Come one, Come all.

The FREE magazine for ALL Families on the Isle of Man
Jan – Feb 2015 Issue 46
Come one,
Come all ....
and join in the New Year!!! and what a brisk wind
we have to see in 2015. Family Manx has been
around for quite a few years now ...but still the
What’s On guide grows ever larger with ‘things
to do’. The winter months will be chilly it
seems (colder than last year) but hopefully
the readers will all find things to while away the
darker days, and with this issue we have a new
series on advice regarding tax and business from
Pauline Smith; Musings from our Manx Mother
.... a lovely book review from St Pauls Bookshop,
Ramsey; News of a new sister publication called
‘Fit-Health - Isle of Man’; and lots of other bits
to peruse including a lovely competition (DO Look!!),
meaning that hopefully you will pour yourself a
cuppa, sit, and have a good read knowing that this
magazine is for YOU!!!
FAMILY MANX t. 01624 877909 e. [email protected] w.
FM News
Happy New
Year from the
designer, Mel ...
and from me!!! As
I type ...she and I
are very excited
as we are about
to launch a new
magazine called
‘Fit-health - Isle of Man’. You can read more
about it in these pages ... but having been on
quite a journey to gain back some health and
fitness ....I decided that I wanted to discover
more about health, fitness and well-being,
whether this be of the physical OR the mental
type. It launches next month (Feb15) and will
be in the opposite months to Family Manx and
My Time .... so do keep an eye out for it ...and
let me know what you think. Always happy
to hear from you (my lovely reader) and if you
fancy writing a wee missive ... just email me at
[email protected] Hugs x Amy
The craze for colouring-in books for
grown-ups is going from strength to strength,
with features across the press and discussions
on television and radio recently. They’re even
outselling cookbooks in France! Colouring-in is
a great way to unwind and switch off, requires no artistic
ability and enables anyone to create masterpieces they
can be proud of. Books aimed at grown-ups, like The Art
Therapy Colouring Book, feature more intricate patterns
and designs than those aimed at children and make
a gorgeous gift. Finished spreads would make lovely
bespoke wrapping paper, look great framed and are even
being transformed into coasters or printed on t-shirts by
proud grown-up colourers, so grab your pens or pencils
and get colouring!
Family Manx has sourced 3 copies of the book
(Amy is a keen colourer ...being the parent of a
‘teen’ helps with stress :-) and if you would like a
chance to receive
one of the books
... just email Amy
with your name
and contact
details - and
three names will
be drawn from a
hat on February
1st 2015. Good
The Art Therapy
Colouring Book
is published by
Michael O’Mara
Books, priced
Contents Jan – Feb 2015
FM News FM New Business Advice
with Pauline Smith
FM News from Boots
FM What’s On Guide - All Ages
FM Manx Radios’ new Women’s Hour
FM News from Manx Motor Meet
FM All about the Mother’s Union FM Musings of a Manx Mother
FM Book Review
6 - 14
EVERY THURSDAY: St. Johns Tynwald Mills by the
Garden Centre 11am - 3pm
EVERY SATURDAY: Ramsey Northern Lights
Community Centre, opposite
Shoprite 10am - 1pm
1ST SAT. of MONTH: Douglas Villa Marina Colonnade
10am - 2pm
3RD SUN. of MONTH: Castletown Southern 100
Clubhouse 1.30pm - 3.30pm
ENQUIRIES TEL: 454549 / 470507
In February - a new magazine is going to be
launched called
‘Fit-Health - Isle of Man’
and is a sister publication to ‘My Time - Isle of Man’ and
‘Family Manx’ in that it is a What’s On and Services Guide
regarding fitness, health and well-being. The free magazine
will be bi-monthly, coming out in the opposite months to the
other magazines.
You may have noticed that more emphasis is being placed
on us, year on year, to take our health in to our own hands
and try to prevent ‘preventable’ ailments and conditions. As
someone with Diabetes (Type 2) my GP is constantly on my
case to take better care of my body, and in recent years, I
have taken this more seriously - reaping the benefits of a
much healthier lifestyle (and, to be honest, attitude).
Our health, to a certain extent, is in our own hands .... and
this magazine is there to help us all to find out about the
vast array of activities that there are ...but also to gain
advice from experts; to see what there is available on the
island ... and to learn more about what physical and mental
health and well-being can do for our everyday lives.
The magazine will be available from all Shoprites, Boots,
Libraries, The Welcome Centre, Health Centres and most
gyms; as well as varying shops and outlets island-wide. It
will also be downloadable from the website
where all the magazines are available to download.
Find us online at
or on facebook at Family Manx Magazine Isle of Man
email: [email protected]
Family Manx Jan – Feb 2015
FM News
The Manx Autistic Spectrum Condition (ASC) Support
Group was set up in September 2014 to help support
families and professionals working with children and
adolescents with Autistic spectrum conditions in the
North of the Island.
We meet every second Wednesday, 1pm till 3pm and
every fourth Wednesday, 7pm till 9pm at Close Woirrey,
Ramsey (diagonally opposite the bus station).
The North of the Island has a high number of children
with ASC and parents often feel isolated. We work very
closely with professionals in Mental Health and Education
who come to talk one to one with parents in a relaxed
environment. We have found that the people with the
greatest knowledge are the parents themselves who are
surrounded by it every day and can share their thoughts
and ideas with other members.
There is a charge of £2 a session to include refreshments.
For more information phone Estelle on 211400
Have you ever been or would you
like to be involved in Scouting?
Are you aware that scouting is still a growing
organisation for young people. Here on the Island it is no
different with some 800 + members (census 2014) and
waiting lists of young people wanting to join.
However, are you also aware there is a section of the
scouts that is purely for adults and does not involve
any leadership commitment? This section is called
‘Active Support’. We are a group of people from all
over the island who sometimes meet purely for social
activities, like lunches or campfires but at other times
can be seen supporting scouting events around the
Island including St.George’s Day, the Swimming Gala
‘Supersplash’, Tynwald Day, the TT and Manx Grand Prix
Races, camps etc, or helping with individual groups. You
can spot us wearing a magenta and white neckerchief.
There are different levels of membership and you don’t
have to wear a uniform. Every member is free to give
their time as and when they choose, with no regular or
long term commitment required. If you think you would
be interested in finding out more, making new friends
and maybe joining in with some of these activities or
have some new ideas of your own, you would be most
welcome; so please get in touch. Membership is open to
everyone over eighteen whether they are a previous or
current members of scouting.
