Dec 14 & Jan 15 - bet breira samu

December 2014 - January 2015
Shabbat Service Schedule
Friday, December 19
7:30 PM Shared Chanukah Shabbat Service
Bet Breira Samu-El Or Olom
9400 S.W. 87 Avenue
Miami, FL 33176-2444
(305) 595-1500
Fax (305) 279-4147
Rabbi Barry Tabachnikoff zt’l
Founding Rabbi
Jaime Klein Aklepi
Samuel Barth
Ronit C. Rubin
Don R. Bennett, MM
Lauren Marks – Cabanas
Renee B. Ritner
Danielle R. Tobin Preschool
Grandma’s House Infant Day Care
Tamara Perez
Joe Penchansky
Executive Board
Russell Breiter, EVP & IPP
Gary Alvo, Administration & Development VP
Michelle Weber, Education VP
Howard Rosenbloom, Conservative Ritual VP
Nancy Kraemer, Reform Ritual VP
Susan Lockenbach, Youth VP
Robin Holzknecht, Treasurer
Shari Whitcomb, Secretary
Philip Coller
Carol Sokolow-Dias
Mark Farber
Louis Feldman
Peter Hornik
Rena Kublin
Eve Lavin
Philip Levy
Jeff Reamer
Rosalie Miller
Elias Rimland
Debbie Scarry
Sandi Siegel
Michael Slotnick
Affiliated with
Union for Reform Judaism
& United Synagogue of
Conservative Judaism
Saturday, December 20
Friday, December 26
8:45 AM
9:15 AM
10:45 AM
10:45 AM Conservative Shabbat Service (Sanctuary)
Bagels and Bible with Rabbi Aklepi
Study Session With Rabbi Barth (Library)
7:30 PM
7:30 PM Conservative Shabbat Service (Pre-Function)
Reform Shabbat Service (Sanctuary)
Saturday, December 27
Friday, January 2
8:45 AM
9:15 AM
10:45 AM
Conservative Service (Sanctuary)
Bagels and Bible with Rabbi Aklepi
7:30 PM
Shared Shabbat Service (Sanctuary)
Saturday, January 3
8:45 AM
9:15 AM
10:45 AM
Friday, January 9
7:30 PM
Conservative Service (Sanctuary)
Bagels and Bible with Rabbi Aklepi
Saturday, January 10
8:45 AM
9:15 AM
10:45 AM
10:45 AM Conservative Service (Sanctuary)
Bagels and Bible with Rabbi Aklepi
Study Session With Rabbi Barth (Library)
7:30 PM
7:30 PM
Reform Shabbat Service (Sanctuary)
Conservative Shabbat Service (Pre-Function)
Friday, January 16
Shared Shabbat Services in Honor of
Rabbi Aklepi’s 18th Anniversary
Saturday, January 17
8:45 AM
9:15 AM
10:45 AM
Friday, January 23
6:00 PM 7:30 PM
7:30 PM
Conservative Service (Sanctuary)
Bagels and Bible with Rabbi Aklepi
Saturday, January 24
Conservative Service (Sanctuary)
Bagels and Bible with Rabbi Aklepi
Study Session With Rabbi Barth (Library)
Friday, January 30
8:45 AM
9:15 AM
10:45 AM
10:45 AM 7:30 PM
Saturday, January 31
8:45 AM
9:15 AM
10:45 AM
Young Family Shabbat (Sanctuary)
Reform Shabbat Service
Led by Rabbi Aklepi (Sanctuary)
Conservative Shabbat Service
Led by Rabbi Barth (Pre-Function)
Sisterhood Shabbat Service (Sanctuary)
Conservative Service (Sanctuary)
Bagels and Bible with Rabbi Aklepi
Did you know that privacy laws prevent our hospitals from telling us that a congregant is sick?
Please help us stay informed about you or members of your family who are in the hospital. We are
happy to call or visit.
Our weekly worship service includes a prayer for recovery and we are happy to list the names of your
friends and family.
Rabbinical Thoughts From Rabbi Jaime Klein Aklepi
I am so honored to be recognized for my 18 years of
service to Bet Breira Samu-El Or Olom on January 10th.
My sincerest thanks to the committee, chaired by Gary
Alvo and Amy Mittelberg, and its many members whose
time, dedication and hard work is overwhelming.
It seems a perfect time and venue to reflect on these 18
years of life lived together with the congregation.
Congregation was always such an important part of the
Bet Breira name. It meant that we stood for the people
who prayed, played, learned and did good deeds
together. It meant that we shared each other’s joys,
sorrows and celebrations.
As a young rabbi and a young mother, I wanted to work
and raise my children in a community like Bet Breira.
