Anglican Parish of Colac
Ss Johns’ Colac, Christ Church Birregurra, St Andrew’s Alvie
Fr Canon Graham Snell
5231 3646
Parish Secretary:
Lynette Harris
5233 8383
February 1st 2015 ~ 4th Sunday after Epiphany
Today’s Services
Eucharist at Ss Johns’ Colac
Eucharist at St Andrew’s Alvie
Eucharist at Ss Johns’ Colac
Parish Diary
Monday 2nd
Eucharist at Barongarook Gardens
Tuesday 3rd
Eucharist at Ss Johns’ Colac (Please note
the earlier time – 4:00pm)
Wednesday 4th
Eucharist at Ss Johns’ Colac
Ss Johns’ AWG
Thursday 5th
Eucharist at Mercy Place
5-5:30pm Meditation at Ss Johns’ Colac
Saturday 7th
Youth Group Eucharist followed by tea
and planning activities for 2015
Up-coming dates
Parish Council Meeting will be held on Tuesday
February 10th.
Ash Wednesday – Wednesday February 18th;
10:00am and 7:30pm Eucharist at Ss Johns’.
Parish Fete – Saturday March 21st – Please put this
date in your diaries now and begin to set aside items,
preserves, books etc. that can be sold at the fete.
Next Sunday, February 8th – 5th Sunday after
Eucharist at Ss Johns’ Colac
Eucharist at Christ Church, Birregurra
Eucharist at Ss Johns’ Colac
Music At The Basilica – Geelong – A program of
Sacred Music from February to May, including a
commemoration of the Centenary of World War One,
are available on the table at the back of the Church.
Anglicare Fundraiser
Anglicare, Ballarat Diverse New Cookbook - on sale
now at $20. The cookbook covers a wide range of
recipes from cakes and jams to main courses and
soups. A pre-production order sheet can be found in
Church entry.
2015 Calendar – Anglican Churches of the Ballarat
Diocese are available for $10.
From the Ministry Development Committee
2015 is the year of Mark, the first of the Gospels.
Some say it is the “darkest” of the Gospels – over half
of it is devoted to the last week of Jesus’ life, his
passion, death and burial and it is the only Gospel
without an appearance of the risen Christ.
There are three opportunities to explore Marks Gospel
with the Revd. Canon Dr. Tim Gaden:
Horsham - Saturday January 31st, 10:30am – midday
at St John the Divine,
Ballarat - Sunday February 1st, 3:30pm – 5:00pm at
Christ Church Cathedral,
And Warrnambool - Saturday February 7th, 10:30 –
midday at Christ Church.
Extracts from; Joan Chittister’s book “Our Holy
Yearning – Life Lessons for Becoming OUR Trusted
Selves”. Garratt pub: 2014.
From chapter 1; Perfection:
Perfection is a warped shadow of what really
is. Life consists of twists and turns, a maze of
possibilities through which we wind our way to
becoming everything we are. (page 11)
Parish Lenten Quiet Day at the Abbey has been set
for Friday March 13th from 9:30am – 5:15pm. Please
mark this date in your diary now – even if you can
only stay for the morning or afternoon.
Today’s Gospel Reading – Mark 1:21-28
Mark records for us an event, which
carries two aspects of Jesus’ ministry
which are in close parallel. Verse 21
sets the scene: Jesus goes to
Capernaum with the disciples he had
just called, enters the synagogue on the Sabbath, and
begins to teach. Verse 22 describes the reaction –
amazement – that his teaching “with authority”
provokes among those present. After the exorcism (vv.
23-26), the episode ends with a similar expression of
amazement at his teaching, this time taking account
also of the exorcism (v.27). This arrangement serves
to place the exorcism within the frame formed by the
two reactions – one at the beginning, one at the end –
to Jesus’ authoritative teaching. Moreover, for all the
drama of the exorcism that has taken place before their
eyes, the congregation “keep on asking each other”
first about his teaching with authority and his
command of the evil spirits. What links the two is the
note of authority.
The entire episode, then, breaks like a thunderclap over
the entrenched rule of Satan. It serves notice that here
in the synagogue, where scribal teaching has for years
ineffectively chipped away at that rule, a new era has
dawned. The demon’s “rending” of the person as it
leaves (v.26a) unmasks its destructive intent; the
accompanying loud cry is both an acknowledgement of
defeat and a protest that the regime of the demonic in
this human life has come to an end. In all these ways,
this episode in the synagogue, a report of which
spreads widely throughout Galilee, opens up and sets
the pattern for the entire ministry of Jesus that has
begun to unfold.
Trinity Study 2015
This year we will be doing units 4 and 6.
We will commence Unit 4 –The Anglican Church –
Our Story; in February and will conclude in
The aim of this unit is to enable group members to
gain a better understanding of their own Christian
experience through knowing more about the Church’s
story, by understanding today’s Church in the light of
its past and to explore the roots of some major issues
facing the Church in Australia today.
If you would like to be part of this 9-session unit,
please give your name to me by the end of January so
that workbooks can be ordered.
Unit 6 – Serving Christ Today; An 8 Session Unit will
commence in August – November.
Fr. Graham.
Gospel readings for this week;
Monday February 2nd - Sunday February 8th
Monday 2nd
Mark 5:1-20
Tuesday 3rd
Mark 5:21-43
Wednesday 4
Mark 6:1-6
Thursday 5
Mark 6:7-13
Friday 6th
Mark 6:14-29
Saturday 7
Mark 6:30-34
Sunday 8
Mark 1:29-39
We Remember the Anniversaries of
January 8th
Jeanie Evelyn Davis ‘15
February 4th
Emma Neale ‘12
February 6th
Mary Smith ‘12
February 7th
Marguerite McGarvie ‘10
Mary Milthorpe ‘12
Lindsay Salmon ‘14
February 8th
Houston Dalrymple-Hay ‘10
Eternal Rest Grant Unto Them O Lord
And Let Light Perpetual Shine Upon Them
Items for the Parish News can be forwarded to Catherine
Bennett via email ([email protected]) or left in the
‘blue box’ at the hall by midday Tuesday.
“What have you to do with us, Jesus of Nazareth? Have you come to destroy us? I know who you are,
the Holy One of God.” ~ Mk. 1:24