Piano - Keyboard Tuition
Free 1st Lesson
All ages welcome
Friendly, patient teacher
Competitive Rates
Call Clive today to book your free lesson
Tel: 481980
Clive Davenport, LLCM
[email protected]
Think local – think MANX Children in Need
Throughout the year the Isle of Man Lions Club raise
much-needed funds for their Manx Children in Need
Appeal and all monies raised stay on the Island where
it can be guaranteed that genuine cases of need
will benefit. There are no administration costs of any
description as Lions Club members give of their time
and effort voluntarily, meaning 100% of funds raised
goes directly to help disadvantaged children and
young people locally.
Publicity for individual cases is not sought but
some instances where help has been given include:
stair gates for families with small children; special
equipment for handicapped youngsters at school and
assistance for parents whose children were having
treatment in Alder Hey Hospital.
If you would like to help the
Lions Club in this fund raising
effort please contact Mike
Berry, Manx Children in Need
committee Chairman
on 661838 or
[email protected] putting
MCIN in the subject line.
For more information visit or contact Susan
Bigg [email protected], tel: 474048
Family Manx Jan – Feb 2015
email: [email protected]
New Business Advice
FM News from Shoprite
The festivities are all over
and a huge sigh of happy
relief is expelled. Here’s to
a happy and healthy 2015!
Post Party Clean-up…
It may be a little early for spring cleaning but any flooring
and upholstery stains created during the festive season
have to be tackled and we’re here to offer a few tips,
all products can be found in Shoprite stores across the
Clean white cloth
A clean cloth or plain white paper towels for dabbing up
spills are key tools.
Small soft brush or a sensitive toothbrush
Perfect for loosening dirt or gently cleaning a tiled floor.
A dab works well on most stains. Dab and blot until you’re
happy with the result.
Bicarbonate of soda
Great for removing or reducing odours. Sprinkle over
carpet and leave for a day before vacuuming.
Soap flakes
With a little water this will gently remove various stains
including mud.
Body Cleansing…
Our bodies also need a little TLC in January and Shoprite
can help with that as well.
In larger stores, the Waitrose LOVE Life range offers
a variety of delicious and nutritionally balanced food.
Organic brown rice, lentils, soft dried fruit and herbal teas
as well as soups and muesli are great additions to your
weekly shopping list.
There’s a vast range of WeightWatchers prepared meals
on offer should calories require counting and Shoprite also
sell Ramsey Bakery’s full range of Manx Country bread
that’s low in calories and high on taste!
Probiotic yogurts and drinks make for happy tummies
and Shoprite has a wide range at great prices, as well as
delicious fresh fruit and veg from the produce section.
Make Shoprite your first choice for
grocery shopping in 2015!
New Year – New Start
– New Business?
Many people have a long held desire to run their own
business and being your own boss sounds tempting, but
the reality can be very different. Of course, having your
own business can be advantageous, particularly if you
have a young family to work around, but the old adage
“It’s great working for yourself, you can decide which 18
hours in the day to work”, can certainly be very true!
There are a large number of
considerations before starting your
own business, not least how you will
manage the financial strain as you bear
the costs of starting up the business
and managing without a monthly salary.
However, running your own business
can give you enormous satisfaction and
control over your work.
Statistics show that the majority of new businesses fail
in their first year. So how can you ensure that if you do
make the jump that you will be successful?
Often one of the reasons new business owners
struggle is, whilst they have a great idea, they lack an
understanding of basic accounts and taxation, so that
nasty surprises can then cause problems.
You will need to choose a business name and logo,
this can be difficult but this is how the world will
perceive your business. Where will you work from and
what equipment will you need? How will you finance
any purchases? You will need to think about your IT
requirements and if you need a website? Don’t forget
you will need business insurance and may need
registration certificates for your industry.
Keeping records of the income and expenses of the
business can seem daunting but there is a huge range
of bookkeeping software with many available online.
You can try these for free and they are very user
friendly. The business will need its own bank account
and some banks offer free banking for a limited period.
Another factor to consider is whether to operate your
business as a sole trader/partnership or a company.
The basic difference is that as a sole trader you and
the business are treated as one (i.e. the same legal
and taxable entity), whilst a company is treated as
separate to you (i.e. a separate legal entity and taxed
The profits from a sole trader business are included on
your personal tax return and you pay income tax and
national insurance on the total profits of the business.
A company submits its own tax return and is taxed
separately to the owner. The taxable profits of a
company in the Isle of Man are generally taxed at
email: [email protected]
Family Manx Jan – Feb 2015
0% (with some
companies being
taxed at 10%).
The owner pays
income tax only on
the funds withdrawn
from the company
(not the profit) and
further tax savings
are available
depending on how
the funds are taken.
There are other
factors to take into
account before
deciding on how to
trade, including the extra costs of having a company.
Such as the fee for incorporation (setting up the
company) and IOM Government filing fee, currently
£380 a year. A company must also have annual
accounts prepared which comply with accounting
standards. However, these extra costs can often be
outweighed by the potential tax savings and legal
protection having a company can offer.
Whether you operate as a sole trader or company you
need to keep a check on the turnover of the business
over the last 12 months on a rolling basis to ensure
it has not exceeded the VAT threshold (currently
£81,000). Once the VAT threshold is exceeded the
business must VAT register but it can voluntarily
register before this. There are different VAT schemes
available and different VAT rates and I will be covering
these in a future article.
Finally there are employer and employee taxes, a
monthly return must be made with the tax due by the
19th of each month and an annual return is due by 5th
May each year, with financial penalties for late filing and
The Isle of Man Government runs
a small business start up scheme
and if you meet the criteria they can
also provide ongoing support and
financial assistance. Details are on the
government website.
If you decide to go for it, keep positive, get good
advice, be prepared to work hard and enjoy the
Greenwave Accountants is run by Pauline Smith,
a fully qualified Chartered Accountant providing
affordable and professional accountancy, tax
and business services. Phone 838434, find us on
Facebook or
Family Manx Jan – Feb 2015
email: [email protected]
News from Boots
What’s On For All Ages
Below is a guide to what is going on – on the Island
(mostly during term time unless otherwise stated).