Rabbi Tabachnikoff loved his congregants and he
demonstrated that love to me. I very quickly understood
that in order to serve as rabbi one must sincerely love
people. Love people enough to lead them to reach
greater spiritual, intellectual and emotional heights.
Treat people compassionately so that human frailties
would not stand in the way of their growth. Celebrate
and acknowledge the “wins,” the B’nai Mitzvah,
Weddings, Confirmations, Consecrations, Graduations,
Trips to Israel and Seders at Sea, and all those times
when the community joins together.
This is a vision that Barry and I both shared. It is the
vision that continues today, through the challenges and
changes of synagogue life. After 18 years, I am still all
about loving this congregation and leading our
community to live with greater meaning, warmth, caring
and commitment.
I am very proud of what this congregation stands for.
First of all, we are always willing to innovate and try
something new. From blessing pets to Purim Spiels,
from infant care to youth and family programming and
education, I’m thrilled to give something new a try, and
this congregation has always supported that spirit.
They know we are on their side, encouraging them,
nurturing them, and modeling Jewish life. We demand
that our synagogue be a safe space for every child and
adult who comes through our doors. For 18 years, I
have strived to challenge and inspire the intellect and
spirit of our congregation. I am proud that even today,
when “dumbing down” seems to be the norm, our
congregants don’t back away from an intellectual or
spiritual challenge. Rather, we continue to increase our
knowledge and commitment to Judaism.
I am very appreciative and grateful to our wonderful
team of professionals and support staff: Don Bennett,
Ronit Rubin, our newest member of our clergy, Rabbi
Samuel Barth, Renee Rittner, Lauren Marks-Cabanas,
Tammy Perez, Hellene Strul, Michelle Stewart, Sarah
Robleto, Amy Saffer and Alberto Restrepo.
Reflecting back over the last 18 years fills me with joy
and satisfaction. Alex and I have raised and educated
our children here; it is their second home and all of you
their family. I am now officiating at the weddings of my
former B’nai Mitzvah. Graduates of our former Day
School have graduated college, and I have cried at 17
Preschool graduations. I am hopeful for our future. I am
confident that the programs and services we provide for
our community enrich, enhance and embrace the many
facets of modern Jewish life, and I look forward to
continue serving Bet Breira Samu-El Or Olom. May God
bless this holy congregation with the love that drew me
here 18 years ago, may we overcome our challenges
and together build a vibrant future.
Thank you for sharing your lives with me, may we go
from strength to strength.
Rabbi Jaime Aklepi
As importantly, if we try something and we don’t like it,
we try something else next time. This is something we
should continue and never take for granted, because this
environment is not found in most organizations. Our
merger is a wonderful example of our ability as an
institution to grow and transform. Another area for
which I am particularly proud of, is the way we nurture
learning. At BBSOO we teach the individual and
recognize the uniqueness of every human being.
In other words, we recognize the divine in humanity,
(b’tzelem elohim, in God’s image humanity was
created). That is why our children in our schools, from
Preschool Graduation through Confirmation feel so at
home here.
Rabbi Aklepi studying with Lord Rabbi Jonathan Sacks,
former Chief Rabbi of England.
Cantor’s Notes
Save The Date
Cantor Ronit Rubin
Cantor Don Bennett
As we travel from Jewish New Year, to secular
New Year, this song comes to mind: Kol Shana
Matchila B’Siman She’elah Every year begins
with a question mark. So far this year we have
seen many changes in the world as we know it.
New threats to the safety of people around the
world. Changes in the American government
following the elections. And, changes in our
spiritual congregational community.
Sisterhood Shabbat
and Dinner
Friday, January 30, 2015
At the beginning of the summer we bid farewell
to Rabbi David Schonblum and to people
disappointed with the change. In time for the
Jewish New Year we met Rabbi Sami Barth who
led us through the High Holidays in new ways.
Rabbi Barth explained the prayers we were
singing and reading each year. He brought us
readings that highlighted the purpose and our
connection to the High Holidays. We
experienced different approaches to the way we
connect to prayer, Torah and God. In November
we moved the Friday evening service to another
room with a different set up. In this set up, the
prayer leader is in the middle of the room, and
the congregants are in a semi-circle on two sides
of the room.
Rabbi Barth challenged me as well, to choose
one melody and not another, to approach my
singing gently and softly in a meditative way. He
has also challenged me by suggesting books to
read. And finally, I am challenged because he is
not here every week and I will be leading more of
the services. Change can be painful, it can be
uncomfortable, but ultimately, I believe it’s for
the best. It leads to growth and fulfilment in ways
that cannot be foreseen.
