Dear Parents, We will be holding our annual Hoops for Heart Event

Dear Parents,
We will be holding our annual Hoops for Heart Event on February 5, 2015! The event is put on in
partnership with the American Heart Association in the fight against heart disease and stroke. During this
exciting event, our students will be playing basketball and engaging in fun cardiovascular activities! This
program educates students about living a heart healthy lifestyle by eating healthy, exercising and living
tobacco free. The students also get an opportunity to do community service and help raise money to fund
research and education for the No. 1 and No. 5 killers of Americans: heart disease and stroke. A common
misconception of these two diseases is that only the elderly are affected; unfortunately, as many of us
know, that is not always the case!
We believe that the money raised is for a great cause, and it will help provide a valuable lesson to our
students. Family and friends are welcome to support your child’s participation by making additional
contributions to the AHA (donations are tax-deductible and many companies offer matching gift
programs). We do not encourage that children ask strangers or go door-to-door in your neighborhood.
Donations are due by January 29, 2015. Please turn in all money at the same time in a sealed envelope. If
possible, please include checks rather than cash.
Students may form their own 3- or 4-player basketball teams to participate in the tournament.
Students are asked to donate $5 to join a team. We invite you to come join us on February 5th and
watch the event! We will also be accepting donations at the door and are asking that each spectator
donate $2.00 to come watch. Please return the bottom portion of this sheet to sign up.
Thank you for your support of this very worthwhile and important event!
Your PE/Athletics Team
All teams must consist of 3 players within the same grade level, with the option of 1 additional alternate.
Teams must consist of all boys or all girls. Entry fees for each team are $5.00 per player ($15 for a team
of 3; $20 for a team of 4). Entry fees are due to Coach Sietsma or Coach Kosh by the end of the school
day at 4:05 on Thursday, January 29th, NO EXCEPTIONS. Teams may wear matching team shirts if you
choose. Please fill out the blanks below to ensure your team is properly entered into the tournament.
Team Name:________________________________
Player 1:____________________________
Player 2:____________________________
Player 3:____________________________
(Player 4):___________________________
Team of 3 Team of 4-
Paid $15.00 by: Cash________
Paid $20.00 by: Cash________
Check one of the following:
____6th grade Girls____8th grade Girls
____6th grade Boys____8th grade Boys
____7th grade Girls
____7th grade Boys
*Please make all checks payable to the American Heart Association
Check #______________
Check #______________