Where possible the information is verified but
things DO change so please ring to verify details.
If you know of other groups or clubs that would like
to be listed – just email at [email protected]
Healthy Lifestyle
To feel great you need a healthy lifestyle. This does
not just benefit yourself but the whole family. It is
about a good diet and making sure you are active.
Within the week you should try and do at least 30
minutes of exercise, at least 5 days a week. This
is where you become a little red in the face and
increase the heart rate, and it can be as simple
as walking the dog.
When it comes to diet, it is all
about eating the correct things
but it is also about the portion
size. A very large portion of the
‘right thing’ can be worse than a
small amount of a ‘bad thing’. But
remember never deprive yourself
of anything as this can make your
cravings even worse.
Most average men need 2.500 calories per day, and
the average woman needs 2,000 calories per day.
You should try and have a mixed diet containing all
the different food groups. Also making food from
scratch is better than processed food as this tends
to be high in salt, saturated fats and sugar, which all
need to be maintained at a low level.
It is also important to drink plenty of water each day,
(around 1.2 litres). Try and avoid fizzy sugary drinks
as these are high in calories.
It is very important not to miss meals. Breakfast is
one of the most important meals of the day, and
should always be eaten. Your diet should contain
each of the following; fruit and vegetables, plenty
of starchy foods (bread, rice, potatoes and pasta),
some meat, fish , eggs, beans and other dietary
protein, some milk and dairy food and a small
amount of foods high in fat and/or sugar.
For the kids, swap the sweets
for breadsticks, include dried fruit
or fruit, don’t have cereals with
lots of sugar. Always make sure
you have five portions of fruit
and veg per day.
Anagh-Coar School
Mini Club – Parents
and Tots
Weds 9.30 – 11.15am
Ages: 0 – 4 and their
Parents/Carers, Cost: £1
per Family inc refreshments
Contact: Caroline 851782
Andreas Parish Hall,
Fencing for Age 7 and up
Mondays 4.30 – 5.30pm
Call Mr De Silva 880863
Andreas School Mobile
Parent & Toddler Group
Tuesdays 9.15 – 11.30am
Contact: Andreas School
Arbory Parish Hall,
Fencing for Age 7 and up
Tuesdays 4 – 5pm
Call Mr De Silva 880863
Arbory Tots – Parent and
Toddler Group
Thursdays 2 - 3.15pm
Age: Birth upwards
Contact: Louise 832394
Ballabeg Busy Bugs
Creative Play for Busy
Wednesdays 10 - 11am
Age: Under 5s
Contact: Jo Clague:
Halley MacLaig, Ballabeg
Origami Club
Thursday 16:00-16:30,
Age: Primary School Y1-Y6
Cost: £2.00 per session
(to be paid termly)
Contact: Yukie,
[email protected]
Ballasalla Primary School
Action Songs & Rhymes
Thursdays - 10 – 11 am
(Term-Time only)
Cost: FREE (courtesy of
the The Children’s Centre)
Donations Welcome
Contact: 479452
email: [email protected]
Ballaugh Village Hall
Parents and Tots
Thursdays 10 - 12 pm
Cost: £1 per family
(inc drinks)
Contact: Dawn 428359 or
Kellie 439993
Braddan Church Hall,
Mini Club – Parents
and Tots
Weds 1.30 – 3.30pm
Ages: 0 – 4yrs and their
£1.50 per family inc.
Contact: Elizabeth
Castletown L.T.A Club
Malew Street,
For more info and prices
go to:
Manannan House
Junior Kickers - Football
‘FUN’ for boys & girls
2-6 years Weds
18:00-18:50 (Ages 2-6)
Go to or
email [email protected]
Dancetime and
Madhatters Theatre
Academy Market Square
Ballet, Tap, Theatre Craft
& Musical Theatre
From Age 3 up
Saturdays 2 – 7pm,
Mondays 4 – 6.30pm
And Thursdays 4 – 6pm
Contact: Helen Terry
472732 or email
[email protected]
Castletown Methodist
Church, Arbory St,
Daniel’s Den
Day: Mondays and
(with Fridays also running
from Oct14-Mar15)
Time: 9.30 – 11am
Cost: £1 Contact:
Stephanie 240958
Family Manx Jan – Feb 2015
Colby Methodist Hall.
ROCK Sunday Club –
10:30am (Term-time)
Music, stories, crafts,
puzzles and challenges.
PEBBLES – 10:30am
Sunday (Term time)
Friendly club for
preschoolers with parents/
CONTACT Jane 492010
or Pam 832070
Tregellis House,
Westmoreland Rd
Move It Dance Classes
Classes every night of the
week plus weekends.
All Ages and Abilities
(Ages 2 up)
Call 615989 or email
[email protected] www.
Ballakermeen High
School, Douglas
Junior Splashers
Water ‘FUN’ & Confidence
for 2-10 years
Mondays 19:00-19:30
(Reception year and older)
& 19:30-20:00 (Reception
year and older) Improver
+ Fridays
18:00-18:30 Adult &
Toddler (up to 3yrs)
18:30-19:00 Adult &
pre-school (3-4½yrs)
Go to or
email [email protected]
St Thomas’ Church
Vestry, Finch Rd.
Edward Bears
Toddler Group,
Wednesdays 1.30 – 3pm –
All Yr Round
Contact: Karen 479512
Age: 0 – Pre-school
Cost £1 per family with
drink and snack included.
Douglas Lawn Tennis
Club, Kensington Road
For full details
contact: Tel 302642,
[email protected]
Albany Tennis Club
Ballaughton Meadows,
For info on times and
St Georges Church Hall,
Upper Church St
Little Angels Tots Group
Thursdays 1.30 – 3pm
(Term-time only)
Ages: 0 – 4 and their
Cost £1 per Family
Contact: Laura 675430
Dragons Castle, Villa
Marina, Douglas
IOM Twins/Multiple
Births Club
2nd Weds of each Month
10.30am – 12pm
Cost £3 per Family
Contact: Rachel 474535.
Broadway Cinema,
Villa Marina
Parent and Baby Cinema.
Enjoy the latest releases
in a baby-friendly
Contact LLL Leader
Siobhan 487334 or
[email protected]
Parentcraft Room,
Nobles Hospital
La Leche League
support for breastfeeding:
for pregnant women
interested in learning more
about breastfeeding and
all breastfeeding mothers.
