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The Carriage Studio
Lynne Holyoake
Heirloom Sewing
Fees include tuition, a delicious lunch and all day tea
& coffee.
 Classes commence at 10am and finish at 3.30pm
 By arriving at 9.30am you can have a cup of tea
before we start
 Classes fill quickly and may have a waiting list
 A deposit of $10 is required when the workshop
booking is made. BankCard, MasterCard, Visa
Card or cheque in the mail
is acceptable
 From Sydney travel South on the M5 to the 2nd
Campbelltown exit ‘number 9’ to
Camden via the Narellan Road.
 Proceed towards Narellan to the Picton sign, and
turn left onto the Camden By-pass.
e-mail or call me if you have any
02 4636 6214
[email protected]
Photo courtesy of ‘Australian Stitches’
Volume 9, Issue 6.
 Drive over the Camden Bridge and on
Remembrance Driveway, up the Razorback Range
to Donalds Range Road, which is the first turn on
the left and directly opposite the lookout at the top
of Razorback.
The Carriage Studio
 Plateau Drive is 1/2 Kilometre on the left and our
entrance is the first on the right.
 You will see the carriage from the highway. When
you arrive, park near the carriage.
January - July 2010
10 Plateau Drive Razorback 2571 NSW
Phone/Fax: 02 4636 6214
E-mail: [email protected]
The Carriage Studio
An Heirloom Lace Quilt
Here I am
preparing for
our Chritmas
Class last year.
We all had a
lovely time.
Heirloom Lace Quit
This is my heirloom lace Quilt,
which has been a fun project and can
be completed in your own time using
some of your antique laces.
It has been a lovely project, one I
know you will enjoy if you love
heirloom sewing. Just let me know
when you want to make a start.
Sew & Stay
Sew and Stay - for those of you who would like to
come to the Carriage Studio but live a long way
A Baby Smocked
To All My Dear Friends,
I can’t believe it’s time for me to send you another
program, I love the Christmas season but I am now
focusing on 2010 and hoping we will have something
on the program to bring you to the carriage studio.
There have been made in the carriage beautiful
blouses in silk dupioni, linen and cotton, cami’s for
special occasions, baby wraps, daygowns, bibs,
booties and gorgeous christening gowns, smocked
dresses for very special children and grandchildren
and nightgowns like you just can’t buy and of course
doll dressing. We also had personalised wedding
handbags and handkerchiefs made here - a very special gift for a special bride or friend.
Everyone who comes can achieve so much because
they don’t have the distractions you have when
stitching at home and David organises a beautiful
lunch for us.
We are sewing on Wednesday and Saturday with
patchwork reserved for Thursday.
Those of you who have come to the carriage studio
know that I will try to adapt to your requirements so
give me a ring before the class so I can be prepared.
Students that come on a regular basis with ongoing
projects are always welcome.
Love & God’s Blessings
Fees include, tuition and lunch, tea and coffee all
day, there is always lots of laughter, joy and sharing
at the studio and some special friendships are
A Smocked Baby Bishop
A smocked Bishop for a new baby is
a very rewarding project. for anyone
who likes to do embroidery. I have
this on our program this term.
David has his Rolls Royce Wedding Car Hire company
operational. You can click on the website to see the details:
Please forward this on to
any friends getting
married. We will
organise a special
‘referral rate’ for those
introduced through
‘Friends of Heirloom
Fine fabrics, Swiss and French lace.
Thread, buttons Ribbons
Daylight Lights, Accessories
Mail and e-mail orders welcome.
We have 3 comfortable guest rooms & it will cost
$65.00 per person for dinner, bed & breakfast.
There is also motel & hotel accommodation in Picton & Camden if you would prefer.
Embroidery for a Day
It is always an enjoyable thing to do do
come and spend a day mastering the
art. You can embroider a sewing and
scissor case, a small pillow or
embellish a
gown, blouse,
dolls dress or
Beautiful Heirloom fabrics, laces and notions are
available at the Carriage Studio. Irish linen and
Liberty Fabric is now available
Lynne and David
Lunch is always a highlight
Some of my favourite fabrics :
Linen (various widths)
$28 - $35 / m
white, pink, blue, natural
Linen / Cotton (60 / 40%)
$18 / m
Blue, yellow, white, natural
Swiss Voile White
$35/ m
Swiss Nelona:
White,Pink, Black,Ivory, Blue $35 / m
Swiss Pique Blue
$35 / m
‘Finessa’ 100% Cotton
$22.00p/ m
Batiste white
Lynne’s Classes
Heirloom Techniques or “Work in Progress” Day
This is a day you can treat yourself. Come to begin,
continue or complete a sewing project.