As the new secular year begins, I challenge each
of you to greet change with hope and optimism.
To meet each challenge with fortitude and a
positive attitude.
Hazzan Ronit Rubin
More details to follow...
Executive Director
Lauren Marks-Cabanas
It’s almost Chanukah time!! We are all looking
forward to lighting the menorah, getting together
with family and friends and of course all of the
kids getting gifts!
Col. (Ret.) on February 6-8, 2014. All of the
Scholar-In-Residence information will be mailed
out soon! It should be a very educational and
informative weekend.
This year we have a couple of Temple wide
Chanukah events that I would love to see
everyone attend! On Tuesday, December 16,
2014, at 5:00 pm, is our Community Wide
Candle lighting Ceremony with all of our clergy
and Religious School classes. Then, on Friday,
December 19, 2014 at 7:30 pm, is our Family
Chanukah Shabbat. Celebrate the Festival of
Lights together with Rabbi Aklepi, Rabbi Barth,
Cantors, Ronit Rubin and Don Bennett and join
us in honoring our Habonim and Amen Appeal
donors! Also, enjoy a lavish Chanukah Oneg
after services.
Mark your calendars . . .
Wednesday, March 4, 2015 – Religious School
Habima Megillah Reading at 6:30pm.
Sunday, March 8, 2015 is our annual Purim
Friday, March 27, 2015 is our Men’s Club
Shabbat and Dinner.
Sunday, March 29, 2015 – Sisterhood Women’s
Friday, April 3, 2015 – Erev Passover 1st Seder
Saturday, April 4, 2015 – Community Wide 2nd
Night Seder chaired by Betty Berson
Saturday, April 25, 2015 – Temple Wide Annual
By the time you receive this Shomer, there will
be only a couple of weeks until December 31,
2014. If you haven’t made your Amen Appeal
donation or joined our Habonim Donors, now is
the time to do it! Please consider donating to Bet
Breira Samu-El Or Olom for your end of year
donation to ensure a future together celebrating
for years to come. I hope that your Chanukah is
joyous, bright and you enjoy your time together!
Can you believe that it is already the (secular)
New Year? Happy New Year to all!!
We have a ton of exciting programs and events
set for the New Year, starting off with Rabbi
Aklepi’s 18th Anniversary Celebration on January
10, 2015. Invitation have gone out and we would
love for everyone to attend. There are
opportunities for Sponsorship and to put a
message in the Commemorative Journal. For all
of the fantastic information and ticket prices,
please visit our website at
or call the Temple office. On Friday, January 30,
2015 is Sisterhood’s Shabbat Service and
Dinner. More information will be sent out, mark
your calendars!
We start off February with our Scholar-InResidence Weekend. Thank you to Suzan and
Mark Farber who are chairing this weekend
again. We welcome Rabbi Avinoam Sharon Lt.
For each of us, Bet Breira Samu-El Or Olom has
something that we think is special and makes us
unique! What is it that makes you excited about
our synagogue? What is it about BBSOO that
you are most passionate about? What can we do
to make our congregation the best in our
community? Send me an email
([email protected]) and share what you
think makes us good and what you think can
make us great! I will share your thoughts
(anonymously if you wish) with our Board of
Lauren Marks-Cabanas
In The Spotlight
Susan Lockenbach
My name is Susan (Kohn) Lockenbach, born and
raised in Barranquilla, Colombia, S.A. My parents;
my mother born in Manizales, Colombia, S.A. and
my father born in Vienna, Austria. I have an older
brother, married with two kids, and a twin sister, and
married with four kids and four grandchildren, that all
live in Miami.
I grew up in a very tight knit Jewish community and
attended a Jewish day school, an opportunity I was
truly blessed with. Thanks to that upbringing, I have a
great love for Judaism and Israel. While in Colombia,
I had the opportunity and blessing to be able to travel
to various places like Europe, Israel, the Caribbean
and United States. As soon as I graduated from High
School, I moved to Miami to study at the University of
Miami. I went through a five year program and
graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture,
and that is where I met my husband, Don. He is from
Nashville, TN, and moved to Florida in 1973 when
his father decided to make Aliyah to Florida! We have
been married for 31 years and are proud parents of
two wonderful boys, Joseph, who is finishing his
Masters of Science in Accounting at UCF, and Ryan,
who is a senior at TERRA Environmental Research
I have been involved with various Organizations,
among them Hadassah, President for 2+ years, held
other board positions and now I am a Life Member
along with my husband and sons being Hadassah
Associates. My family has been members of Temple
Samu-El Or Olom for many years, after doing our
Temple shopping. When we had kids, I became very
involved with the school, and later the Temple Board.