LLL Leaders Katie
Davies 619836 / 316950
or Siobhan Molloy
625158 / 487334 or
[email protected]
Manx Youth Band Hall
(Old Red Cross Building)
Park Road
Action Songs & Rhymes
Age: Birth upwards
Mondays 10.15 – 11.15am
& 1.15 – 2.15pm
Cost: Free (courtesy of
The Children’s Centre).
Donations Welcome
Contact: 479452
Jim Crosbie Memorial
Bandroom, Derby Road,
Manx Youth Band
Thurs 7pm – 9pm and Sats
10 – 12pm
Learners: Saturdays
12pm – 1pm
Manx Concert Brass
Mon & Weds
7.30pm – 9.30pm
Call Ian 622030 or
e-mail the Secretary
at [email protected]
Family Manx Jan – Feb 2015
Vagabonds Rugby Club,
Ballafletcher Rd
Youth Rugby
Sundays 1.45 – 3.30pm
(Sept – May)
Ages: 4yrs and up.
Girls & Boys
Qualified Instructors,
email: [email protected]
great new pitches and
clubhouse. Monthly
[email protected]
➤ What’s on listings
continue on page 8
Women Today
What’s On All Ages
There’s nothing better than getting
together with friends and putting the
world to rights. And that’s just what
Manx Radio’s ‘Women Today’ team do
every weekday from 2pm. Covering
issues that impact on all of us, Beth
Espey, Kate Holland and Jo Pack explore
what life is like in the 21st Century.
The programme, sponsored by Citywing, is a first
for both Manx Radio and the Isle of Man and has
already attracted a large following on Facebook and
Twitter. It will feature a number of experts, including
a local GP who will be onhand to talk about specific
health issues and address concerns raised by
Women Today aims to look at life from many
different angles. The concerns and interests of the
20-something are often very different from those
in retirement, but whatever stage of life you’re at,
it can be comforting to know that other people
feel the same way that you do. It can also be
incredibly uplifting to hear stories of people who have
overcome tremendous adversity, people who have
taken on the system and won, and people who are
just witty and full of fun. We can all learn something
from each other, and hopefully make our lives that
bit easier and more enjoyable into the bargain. That
really is what Women Today is all about.
2015 is a really exciting year for women in the
Isle of Man, with the centenary of the Women’s
Institute, Manx National Heritage focusing on
‘History in Heels’, and of course the launch of a
radio programme which will be able to explore those
issues and much more.
This is your programme and Women
Today really do want to hear from you. If
there’s something you think they should
be talking about, email [email protected], and anyone whose
suggestion is used will receive an
exclusive Women Today mug.
You can keep up to date with what’s happening by
following Women Today on Facebook or Twitter and
if you miss a programme, you can catch up online at
Women Today,
on every
from 2pm, is
your perfect
➤ What’s on listings
continued from page 08
NSC Astro Pitch,
Bacchanalians Hockey
Beginners welcome!
Thursday evenings
Juniors 8 and up from 6pm
(term time)
Seniors from 7.30pm
Contact [email protected]
Eastcliffe in Victoria Ave,
Manx Saxophone
Mondays from 7pm
More info: Call Jem
Cotton 842874
[email protected]
All Saints Church Vestry
Alexandra Drive
Music, Movement, Stories,
Rhymes + Prayers
Tuesdays 10 -11.15am
(Term-time only)
Ages 0-4 £1 per child
Contact: Kristene 427185
Ballacottier Sports Hall
3 Lions Football
Coaching Club IOM FA
Reception – Yr 2 (Term
Time Only)
Advanced bookings only
on 613750
Family Library
Noble’s Hall,
Westmoreland Road
Origami Club
Saturday 11:00-11:45
Age: Primary School
Cost: £2.50 (to be paid
Contact: Family Library
Yukie, [email protected]
Friday 10.30 - 11.00
Free Contact 640650
Busy Bee Time for
Wednesday 1.45 - 2.45
Cost: £5.00
Contact 640650
email: [email protected]
Sticky Finger Craft
6 years olds and over
Saturdays 10.30 - 11.15 &
11.15 – 12.30pm
Book to avoid
Cost: £1.50
Contact 640650
Henry Bloom Noble
Library, 10-12 Victoria St
Storytime for
Thursdays 10 -10-30am
Contact: Jan Macartney
Monthly Adult Readers
3rd Tuesday of each
month 7.30pm
Contact: Jan Macartney
Kittens @ St Ninian’s
For Parents, Carers and
children from babies up to
(term time only)
Mondays 10.30 - 11.30 am
£1 per family
Contact: Christine
Roberts 629683
St Ninian’s Church
Parish Centre
Manx Music Bus,
Music Club for
Thursdays 9.30 – 10.30am
Contact Rosie 437386
for details
Cronk –y-Berry School
Side Entrance
(Term Time only)
Parents and Tots Group
Tues 9.30 – 11.15am
Thurs 1.30 – 3.15pm
Cost: £1 per family
Contact: Kelly 393844
Various Venues
The Mothers’ Union
is a Christian mission
organisation working
with people of all faiths
and none in 83 countries
to promote stable
marriage, family life and
the protection of children
through praying, enabling
and campaigning. We
have over 4 million
members worldwide.
Our members are not
all mothers, or even all
women. They are single,
married, parents, or
Family Manx Jan – Feb 2015
What’s On For All Ages
If you wish to know more
and find the nearest
Branch to you please
email the Secretary on
[email protected]
or telephone 851060.
We have branches
across the Island in
Arbory, Braddan, Bride,
Dalby, Dhoon, Douglas
(5 branches), Foxdale,
Kirk Michael, Malew,
Marown, Maughold,
Onchan, Patrick, Peel,
and Rushen.
IOM Sling Meet
Discuss and try a range of
baby carriers. Dates/times
– Monthly - Varying
Contact - Sam 498547
“Crafty Kids”
Days: Varying
Time: Call for Information
Age: Pre –School and
School Age + Adults
Cost: Varies. To book
Contact: Alison 615053
[email protected]
National Sports Centre
“Jumping Jacks”
Days: Tues + Thurs
Time: 10-11am, 11-12pm,
1-2pm, 2-3pm
+ Tues Only 3-4pm
sessions. Age: Under 4’s
Contact: 688588
Cost: £2.80 per session
Douglas Youth Arts
Centre, Kensington Rd
MNYT Junior Youth
Wednesdays 6 – 7.30pm
Age: 8 – 11yrs
All Sessions £2 at the door.