Heirloom Techniques will teach you so much about
using your sewing machine to its full potential..Learn
how simple it is to make pintucks, lace shaping ,
puffing, joining laces and using fancy stitches, twin
and wing needles. You will complete your own sample
book for easy referral
1 day Wed 3rd February 10am- 3.30pm
1 day Wed 3rd March 10am- 3.30pm
1 day Saturday 27th March.10 am-4,00pm
1 day Wed.7th April 10 am-3.30pm
1 day Wed 21st April 10 am-3.30pm
1day Wed 28th April 10am-3.30pm
1 day Wed 19th May 10 am -3.30pm
1 day Wed 26th May 10am-4.00pm
1day Saturday 13th June 10am-4.00pm
Workshop Wed.$45.00 Sat. $50.00 + cost of pattern & lace of
choice.Kit for heirloom techniques $25.00
Focus On Heirloom Christening Gown, Adult
Nightgown, Child's first communion dress or Party
dress for a special occasion
Choose from one of my many samples. These heirloom gowns can
all be made by a beginner and will bring you so much joy. They
can be made using the same techniques. When you book in let me
know which special gown you wish to make.
Wednesday 10th, 17th & 24th Feb. 10.00am-3.30pm
Saturday 13th 20th Feb 7th March
Saturday 15th, 22nd & 29th May 10.00am-4.00pm
Workshop Wed.$45.00 Sat. $50.00per day +cost of pattern, lace
and fabric of choice.
Heirloom Blouse Workshop
Come to the Carriage and make a beautiful blouse
which will always be admired. You can choose from
my samples, one to suit you and it can incorporate
tucks, lace insertion, collar and stand, long or short
sleeves. These blouses are very special and you will
receive lots of compliments
3 days Wed. 10th 17th & 24th March 10am-3.30pm
2 days Sat. 13th & 20th March10am-4.00pm
3 days Wed. . 2nd 9th & 16th June 10am-3.30pm
Workshop Wed. $45.00 Sat.$50.00 + pattern cost, fabric, lace.
Weekend Workshop
Wonderful for those of you who like a weekend
focus. Treat yourself and just tell me what you wish
to do. Come on the Saturday or Sunday or both days.
Book early if you need to stay overnight
- see Sew and Stay.
Saturday 3rd & Sunday 4th April 10am- 4.30pm
Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th June 10am-4.30pm
Workshop $50.00 a day + cost of pattern, fabric and lace
Learn Maderia Technique
Madeira appliqué is one of the most admired,
special effects in sewing. We will do sample
for your notebook and complete a handtowel
with a Madeira applique hem and bow. You
will enjoy this workshop.
Wednesday 14th April 10am- 3.30pm
Saturday 17th April 10am-4.00pm
Workshop Wed.$45.00 Sat. $50.00+ Kit $16.50
Heirloom Camisole or Shell Blouse
This garment can incorporates lace shaping and
twin needle pintucks together with various
heirloom techniques. Your choice. It could be
made into a nightdress for an adult or a child.
Wednesday 5th May 10am -3.30pm
Saturday 8th May 10am-4.00pm
Wednesday 12th May 10am- 4.00pm
Workshop Wed.$45.00 Sat. 50.00 + pattern, fabric, lace
Baby Day or Doll Dressing Day
There are so many things you can make for that special
baby or doll. Day gown, dress,silk booties, receiving
blanket, sheets, coathangers, bonnet or handkerchief
bonnet. Please let me know when you book.
We can plan and make a pattern for a doll dress.
1 day Wednesday 31st March 10am- 3.30pm
1 day Saturday 24th April 10am-4.00pm
Smocked Baby Bishop daygown
I have a lot of requests for smocking at the studio
so it seemed a bishop daygown for a baby is the
perfect project This batiste daygown is pre
pleated and ready for you to laearn smocking
techniques. I know you will enjoy
Saturday 6th february
Saturday 13th June 10am-4.00pm
Workshop is Wed.$45.00 Sat. $50.00+ cost of fabric and lace.
Workshop $50.00
Pre pleated bishop gown$40.00
Embroidery For a Day
What an enjoyable thing to do for a day in the
carriage. We will be embroidering a small pillow
and you will master shadow work, stem stitch, satin
stitch flowers and dots, French knots and lazy daisy.
However you may prefer to embellish a christening
dress, blouse, dolls dress or collar. I will leave it to
you to let me know before the class.
Saturday 10th April 10.00am - 4.00pm
Saturday 1st May 10.00am-4.00pm
WorkshopSat. 50.00+ Cost of fabric & threads or kit.