I started and ran a kid’s program, Kids Club, for about
five years, while my youngest, Ryan, was in
Kindergarten and my oldest, Joseph, was in 5th
Grade. This program, that kids loved, was successful
and it took pace was once a month, same night as
USY and Kadima, and this lead my kids to continue
their Jewish involvement at the Temple; such as Preschool, Summer Camp, Kadima, USY, tutoring
Hebrew at the Religious school, Bar Mitzvahs, Judaic
High School
and Confirmation.
I held a few Board positions and became very active
later with Sisterhood until I became President for
three years, now I love my title, “volunteering only
where needed and able”. Thirty one years ago when
Don and I were getting married, my parents came up
with the idea of opening a Judaica Store, since there
was nothing available in the area and we had to
schlep to Miami Beach to get all our supplies for the
The business, as many of you know by “The Chosen
Gift” became a family name. Sadly four years ago
when my mother passed away and we saw the
change in demographics, high rent and all, we
decided to close the physical store and do the next
best thing. The 21st century had come around and the
internet we went. Now both my sister and I run the
online store. So now you know the rest of the story!
Schimmel - Binder Religious School News
Renee B. Rittner Religious School Director
Danielle R. Tobin Preschool News
Tamara Perez Preschool Director
November was a great month for many celebrations.
Thanks to our POPS volunteers, our Scholastic Book
fair was a huge success!! Thank you for setting up,
helping to sell books, and for cleaning up. We could
not have done it without you. It was nice to end the
Book Fair with a Grandparents/Special Friends
Shabbat. Thank you to all who came and bought
books for your grandchildren/children and also
bought for our classrooms. We hope you enjoyed the
yummy breakfast they made for you.
All the children did a fabulous job singing and making
a delicious lunch at our Annual Pow-Wow. It was
such a joy to see so many families laughing and
sharing a meal together with their children and other
With Chanukah beginning on December 16, we are
gearing up for the holiday. We have brought out our
dreidels, chanukiahs, and candles. Latkes and
sufganiyot are ordered for our class parties.
With December ending, it’s that time of year to start
thinking about Summer Camp. Here at Bet Breira
Samu-El Or Olom, we are very proud of our program
that is run by our teachers that your children already
know and the fact that we focus on the children’s
safety first and then fun! Sign up soon to get a great
We want to wish everyone a safe and wonderful
Winter Break and can’t wait to see you again in
Writing the winter article is always one of my personal
favorites to create. While the rest of the country
enjoys snow, we have the seasonal temperatures that
most people dream to experience. In the world of
Jewish learning it is the exact time to think about
summer planning. Sending your child during the
school year to school for Jewish learning allows them
explore Judaism in a formal environment.
Here at Bet Breira Samu-El Or Olom, we infuse our
Jewish teaching with some informal learning, teaching
our Judaica through sports and games, performing
arts, and technology and multi-media. Our older
students can also partake in Jewish social learning
experiences with our youth group programming.
However, the summer months have an added benefit,
young people not only learn and experience Judaism
but also live Jewishly with their peers.
Jewish camps allow for our children to immerse
themselves in a Jewish environment, explore who
they are as Jews, and define their own meanings and
connections to their heritage. Whether you choose, a
sleep-away camp such as URJ Camp Coleman
( or Camp Ramah
Darom ( or some other
Jewish sleep-away, an Israel experience, or a Jewish
Day Camp (do not forget we have one in our
building) your child will engage in living Judaism.
Pictures, letters home and stories cannot fully
articulate Jewish life that children partake in when
they have blessing to spend the summer at a Jewish
To stand on Shabbat in one of the chapels and watch
the sea of white clothed youth hand in hand make a
professional to welcome Shabbat is something
beautiful to behold but even more meaningful to
experience. Walking toward the Kotel in Jerusalem
with 100s of newly found friends and singing at the
top of your lungs is a memory of a lifetime. I urge
you to explore with your children, the vast choices for
a Jewish summer experience.
They will have create a lifetime of memories in a few
short weeks, grow as a person both as a Jew and as a
developing youth, and come back counting the days
until they can return to their summer home. If you
have any questions about Jewish camping or Israel
experiences, please feel free to contact me to discuss.
There are many options to look at and every child is
different. We can certainly find the right one for
BBSOO Youth News
Jenine Simon, Youth Director
From Our Youth Presidents
Shalom, I am Ryan Lockenbach and I am the 20142015 President of USY Inc. USY stands for United
Synagogue Youth, and is one of the two youth
groups that reside at our temple,
Bet Breira Samu-El Or Olom, along with NFTY.
Attending USY has made a huge impact on my life,
and I am proud to say that I have been the president
of our chapter, USY Inc., for the past year and a half.