Call Fiona 615946
Living Hope Community
Church, The Studio, Opp
the Palace Cinema Car
Toddle Inn, Douglas
Parking in the Cinema car
park. Weds + Fri 9.30am 11.30am..
Cuppa, toast and chat!
Contact: Annette 485744
(for Weds) or Steph
430665 (for Fri)
Family Manx Jan – Feb 2015
Trinity Church,
Buck’s Road
Sporty Church for
7 to 11 year olds
Fridays 6 p.m. - 7
Football, Hockey
etc. with 5 minute
fun God slot
Price 50p inc. drink
and biscuit
Contact Jean
Faragher 628374
Salvation Army
Citedal, Lord St.
“Parents and
Wednesday: 9.30 –
11.30am (term time
Age: birth upwards
Cost: £1
Contact: Carolyn
St.George’s Church Hall
Upper Church St,
Little Angels Tots Group
Thursdays 1.30 – 3pm
email: [email protected]
Ages 0-4
£1 per family
Contact Laura 675430
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What’s On For All Ages
St Pauls Church,
Foxdale Panda
Some Thursdays
2–3.20pm July 17th
Contact Nancy
497747 or
[email protected] for full
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Broadway Baptist
Church Broadway
“First Steps”
Tuesdays: 9.45 – 11.45a.m
(term time only)
Age: from baby – school
age Cost: £1
Contact: Rosie 437386
Scoill yn Jubilee –
Infants, Stoney Rd
Jubilee Tots Preschool
Toddler Group
(For those in the
catchment area only)
Weds 1.45 – 3pm
(New Time)
Cost: £1 (includes
Contact Jill 482483
Foxdale Primary School
Community Hall
Parents and Tot’s
(New Time)
Wednesdays 2 – 3.15pm
(term-time only)
Contact: Emma 801946
Cost: £1.50 per Family
Based in Foxdale
Isle of Man Cloth nappy
network & library
Library of nappies
available to try as well as
advice. Various dates/
locations monthly
Contact Nicky 249504
Email [email protected]
Glen Maye
Chapel &
Baby and Toddler
Fridays 9.30 –
Cost: Free All
Debbie 845681
Dhoon Church Hall,
Parents and Tots Group
Mons 9.30 – 11am
Cost: £1.50 per family.
Contact: Dawn 863064
Marown School,
Glen Vine
Isle of Man Wind
Orchestra Rehearsals
Every Thursday night in
school term
7.45 pm to 9.40 pm.
For brass, woodwind and
percussion players. New
and returning faces always
Visit our site at www. for more info
or call 457157.
Marown Hall, Peel Road,
Marown Moms and Tots
(New time)
Weds 1.30 – 3pm
£2 per family (inc
Janice ward 851378.
Ebenezer Hall, Kirk
Parents and Tots
Wednesdays 1.45 –
Cost: £1.50 per family
Contact: Carrie 321074
Park View Hall, Kirk
Kirk Michael Badminton
Tues and Weds: 8pm
Cost: Annual Membership
Call: Ann Brew for details
on 878536.
Jurby Health and
Community Centre
Parents and Tots
Thursday 9.30 – 11am
(New Time)
(Health Visitor Attending –
10 – 11am)
FREE Donations Welcome
Contact: Julie 355360
Laxey Working Mens
Laxey Mums and Tots
Fridays 10 – 12pm
Cost: £2.50 per family inc.
Contact: Louise Gribble
Or find us on Facebook.
Actions Songs and
Rhymes (New)
Wednesdays 1.30 – 2.30
pm (Term-Time only)
(downstairs entrance –
turn off by Co-Op)
Cost: FREE (courtesy of
the The Children’s Centre)
Donations Welcome
Contact: 479452
Laxey Christ Church
“Sunday Club”
Every 4th Sunday at
11.10am FREE
Ages 4 to 11 (pre school
welcome if accompanied
by parent/carer)
Contact: Rev Jo on
Laxey Christ Church
“All Age Worship”
Every 2nd Sunday at
A shorter fun church
service with children as its
Contact: Rev Jo on
All Saints Lonan Church
Edward Bear Club
(for pre-school Children)
Tuesdays 2-3pm
Contact: Rev Jo 861989
Kirk Maughold Parish
“Family Service” with
Treasure Seekers
1st and 3rd Sunday of
each month at 9.30am
Coffee and Juice
Contact: Lilly 810958
Onchan Community
Centre, Station Rd
Fencing for Age 7 and up
Thursdays 7.30 – 8.30pm
Call Mr De Silva 880863
Junior Kickers - Football
‘FUN’ for boys &
girls 2-6 years
Sat 09:00-09:50
(Ages 3-4½) & 10:00-10:50
(Ages 4½-6)
Junior Active Stars ‘FUN’ Games & Sporting
Activities for 2-4 year olds
Mondays 10.00 – 10.45
Go to
or email [email protected]
Onchan Silver Band
Every Monday and Friday
evening, Juniors/beginners
from 6.15pm,
Full band rehearsal
The band room is located
at the rear of Onchan
Commissioners’ offices
on the Main Road, new
and returning faces always
Contact: [email protected] for details
Onchan Library
“Story Tots” stories,
rhymes & colouring for
pre-schoolers and their
parents / carers
Tuesdays 2.30 - 3 p.m.
Contact 621228
Onchan Book Group
1st Thursday of each
month at 6.p.m.
Contact 621228 or
[email protected]
Find us online at
or on facebook at Family Manx Magazine Isle of Man
email: [email protected]
Family Manx Jan – Feb 2015
Find us online at
or on facebook at Family Manx Magazine Isle of Man
Onchan Clinic, Village
Breastfeeding Buddies
Time: 11am – 12.30pm
All antenatal and
breastfeeding mums
Contact Nicole 656030
Onchan Elim Church,
Elim Family Centre,
Second Ave, Onchan
“Tiddlers” Parent & Tots
Fridays 10:00am 11:45am (Term-time only)
0-4 yrs
£1 per family
Contact Anne: 434933
or Church Office 665186
Singing, crafts and much
Onchan Parish Hall,
Royal Ave
“Carers and Tots”
Fridays 1.15 – 3.15pm
Age: birth upwards
Price: £1 per child
Contact: Jill Dugdale
“Peter Bear Club”
Day: Some Mondays – call
to find out which.
