab. We will examine different milling machine options depending on certain lab needs. We will also
explore different material options depending on your patient/dentists needs. Finally, we will demonstrate how inhouse milling can make your laboratory profitable and at the same time keeping control of your quality. Whether you
are outsourcing or have not engaged in digital options at all - you need to know your milling options!
Razmig Tatoulian, RDT, has joined Zahn Canada as the Hi-Tech Specialist for French speaking Canada.
After completing the Dental Technician program from College Edouard Montpetit in 1999, he decided
to specialize in fix prosthetics, and worked in the industry in various dental laboratories. Before joining
Zahn Canada, Raz was the Director of a well-respected dental laboratory in Quebec. He has constantly
been sharpening his skills by attending lectures and seminars across the world. Raz takes pride in
achieving the best prosthetic results by combining the use of superior products and his vast knowledge. He has
worked with and assisted countless complex cases side-by-side with reputable practitioners. Raz has also gained
knowledge and expertise in digital dentistry as he has used technology throughout his career.
Sponsored by: Zahn Canada
Should You Own A Bar Design Software?
Some of the major questions within the past few years: Should you own a bar design software, and what are the
benefits of having one? How much money should you invest into this kind of technology? Is it better to outsource
the design, the scanning, the milling or to keep everything in your lab? These are a few of the questions that will get
answered in this presentation. Plus, you will be able to learn what is coming up next in the bar industry.
Bernard Robichaud, is the co-founder of Panthera Dental, a lecturer and a specialist in high technology
CAD/CAM dental products. He graduated in telecommunications at college Radio Television of Quebec.
During his career he has led several lectures in English and French in more than 10 countries and
trained over 400 dental specialists in the CAD/CAM dental field.
Sponsored by: Panthera Dental
Argen Digital: Past Present Future
Argen is the largest Dental alloy manufacturer in the world and has been developing alloys for over 50 years. With
the recent digital revolution in dentistry, Argen has made a huge shift in the way they are doing business. We’ll look
at the new digital trends and how dentists and laboratories are using this new technology.
Marcello Fortino, is currently the Business Development Manager-Ontario & Maritime Provinces for
Argen Canada. He has been in the dental industry for over 17 years and managed his own dental
supply company in the past. Marcello was also a division manager for an orthodontic supply company
for 9 years.
Sponsored by: Argen Canada
Dental Technology Academy
Saturday, March 28, 2015
Registration: 8:00am – 8:30am | Lectures: 8:30am – 4:30pm
Central Dental Ltd., 3420 Pharmacy Ave, Unit 3, Scarborough, ON M1W 2P7
n 12 CE Points
• Moving Into the Digital Age and How it All Works Together
• How Outsourcing Multiple Products to the Same Milling Centre Can Benefit You
Moving Into the Digital Age and How it All Works Together
Evaluation and Implementing CAD/CAM
• Future Trends Affecting Dental Laboratories
• Three levels of CAD/CAM Integration
• Case Studies of Off Shore Dental laboratories
• Introduction of CAD/CAM Systems
• Introduction of Prototyping
• How to Get Dentists to Use Digital Impressions
• Digital Trends Laboratory Owners Need to Know
• Making Sure of Planning, Planning, Planning
• Evaluating CAD/CAM Materials
• Evaluating Unit Production Cost of CAD/CAM
Gary Maxon, CDT, has been involved in the laboratory industry for the past 40 years. He started his
own laboratory in Portland, OR, growing it to over 25 people in two years; sold the laboratory to
LifeMark Corp. in Houston; then held several positions with LifeMark as the manager of education and
training, vice president and group manager. He has worked with PTC to give training seminars
worldwide and with Vident as manager of education. For the past 10 years, Maxon has been involved
with CAD/CAM systems, including the development of the D4D system and training for CEREC systems. He also owns
Dental Laboratory Management in Dallas.
Sponsored by: Association of Dental Technologists of Ontario (ADTO)
How Outsourcing Multiple Products to the Same Milling Centre Can Enhance Your Profits
There are plenty of milling centres out there. If this were not enough, there are also plenty of dental labs, small to
large, that own milling machines and offer their services to make their investments profitable. The problem is many
of them will offer only a limited range of all the products you need. How can we optimize this situation? Why should
you focus on less centres at the same time? Come find all the answers in this lecture.