I began my affiliation with this youth group at the
beginning of sixth grade when I was old enough to
join Kadima, the middle school branch of USY, and
have attended almost every meeting since.
The highlight of my week, besides the weekend,
would be every Thursday night we have youth group.
Because of youth group, I have made so many more
friends that I may not have met otherwise. As we
spend years getting to know each other and working
together on board, we become our own family. I
encourage and hope for all Jewish teens affiliated
with our temple as well as those who don’t belong, to
join either one, or both, of our youth groups because
the friendships made here will be very lasting ones.
I loved the programming and services at conventions
so much that I decided to go on NFTY Adventures in
Israel this past summer. It was a four-week program
where I traveled all around Israel with people who I
did not know before the trip, but are now my best
friends. NFTY is extremely important to me because I
have made friendships that will last a lifetime, I have
participated in emotional and exceptional programs,
and I have encouraged other teens to experience the
most that they can out of NFTY. I have found a
deeper connection to my Judaism through NFTY. I
have grown as a person throughout my numerous
NFTY programs and I am who I am today because of
If you have any questions about our wonderful youth
groups, USY Inc. and BBFTY (9-12th grade) and
Kadima and JBBFTY (6-8th grade) please contact
Jenine Simon our Youth Director at (786) 293-6604
or [email protected] You can also call Bet
Breira Samu-El Or Olom at 305)595-1500 with any
questions as well. We look forward to seeing you and
welcoming you as a 2014-2015 Bet Breira Samu-El
Or Olom Youth Group member!
Hi, my name is Danielle Askowitz. I am a junior at
Miami Palmetto Senior High School. I have been very
involved in the Temple ever since I was born. I
attended Pre-School and Elementary School at
Danielle R. Tobin and then Religious School and
Judaica High School. I was a Madricha for third
graders and I was confirmed last spring. I spend at
least three out of the seven days of the week at Bet
Breira Samu-El Or Olom.
I started to become involved in NFTY in eighth grade
when I attended my first convention, Hatikvah Kallah.
It is still one of my favorite conventions because I
formed friendships with people from other youth
groups and I strengthened friendships with people
from my own youth group. Ever since Hatikvah
Kallah, I have gone to every convention and event
that I could. I enjoyed being part of NFTY so much
that I decided that year to run for Membership Vice
President of my own temple youth group, BBFTY. I
won and I created mixers and recruited members for
the next year. Then, I became Programming Vice
President and I made and led all different types of
programs: team-building, leadership, ethical, and
many others. Today, I am the President and I oversee
the BBFTY board and all BBFTY programs. NFTY
has been such a significant part of my life the past few
Every year the FJMC (Federation of Jewish Men's
Club's) has an event to honor a special Man from
each chapter. The FJMC mission is to involve Jewish
Men in Jewish Life by building and strengthening
Men's Clubs in the Conservative / Masorti Movement.
They accomplish this by: leadership, innovation and
This year the FJMC decided to include and honor
their Youth of the Year for the first time. They have
been honored as Men of the Year, Keepers of the
Flame, and Youth of the Year Awards, celebrating
examples of leadership within their own communities.
This year two members of our synagogue were
awarded, Phil Collier and Ryan Lockenbach. Ryan
was awarded Youth of the Year for the 2014 Florida
Region. Ryan was one of the two youth chosen from
all of Florida. We are very proud of Ryan!
Sisterhood News
Sisterhood is continuing to reach out to our
members and members of our Temple
Community to plan interesting and enjoyable
meetings and programs. On Nov 12th a dinner
and program to show our appreciation to our
members was held. A delicious chicken dinner
was planned by Tobe Marmorstein, Membership
VP, and her committee. After dinner yarmulkes
were decorated to be worn at the Sisterhood
Shabbat Service in January.
We attended the Installation Dinner of the
Women of Reform Judaism (WRJ), Southeast
District, 35th Biennial Convention in Coral
Springs/Parkland, Florida on October 25th.
Shirley and I were pleased to see the installation
of new officers. One of the officers, Rebecca
Lockenbach, is a member of Temple Israel, in
Tallahassee, FL, she became the Vice President
for Florida WRJ. Rebecca is Shirley
Lockenbach’s daughter-in-law.
They can open doors and build relationships.
This is how we learn and how ideas grow. It is
the heart of everything that we do. We ask
questions and listen to your answers. Then, we
take the right steps to move ahead with
confidence and work together for the benefit of
our congregation. So, when the conversation
turns to Sisterhood, let us listen to each other,
and together we will go far.