Time: 10.15 – 11.15am
Price: Free
Contact: Jackie 451988.
House of Manannan,
Kid’s Craft Club
First Saturday of each
month 1pm - 3pm
Cost: £2 per child
We will be doing a different
craft each month so come
join us to make something
wonderful! For children
age 11 and under.
Tommy Clucas Sports Hall
Junior Kickers - Football
‘FUN’ for boys & girls 2-6
Sundays 09:00-09:50
(Ages 2-4)
& 10:00-10:50 (Ages 4-6)
Junior Active Stars ‘FUN’ Games & Sporting
Activities for 2-4 year olds
Mondays 13.00 – 13.45
Go to
or email [email protected]
Philip Christian Centre,
Peel Play Group
Day: Every Weekday
(Term Time only)
Age: Preschool from 2 up.
Time: 9am – 12pm & 1pm
– 4pm daily
Contact 842043 or
436981 or during open
hours 439136
Parents and Tots Group
inc Krafty Kids
Age: Birth – 4.
Fridays 10 – 11.30am
(Term-Time only)
Contact: 355360
Roll’n’play (Soft play
Age: Birth to 4.
Mondays 10 -11.30am
(Term-Time only)
Contact: 355360
Action Songs and
Age: Birth to 4.
Tuesdays 12.30 – 1.30pm
(Term-Time only)
And 2 – 3pm
Contact: 479452
All the above are Free
(courtesy of The Children’s
Centre) Donations
Peel Clothworkers
School, Main Hall
Parent and Toddler
Thursdays 2 – 3.15pm
Cost £1
Contact Bernie 259890
Grace Tinies
Ages: 0-4 yr olds
Free entry and
Contact Louise 300258
QE2 Astro Pitch, Peel
Valkyrs Hockey
Beginners Welcome!
Juniors 8 and up
Weds 6 – 7.30pm
(Term-time )
Senior 13yrs and up
7.30 – 9pm
Call Cath 801802
Rushen Youth Centre,
Bay View Rd, Port Erin
Youth Service
Tuesdays 4.00-5.30pm
Age: School Yrs 4,5 + 6
Contact: Youth Service
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St German’s Cathedral
Caterpillar Club - For
Pre-school Children
1st & 3rd Weds of every
Starts at 10.30 am
Craft activities, songs,
story, refreshments.
Contact 844830
Grace Baptist Church,
Market St
Good News Club
Mondays 4:30pm-5:30pm
Age: School Yrs 1 – 6
Games and craft; free
entry and refreshments;
Contact Pauline 335890
Family Manx Jan – Feb 2015
email: [email protected]
News from Manx Motor Meet What’s On For All Ages
This month I would like to tell you about Manx
Motor Meet 2014! It is designed to promote
Road Safety to young and new drivers. Behind
the scenes is a committee made up of Manx Motor
Sport, 3 FM, the DOI’s Road Safety Team, The Douglas
Neighbourhood Policing Team and the Youth service.
This group have got together mainly because despite a
number of agencies working extremely hard to educate
on responsible driving, tragic road deaths involving
young people are still occurring. We wanted to take a
different, more hands on approach and educate about
all aspects of being a responsible driver. Important
messages such as the condition of the car being just
as important as your actual driving, have been pushed
out at two events now. The last one was held at The
Grandstand on Sunday 7th December 2014 where
a number of local garages supported the event by
providing crashed vehicles to look at and discuss; car
parts were explained in relation to their importance and
the impact of not maintaining them, tyres were shown
good and bad, together with an opportunity to have
winter safety checks carried out on your vehicle.
The event has been supported by a number of agencies
such as Victim Support and more recently by a number
of Driving Schools. The next event will be Manx
Motor Meet on Tour in Ramsey on Friday 13th
February 2015 7-9pm and we encourage all young
and new drivers to come and see what is going on.
The aim of this project is to reduce the number of
road deaths specifically in young people and we
are very grateful for all of our supporters so far:
1 Quay side tyres
Jack Frost
2 Island exhaust Domino’s pizzas
3 CES car parts
Tower insurance
Euro Cars
5 Haydn Minay
Regency travel
6 Isle of Man Fire and
Rescue service
7 Manx Auto sport
8 Dash Q&S Motors Ltd
9 Victim Support Ellan Vannin Fuels
10 Marshalls Association Davison’s Ice Cream
11 Manx Motor Museum
12 Pass with Donna
13 Lets Drive
14 MSM
15 Energy FM
Further information is available on the Manx
Motor Meet Facebook page https://www. and
comprehensive road safety advice can be viewed
We look forward to seeing you all at our next
event, where again there will be lots of hands on
practical advice and fabulous prizes!
Sgt 238 Wendy Barker, Central Neighbourhood
Policing Team.
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Royal British Legion
Club, Station Rd
(use Car Pk entrance)
Parents and Tots with
Action Songs and
Rhymes (you are welcome
to attend both)
Age: Birth to 4.
Fridays 10am to 11
(Parents + Tots)
Fridays 11am – 12 (Action
Songs & Rhymes).
Cost: Free (courtesy of
The Children’s Centre)
Donations welcome.
Contact: 479452
Living Hope Community
Church Building,
Bayview Rd,
“Good News Club”
Thursdays 6 – 7pm
Age: Primary School
Bible Stories/Singing/
Quizzes and Games
Email: [email protected]
“Toddle Inn Parent and
Toddler Group”
Tuesdays: 9.30 – 11.30a.m
(term time only)
Age: babies - preschool
Cost: £1
Contact: Annette
Millward 822032
Scoill Phurt Le Moirrey
Parents and Toddler
Thursday 9:30 - 11:30am
(Term time)
Soft play, crafts, music
and refreshments
Contact 835531 or
email: [email protected]
St Pauls Church Hall,
(Main Hall)
Action Songs and
Session 1: 9.30 – 10.30
Session 2: 10.40 – 11.40
(Term Time Only)
Contact: Jo 479452
Cost: FREE
(Donations Welcome, The
Children’s Centre)
Sulby Communtiy Hall,
Junior Active Stars ‘FUN’ Games & Sporting
Activities (2-4 year olds)
Tuesdays 10.00-10.45
Sundays 12.00 – 12,45
Junior Kickers - Football
‘FUN’ for boys & girls (4-6
year olds)
Sundays 13:00-13:50
Go to or
email [email protected]
Close Woirrey, Ramsey
(From Jan15)
(diagonally Opp Bus
Manx ASC Support
Group (North)
For Parents/carers of
children and young adults
with an Autistic spectrum
condition Second
Wednesday of the month
Last Wednesday of the
month 7-9pm
For info please contact
Estelle on 211400
Lezayre Church Hall,
Living Hope Ramsay
Toddle Inn,
Thursdays 9.30-11am
Age: 0-4’s
Cost £1 inc craft activity,
tea and toast.
