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Prince George Minor Basketball Association
Final Playday
Sunday, February 8th, 2015
All games to be played at UNBC’s Northern Sport Centre
Dear Parents and Players,
Welcome to the 42nd Annual PGMBA Playday! Each team will play two half-hour games with a
brief presentation following each division that we ask all players and parents to attend. The playday
is always fun so please plan to attend and show your support by cheering on the players and coach!
Spectators at the Northern Sport Centre are required to sit upstairs in the viewing area during the
games and then come down to the gym for the presentation. For parking, follow the instructions on
the signs in the NSC lots including the drop off zone in front of the building.
We would like to thank the following people for their time, energy and help in making this another
successful season of Minor Basketball:
Craig Douglass, Glen Goudy, Keith Hampe, Brad Kidwell, John MacDonald, Hartley Miller, Sherrie
Pearce, Derek Powley, and Leanne Sale. Thank you also to UNBC Athletic Director Loralyn
Murdoch, Men’s Basketball coach Todd Jordan, Women’s Basketball coach Sergey Shchepotkin,
and the UNBC Timberwolves players.
Registration for next season is available at the Playday and at the Pine Centre Active
Living Market September 5 & 6, 2015. The 2015-16 season will run from November 7th March 6th.
Good luck to all of our Grade 8 players who are graduating out of PGMBA! We hope to see you back
as a PGMBA coach or official in the future.
Tanis Hampe & Wade Loukes, Presidents
Prince George Minor Basketball Association
Grade 3 & 4
Court 1
Court 2
Court 3
10:00 am
Pistons & Raptors (G)
Nuggets vs Heat (B)
Pistons vs Tigers (B)
10:30 am
Pistons & Raptors (G)
Nuggets vs Pistons (B)
Tigers vs Heat (B)
11:00 am
Presentation and team awards for Grade 3-4 Girls & Boys
Grade 5 & 6
Court 1
Court 2
11:15 am
T-Wolves vs Cavs (G)
Lakers vs Wings (G)
11:45 am
Clippers vs Spurs (B)
Blazers vs Bulls (B)
T-Wolves vs Lakers (G)
12:15 pm
Bulls vs Spurs (B)
Clippers vs Blazers (B)
Cavs vs Wings (G)
12:45 pm
Court 3
Presentation and team awards for Grade 5-6 Girls & Boys
Grade 7 & 8
Court 1
Court 2
1:00 pm
Liberty vs Storm (G)
Grizzlies vs Sting (G)
1:30 pm
Suns vs Magic (B)
Rockets vs Nets (B)
Liberty vs Sting (G)
2:00 pm
Suns vs Nets (B)
Rockets vs Magic (B)
Grizzlies vs Storm (G)
2:30 pm
Court 3
Presentation and team awards for Grade 7-8 Girls & Boys