Is someone you know getting married?
Belinda is organising
Hen’s Days at the
Carriage in 2010...
Patchwork with Lorraine Wheeler
Patchwork at the Carriage Studio has been wonderful.
Lorraine Wheeler is an outstanding teacher and everyone has had great days learning a lot, building on their
skills and sharing a common interest.
Photos courtesy of ‘Australian Stitches’ Volume 9, 6
What to bring to a workshop at the
 Your zig zag sewing machine in good
working order
 Attachment box (including all sewing
machine feet and instruction book)
 Pintucking foot for fine work (Note this
does not come with the machine & you
will need to buy this beforehand)
Other items that will help you...all of
which are available at the Carriage
With each lesson, you will enjoy a lovely lunch in the carriage and tea and coffee whenever you feel like it.
We are planning some new workshops in this program which I know you will find stimulating.
Patchwork workshops cost $45 per day which includes tuition, lunch, tea and coffee. Kits and fabrics are extra.
10am - 3.30pm All enquiries ring Lorraine 4632 7376
Applique Quilts, There is something very beautiful
Thursdays in March
about applique quilts Lorraine has 2 new ones, one
 Thursdays in February 2009
queen size and one single which will be taught as block
 4th -Work in Progress
of the month. You are welcome to join in whenever you
 11th- Lorraine’s Applique quilt
feel like it.
18th -Work in progress
25th- Log Cabin
Thursdays in March
4th - Work in progress
11th - Applique quilt
18th - Work in Progress
25th - Nine Patch Possibilities
Thursdays in April
1st - Quick Quilts by Machine
8th - Applique Quilt
15th - Sampler Quilt
22nd- Work in Progress
29th-Nine Patch Possibilities
Thursdays in May
Scissors (cutting out, small and paper)
Water erasable pen
2 B pencil Glass headed pins
Mettler 60 or DMC 50 thread
70 Needles to fit your machine
Wing needle 100 or 120
Twin Needle 1.6/70
6th - Log Cabin
13th - Sampler Quilt
20th - Work in Progress
27th- Summer Skies
Thursdays in June
3rd - Sampler Quilt
10th - Work in progress
17th - Summer Skies
24th - Work in Progress
Nine Patch Possibilities:We will explore the many
wonderful ways with nine patch. Lorraine will give you
many possibilities to inspire.
Quick Machine Quilts: You can use scraps or
coordinated fabrics - your choice. This will be an enjoyable day. This will be a technique day and you can
continue at your leisure.
Sampler Quilt:An introduction to traditional hand and
machine patchwork. You will receive many patterns
which can be used as part of your sampler quilt. Come
for one week or many for support as your quilt takes
shape. Techniques include rotary cutting, American
piecing, applique, curved piecing, English Piecing and
Summer Skies This is a medallion centre applique with
diamond shaped applique and pieced borders. this is a
stunning quilt and will be a lot of fun to do.
Log Cabin has always been a favourite and in this class
you can end up with cushions or a Quilt. You will get a
kit of light and dark stripped fabric to make a start. You
will love this very quick method and will work in pairs
to make the stitching and ironing a quicker excercise
Workshop $45 + kit of fabric strips $20.00
Workshop Enrolment Form
Name:…………………………………………. …………………………….......
Address: …………………………………………..……………………… .........
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Hen’s Day at the Carriage
Belinda was recently approached to host a Hen's Day at the Carriage Studio to
learn how to become a Domestic Goddess. This type of experience in the
country is a great way to create a lasting memory for the Bride To Be and also
learn some tips for the start of married life. The format could include some
combination of the following activities:
Cooking basics – learn and taste a selection of easy and delicious meals
Sewing – complete a small and easy hand embroidery project
Make up demonstration from one of Sydney’s leading make up artists –
a special focus for the bride
We also have a selection of fun ideas and games we can assist the bridesmaids
to make the day personal and special for the Bride. Enjoy a fun and relaxing
day in the country. The most important thing is to have fun with the Bride.
Minimum 10 people ($100 pp).
Details on the website:
Cheque enclosed
Charge my credit card
( )
( )
Email Belinda [email protected] to express interest and
make a booking
Name on Card: ……………………………………..……………………………
Card Number: ……………………………………..…………………………….
Expiry Date:………../………… MasterCard: ( ) Visa ( )
Mail to: Lynne Holyoake Heirloom Sewing
10 Plateau Drive Razorback NSW 2571
Phone / Fax:
02 4636 6214
Domestic Goddess Hens Day
[email protected]