Pulrose Football Fields
St Marys AFC
Football for Under 11’s –
Sats 10-30 – 11.45am.
Call Jim 405859
Northern Lights
Community Centre
Art and Drama Fridays
1pm – 2.30pm
And Saturdays at
2.30 – 4pm
£6 per session.
Discounted if booked
Contact Beccy
[email protected]
Pulrose Youth Centre,
Heather Crescent
Youth Service T-Time
Mon and Thurs 3.45 –
Ages: School Yrs 2 + 3
email: [email protected]
Family Manx Jan – Feb 2015
Children’s’ Cinema
Sundays 3pm
For Any age.
U rated films - Donations
Samara’s Dance Classes
Saturdays 1030 – 1130
and 11.30 – 12.30
1230 - 130 pm 7-9yrs
Contact [email protected] for details
and prices
Auldyn Sports Hall
IOM FA 3 Lions
Football Club
For Further info and to
book Contact: 613750 or
go to www.isleofmanfa.
Church on the Rock
(Behind Ramsey bus
Noah’s Ark Tots Group
Monday mornings
9:30 - 11:30
£1 per child. Refreshments
are provided.
Contact: Kate 223669.
Ramsey Grammar
School (East Field)
Lezayre Rd.
Northern (IOM)
Athletics Club
(For 4yrs and up)
U11, U9 and U7 – Every
other Weds
For full details contact:
[email protected]
St Olave’s Church,
Bowring Road
Tuesdays 9.30 – 11.30am
(term time only)
£1.50 per child (inc
Contact: Anne 451896
or 813033
Audlyn Infant School
Community Room
Parents and Tots
Thursdays 1.30 – 3pm
(term time only)
£1 per family.
Contact the school for
Mooragh Park Pavilion,
Ramsey Rugby Club
Sundays 2 – 3.15
(weather permitting)
Year 2 – Year 11
school age.
Contact: 473087
Ramsey Grammar School
Netball Sessions
(Term-Time only)
Tuesdays 8-9pm Seniors
(Yr10 – Adult)
Wednesdays 6 – 7pm
Juniors (Yrs 5 – 9)
Contact: Colette 452718
The Old Brewery behind
The Hop Garden, Mount
Murray, Santan.
Bowderyn Vannin Field
Archery Club
Tuesdays on 7pm
First Lesson Free then
£1 per session after that.
Membership of NFAS
needed to join – but have
a taster session to find out
* During the Winter months
– the sessions only occur
on the 1st and 3rd Sunday
of the month at 1pm,
depending on the weather.
Call Roger 835674 for
further details.
St John’s School
– Youth Wing
Youth Service Junior Club
Tuesday 6.30 – 8pm
Age: School Yrs 4,5 + 6
Contact: Youth Service
St Johns Football Club astro pitch
Girls Football age 6+
Beginners welcome
Tuesdays 5-6
Contact Wendy Corkill
Ballagarey Methodist
Church Hall
Ballagarey Babies
(New Time)
Parent and Toddler Group
Age: 0 – 5yrs
Wednesdays 1.30 – 3pm
(All year Round)
Tea, toast and chat – toys
and crafts, stories and
songs. All Welcome.
Contact: Clare 471545
Sulby School, Sulby
Action Songs & Rhymes
Tuesdays 9.15 – 10.15am
Cost: FREE(courtesy of
the The Children’s Centre)
Donations Welcome
Contact: 479452
Family Manx Jan – Feb 2015
Piano & Music
Theory Lessons
Adults and Children
All Abilities Welcome
1/2, 3/4 and 1 hour Lessons.
Sibling Rates Available
Call Amy on
225577 for a chat
Sulby Methodist Church,
Upper Room
“Parents and Tots”
Fridays 10.30 – 12pm
Cost: £0.50 (incl drinks)
Contact: Ruth 897364
Sulby Methodist Church
Sunday School
(during term time)
10.30am onwards.
Contact Kathryn - 450104
Union Mills Methodist
Sunday School
(during term-time)
10.15am onwards
(New Time)
Contact: Chris 851813
Willaston School
Main Hall
Willaston School
Happy Tots
Thurs 10 til 11.15am (term
time only) £1 per family including refreshments
Contact School
Secretary on 621577
Building skills that will be
VERY useful in life.
Here is a list of the places
for Cadets and Badgers
meeting more details can
be obtained by calling
Badgers (Aged 5 – 10)
all groups mixed
(see Teen listing for 10 –
email: [email protected]
18yrs groups)
Monday 6pm to 7pm
Douglas HQ
Monday 5.30pm – 6.30pm
Kirk Michael Primary
Tuesday 6.30 – 7.30pm
Laxey Methodist Church
Thursday 5.30 – 6.30pm
Peel Age Concern
Friday 6pm – 7pm
Ramsey ATC Unit, Auldyn
Saturday 10:30am 11:30am Douglas HQ
There are also adult
groups who meet at the
Douglas HQ on Mon/Tues
& Thurs and Ramsey, St
Olaves Church Hall on
St John
Bulding skills that will be
VERY useful in life.
Specifics/Venues can be
gotten by calling 674387.