Robin Coller & Shirley Lockenbach
Sisterhood Co-Presidents
It was inspirational to see over 120 members
attending with their enthusiasm and dedication
radiating. They are members who represented
their temples from Alabama, North Carolina,
South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida.
A reminder*Chanukah gifts are being collected
for children in Shalom Bayit, a program of the
Jewish Community Services (JCS) of MiamiDade County. You many donate unwrapped
gifts, cash, or gift cards. Please leave them at the
BBSOO Temple Office or the Pre-school Office.
On January 30th there will be our annual
Sisterhood Shabbat Service and Dinner. You will
receive more details later.
We would like to hear from you with your ideas
and suggestions as to how we can increase our
membership and bring projects and programs
that would interest you.
Men’s Club Report
November 16th was a great day for the
Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs, Florida
Region. On that day at Temple Beth Torah
Sha’aray Tzedek they held their annual
Awards Luncheon for the Keepers of the
Flame. Our Men’s Club participated and our
honorees, Philip L. Coller, as Man of the
Year, and Ryan Lockenbach as our Youth of
the Year were well received. They received
their respective awards as can seen in the
picture. Those who attended had a great
time. It was like going to a simcha with hors
d’oeuvres, Yarden wines, full lunch, dessert,
live music and entertainment A special thanks
goes to Don Lockenbach who on behalf of
our club introduced the honorees. (I never
knew he was so funny.)
His introduction, especially of his son, is
something Ryan will never forget. I also want
to thank all of the club members and club
supporters who made this event for our club
the biggest yet. We had more people attend
than in the past, we sold more raffles, which
raises funds for our temple, and the sale of
ads for the tribute book were up 600% from
last year. Mazel tov to all who participated in
every facet of this event.
On November 23rd, the Men’s Club provided
breakfast for the Global Day of Learning.
Rabbi Barth and Rabbi Aklepi made
wonderful presentations. All who attended
learned something that day.
The next Board of Directors Meeting for the
Men’s Club will be Thursday, December 11th
at 7:30PM. On December 14th we will have
our Sunday Breakfast Meeting. Our speaker
will be author Dale Stanten. The author of
the popular book, “The Hookers Daughter”.
The book is about her memoirs of growing up
in the 1950’s in Jewish Boston. Ms. Stanten
has spoken at FJMC Convention in the
Boston area and at many temples in Boston,
Miami, Arizona. Her book is available on and on e-books with the Kindle,
Nook, I-book and other formats.
You will
enjoy her talk.
After all, just from the title you can see it a
family like most of ours – dysfunctional!
Don’t miss this event. The Board meeting is
scheduled for January 21st at 7:30PM. The
breakfast will be January 25th at which time
we will have our temple president Joe
Penchansky teach us how to do our own
genealogy and find our roots. One day Joe
hopes to write a book on his family’s history.
In January the temple is honoring Rabbi
Akelpi for her 18 years of service to the
temple. I hope that our members will support
this event and that we will all see each other
there and celebrate with the rabbi at this
monumental occasion.
If you have not already picked up your
Tzedakah box from the temple, please do so,
as this is a fund raiser for the temple and it is
easy to participate. Each night put your extra
change in the box. At the end of the month
count the change and send a check to the
temple. In this way you will be fulfilling your
obligation as a Jew and helping the temple.
It’s a great way to teach your children and
grandchildren about Tzedakah.
Happy Chanukah.
May all of you have a very happy,
healthy New Year!
Philip Coller, Men’s Club President
Ryan Lockenbach & Philip Coller
Bet Breira Samu-El Or Olom
Save the Date
Combined shabbat service
& Chanukah Celebration!
friday, Dec. 19, 2014 • 7:30pm
Celebrate the
Festival of Lights for Chanukah!
a beautiful Shabbat for the whole family
gelt • dreidels
extra special DAIRY oneg including
latkas, =”shabbaccino” & sufganiyot
Clebrating the Beauty and
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Bet Breira Samu-El Or Olom
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Scholar In Residence Weekend 2015
February 6-9, 2015
Rabbi Avinoam Sharon Lt. Col. (Ret.)
Avinoam Sharon held senior staff and command positions in the Chief Military Advocate’s Unit of the Israel Defense Forces, and was involved in the
apprehension and prosecution of terrorists and the related legal and policy issues of counter‐terrorism. He also acted as liaison to Israel’s General
Security Service, the Terrorism and Violent Crime Section of the United States Department of Justice, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and
served as the Military Attorney for Judea, Samaria and Gaza before retiring from active duty with the rank of lieutenant colonel. Rabbi Sharon earned
his undergraduate degree in linguistics and Semitic languages at Columbia University, and studied law at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He was
ordained by the Shechter Rabbinical Seminary in Jerusalem, and holds an MA in Talmud from the Jewish Theological Seminary, where he is currently
a doctoral fellow.