Bernard Robichaud, is the co-founder of Panthera Dental, a lecturer and a specialist in high technology
CAD/CAM dental products. He graduated in telecommunications at college Radio Television of
Quebec. During his career he has led several lectures in English and French in more than 10 countries
and trained over 400 dental specialists in the CAD/CAM dental field.
Sponsored by: Panthera Dental
Saturday, May 9, 2015
Registration: 8:00am – 8:30am | Lectures: 8:30am – 4:30pm
Central Dental Ltd., 3420 Pharmacy Ave, Unit 3, Scarborough, ON M1W 2P7
n 12 CE Points
Dentsply Enterra
This course will demonstrate the Enterra VLC Unit, which provides versatility in fabricating high quality appliances
while saving time, space and money. Enterra provides an effective curing system for multiple types of visible
light cured fixed and removable appliances, using a variety of traditional and innovative materials, resulting in less
working time. Participants will have the opportunity to discover time-saving benefits of the material and curing units
and how they can increase productivity in the clinic.
Andy Sommer, RDT, DD, LVIF: Starting his dental career in 1982 with a family-owned dental
laboratory, Micro-Dent in Toronto, Andy Sommer, RDT, DD, LVIF (Owner, Denturist) has over 30 years
of combined clinical and technical experience in the field of dental technology. Attended George
Brown College Dental Technology program, he has worked in all areas of the dental lab: crown &
bridge, dentures, cast partials and orthodontic appliances and is able to bring that broad range of
expertise and experience in comprehensive dental restorations to bear on your individual situation.
Andy has assisted chair side with Dentists on numerous occasions for complex restorative cases. Andy believes it is
very important to keep current with all innovations in the industry by studying techniques from around the world to
further enhance his services to you. He has taken, and continues to take, numerous courses in occlusal rehabilitation,
including innovative concepts such as LD Pankey, Neuromuscular, Implantology, Dental Ceramics, Crown and Bridge
Techniques, Dentures as well as Orthodontics. Today he serves as a Dental Technology consultant and lecturer on
restorative options for leading dental manufacturers such as Myerson and Dentsply. In 1992, he started Sommer
Restorative Prosthetics (SRP), a laboratory specializing in implant restorations.
Sponsored by: Dentsply Canada
A Peek At BioHPP – Innovative Materials For Implant-Prosthetics
High-performance polymers have great potential to be used as framework material in dental prosthetics. They are
considerably cheaper than precious alloy substructures while on the other hand, they are lighter and easier to
work with in dental laboratories compared to NPM, titanium or ceramics. Moreover, demand for metal-free dental
prostheses is on the increase with a never-ending search for more aesthetic restorations and more and more cases
of metal intolerance in patients.
This lecture focuses on the production of frameworks demonstrating the scope and flexibility of this innovative
system. It will introduce new opportunities for your laboratory and new treatment options, especially in the field of
large implant frameworks.
BioHPP can be processed simply and conveniently using the “for2press” system from bredent using the lost wax
technique. The necessary investment can easily be recouped within just a few frameworks requiring only a small
amount of training and amendments to the current working practices.
With the for2press, Bio HPP and Visio.lign system solution, bredent is setting new standards in the prosthetic
treatment of implant work and conventional prosthetics.
Dental Technology Academy
Ljepa Katanic, obtained her Dental Technology degree from George Brown College in 2007. Upon her
graduation she gained 5 years of experiencein dental labs within Ontario. Ljepa is currently providing
technical and business support to Central Dental Ltd focusing her vast knowledge of the Bredent
product line after receiving hands-on training both in Germany and from Peter T. Pontsa, RDT and
former owner of Dent-Line Of Canada Inc.
Sponsored by: Central Dental Ltd.
A Systematic Approach To Successful Removables
Bring your removables to a new level. Learn how to adopt new protocols into your clinic and with your Dentist to
ensure predictable prosthetic outcomes that ultimately exceed patient expectations.
Jim Globocki, RDT, DD, has been active in the fields of dental technology and denturism for over a
decade. He is a graduate of both George Brown College’s Dental Technology and Denturism Programs.
In 2007, he became a professor within the School of Dental Health at George Brown College. Currently
a professor of the Dental Technology Program, Jim teaches Ceramics, Implants, Dentures and
Jurisprudence and Ethics to Ontario’s next generation of Dental Technologists. Jim takes pride in
knowing that he has a hand in shaping the future of the field.
As the RDT in charge at his boutique dental laboratory in Maple, Ontario he specializes in All-Ceramic and Implant
restorations. Jim has trained with prominent industry experts worldwide and believes that dedication and continuing
education is a key factor in being successful.