Cadets (Age 10-18 years)
Weds 7pm – 9pm
`Douglas HQ Girls only
Thurs 6.30pm – 8pm
Peel Age Concern Boys
and Girls
Thurs 6:30 pm – 8pm
Douglas HQ Boys & Girls
Fri 7pm – 8pm Ramsey
ATC Unit, Auldyn School
- Boys and Girls
Fri 7pm – 9pm Douglas
HQ - Boys only
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Mothers Union
What’s On All Ages
Mothers’ Union has over 4 million members
across the world in 83 countries. Mothers’
Union is passionate about caring for families
of all kinds and transforming communities
We are especially concerned with all that
strengthens and preserves marriage and
Christian family life. In this we:
■ promote and support married life;
■ encourage parents in their role to develop the
faith of their children;
■ maintain a worldwide fellowship of Christians
united in prayer, worship and service;
■ promote conditions in society favourable to
stable family life and the protection of children;
■ help those whose family life has met with
Members on the island provide crèche facilities
at the Prison during Saturday and Sunday
visiting sessions. Members also provide regular
craft sessions for female prisoners at Jurby.
Other members knit trauma teddies for children
attending the crèche and also for the emergency
services for children involved in trauma situations.
The Mothers’ Union also provide clothes for
premature babies at Noble’s Hospital. Another
activity we are involved with is the Royal
Agricultural Show where we provide nappy
changing and breast feeding facilities. We support
families in need on the island.
As you can see our work is quite diverse and we
also have fun and fellowship.
Our members are not all mothers, or even all
women. They are single, married, parents, or
grandparents. Why not join us! We have branches
across the island. Some branches meet during
the day, others meet in the evening. If you would
like to know about a branch in your area please
contact our Diocesan Secretary either by phone
or email.
If you would like to support the work of
the Mothers’ Union but don’t wish to join a
branch – no problem – you could become a
Diocesan Member – again details available
from Jane our Secretary on 851060 or email
her on [email protected]
We look forward to hearing from you.
The Scout Association
Email: [email protected]
There are Scout Groups
all over the island for girls
and boys aged 6-25. Just
contact us through our
website or email to find
a Group nearest to you.
Come join the adventure.
Email: ggiommembers
Isle of Man
Police Cadets,
Ages 16 – 18yrs
Contact: Cadet Liaison
Office PC 245 Mike
Griffiths on 631291
Email [email protected]
Air Cadets:
Contact: 677240.
(Manned Mon/Weds
Eve’s; Answering
machine other times)
Email: [email protected]
The Air Cadets Squadron’s
meet weekly in Douglas,
Castletown, Ramsey and
Peel (Monday nights) and
then at HQ (Douglas) on
To Join you need to be
aged: 13 – 17yrs
Army Cadets:
Contact: 671210
Email: [email protected]
The Army Cadets meet
weekly on a Monday in
Port Erin & Castletown;
on a Tuesday at Douglas
HQ, Ramsey and Onchan
and on a Wednesday in
All Detachments meet on
a Thursday at Douglas HQ
– transport provided from
each detachment.
Sea Cadets:
Contact: 611527
The Sea Cadets meet
weekly on a Monday and
Thursday – in Douglas.
To join you need to be
aged: 10 – 18yrs
email: [email protected]
For the Youth Groups go
or call 686057 for further
details and to confirm
information. We have put
the days for each area
and Year group for ease of
NSC Swimming Pool
Western Swimming Pool
Tel: 842525
Southern Swimming Pool
Tel: 823930
Ramsey Swimming Pool:
Tel: 812852
To find out about all the
Fencing Clubs on the
island – for adults too
– call Mr De Silva on
IOM Badminton
To find out about ALL to
do with Badminton Clubs
on the island – just go to
Isle of Man is
the Island’s Passenger
On our website, readers
will find a useful collection
of information to aid the
challenges of being a
Tynwald Mills Courtyard
11am - 3pm
Northern Lights
Community Centre,
Ramsey (opp Shoprite)
10am - 1pm
Villa Marina Colonnade
10am - 2pm
Southern 100 Clubhouse
1.30pm - 3.30pm
Family Manx Jan – Feb 2015
Musings of a Manx Mum Book Review
st paul’s bookshop
of inspiring projects,
from no-sew sofa throws
and pillowcases to garden
quilts. Stuart Hillard
encourages every sewer,
of every ability, to create
unique pieces to be proud
of. £20.00 HB Orion Books
Because of something to do with printing
deadlines and the Editor wanting to drink
sherry and not worry over the Christmas
period, even though you’re reading this in
January, I’m writing it in December.
I’m feeling compelled to write about Christmas,
but I know that everyone has probably had
enough of Christmas. So I thought I’d do some
predictions. For the future. A bit like Marty McFly
in Back to the Future but without the car. Or Huey
Lewis and the News.
I predict that, despite the fairly hefty chunk of
credit card allocated to the children’s presents,
there will be disappointed faces on Christmas day.
Eldest son is now more than capable of writing
his own list for Santa, which spans three pages.
Middle son has realised that this looks like a lot of
presents and so has sub-contracted his list writing
to eldest son.
Carle’s classic tale that
teaches children about the
days of the week, numbers
and time. A sturdy board
book plus a gorgeous soft
toy. £12.99 Puffin Books
The demands on Santa are, quite
frankly, staggering this year. The
lists include several items of
high-end electronic equipment and
two Lego sets, both of which retail
for no less than £150 each. For Lego!
My husband has begun the process of managing
expectations, explaining that Santa’s sack might
not be big enough for all of these things. This
statement was met with pitying looks from the
children. They patiently explained, as if to an old
and rather confused grandparent, that of course
there would be enough room as Santa was magic.
How else could he fly around the world in enough
time to deliver all the presents on Christmas Eve?
In other news, I predict there will be at least one
member of the extended family not talking to
another member of the extended family by the
day after Boxing Day. Last year a row rather
sensationally erupted over the year of the last
ever Morecambe and Wise Christmas special.
Things turned quite nasty when my husband’s
brother-in-law offered to look it up on Google.
Christmas. All the build up and expectation
and it’s over so quickly. I’m sure it reminds me
of something else. I hope you and yours had a
great one.
Family Manx Jan – Feb 2015
word search puzzle book containing
more than 100 puzzles selected for
the discerning solver, all puzzles
are themed, so enjoy your fun and
challenging search for letters. £4.99
Carlton Books
Inspiring tried and tested
wholesome recipes, with advice
on preparing ahead, freezing,
wasting less and using leftovers.
100 recipes to choose from.
£25.00 HB Harper Collins
2-3 Church Walk, Ramsey, Isle
of Man Tel :813733 email:
[email protected]
follow us on Facebook.
email: [email protected]