The Scholar In Residence Program is a vital part of our synagogue’s identity. It is funded solely through congregant sponsorships and participation.
We are counting on your sponsorship. This event will provide exceptional educational growth and the good feelings that come from learning and
socializing together as a community.
Shabbat Dinner $25per person
Friday, February 6, 2014 ~ 6:30 pm
Scholar will speak during Shabbat
Services on the following topic:
Sponsorship Opportunities Available
Includes all Scholar In Residence Events
The State & The Proposed Jewish State Law: Legal & Political
Includes Shabbat Dinner & Dessert Reception
What is a Jewish State and what do the
“Jewish State” bills intend to achieve?
Can Israel be “Jewish & Democratic?”
Includes Dessert Reception & Sunday Brunch
Kiddush Luncheon ~ No Charge
Saturday, February 7, 2014 ~ 11:00 am
Narratives That Frame Israel: Israel, The Press &
The Palestinians
□$ _______ Other
All sponsors will be acknowledged in the program, on a lobby poster and in
the Temple Newsletter.
Please send sponsorships by 12/31/14
Thank you very much.
A look at how the media presents stories about Israel & shapes our
opinions about Israel.
Reservations Required
Dessert Reception ~ $18 per person
Saturday, February 7, 2014 ~ 8:00 pm
The IDF Ethical Code, International Law, & The Gaza War
Is the IDF the most Moral Army in the world? The Military & Ethical
challenges of the Gaza War.
Brunch ~ $12 per person
Sunday, February 8, 2014 ~ 10:00 am
Hyphenated Jews: Israeli Jews &
Jewish-Americans or Why Israelis
Don’t Eat Bagels
The New York Times publishes recipes for
hummus & describes shakshuka as “The apex of eggs for dinner
16recipes,” but Israelis shun bagels & lox. A look at how Israeli Jews &
Jewish-Americans perceive Jewish Identity & each other.
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City: ______________ State: ______ Zip Code: ____________
□ Shabbat Dinner/ $25per person □ Kiddush Luncheon
□ Dessert Reception/$18per person □ Brunch/$12 per person
Total; enclosed $_________________
(please Make Checks Payable to BBSOO Attn: SIR 2015)
Credit Card #: ______________________________________________________ Exp. Date: __/______
Name it appears on the card: _________________________________ Billing Zip Code: _____________
Scholar In Residence Co-Chairs Suzan & Mark Farber
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Phyllis Koss (Chairperson)
Email: [email protected]
• save-the-dates & announcements
• ceremony programs & menus
• seating items & napkins
• stationery, pads, favors & gifts
• sign-in books & boards
• specials & clearance items
• in-house printing & calligraphy
Linda Mann
[email protected] •
Past President of Bet Breira
9400 S. Dadeland Blvd., Suite 300
Miami, Florida 33156
Telephone: (305) 670-6300
Email: [email protected]
Would you like to commemorate a
special event or memory?
Consider becoming a sponsor!
Weekly email ~ $36
Cemetery Plots
Weekly Shabbat Announcements ~ $54
Bet Breira has cemetery plots
available for sale
(below market value)
at the beautiful Lakeside
Memorial cemetary.
Oneg Shabbat / Kiddush ~ $200
Call the BBSOO Office
(305) 595-1500
or email
[email protected] for more information
If you would like
additional information,
please call David Mesnekoff
at 305-772-7944
or the Temple office.
3041 N.W.Seventh Street #100
Miami, FL 33125
(305) 541-3501
Fax (305) 649-3501
“Let our Family help your Family”
Franklin D. Kreutzer, Esq. · Jay E. Kreutzer, Esq.
Howard Rosenbloom, C.P.A., M.B.A.
Certified Public Accountant
MIAMI, FLORIDA 33186-1309
TELEPHONE: (305) 596-0000
FAX (305) 595-2309
EMAIL: [email protected]
Shubitz Rosenbloom & Co., P.A.
Bill Hochstetter
14765 S. Dixie Highway
Miami, FL 33176
Paul Klugerman
Phone: (305) 595-2000
Fax: (305) 595-2065
12542 N. Kendall Drive
Miami, FL 33186
[email protected]
Tel: 305-232-5559
Fax: 305-232-8210
FOR $118.00
Weinstein Insurance
Landscaping By George
5915 Ponce De Leon Blvd • Suite 29 • Coral Gables, FL 33146
Since 1981 ~ Residential & Commercial
David Becker
Vice President
Office (305) 665-2622 Ext 405
(305) 665-3236
(786) 303-0997
Unique Custom Designs,
Tree Trimming, Full Maintenance Program
Office: 305-281-2132 ~ Cell: 305-915-7367
[email protected]
[email protected]m
Landscaping By George
Since 1981 ~ Residential & Commercial
Unique Custom Designs,
Tree Trimming, Full Maintenance Program
Office: 305-281-2132 ~ Cell: 305-915-7367
[email protected]
Landscaping By George
Since 1981 ~ Residential & Commercial
Unique Custom Designs,
Tree Trimming, Full Maintenance Program
Mahjong Madness!