Sponsored by: Ivoclar Vivadent
Learn All About Constant Contact’s New Toolkit
Join us for an informative seminar and learn all about the new Toolkit by Constant Contact. We’ll review best
practices for setting up your account, creating a campaign and reviewing engagement metrics such as open rates,
etc. Your seminar host will be Vito Marchese - An Authorized Local Expert With Constant Contact®.
This workshop is designed to give small businesses some simple ideas for growing their organizations using email
marketing and social media.
It’s ok to start small, to start where you already are. Join us and start to build a foundation marketing knowledge,
from which you can build more and more effective campaigns to help your business or organization grow.
Vito Marchese: is President and Founder of Whiteboard Studio Inc., a creative advertising agency
serving the Greater Toronto Area. He is also an Authorized Local Expert for Constant Contact where he
provides resourceful training, seminars and workshops on engagement marketing.
Vito Marchese is also Founder & Publisher of TheNetworker - a local business networking resource for
the Greater Toronto Area. The newsletter utilizes Constant Contact and highlights valuable networking
information, articles and upcoming business events.
Sponsored by: Whiteboard Studio Inc.
Saturday, September 12, 2015
Registration: 8:00am – 8:30am | Lectures: 8:30am – 4:30pm
Central Dental Ltd., 3420 Pharmacy Ave, Unit 3, Scarborough, ON M1W 2P7
n 12 CE Points
Management: Styles Of Management And Transitioning Into A Management Position
Richard Murray, Director of Sales with Baluke Dental Studios, has been involved with Marketing
and Management performance for over 30 years. He combines his banking, retail sales and dental
management experiences to provide a comprehensive overview of the necessary qualifications and
attributes necessary to successfully manage others. In particular, he will define what Management
really is and what qualities need to be acted upon to achieve success as a manager. Also, various
management styles will be discussed so as to help guide managers to more effectively overseeing others.
Sponsored by: DTA
Man, Materials & Machine
Learn how to integrate digital technologies and new material options into the lab environment while adapting a
new and efficient workflow. Material focus will be on all ceramic options including IPS e.max®. Discover how
efficiencies gained by implementing digital technologies will increase the lab’s revenue stream and bottom line.
Nelson Rego, CDT , co-owns and operates “Smile Designs by Rego”, a progressive dental laboratory
specializing in ceramics in Santa Fe Springs, California. Nelson and Juan Rego, CDT established the
laboratory in 1980. Mr. Rego is a certified dental technician (CDT) who has studied with some of the
best dentists and ceramists in dentistry today. He has written several articles pertaining to dental
materials and techniques which have appeared in many of the leading dental journals.. He is also an
evaluator and speaker for several dental product manufacturers including Ivoclar-Vivadent, Vident, and Axis Dental.
Sponsored by: Ivoclar Vivadent
Ceramco 3 Porcelain
This course will provide ceramists with the information and skills to be productive members of the ceramic
department. Upon completion, the technician will understand and be able to complete all steps involved in a
porcelain-fused-to-metal restoration.
Subjects that will be covered include:
• Model and die work • Ceramic framework design • Waxing, spruing, investing • Casting • Metal preparation
• A start-to-finish of the porcelain buildup.
Also covered will be alloy selection and ceramic materials composition.
At the completion of this course each attendee will:
• Understand basic tooth anatomy and morphology • Understand the steps and importance of model/die work
through the full process to the metal preparation phase • Properly identify and correct common problems associated
that occur in the fabrication of porcelain
nds On - Lecture
Michael Di Paulo, CDT is a Technical Specialist Ceramco at Dentsply and Owner at Michael Di Paulo
CDT Dental Ceramic Studio.
Sponsored by: Dentsply Canada
Michael Di Paulo's CDT
echnical specialist Ceramco at Dentsply
t Michael Di Paulo CDt Dental Ceramic Studio
nical School
al specialist Ceramco
Dental Technology Academy
Saturday, November 7, 2015
Registration: 8:00am – 8:30am | Lectures: 8:30am – 4:30pm
Central Dental Ltd., 3420 Pharmacy Ave, Unit 3, Scarborough, ON M1W 2P7
n 12 CE Points
How To Create Beautiful Aesthetics Using NobelProcera
NobelProcera offers a wide range of fixed solutions for natural teeth and implants with its industrialized production
centre and comprehensive support network. This seminar will review clinical and technical indications and material
selection criteria.
