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Johnson City Radio Controllers
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February 2015
President's Report
Anthony Hall
423-477-8291 (please 5-9 pm)
[email protected]
Vice President
Danny Rhudy
[email protected]
Michael Lick
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Vic Koenig
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Safety Officer
Dave Peterson
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Field Marshals
Klaus Kogler
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Dave Collea
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Dennis Sams
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Roy Davidson
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Doug Lindauer
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Newsletter Editor and Facebook Page
Mike Starnes
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N 36 25.1063
W 082 32.1312
Greetings and salutations!
Here is a reminder, on Saturday, February 7, 2015; we will be hosting an
indoor electric fun fly at the Kingsport Civic Auditorium from 2 till 6 pm.
This is the last indoor event for this winter, so grab your aircraft and get
airborne! Even if you don't have an aircraft, you should stop by and enjoy
a great afternoon of fun with friends. It's a great place to pull out a
"weird" aircraft and have a great time. I will be bringing a new hovercraft
out and with some luck, will be bringing my "little" dirigible out for a nice
Reminder; Our next JCRC Monthly meeting will be held indoors, at the
Harbor House Restaurant located in Johnson City on Tuesday, February
24, 2015 (weather permitting) at 6:45pm. Please show up early so you can
enjoy your meal before the meeting.
If possible I would like our meetings to end with a show and tell
presentation (5 to 10 minutes in length). The topic(s) can be anything
relating to our hobby (new aircraft, flying procedures, building hints,
and/or even personal experiences). Please contact me if there is a subject
that we should bring up or if you want to give one.
Thanks! Clear skies, smooth air, and safe landings!
Anthony Hall
JCRC President
E-mail: [email protected]
Coming Events
Want to fly in snow?
While searching for some building parts I
came across something I used back in the
'90s. I wanted to try flying off snow and
bought two main gear skis and one nose
gear ski. The main gear skis are
2 ¼ “ W x 16” L. The nose gear ski is
2 ¼ “ W x 8” L. They are made of aluminum
and are very well constructed. They are
made for airplanes up to six pounds. Du-bro
manufactured these skis.
February 7th - Indoor Fly In at the Kingsport
Civic Auditorium 2 pm – 6 pm
January 27th - Club Meeting at Harbor
House in Johnson City 6:30
February 24th – Club Meeting at Harbor
House in Johnson City 6:30
Joe Nall 2015- May 9- 16
Nose Ski
The skis are easily attached to the axles of your
plane and the torsion bars lock them in place.
They worked well when the snow is frozen on
top or on really frosty mornings.
Main Ski
Nose Ski on Plane has polyethelene skis to fit all
Don't forget the indoor fly-in February 7 th.
Main Ski
The two pictures above show the main skis
with the torsion bars attached. The torsion
bars attach to the landing gear and keep the
ski in a positive position in the air. They also
act as a shock absorber.
Get those aircraft ready.
Scenes From The Field
We had a couple of warm days to start January and a reporter visited.
We had a great New Years Day at the field.
On January 3rd we had an indoor event.
We have another indoor event on Feburary 7.
As always there will be flying at the field.
Michael Starnes
1430 Glenmar Ave
Mount Carmel, TN 37645
Next Meetings
January 27th - Harbor House in Johnson City 6:30
February 24- Harbor House in Johnson City 6:30
Address correction requested
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