Office: 305-281-2132 ~ Cell: 305-915-7367
[email protected]
Time to reorder your NEW Mahjong card!
$8.00 for regular print
Landscaping By George
$9.00 for large print
1981 ~ Residential & Commercial
To order, contact Ruth Berman
(305) 264-7210
Unique Custom Designs,
Trimming, Full Maintenance Program
Mail payment made payable
Ruth Berman
1701 SW 85 Court Office: 305-281-2132 ~ Cell: 305-915-7367
[email protected]
Miami, FL 33155
Are you interested in playing Mahjong
By group!
at BBSOO? Le’ts start
a monthly
Since 1981
~ Residential & Commercial
Joan Salzman atUnique
Custom Designs,
Tree Trimming,
Full Maintenance Program
Ruth Berman
at 305-264-7210
Office: 305-281-2132 ~ Cell: 305-915-7367
[email protected]
Bet Breira Samu-El Or Olom
Non Profit Org.
U.S. Postage
Miami, FL
Permit No.
9400 SW 87 Avenue
Miami, Florida 33176
January 2015
Happy New Year!
Temple Office &
School Closed
7:30pm– Shared
Shabbat Services
Oneg to Follow
8:45am -Conservative Svc.
9:15am – Bagels & Bible
10:45am -Kiddush Luncheon
No Religious School
10:30am - Unity Church
4pm - Jump Rope
3pm - Baptist Fitness
5pm - Religious School
7pm - Nightly Minyan
11:45am - Weight Watchers
4pm - Jump Rope
7pm - Judaic High School
7pm - Nightly Minyan
7:30pm - Sisterhood Bd. Mtg.
3pm - Baptist Fitness
7pm - Nightly MInyan
7:30pm - Youth Group
7:30pm– Shared
Shabbat Services
Oneg to follow
8:45am -Conservative Svc.
9:15am – Bagels & Bible
10:45am -Kiddush Luncheon
7pm - Rabbi Aklepi’s 18th
Anniversary Celebration
9am - Religious School
12pm - Kehilah Kedosha
4th & 5th Grade Program
10:30am - Unity Church
4pm - Jump Rope
11:45am - Weight Watchers
4pm - Jump Rope
7pm—B/M tutorial B-1
7pm– Judaic High School
7pm - Nightly Minyan
3pm - Baptist Fitness
7pm - Nightly Minyan
7:30pm - Youth Group
7:30pm– Reform Service
7:30pm– Conservative
Oneg to follow
8:45am -Conservative Svc.
9:15am – Bagels & Bible
10:45am -Kiddush Luncheon
NO Religious School
10:30am - Unity Church
MLK Holiday
Office & Schools
3pm - Baptist Fitness
5pm - Religious School
7pm - Nightly Minyan
11:45am - Weight Watchers
4pm - Jump Rope
7pm - B/M tutorial B-2
7pm - Judaic High School
7pm - Nightly Minyan
7:30pm - Men’s Club Mtg.
3pm - Baptist Fitness
7pm - Nightly Minyan
7:30pm - Youth Group
6pm - Young Family
7:30pm– Reform Service
7:30pm– Conservative
Oneg to follow
8:45am -Conservative Svc.
9:15am – Bagels & Bible
10:45am -Kiddush Luncheon
11:15am - Solomon Bar
9am - Religious School
9am - Men’s Club
10:30am - Unity Church
4pm - Jump Rope
3pm - Baptist Fitness
5pm - Religious School
7pm - Nightly Minyan
11:45am - Weight Watchers
4pm - Jump Rope
7pm - Judaic High School
7pm– Nightly Minyan
7:30pm - Board of Trustees
7:30pm - Sisterhood Mtg.
3pm - Baptist Fitness
7pm - Nightly Minyan
7:30pm - Youth Group
6:30pm - Sisterhood
Shabbat Service & Dinner
Oneg to follow
8:45am -Conservative Svc.
9:15am – Bagels & Bible
10:45am -Kiddush Luncheon
11:15am - Klein Bar Mitzvah
Baptist Fitness
Religious School
Nightly Minyan
ICAN Meeting
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