Learning objectives:
• Understand the use and applications of NobelProceraTM
• Learn predictable techniques for provisional and definite restorations over implants and natural teeth
• Learn step-by-step procedures to deliver a restoration with confidence and success
• Explore the comprehensive range of individualized abutments available from NobelProcera including material
and platform options
• Learn to design both cement-over abutments and screw-retained crowns
• Apply comprehensive design principles for both CAD and wax-up designs
• Gain comprehensive understanding of both laboratory and clinical procedures
Kevin McAuley has 32 years of experience in the dental field as a Dental Technologist, Product
Specialist and Trainer. Focused on many practical cases as a Dental Technologist, Kevin gained
experience in numerous dental implants systems and created thousands of prosthesis for all
indications. The last fifteen years have been focused on product development, Product launches
and training of Nobel Biocare Solutions. He has lectured and given practical presentations relating
to various implant systems. He is currently Director of Clinical Technologies and NobelProcera Manager for Nobel
Biocare Canada Inc.
Sponsored by: Nobel Biocare
Solutions For Immediate Full Arch Rehabilitation
Many patients seek full arch rehabilitation to quickly regain their confidence and quality of life.
You can help these patients by offering DIEM® 2, solutions for immediate full arch rehabilitation.
Biomet 3i previously offered options for immediate full arch rehabilitation in the mandible with the original DIEM®
guidelines. This has now been expanded with NEW DIEM® 2 to offer rehabilitation for both arches utilizing innovative
products to deliver provisional prostheses in as little as one day. This course is designed to provide practical and
innovative solutions for placing up to six implants in the full arch utilizing Low Profile Angled Abutments on the
provisional prosthesis the day of implant placement. Participants will learn the DIEM® 2 protocol essential for patient
care, additionally they will learn how DIEM® 2 may improve practice productivity and efficiency by reducing charside
visits for each case.
Wayne Szara, is an Emerging Technologies Specialist with BIOMET 3i. A graduate of Triton College
and Southern Illinois University with degrees in dental technology and vocational education, Wayne
has over 24 years experience in the dental field which included 11 years as a technical specialist
with Sterngold specializing in dental attachments, implants, prosthetics and 5 years as a Territory
Representative with 3M ESPE, which is one of the world leaders in restorative dentistry.
Sponsored by: Biomet 3i
Dentsply Eclipse: Discover The Benefits Of Dentsply Eclipse. Get Your Questions Answered.
What is the benefit of Eclipse to me, the Clinical Professional?
Is there any reason why I would not want to use an Eclipse denture?
What is the benefit to my patients?
What is the difference between Eclipse and Triad Denture Base Material?
What is the difference between Eclipse and Lucitone 199?
Andy Sommer, RDT, DD, LVIF: see complete bio on page 6.
Sponsored by: Dentsply Canada
Full Arch Rehabilitation In A Day At-A-Glance
Full Arch Rehabilitation has been a very popular and successful treatment option for many patients. Full Arch
Rehabilitation in a day concept will be discussed. This lecture will also discuss the reasons why and how this
treatment modality is successful.
Dr. Allen Aptekar, B.Sc., DMD, studied at the University of Toronto, earning his Bachelors of Science
degree in Biology. He received his Doctor of Dental Medicine degree with distinction at the University
of Saskatchewan College Of Dentistry. Dr. Aptekar then completed a one year hospital residency at
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center and the University of Toronto. He has authored and co-authored
several articles in refereed professional dental journals, and is a lecturer in dental implant procedures
for dentists and denturists. He practices in the greater Toronto area, with a special interest and focus
on dental implantology.
Sponsored by: Dentsply Canada
Dental Technology Academy
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Knowledge is Power
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by Oliver Brix
In 15 chapters and 1200 images, of the highest
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printing, the author describes in minute details
how to use lithium disilicate by presenting
clinical cases that he has worked on in cooperation with other world renown clinicians.
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Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: The correct procedures for aesthetics
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Chapter 3: e.max: The material from A to Z
Chapter 4: The layering technique with e.max Ceram
Chapter 5: Colour examples, enamel blends and
chroma control
Chapter 6: Preparation instructions
Chapter 7: Veneers
Chapter 8: Crown restorations with the e.max system
from A to Z
Chapter 9: Crowns and veneers
Chapter 10: Zirconium and bridges made of zirconium
Chapter 11: Implants
Chapter 12: Cross-mounting
Chapter 13: Minimally invasive and no-prep method
Chapter 14: Dental miracles
Chapter 15: Instruments
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